Betting Game

This story is based on my own experience after my couple swap sex. You will find it surprising, and you may not even believe it. But it is true that I played the betting game.

I was traveling from Delhi to Bangalore by air in business class. I was doing some work on my laptop. Another gentleman, my co-passenger, was sitting in the adjacent seat. He was a tall guy, handsome and well-built body.

The co-passenger was sitting idle. He was just observing me. He looked as if he is waiting to talk with me. I took a small break from my work and turned towards him with a smile. I said, “Hello.”

He immediately responded, “Gentleman, are you from Bangalore?”

Me: Yes.

He: I am also from Bangalore.

Me: Oh, good. Then, we can talk in Kannada.

He: Sorry, I don’t know Kannada. I am new to Karnataka. I hail from Gujrat. I was in the UK. Just last year I came to Bangalore.

Me: Ok. How do you find Bangalore? Are you working there?

He: Bangalore is a very good city for living. I was in the UK for many years. Now I started one Gym in Whitefield.

Me: Good. Did business pick up well?

He: Yes. I have a lot of clients, mostly all software guys and gals.

Me: By the way, my name is Vinay. I am a CA. I have my own office. My wife, Champa, is a homemaker. She is a Postgraduate. We have one son. He is in 3rd std.

He: I am Iqbal. My wife is Syeda. She, too, is a Postgraduate. We studied in the UK. We have 2 kids.

Iqbal opened his mobile and showed me some of his family photos. Syeda was a very beautiful young lady. Kids, too, were beautiful. Now I was under obligation to show my family photos. I opened the family photos folder on my laptop and showed him few photos.

Iqbal: Champa is a beautiful lady. Very attractive figure. Can I see few more pics?

I gave the laptop to Iqbal and said, “Sure. See in this folder.” Iqbal started looking at the photos on my laptop. I went to the washroom. I returned to my seat after some 15 minutes.

Iqbal was curiously looking at Champa’s photos. I stood just behind Iqbal for two minutes and watched what he was doing. He saw the nude photos of Champa, which were in another folder with the title ‘Private Pics.’

Iqbal saw semi-nude as well as full nude photos of Champa. He saw few fucking photos of Champa with me and a few with others. Then I went to my seat, pretending to have not noticed him looking at our private folder.

Iqbal was confused, and he quickly closed the folder and pretended as if he did not see that folder. He returned the laptop to me, saying, “All photos are excellent. Your son is so cute.”

Me: Hmmm. That’s all? No compliments to Champa?
Iqbal: Oh my god! Champa is so beautiful. Words are not enough to describe her beauty. You are lucky to have her as your wife.

Me: Thanks.

Iqbal:……… (silent)

Me: It is good that you saw all photos. Now you, please reciprocate.

Iqbal opened his mobile and showed me some photos of Syeda in transparent outfits. I exclaimed, “Oh, very sexy.” Now Iqbal showed few more pics of Syeda in a bikini, mostly on beaches in western countries.

I said, “What a beauty! She has descended from Heaven.”

Then Iqbal felt comfortable and showed some full nude photos of Syeda as well as himself. Syeda had a very attractive sexy figure, clean shaved pussy and all. All excellent photos. My dick was hard. Got a desire to fuck her.

I started asking him questions like how often you fuck her, which is your favorite position in bed. Does she give a blowjob, have you fucked any other lady, has your wife had sex with other men? Does she like anal sex, and so on.

Iqbal answered every question of mine with patience. Then he asked me to tell him about my and Champa’s private life. I also got a very good mood to narrate our past history in detail. I feel proud to narrate Champa’s story. I told him all details of Champa’s pre-marital sex life and our post-marital lifestyle.

Iqbal asked about others who had fucked Champa. I told few names and few incidents. Iqbal revealed that Syeda was a bar dancer in London before their marriage. He told a lot of things about their alternate lifestyle.

They had swapped with many couples in the UK and few couples in India. They had gone to sex clubs in Europe a few times. Both of them had sex with random guys in the club. They had done some other types of fun also with different people. Items like 3some, gangbang, dominating sex, one-night stands, etc.

Iqbal said that both of them are dominating in bed. He is a very good master (DOM), and she is a very good Mistress (Dominatrix). Both are  BDSM masters, trained for sex slave fun

Iqbal revealed that in his fitness center, many ladies are his clients. He tries to hook up with his female clients in whom he finds sexual attraction. Some respond, and some do not. He has fucked more than a dozen of his female clients.

He further said that his dick is of 9-inch length and 5.5inch girth. It is a circumcised cock. Most of the ladies like it. He can hold an erection for long and give 5 or 6 orgasms to the lady in a session for 5 to 6 hours.

Iqbal said, “I am a hardcore fucking bull. Sometimes I will be rough and wild in bed if the lady likes it.”

About his wife, he said that she is dominating in bed, and so she likes submissive men. He said we can do BDSM. We are trained DOMs. If the SUB is ready, he will humiliate and downgrade her to any level. Syeda also can do BDSM. She is good at punishing the SUB. She gives very tough punishments.

By then, our flight landed in Bangalore. We exchanged our contact numbers and parted. We continued to be in touch. Often we discussed sex-related matters.

One day he proposed that we all 4 should meet and explore what best is possible. Next weekend Champa and I went to his gym to meet him at the closing time. He, too, had called Syeda. We all four saw each other, and I proposed a swapping session.

Iqbal said, “Sure. We can swap for one full night.” The ladies also nodded. Iqbal further asked,

Iqbal: I think, you know, simple swapping. That is, you fucking my wife, and I fucking your wife. That is ok. Do you know other types of swapping?

Me: I don’t know. What is that?

