Amrita’s Secret Confessions

These moments of secret confessions actually happened 4 years ago when I was still dating my ex-boyfriend Abhilash. We were deeply in love, or at least I thought we were. But that one evening changed our perceptions. That was when I was introduced to the world of lust, desire, and sex.

Let me introduce myself first. I am Amrita, 26 years old housewife in Delhi. My dimensions are 36-28-34, and my breasts are now beginning to get saggy. But at 22, I was a bombshell.

Although I had a bit of a tummy, I had meat at all the right places. I would often find boys giving me lustful stares in public places. I did not explicitly enjoy the stares, but I didn’t mind it as well.

Coming back to the story, Abhilash and I were deeply in love. We were school friends and by coincidence happened to join the same college. That’s where he proposed to me, and I said yes.

I had a couple of relationships before but hardly had any physical experiences. The maximum I had allowed my previous boyfriends was to kiss me, and one of them had dared to fondle with my boobs.

But with Abhilash, I wanted to try everything. Maybe because of his good looks or just his loving nature, I just wanted to surrender myself to him. I was also jealous of my friends have had multiple sex partners. Abhilash used to stay in a flat with two of his friends, and I lived in a PG.

As our relationship progressed, I realized he was rather shy with women (including me!). He never showed any lustful intent. It was quite frustrating for me. Even after six months into the relationship, we had hardly tried anything physical. With Abhilash, I had to take most initiatives.

Anyway, this is how the first time with him went. One day, we were sitting in the living room in his flat, and none of his friends were home. I saw it as a perfect opportunity and put on an erotic movie for us to watch.

It was winter, so we had a shrug around us. I cuddled up to him on the bean bag. As the movie progressed, I began to get horny and was desperate for his touch. I knew he wanted it too. But, he didn’t seem to gather the courage. Finally, I held his palm and placed it on my breasts.

His hand sort of froze there, and he was neither doing anything nor removing it. I then placed my hand on his dick over his jeans to find that it was quite hard. I gently squeezed it. All the while, our gaze was on the TV screen. But we weren’t really interested in watching the movie any longer.

He finally seemed to gather some confidence and started massaging my titties. “Aah,” I moaned softly. My nipples were erect, and he could make out from above my top. I then climbed on his lap and faced him. Our eyes met, mine lustful and his innocent.

I kissed him hard to show that I wanted more. He responded to the kiss and moved his hand on my back inside my top. He was moving around my bra hooks and was trying to set my boobs free. But he clearly needed help, and I broke the kiss to help him unhook my bra.

All this while I was grinding my pussy on his erect cock above his jeans. I’m sure by now, my pussy was leaking juices. Then I removed my top and showed him my breasts for the first time. The boy still seemed unsure. But I was super horny by then and pressed one of my boobs to his face.

It hung just above his mouth, and he finally took out his tongue and licked my nipples. My moans began to get louder, and I stuffed my left tit inside his mouth. He willingly obliged and began sucking it like a toddler. I grabbed his hair and closed my eyes, enjoying his saliva on my boobs.

He quickly shifted to the right boob and used his hands to vigorously press the one he had just sucked. Wow, it felt so heavenly that I didn’t want him to stop. I then took off his T-shirt and explored his chest. I licked it and sucked his nipples as well.

It was slightly hairy, and I liked that. I moved my hands all over and then hurriedly opened his jeans button while he fiddled with mine. He suggested that we take it inside the bedroom, but I was too horny to wait anymore. I climbed down from the beanbag and tugged his jeans down.

He raised his ass to allow access, and now he was only in his briefs. His dick was bulging out and waiting to get free. I kept staring at it. I wanted him to take the initiative and shove it down my throat. But alas, he still didn’t have the confidence, and I had to pull down his underwear and release his poor dick.

I tucked my hair behind my ears and started to massage his dick, which would lead to sex. Oh! How I wish he would grab my hair and guide my mouth to his cock and make me choke on it. But that bastard was still shy. I finally kissed his cock and began to suck on it slowly.

I didn’t want to go all-in and make him think I was desperate. But one look at my soaked pussy would’ve made it so obvious that I was fucking ready for a hard pounding.

As I was sucking on his black lollipop with a pink head glistening about, I looked at his face to check out his reaction. His eyes were closed, and he seemed to be in ecstasy. I kind of felt proud and was motivated to continue sucking.

As I was in full flow, we heard the main door click and realized somebody was about to enter. Abhilash came to his senses and signaled me. We quickly grabbed our clothes and ran to the room. But disaster had already happened. And it was just as I was about to be introduced to the moment of lust!

Read the next part to find out what happens next.

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