My Story Of Love, Lust And Sex

Hi, my name is Raj. I am from the South Indian city of Bangalore. I am a keen follower of stories in XIS. Some of them seem nice and real but some are obviously fake. I have written a lot of stories on another popular site but this is my first story here.

However, this story is not about me. It’s about one of my readers, Sonali who stays and works in the US. She wanted to write her story but felt I had to write on her behalf. It was indeed an honor to do it. I am going to narrate the story in her words.

It’s a pretty long story. You can share your feedback if you like it. This story is her journey through love, sex and then break up. But this story will only be limited to her experience with her boyfriend. Read on.

Hi, my name is Sonali and I am a desi girl staying in the US for the last eight years. I finished my B.Tech in India. Like all those young guys and gals, I too had a dream of studying and working in the US. I moved to The US after I got admission to a popular university on the west coast.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about the culture here. I was from a small town in South India. After reaching the US and gradually settling down, I started pursuing my Post graduation. I had no idea of dating or sex as I was a studious girl back home and naturally, a virgin.

Even though I had a lot of interest in what happens on the bed, I was a little apprehensive of trying it out. I felt odd to indulge in such things before marriage. But the carnal burning desire inside sometimes made me wet and wanted to try it. But with whom was the question.

What followed in the next few years was beyond my imagination but it happened. Where shall I start?

The semester started and I started adjusting to the new environment. There were a few Indian students and among them was this Indian called Sunil. He was also from the same state that I come from. There was an instant bonding because of the common nationality and more importantly language.

I was a shy girl and had very little interaction with boys except with classmates for academic reasons and some masti as youngsters. I can call myself beautiful. My stats were 34-28-34. The most attractive part was my bottom nice and round.

The semester pulled on and I was busy with my studies. My friendship with Sunil became stronger as days rolled. One fine day, we were sitting on the lawns outside our department. Then out of the blue, he proposed to me. I was a little shocked but accepted it with mixed emotions.

I was apprehensive of my parents accepting him or his me. Days pulled on and we became like love birds away from home. Hoping and dreaming of a bright career and life in the land of dreams. Sunil sometimes used to get naughty and started getting physical.

I was reluctant at first but gradually yielded to it. But it was limited to only a lip lock and he would fondle my breasts. I would just roll my palms over his member. We became a little bolder as days passed. His hands started going inside my top and would gently squeeze my tits over my bra.

I had also become bolder by then. Forgetting about all the Indian values that a girl should offer herself only to a husband on a nuptial night. As days progressed, his hands which were limited to the outside of the bra, now started entering inside. He would gently squeeze my boobs and pinch my nipples.

I had a nice round areola dark brown. When he did that I would go ecstatic and my panties would soak with my juices. I became even bolder exploring the insides of his jockey fondling his shaft which is around 5.5 inches. Not a great size compared to some of the Afro Americans who have monsters down there.

He would often pull my top, unclasp the bra and suck to his heart’s content. He would just rotate his tongue on my nipples which when excited point out like bullets. My nipples are quite long I must say. He insisted on me sucking him down there. I was totally against it but knowing him fully well I obliged.

Initially, I just kissed it but then opened my mouth wide to take it in. He pushed it so deep that I gasped. He signaled when he was about to come and I removed my mouth. His dick sprayed his cum all over the bed. It was a great experience and I got the return favor one day.

We were once in my apartment for a weekend. He was as usual kissing and fondling my boobs. They had started enlarging due to his constant manhandling. I was wearing a t-shirt and track pants. He started moving my top up and was doing it so skillfully that my pussy had started dripping.

I was wearing my new pair of netted red bra and matching panties. He slowly unclasped the bra and started licking my tits. Suddenly I found his hand making its way into my track pants. He pushed his hand inside my panties and started pinching my wet pussy lips.

I was moaning so heavily that I was sure the neighbors knew what was happening. He started pulling the tracks down. I started resisting fearing that what I had preserved for my wedding night might happen then. I slowly started yielding to his pressure lifting my ass, accommodating him to remove my wet panty.

No sooner the panty reached the ankles, he put his mouth on my clean-shaven pussy and starting biting. I cried out in pain and pleasure and started pressing his head further into my hole. My heart was pumping fast and my ass was lifting seeking more. This was an unsolicited favor and I felt I was in heaven.

He reached the inside touching the G spot. It made me squirt in plenty sending down a flow of my juices down my thighs.

We finally finished our course and graduated. We were excited. It was now time to build a career. I managed to get placed in a leading MNC. Sunil also found a job but it was away in another state. I was devastated. A few days before he was due to leave, we both went to the Golden Gate my favorite spot.

We were holding hands and strolling. I was in tears. He suggested we return home. We were sharing the same apartment but I had strictly said no to sex. As soon as we returned home I hugged him tightly and started crying. He kissed me on my forehead and consoled me.

He then smooched me and whispered if we could do the real thing. I freaked out and said no. He then started to speak emotionally. How we have been together for long and would be together forever. I didn’t know what to say or do and just nodded. I was wearing black bodycon.

He carried me to the bedroom and closed the windows. He started lifting the hem of the body con and pulled down my panty and started licking me there. He did it for almost 15 minutes. It was a heavenly feeling. I came all over his face. He then removed the bodycon completely.

I was wearing a designer black bra which he removed completely. He started licking my tits and then we did a 69 position for some time. He had secretly smuggled in a pack of Durex which he opened in a hurry. He wore it and got in between my legs. He tried pushing it in but it wouldn’t go in easily.

I widened my leg further and he pushed it in with force. I screamed in pain. He started rocking slowly and gradually increased the speed. I was banging both my hands on the sides both in pain and pleasure. He finally came and I bled. I lost it finally. He smooched me hard and started cuddling me.

This was the first step to what was to follow. I also had a foursome with his friend and another girl which I will narrate based on your response.

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