We Did It Again With Keerti

If you have read my previous stories about Shelly madam, you would know that I was a cook and a family driver. I had come over to pick Shelly madam from a hotel where she and her friends had gathered for a kitty party. Along with Shelly madam, a lady also climbed inside the car.

She was Keerti madam, her best friend. She was of the same age as Shelly madam. She lived in Kochi and had come to Delhi for a vacation. She was a Keralite and had a dusky complexion. Being a Bharatnatyam dancer, she had vital measurements with bigger boobs and buttocks than Shelly madam.

They were seated in the rear and were talking. They spoke Malayalam, which I didn’t understand but were giggling looking at me. I was to drop her at the hotel where she was staying. However, Shelly madam convinced her to check out and stay with her in her house.

Boss, Shelly madam’s husband, was away in Dubai to look over the business. I waited in the lobby while the ladies went to the room to get the things packed. After an hour, I drove them back home. While driving back, I saw Keerti and Shelly madam passing strange glances towards me and smiling at each other.

I knew that the secret between Shelly madam and me had leaked. Geeta, the maid who was also our partner in crime, opened the door. I dropped the luggage in the bedroom and went to my servant’s room. Geeta served us dinner at 8 pm. The ladies had dinner at the dining table.

Geeta and I were about to sit down on the floor, but they invited us to eat at the table. While having dinner, madam said that Keerti knew about us all. She was eagerly waiting for a ‘sexciting’ performance tonight.

I told the ladies not to come to the drawing-room till we ask them to come. They agreed. Keerti was blushing too. I told Geeta to massage the ladies with aromatic oil and trim the pubic hair if necessary. I got some stuff for the role-playing.

I kept Shelly madam’s pubic hair always trimmed but wasn’t aware of Keerti madam’s status. Geeta went into the bedroom for the task. I locked the house from outside and went to the market. I came back after an hour and entered the house. I went in silently and peeped inside the bedroom.

Keerti madam’s massage was done. Now Geeta was massaging Shelly madam, sitting on the bed in her bra and panty. Keerti madam’s back was towards me. Her hair was tied in a bun that was kept together with a hairpin. She was sitting naked on the bed.

She was indeed dusky. She had the perfect concaves on either side of the upper body. That started forming from the sides of her breasts and curved down to her waist. Her hips weren’t visible because of a pillow.

Geeta was in her bra and panty. She was massaging Shelly madam, who was lying face down, naked on the bed. Geeta was at that time massaging her hips, squeezing them hard, and occasionally rubbing her palms between the cleavage of her bums.

I went to my room and took a shower with perfumed body wash. After the shower, I returned to the drawing-room with madam’s yoga mat. I wrapped up a cotton dhoti around my waist, covering the area from my waist to my thighs.

I spread the yoga mat on the floor and placed my ‘ingredients’ for the erotic foreplay beside it. I called up Geeta on her cell and asked to bring the ladies to the drawing-room.

Geeta knew my style of foreplay. She blindfolded Keerti madam with a satin scarf. She made Keerti wear only the satin nightgown’s upper coat, which belonged to Shelly madam. Shelly madam, on the other hand, wore the inner dress of the lacy nightgown.

Keerti slowly walked into the room like a newly married bride, followed by Shelly and Geeta walking behind her like a queen’s escorts. I made her step on the yoga mat. As a symbol of gratitude, I kissed Shelly and Geeta on their lips.
I brought my lips near Keerti’s lips.

Keerti was exploring sex outside her marriage for the first time. I felt her breathing heavily with her boobs slowly moving up and down. I whispered to her to relax. I pulled out the hairpin from the bun. They fell loose on her shoulders. I sniffed Keerti behind her ears and hair like a dog.

I sensed an amazingly erotic fragrance which consisted of her own smell and the aromatic. Keerti sensed me close enough with my breath touching her skin. She reacted by producing goosebumps over her body. I inserted the tip of my tongue in her ears one after the other and tickled her.

With that, her goosebumps became all the more prominent, and the nipples getting hard and erect. With my nose touching her body, I started sniffing her all over. I went down the neck and reached the chin. I kissed her again on the lips. She did not respond.

