Telugu Guy Meets Punjabi Girl In The USA

Hello all, I have decided to post only my real stories here. Everyone says life is short, so do whatever you want to do in a unique way. This is my story which I believe is a memorable one.

I am Avi, 29 years old, male, 6 feet tall, and a Telugu born living in the USA.

Now, let us come back to the story. This happened in July 2018. I was living in Hartford and started using Tinder. Luckily I got a “Like” from a Punjabi girl. Her name is Raman.

We chatted on and off for a month but she never met me. One fine day I moved to Charlotte because my contract had ended in Hartford. I had not informed her of my change of residence.

It’s been 2 weeks since I moved to Charlotte and started my new job. On Thursday evening, I got a video call on WhatsApp from the Punjabi girl Raman and she wanted to meet me. She was super drunk and was wearing a half-sleeve black dress.

I was mesmerized looking at this sexy Punjabi girl’s picture on my mobile. I somehow was able to convince her that I will visit her on Friday morning.

I sent an email to my boss telling him that my uncle was not well and that I need to take care of him. I then flew to Hartford. I messaged Raman that I was in Hartford and she agreed to meet me at the local Asian restaurant downtown.

(Lol, she had forgotten that she had invited me when she was drunk and I had taken her request seriously).

By the way, this girl Raman is 5 years elder than me. She was 32 when I was 27. Her stats are 5’5 height, 36-34-36 and a is a pretty, fair, Punjabi girl who always says, “Hanji” to me.

We finally met in a restaurant with a formal hug and begun chitchatting. I revealed to her that I had moved to Charlotte and she was like, “Did you travel all this way for me?” I told her, “Yes.”

Later we walked downtown. We did some photoshoots together. Then she took me to an apartment building. We were on the terrace, walking and talking.

It was late evening and her expressions made me feel that she wanted me to leave as her parents were at her home. I understood that and told her, “Can I have some water before I leave?”

She invited me to her apartment and handed me a bottle of chilled water. I was looking out for her parents but couldn’t see anyone. I finally handed her back the water bottle and we hugged as were about to leave.

But while hugging, she smelt so awesome and I kissed her neck. She held me tightly and I slowly began to kiss her lips. She responded well.

Me: Your parents might see us.
Raman: Let them see. I don’t care.

Me: Are you serious?
Raman: They can’t see me from Punjab.

This made me realize that we were all alone and I started kissing the sexy Punjabi girl more aggressively. For your information, we were on the 13th floor, surrounded by huge high-rise buildings around us.

I took her in my arms and started kissing her hard. She asked to come to her bedroom. Once we moved to the bedroom, I was kissing her for more than 7 minutes.

She removed my shirt and started kissing my neck and chest. I removed her top and took her boobs in my hands and started kissing them. She was moaning while I started sucking her nipples.

I slowly moved my hand near her jeans and unbuttoned them and started playing with her clitoris, inserted my finger in her pussy, and started rubbing it.

I started putting 2 of my fingers in her pussy and started moving it in and out slowly and increased the pace. She was totally wet and started cumming.

Raman then started removing my jeans and took my 6′ inches thick dick in her hand and started stroking it. It was just like a dream with Raman. She started taking my dick in her mouth.

It started with a kiss and ended with a blowjob after 10 minutes.

I then came on top of her in between her legs and started licking the horny Punjabi girl’s clitoris. Then I started licking her pussy while rubbing her clitoris with my fingers.

Honestly, for the first time, I had licked a pussy in my life. It was so good when this girl was moaning heavily. I slowly took a condom from my bag and put it on my dick.

Slowly, I inserted my dick tip in her pussy in the missionary position. I was just entering her with the tip of my dick in her pussy and teasing her.

Once she was totally mad, I inserted my thick dick inside her slowly and took it out completely. I did this for at least 10minutes till she was able to feel my thick dick on her pussy walls.

I increased the speed till both of us came. Our session was for over 90 minutes including foreplay. We were drained and relaxing on her couch in the hall with the windows open.

The wind blew in our faces and hair, as we started kissing again on the couch on the 13th floor with open windows. I pulled her against the wall and started kissing her neck and we stripped each other.

I was sitting on the couch facing the window and she started sitting on me facing me. I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy and her boobs are touching my chest.

There was not an inch gap between us. I was holding her back and then holding her ass and pushing it tightly towards me. I was able to see outside from the windows and I noticed a couple of people watching us from other buildings.

But we didn’t stop. It seriously goaded us and we started having sex on the couch in cowgirl style for another 45minutes. Then we straight away went to her bedroom and we were lying on the bed.

I took some rest for some time before I left as she had an appointment on Saturday. The wind was still blowing and we had a quick session in the doggy style.

This was more amazing. I was holding her ass and slowly inserting my dick in her pussy and her moaning still ring out in my mind. Our 2nd meetup will be posted in the next story.

Thank you for reading my first story. Please leave your comments on [email protected] I will update the 2nd version after your feedbacks/likes.

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