Having An Affair With The New Neighbor

Hello to all my lovely readers. This is Kumar writing again from Bangalore about having an affair with my neighbor. As always, I would appreciate the support from the readers who share the feedback and comments via my email.

This story involves my neighbor Fatima (name changed), who had newly moved into our neighborhood. She was in her early 30’s, and she had a son who was around 5 years old. She had nice assets, which were visible when she wore jeans or pajamas.

I used to enjoy watching her hips swaying around when she was walking or climbing the stairs. Since she was new to this place, I asked her to contact me for any help. We had a brief intro about each other before we shook hands and left.

She once asked me to collect a courier for her as she was going outside and gave me her number. When I went later to her place to hand over the courier. She asked me to wait for tea, and I agreed to that. While having tea, the conversations towards her married life.

She revealed to have been a divorcee for two years. I told her that being divorced at that young age could be tough at such young age. She replied that all needs could be me without marriage. I was shocked as well as surprised to hear that answer from Fatima.

After few days, she invited me to her place for dinner when I was alone at home. Upon reaching her place, I learned that her son has gone to a relative’s house and will come back the next day. Along with food, there was also some alcohol which I was not expecting.

Fatima mentioned that sometimes she drinks alcohol to relieve the stress. The alcohol effect started to show up on both of us, and I looked at Fatima with complete lust. I could also see the same through her eyes as well. She started shivering the moment I touched her.

That is a different feeling for any woman when they have touched anyone else other than their partners. The married woman readers here will understand this. I pulled her even closer to me now that my dick was touching above her pussy. She hugged tightly in return and started moaning slowly.

Then I started to kiss her lips, and she was getting out of control now. She held my dick in her hand over my pant. I proceeded to kiss her neck. She was beginning her journey to ecstasy as she continued to feel my dick in her hands. I placed both of my hands over my boobs and started pressing them hard.

She started to shiver even more but continued to enjoy the squeezing of her boobs. It was time to remove her t-shirt and pant to reveal her boobs hiding under the black bra. Her clean-shaven pussy was covered with black panty, which was now wet.

She locked herself in a position to rub my cock over her panty. I removed her bra and started pressing her boob with one hand and licking her other boob. She was correct with my actions and in a completely different mood now.

Fatima had completely surrendered to me, and she kept pleading with me to fuck her right away. While I continued to tease her by licking her boobs and then her navel. After that, I took her to the bed, and she had become even wilder now. I inserted my fingers in her pussy after pulling down the panty.

She was shaking in excitement and asked me to put my dick in her pussy. I touched her pussy lips with my tongue. It was already wet there with more juices. Fatima was moving her hips up and down while I was licking all over her pussy.

She was in tears of happiness as she continued to moan and enjoy fully. She held my hair when I increased the speed of licking her pussy. Then she exploded all her juice on my face, and she started to feel relaxed. I drank all of her juice, and she started to breathe normally.

Then it was her turn, and she removed my shorts and held on to my dick. She took it in her mouth to give an amazing blowjob. Then we headed to the next level as I made her lie on the bed. She widened her legs to take my dick in her pussy. It went in slowly, and she started to moan again.

I started to fuck her in this missionary position. I was fucking her at a slow pace, but she asked to go harder. My dick was completely going inside her pussy. She used to make movements to support the strokes. I could see the satisfaction in her eyes and her moaning.

We both continued to fuck harder for more than 10 minutes. We both had our climaxes simultaneously, and we were lying on the bed for some time. Fatima then went to take a bath. She was about to wear her dress when I grabbed her again to the bed.

She was excited too, as she did not resist, and I told her to be on four legs. I entered her from behind and inserted my dick to fuck her in the doggy style. This was the first time for her in this position, but she was ready to try it out. I started pounding her from behind, and she was moaning louder this time.

I told her to bite the pillow and not make a noise. It was a long time since she was getting fucked this wildly. She had completely lost her senses and kept enjoying the raw fucking sessions. I kept pulling her hair with every single stroke of my dick into her love hole.

She started to shiver again, and her vaginal muscles were gripping my dick. She had her orgasm one more time, and I also had mine after few seconds. She was gasping for breath after the big orgasm and took few minutes to relax and come to normal breathing.

She thanked me later for giving her the experience and fun which she had never experienced in her life before. She allowed me to fuck her few more times whenever it was possible to meet.

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