I took her upper lip between my lips and sucked. She clutched a portion of my dhoti tightly in her fist. I moved on to suck her lower lips as well. While I sucked her lips, I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. Just as my tongue touched her tongue, I sealed her mouth by placing my lips on her.

I felt her nails pricking my thighs through my dhoti. I took her tongue between my lips and sucked it. The reason my kisses were enchanting to her because I had washed my mouth with peppermint mixture.

Shelly and Geeta were getting turned on watching us. Shelly madam came behind her. She exposed her shoulders by sliding the coat down. She kissed her on the shoulders and the back of her neck. I brought my body forward. Protruding my head over Keerti’s shoulders, I kissed Shelly on her lips.

In the process, Shelly and I sandwiched Keerti between our bodies. While Keerti felt the prick of Shelly madam’s nipples on her back, she also felt the prick of my hard dick somewhere below her navel.

Meanwhile, Geeta kneeled down on her knees and parted the gown portion that was hiding Keerti’s pussy. Geeta brought her face even closer and brought out her tongue. Geeta had already trimmed Keerti’s pubic hair before massaging her. She inserted the tip of her tongue inside Keerti’s pussy.

A current rushed through Keerti’s body. Geeta held Keerti’s thighs tightly and inserted her tongue even deeper. Keerti left my dhoti and grabbed Geeta’s head with both her hands. Shelly brought her hands forward towards Keerti’s tummy. The coat’s satin lace was holding either side of the coat together.

She pulled one end of the lace out of the knot, separating it from the gown, and let it fall on the ground. Both sides of the satin gown parted, revealing Keerti’s boobs, navel, and Geeta’s head covering the pussy. Geeta kept on sucking and licking Keerti’s pussy.

We had still kept Keerti blindfolded with the satin scarf. She had big, fleshy boobs. Even though they were bulky, they weren’t shagging down. Instead, they were firm, with dark brown nipples pointing towards the front. Her sides from below the boobs till her waist had the perfect concaves.

Surprisingly she had a strange tattoo design surrounding her navel. Shelly slid the coat down from Keerti’s upper arm. Keerti shook her arms and removed the coat that fell on the floor without a sound. Now Keerti was standing completely naked before us.


Geeta stopped sucking and stood up. She removed her bra and panty and kept them aside. She came behind me and pressed herself to me, rubbing her boobs on my back and her pussy on my hips over the dhoti. She put her arms around me from behind.

I could feel that she was jealous as I was spending more time with Keerti. Keerti was a guest, while Geeta and Shelly were my regular sex partners. But Geeta’s purring aroused me even more, resulting in the hardening of my dick even more than earlier.

I occasionally rubbed my hard dick to Keerti’s thighs and buttocks while kissing her from behind on her neck and ear. While Geeta and I kept the excitement alive, Shelly pulled her nightgown over her head and removed it. Now even Shelly was in her birthday suit.

She hugged Keerti tightly, squeezing Keerti’s boobs with her boobs. I could see Shelly’s small nipples smashed on Keerti’s dark brown and round nipples. Shelly began rubbing her pussy on Keerti’s pussy. Keerti’s freshly trimmed pubic hair rubbed against Shelly’s clean shaved pussy.

Shelly planted an open mouth kiss on Keerti’s mouth and embraced her even tighter. By now, Geeta had pulled out the knots of my dhoti and put her hands inside. She frantically pulled the ends of my dhoti away from my body. Now I was stark naked with my hard dick looking straight towards her.

She sat down on a bean bag and pulled me closer by my dick. She placed my dick between her boobs and tightly sandwiching it by bringing her boobs closer to each other. She rubbed my dick to her chest between her boobs. She took my dick in her hands and took it inside her mouth.

I felt her tongue playing around my dick inside her mouth. The tongue moved on my dick from the tip to the summit and then revolved slowly around it. She continued dick licking in different orders and patterns for the next few minutes. She gripped my dick tightly with her lips and sucked.

She took my dick so much inside that the tip did touch the throat, and her lips kissed my testicles. I began to groan in pleasure. When she took my dick out of her mouth, the dick was well lubricated with her saliva. She put my dick inside her mouth again.

Geeta’s mouth was now warm inside, and I felt amazing when my dick was inside gripped tightly within her lips. I closed my hands and enjoyed the moment by growing with each pull on my dick. When I opened my eyes after a couple of minutes, I saw Shelly had pinned Keerti down on the yoga mat.