Iqbal: There are few other types also. Little bit tough sessions. If you are comfortable, we can think of such a game.

Me: By all means. You suggest a game.

Iqbal: ok. Let us play a betting game.

Me: Tell details.

Iqbal: You and I should play some kind of game. Chess, carrom, running race, or any game in which one comes out as a winner and the other loser. We can simply toss a coin 20 times also to decide the winner and loser.

Me: Ok. Then?

Iqbal: The ladies are the stake. The loser’s wife becomes whore to the winner. The loser becomes a slave to the winner’s wife. It can be for one day, 2 days, 3 days, up to any number of days, to be agreed upon and decided before starting the game.

Iqbal: The time starts immediately after the result is known. During the slavery period, the slaves will be humiliated to some extent and used as per the winners’ wishes.

This idea was new to me. I had not heard of it. But it was exciting. Humiliation was not a problem. Many people enjoy humiliation during sex. Me, too. Champa also enjoys humiliation.

I calculated in my mind that if I win, I get Syeda as my whore. If I lose, I become her slave. I can gladly serve her. It is a pleasure to serve a beautiful lady. I am lucky if she humiliates me. So winning or losing – both are fine. I asked Champa about her opinion.

Champa: Let us play once and see how does it work.

So it was decided to play the betting game, keeping Champa and Syeda at stake.

The next question was, losers to be slaves for how many days. Iqbal suggested that one week is good if one should experience real slavery or whoring and derive fun in it.

As it was the first time, I was not prepared for one week. I said, one day is enough. After some discussion and examining the pros and cons, it was agreed as 3 days. Next, we had to decide which game to be played.

Me: This is the first experience for us. Let us not waste time in the game. Let us play anything in which the winner and loser can be decided as quickly as possible.

Syeda: Then tossing a coin 20 times is the best. You can finish it in 3 minutes.

All agreed. Syeda tossed the coin. When the coin went up, I said, “Head.”

Oh, my luck! Head came. Then another 19 times, she tossed. The result was 12 times tail and 8 times head. Champa became whore to Iqbal for 3 days. I became a slave to Syeda.

Iqbal held Champa by his hand with a tight grip. Unable to say anything, I was watching. He held her by the hair and pulled her to his room. He told her to change her dress and wear another set of dresses which he gave. After wearing that dress and changing her hairstyle and makeup, he brought her before me.

In that makeup, Champa was looking like a real prostitute. He introduced her as his prostitute for 3 days and took her with him in his car. I was taken aback. But I had no option as I had agreed to the terms and conditions of the betting.

Syeda said, “You are my slave for 3 days. Come with me to my house.”

She took me in her car to her house.

She: You have to now change your dress. You have to be my maidservant for 3 days and do all the domestic works.

She gave me her old clothes and told me to wear them. I removed my shirt and banian. She gave her bra. Then she fixed rubber boobs to my chest. She had brought it from the UK. She told me to wear a bra.

Then she told me to remove other clothes. I removed my jeans. She told me to remove underwear and wear a panty. She gave her old panty. When I was naked before that lady, my dick got a full erection.

Syeda objected and said, “Without my permission, you should not get an erection. Think that you are a lady. Your name is Sabina. You are not Vinay.”

She told me to put cold water to lose the erection. I went to the bathroom with a full erection. I poured cold water on my penis until losing my complete erection. Then I wore her panty and came out.

She told me to wear a mini skirt and top. I obeyed her orders. My miniskirt was so small that when I bend, my panty is visible to others. The top was tight enough to exhibit my big rubber boobs well.

Syeda: Sabina, you sweep the house and then do the mopping.

I started my work as a maidservant. In 3 days, I did all the domestic works she told, including washing her clothes and cleaning the toilet. She was happy with my service.

3 days were over. She complimented me and said,

Syeda: Now you are not Sabina. You are Vinay. I want to reward you for the good work. You can do sex with me. Have a fucking session with me before you go.

Her offer was most unexpected. I was very happy. Who would leave a chance to fuck that beautiful hot woman? Only lucky guys get a chance to fuck bar dancers for free.

On the other side, Iqbal took Champa to a friend’s house. The friend was alone there. On that day, Iqbal banged her several times with his 9-inch long and 5.5 inches thick, circumcised cock. With his powerful shots, Champa was in total ecstasy. He banged rough and wild sex. He is a real bull.

He did not wear a condom. When Champa told him to use a condom, he shouted at her, saying, “You are my slave whore. Don’t say anything to me. I want my hot semen to go inside your body.”

Champa again begged him to fix the condom. He shouted, “You are a prostitute. Tomorrow I will make you a real prostitute. Nobody will use condoms.”

The next day Iqbal and his friend had a threesome session with Champa. The slave whore had to serve both.

On the 3rd day, Iqbal said to Champa.

Iqbal: Today, you are a prostitute. You should satisfy 4 people. I am not going to fuck. I will bring 4 of my friends. They are your clients. They will fuck you individually. Possibly a gangbang at the end. Be ready.”

Iqbal introduced Champa to his friends that she is a prostitute he hired for one day and told them to fuck her. All those friends fucked her, and enjoyed trustful intimacy with her, believing that she is a real prostitute.

The game was over in 3 days. On the 4th day, I returned home after a sex session with Syeda. She gave me a blowjob, and I licked her pussy. Then I fucked her in doggy style and missionary. Champa returned home with a lot of satisfaction on her face.

We liked the betting game. Later we played the game with two other couples. We won the toss in one game, and we lost in another. Apart from this, we proposed it to 3 more couples, but they did not accept the idea.

Friends, hope you liked the story. Please share your feedback with me in my mail id: [email protected]. Shortly I will come with one more story. Vinay.

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