Jasmine Treats A Heartbreak

Hi, I am Jasmine. I am 38 years old and a divorcee. Both my parents have passed away. I have inherited their flat in Delhi, where I live.

A boy, around 20, was going through a heartbreak. He lived with his parents in the flat next to mine. He was obese and had a very fair complexion. Being a son of a rich property dealer, he maintained an affluent lifestyle. He had girlfriends and friends with whom he roamed about in the pubs and discotheques of Delhi.

At every stage of his affairs, he got dumped by the girls. At some point of the other, since his college days, the girls used to just enjoy his expenditure. Just before the lockdown started, he again got dumped – this time by a girl he expected to marry. The boy underwent severe heartbreak.

He spent his evenings consuming alcohol and stopped going to his father’s office. His parents started to worry that he might get depressed and get into drugs. Since the family saw me grow up, I had a very friendly relationship with the boy. They shared their worry with me. I thought I should try counseling him.

I went into his room one day. His parents were out to a relative’s place for the weekend. He was watching TV lying on the bed. I sat down on the corner and started talking to him. After a little bit of coaxing, he shared his heartbreak story.

He was ditched by a girl. She bluntly said on his face that she wouldn’t marry him as she was sure that he wouldn’t be able to make love. He was too fat, and under no circumstances would he get his dick bigger than his tummy. Such a statement had shaken his confidence.

I told him that if that’s the case, he should join a gym. I told him that this wasn’t the truth that he would not perform on the bed just because he is fat. He seemed encouraged by the statement. I reasoned that a lot of people have fat kids. But I insisted that he should reduce for health benefits.

He ignored the health benefits but was more interested in sex stamina and sexual performance. Just then, I had this wicked idea of spoiling this virgin boy. I told him that I would be back after dinner. I came back to his place after a couple of hours.

I saw a pizza box lying on the bedside table. I correctly assumed that he had pizza for dinner. I mockingly scolded him and said that he had to reduce. Otherwise, he would remain like this for the rest of his life. He continued by confirming that he would remain a virgin for the rest of his life.

I replied that he may not remain a virgin, but he wouldn’t enjoy sex. He asked the difference between enjoying sex and fucking a whore. I said that I will explain it to him.

I went to the bathroom of the master bedroom for a quick shower. I returned to the boy’s room with a bottle of rum after a shower. After two pegs, the boy’s eyes were heavy with the dark rum. I was supposed to sleep beside him on the double bed. He had the AC in his bedroom.

I climbed up the bed and laid down beside him on his bed. I had switched off all the lights except for the bedside lamp. We were talking about life. He told me that he would stay single as long as possible. Now, he does not have any interest in a life partner and having kids. I laughed at his innocence.

My life was still boring – till then, a restricted life, no boyfriends, no sex, and a little bit of alcohol that I secretly consumed. I don’t remember where the conversation went. While talking, I brought my face close to his face. A lock of my wet hair fell on his face. My lips touched his lips.

After a soft, quick kiss on the pair of his thick lips, I withdrew. I looked into his eyes for a reaction. He lifted his chin a bit, forwarding his lips, asking for more kisses. There still was a little bit of rum inside the Old Monk bottle on the bedside table. I took a sip of rum to wet my lips with it.

I again brought my face near his face. We were kissing each other. He could taste the rum from my lips. While kissing, I started caressing his hair on the head. He felt relaxed with my fingers moving through his hair and playing with them.

Our tongues wrestled with each other. We were now having an open mouth kiss. His inexperienced tongue did not know what to do. I dominated. I sucked the tip of his tongue and then his lower lips. My index finger ran down on through his face. Then I slide them down to the nape of his neck.

I slowly started unbuttoning his night suit. I was running my fingers all over his body. By then, he had goosebumps all over his body. I pressed my boobs and nipples to his chest. After unbuttoning, I pulled away from his shirt from his body. I sucked each of his small nipples one by one.

I took out my tongue and licked both the nipples. Then circling them with my tongue. We went back to kissing each other again. While kissing, I loosened the knots of the spaghetti straps of my nighty. I pulled the nighty down, exposing my boobs to him. The nighty stuck around my waist.

He was wonderstruck to see my boobs. I guess he was seeing real boobs for the first time that too so close to him. I knew he watched porn, but real boobs were real boobs, after all.

I looked like a mermaid with a naked upper body and a nighty with polka dots covering my body below the waist. I was anyways wheatish, but the contrasting yellow light in the background made me look even darker. I started sucking and kissing his earlobes. My naked boobs pressed against his chest.

He could feel the prick of my erect nipple on his chest. I pushed myself upward with my hands. I placed my hands on either side in a way that my upper body was over him. I lifted myself a bit, supporting my body with my hands on the bed.

Now my breasts were dangling right above his face. He pulled me down with his hands on my back so that the boobs were closer to his mouth. He took one of my boobs in his mouth and put his trembling hands on the other boob. I have big, heavy boobs ending with dark brown elongated nipples.

He played around them with his tongue, which felt good to him. He did the same that I did with his nipples. He sucked my nipples, played around them with his tongue. He took turns playing with one boob at a time and then squeezed and fondled both boobs together.

