Life’s First Sex Experience

Hi guys, Faraz khan over here from Mumbai. Age 26 and dick size 8 inches. First of all, thanks to all those who responded to my previous stories.

Well, this is the starting story of my life which happened during my college days at the age of 19. As you know my all stories are real and no fiction. So during college days, I was very lean and slim and not so attractive. But my tool size was sufficient enough to satisfy anyone.

And this was given to me as feedback after my first sex from the heroine of this story. Her name is Juveria. We used to call her by her nickname Juhi. Our college was located at Mazgaon. So one of my friends managed to get into a relationship with Juhi who was of the same age.

Our college timings were almost the same. So she used to come to our college to meet my friend after her college leaves. We used to have our volleyball practice at that time. My friend used to skip that practice and get cozy with Juhi in the basement of our college.

I was his ‘safety net’ who used to keep a lookout to see if no one is coming. So one day, things were going the same as routine. But I heard some weird noises and I got curious went downstairs to look at what is happening. But for my shock, it was something else.

They were fighting. I went closer and got to know that my friend was cheating on her. She got to know about it via his Facebook account. Those days were very early to understand the meaning of commitment to a serious relationship. Hence it was inevitable for this to happen.

So coming back they fought and ended up having a breakup. This was a golden chance for me. I went in and talked with both of them. My friend went away and I started consoling Juhi. I hugged her and she was crying. I was damn close to her and could smell her perfume and feel her breath.

Her boobs were not so huge but big enough to make my dick erect. So using this opportunity I hugged her tight and was smelling her hairs. Now I started moving my hands on her back and caressing her back. She was still sobbing. But I continued and then I made my move.

I slowly slid her pony one side and moved in and kissed her over her neck and this made her horny. She stopped crying and started breathing heavily. She hugged me back. This was a positive signal for me. Then I started moving my hands inside her uniform shirt and feeling her bareback and bra straps.

Then I bit her earlobe and collar bone. She hugged me tight and then moved away. She faced me and I saw lust all over in her eyes. Then she held my face with both of her hands and started smooching me. This was my life’s first ever smooch and I was killing it.

I was literally on cloud nine. I didn’t know what to do. So I was just trying to respond like her and going with the flow. It continued for some minutes and then we parted. While we were smooching I had managed to open her bra but her shirt was still on her.

We were sitting on a table. So she stepped down and came in front of me. She then climbed on my lap and sat on it. This was damn erotic for me. My dick was rock solid and a tent was there. I could feel the warmth of her pussy over my pants.

After climbing on my lap, she again started smooching me. I closed my eyes and was enjoying my self to the fullest. Then she started opening my shirt buttons. She opened my top three buttons and started kissing my chest area and neck. I was not able to control my feelings.

I just pulled her rubber band and opened her hair. She was not less than Sunny Leone for me at that time. Then I also opened her shirt buttons. I saw a black bra that was unhooked and was hanging on her shoulders. I then slid her bra above.

I saw bare nude boobs of a woman for the first time in my life. My eyes grew large and it was just gonna pop out. I didn’t know what happened but my hand just went on her boobs and started crushing them wildly. I was squeezing it wildly as if I’m not gonna get it ever again.

And she was moaning to the most. She leaned back and started screaming and was pulling my shirt to hold herself. Then I went in and started biting her nipples. I was not sucking it but biting it. She was enjoying it. I made teeth marks on her nipples.

She was exhausted and the same was my situation. I didn’t know what to do next. I stopped and looked in her eyes and then she told me to let’s do it. Then she stood up and moved her panty aside and told me to bring out my dick. I did exactly what she said.

As soon I pulled my dick out she started to sit down and then guided my dick inside her pussy. Wow, what a feeling that was. That warmth. That tightness. That wetness. It was all for the first time happening to me. I took a huge breath and she also did the same.

Then my whole dick was in her pussy. We both closed our eyes and were feeling the movement. She started moving front and back in rhythm and I was holding her waist. We were in a cowgirl position at the end of the table and fucking each other’s brains out.

That was a memorable moment for me and her. I was just enjoying her rhythm and boobs. After 20 minutes, I was going to come and told her. She didn’t want to be pregnant so she climbed down. I started fingering her pussy because she was also not satisfied. And watching her I was masturbating my dick.

We were enjoying ourselves and in a few minutes, we both cum a huge load. We lay down on the table side by side with our legs hanging down. Then she smiled and told me thanks for giving her an awesome session. And I thanked her for taking my virginity.

As it was getting late we both made our clothes well and then went to the bathroom to clean up. We both used the same boys’ washroom. Then hiding from the watchman’s vision, we left college.

Later on the whole remaining year, we enjoyed it. We also did it in her house in her parents’ bed. And also did once in a garden in the open. She was my first sex partner and this was my story of losing my virginity.

Hope you all enjoyed my story. Feedback about it will be appreciated. Anyone from anywhere can contact me for fun. I also give massage to females. So females or couples can contact me for it. Your identities will be kept a secret.
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