Shelly was on top of Keerti, groping Keerti’s breasts ferociously and rubbing her own pussy with Keerti’s. She took a bulky boob of Keerti and took it inside her mouth. She pulled and played with Keerti’s nipple on the other boob by rolling, squeezing, and playing with her fingers.

Shelly left the boobs and went down to Keerti’s navel. She inserted her tongue inside Keerti’s navel and licked. Keerti moved her tummy and navel in response to the tickle caused by Shelly’s tongue.

Shelly gripped Keerti’s thighs and kissed her pussy. She parted Keerti’s clit with her fingers and inserted her tongue into it. Keerti lifted her arse slightly and tightened her body, reacting to the sensation between her legs. She wrapped Shelly tightly between her legs. Shelly plunged deeper into Keerti’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Geeta kept sucking my dick. She vented out her jealousy against Keerti by sucking my dick.  That day Geeta gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever received. Her sucking was so convincing, and rubbing her tongue with my dick was so awesome. I leaked inside her mouth without warning.

I filled her mouth with cum that flowed out. I licked my own cum from her lower lips and chin. She cleaned my dick with her bra that was lying discarded on the floor. I rested for a while as my dick had gone limp and soft.

Meanwhile, Shelly was fingering Keerti’s pussy. She vigorously moved her two fingers back and forth inside Keerti’s pussy. Keerti moaned loudly with pleasure. Geeta crawled over to Keerti. Geeta placed her in a way that Geeta’s boobs hung right above Keerti’s mouth.

Geeta inclined her body down and lowered her boobs. Just when Keerti’s lips touch Geeta’s nipples, Keerti took Geeta’s boobs in her mouth and started to suck. Meanwhile, Shelly has inserted her three fingers inside Keerti’s pussy and began moving them to and fro.

After a few minutes, Keerti arched her back and tightened her body as she reached her orgasm. Shelly took out the fingers from the pussy and began flickering her tongue inside Keerti’s pussy. Soon, Keerti squirted her juices right on Shelly madam’s face.

She let out a few more streaks of cum from her cunt. I crawled over to Shelly and kissed her. I licked Keerti’s cum from Shelly’s face. Shelly left Keerti to relax and pounced over me. She took my limp dick inside her mouth and began sucking. Soon my dick was ready and hard for another performance.

Shelly madam and Geeta supported Keerti to sit upright on the yoga mat. I went near to Keerti. Shelly madam took my dick and made Keerti hold them in her palms. Keerti was touching a different dick. Before this, she has seen and touched only her husband’s dick.

She fondled my dick and measured its length and width. Shelly took my dick and placed it inside Keerti’s mouth. Keerti had been married to a conservative Carnatic musician. Even after marriage, she had not taken her husband’s dick in her mouth. Her husband had never licked or inserted his tongue in her pussy.

It was altogether a new experience for Keerti. She sucked my dick like a novice. She simply licked the entire length and width of my dick with her tongue. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I grabbed her head with both hands and began moving my waist back and forth to fuck her mouth.

I moved my waist forward and pushed my dick deep inside her mouth. While I pulled myself back, my dick would withdraw from the farthest corner of her mouth and cushion itself on her tongue. Shelly sat upright on the yoga mat and spread her legs.

I dragged Keerti between her legs and made her lie upside down. Shelly also adjusted herself in a way that Shelly’s vagina touched Keerti’s lips. Keerti got the signal and inserted her tongue into Shelly’s pussy. I got some cushions from the diwan and placed them below Keerti’s tummy to lift her bums.

Keerti continued sucking Shelly’s pussy and played with Geeta’s boobs by fondling and groping them. I crawled and came over to Keerti. I supported my weight on my hands and knees. My hard dick and testicles were dangling right above Keerti’s bums.

I lowered my body. Just when my dick touched the cleavage of her bums, she stopped sucking. I was the first male who will be fucking her from behind. She asked in Hindi if it would hurt. Shelly assured her that I wouldn’t be penetrating her arsehole.

However, she laughed and said that my size was better than what her husband has got. I took one of my hands under Keerti’s tummy and searched out her pussy. I placed my hand under her pussy and cupped it tightly with my palm. I lifted my middle finger and inserted it in Keerti’s pussy.