Indeed, he was exploring boobs for the first time. He explored till he was totally satisfied. I inserted my fingers under the elastic of his shorts. I pulled down his shorts till his knees. His small but erect dick sprang out. He was around 5.4 feet tall. I bet that the size of his dick wasn’t more than 5 inches.

I pulled the shorts further down and removed them away. He could feel the cold air from the AC on his dick. He closed his eyes to relax and feel my fingers running through his pubic hair. It felt so good.

At 20, with a height of 5.3 feet, he did surely not have the size he could boast about. Maybe half an inch more after having a hardon. I clutched my fingers around his dick. I bent down and got his dick inside my mouth. He just felt my soft lips clasped around his dick.

I started sucking after tightening the grip of my lips on his dick. I played around with my tongue and sometimes explored the area under his testicles. I completely slid my nighty away from my waist. I pulled it down to my ankle and moved it away.

Now we lay completely naked beside each other on the bed. He really had no clue how to proceed further. I realized his confusion. I took his palms from the wrist and placed his hands on my pussy, and feel it. He placed one of his trembling hands on my pussy.

I have a habit of keeping nicely trimmed pubic hair over my vagina. His fingers explored the area. He was played like a child with my pussy and the curly hair on it. He crawled on his knees upward and started kissing my forehead, followed by my eyes, and placed his lips on mine.

He dropped a few drops of rum on my lips and sucked the rum from them. I responded to his lip kiss and lips sucking. While we were kissing, I again took his dick in my palm. He meanwhile moved further down and kissed my protrudes nipples while I continued playing with his dick.

He sucked my nipples again. He moved further down and kissed my pussy. While he was kissing, I suggested, “Why don’t you taste them? Put your tongue inside.” I parted the hair on my pussy to expose the clitoris. I parted my labia with my fingers.

He inserted his tongue between my pussy lips. I let out series of loud moans with his tongue flickering inside my pussy. He seemed to be motivated by the sounds of my moaning. He liked the sucking of pussy a lot. With every second, he improved.

An increase in the volume of my moans confirmed his performance. I coaxed him to put his dick inside my pussy. He climbed over me and tried to push his dick into my pussy, but fumbled. He wasn’t able to find the right spot to enter. It was frustrating for both of us.

I got to feel a dick after 15 long years. On the other hand, his dick started to lose its hardness. I pushed him back on his bed. I kept my hands on his chest and climbed over his thighs. I lifted my arse up and took it over his dick. I placed his dick in front of my pussy hole and just squatted down over his dick.

His dick went inside my love tunnel like a snake finding its way. My pussy remained tight. I had got away from my husband just a few weeks after marriage with insufficient sex. After I separated from my husband, I didn’t get much sex.

My pussy walls tightly gripped his dick. I started to move up and down, pulling and pushing his dick wrapped inside my vagina. Very soon, I felt his warm juices coming out. I could feel it lubricating my vagina. He seemed embarrassed. I whispered that it was okay as it was his life’s first sex experience.

I got up and slowly took his wet dick out of my wet pussy. I started sucking it again to taste his cum and also trying to revive its hardness. After sucking and licking his dick, it grew hard again and stood erect like a ‘minar.’ I bent down over his lower body and moved his dick back and forth with my hand.

I intentionally rubbed my pussy against his thighs. His dick was getting harder with my moves. I lifted myself up again a little with my knees’ support and adjusted his dick against my hole again. I sat back on him, reinserting his dick inside my pussy, and moved back and forth.

His dick, now harder than before, slid inside my wet pussy. He could feel my pussy wall wrapped tightly around his dick, pulling them with each of my forward-backward movements. I placed my hands on his chest, pinning him down on the bed, and continued my back and forth moves.

My pubic hair was brushing against his pubic hair. The friction aroused us even more. Initially, he was enjoying watching my dangling boobs jumping in sync with my back and forth movements. He clasped my boobs with each of his palms and started squeezing them.

I looked into his eyes and smiled. I splashed up and down on his dick even faster. I pressed my legs against either side of his waist tightly. My pussy walls gripped his dick even tighter in this position. He again started to feel his juice wanting to come out. He left my boobs and placed his palms on my hips.

I have a huge pair of buttocks. He could hold no longer and let his juices out. I continued squatting up and down with his dick spitting out sperms inside me. He stopped me from moving further as his dick was over-sensitive after releasing.

I paused but still kept his dick inside my vagina, waiting for the last drop of his sperm to come out. I felt his dick become feeble again. He pushed me down beside him and lay still, feeling exhausted. I lay down beside him and watched him relax.

He was thirsty, and he picked up the bottle of water from the bedside table. It was empty. I got down from his bed and walked to the kitchen to get another bottle of water. He watched my swaying hips and bouncing boobs as I walked around naked.

That night we slept naked. This time he cummed before I had an orgasm. We made love again in the morning. He performs brilliantly in the morning session, and I did have orgasms. He wasn’t a virgin anymore.

During the day, we went shopping around Delhi, and at night we had sex again. He wasn’t depressed anymore. He joined a gym and has started working out.

I am a fan of Dhoom Ketu’s sexual escapades. I met him through a friendship site. After one or two dates, he confessed that he writes sex stories. I narrated the story to him so that he could share it with his other fans. Guys, please encourage him by posting feedback on his email ID [email protected]

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