It was all wet with her own juice that came out when she had her orgasm. I took out my hands and now placed both of them on her hips. Keerti wasn’t able to concentrate on sucking Shelly. Shelly mocked annoyance on me and complained.

Keerti began sucking once again and, this time, inserted her tongue in Shelly’s pussy. Shelly madam dragged herself a bit closer to Keerti’s face. Thus Keerti’s tongue was able to explore the depth of Shelly. I pulled Keerti’s body by pulling her slowly and positioned her like a four-leg animal. I kneeled behind her bums.

I looked into Shelly madam’s eyes and placed my dick in front of Keerti’s clit from behind. Geeta came down like a mechanic under Keerti and began to suck her boobs. We looked like a group from the Khajuraho monument. All four of us absolutely naked.

Shelly was sitting on the floor resting against the diwan, with her legs spread. Between Shelly’s legs was Keerti, on her hands and knees like a bitch, sucking and licking Shelly’s pussy. Under Keerti was Geeta, who moved to take turns to kiss and suck Keerti’s chin, boobs, and pussy.

I was kneeling on the floor behind Keerti, ready by positioning my dick right outside her cunt. I rubbed my dick to her cunt, signaling her to be ready for the thrust. I slowly penetrated her pussy. Keerti again stopped sucking Shelly madam’s pussy and grabbed her thighs to counter the painful penetration.

I continued to enter Keerti’s pussy. My dick made its own way like a python, inside Keerti’s cunt, parting the labia and its inner walls. My dick went as much as possible inside till Keerti’s fleshy hips touched my scrotal sac. I began to move my waist forward and backward, rubbing my dick inside her cunt.

Although the penetration of my dick into Keerti’s pussy from behind was painful, in a little while, the pain changed to pleasure. I began thumping with full force to enter the maximum depth. I felt Geeta’s fingers fondling my testicles, hitting Keerti’s bums.

Geeta moved away, making way for Shelly. She came under Keerti’s face crawling on her back. Keerti lowered herself and planted an open mouth kiss. Even though my thumping jerked and shook Keerti. Her lips landed accurately on Shelly’s open mouth.

Keerti wasn’t satisfied with getting fucked from behind. She stopped kissing and turned herself around with my dick still inside the vagina. She rested her head on the mat and lifted her legs, and spread them.

I also positioned myself comfortably. Holding her thighs, I began to accelerate my thrusts’ motion. Now, Keerti had a pleasant journey to heaven. She began with moaning and, with each thrust, raised the volume of her moans.

Keerti wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her buttocks. She neared her orgasm once more. I took out the full length of my dick and positioned it one more time outside her pussy. I cupped her boobs in my plans tightly and quickly pushed my waist forward.

This time my entire dick entered her lubricated pussy and reached its deepest part. My dick touched the spot. I gripped her boobs tightly and increased the speed of the to and fro quick movements of my dick. Keerti was literally shouting with pleasure. She had never experienced such sexual pleasures of hot group sex before.

Keerti’ tightened the grip of her legs around my waist. I gripped her legs and lifted them higher, and banged her hard. Finally, she gave in and released. I felt my dick being engulfed in her warm juices.

I had to release now. Since I wasn’t wearing a condom, I took my dick out of Keerti’s pussy. I stood up and moved away from Keerti. Shelly and Geeta both came to me and brought their mouth under my dick. I began moving my hand back and forth with my dick and soon felt my cum rushing to come out.

I began moving my hands faster. My sperm squirted out of my dick and fell inside Shelly madam’s mouth. She took my dick inside her mouth and sucked. After Shelly had swallowed some cum, she presented my dick to Geeta. Geeta licked the sperm from the dick.

Shelly madam transferred a few drops of my cum into Keerti’s mouth by giving her an open mouth kiss. We slept naked inside Shelly’s bedroom. Shelly and Keerti slept on the bed while Geeta and I slept on the floor. We moved about naked during the entire next day.

Luckily no one knocked on the door or came to the house to disturb us when we had turned primitive. We showered together and enjoyed each other again. This time I ducked. Shelly and Geeta made first-time lesbian erotic love with Keerti.

Before lunch again, I made Geeta bend forward on the dining table and fucked her ass.

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