A New Beginning – Part 2

Check the previous part before reading this story:

A New Beginning – Part 1

While heading out we decided to skip dinner at the restaurant and rather get room serviced. Yes, the sequel was coming sooner than we anticipated. Once we finished the check-in formalities, we steadily walked towards the elevator. Once the door closed my hand found its way on to her ass and started grabbing it and gently spanking her.

As soon as we entered the room, I closed the door behind me and went straight out. i grabbed her by her neck and waist. She wasn’t expecting this but neither was she complaining. On the contrary, her body seemed to be rejoiced by the feel of my mouth crushing against hers and tightening grip my arm around her body.

We broke apart to catch our breath. I blurted out “Oh god! I have missed this.” I began to unzip her top, while she was unbuttoning my shirt. While still shoving our tongue into each other’s mouth we managed to get naked. I had little difficulty in removing her bra. Simple hooks yet so complicated to undo.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed and both crashed into it. She climbed on top of me. My hands began to explore her body hungrily, stroking from neck till her bare hip, caressing her breast, her stomach. I deeply kissed her. With every touch of mine, she seemed to be fuelling her ever-growing desire.

As she was on top she could feel my cock pressing against her ass cheek. she gently began to move as to brush my cock against her pussy and slightly moan eagerly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up, hugged her and flipped her under me. She was being pressed into the soft bed.

I began to kiss her and nibble on her neck. I moved to her breast and then moved my hand between her legs while I was suckling at her breast. To my surprise, she was wet down there. I looked at her face and she said, “Every touched of yours has brought an ocean of pleasure and wetness.”

I stroked her lips of her vulva (pussy), circling the sensitive flesh. I went in deeper. I hit her clit and she let out a rather loud moan and bit her lip to control her scream. Every woman has different sensitive points. so I prefer to explore a little and concentrate on those points.

As she let out loud moan and confirmed she liked it. I pressed it firmly, circling it, massaging it. Until she had jolts of electricity pass through her body until her toes and finger shivered with excitement. She was writhing beneath me. Her back arching, her nipples protruding and poking my chest.

I then positioned my cock at her drenched pussy. As the head of my cock entered tight passage she took in a deep breath. When I pushed it in all the way she gasped. Only then I realized that it was her first time. I stopped in the same position and looked at her and said, “Please don’t tell me that it’s your first time.”

“Please don’t stop now,” she begged while framing my face into her palm. I asked her, “Is this your first time?” She just nodded without making any eye contact. “I am sorry, I should have been more gentle. Did I hurt you?” I asked her. “No, but please don’t stop,” she said.

To which I kissed her forehead and started to move. With deliberate care, slow withdrawal, and push, long and loving strokes. She closed her eyes, focusing more on the pleasure, enjoying the moment. She breathed steadily but deeper heavier breaths.

She toned her moans as and when I changed the angle and the depth of the penetration. To gradually increase her pleasure till the pain subsides. The plush, luxury silk satin sheets under our naked bodies was a wonderful counterpoint to all of the hardness, pain and urge to reach the climax.

I started to breathe heavier and steadily increased my pace. She anchored her legs around my back allowing me to go in deeper and matching every stroke of mine with her pressure. As she started to do this, I began to lose control and started to get carried away in my own desire.

I was all over her body, plunging my tongue into her mouth, suckling and nibbling her breast. My speed increased and was irregular, cock thrusting into her with frantic hunger. Her pleasure climaxed with an explosion as she nipped off my lips and bit my neck and shoulder.

While drawing her nails on my back. Within moments I too reached climax in her. I could feel the hot juices flow into her. With cock still in her, I collapsed on to her and rolled to the side, with juices still flowing out into her. I kissed her as we were gasping for air.

I asked, “Did I hurt you?” to which she nodded and looking at my hickey she asked, “Did I hurt you?” Once I had taken out my cock, she turned around and had her back facing me. she cuddled into me. I hugged her and began to stroke her body as we talked about a few stuff, a little bit of dirty talk and progression into the second round.

I went to the minibar and poured alcohol into glasses. I walked towards the balcony with my undies on and lit a cigarette. She came running over to me asking for drag. I looked at her in disbelief. She said, “I am not all that decent,” and inhaled a good long drag, paused a while and let it out.

Somehow a woman smoking in her bra and panty was turning me on. I gulped down my drink and walked towards her. I began to kiss her neck and caress her breast over her bra while she was smoking. As soon as we were done smoking I picked her up, carried her on the bed.

I placed and rolled her on to her back. I planted moist kisses on her spine moving down towards her ass cheeks, tickling her ass cheeks with my fingers.  moved into ass crack and reached her pussy which was kinda wet already. Which made me even harder.

I parted her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs leading towards her pussy. She then sighed my name, held me by my face and pulled me up. We kissed again deeper. As we kissed my cock rubbed against her stomach and she stroked it. “I want you in me,” she said as we broke the kiss.

I got up from the bed and pulled her to the edge. I got down on my knees and started to caress her labia and clit until she was gasping for air. Then I moved in and dipped my tongue into her pussy. Moving my way from outer lips to inner and the nibbling onto her clitoris.

Occasionally I sucked hard on to her clit. It only made her gasp and squeeze my head between her thighs. Then I shoved one of my fingers into her pussy, twisting curling, moving high and forward. After a while she sat up, moaning loud and crying out my name, the juiced spurred out.

I was hoping for a blowjob. But it is her first time, so didn’t want to ask her something which she wasn’t ready for. Now my cock was painfully hard. I placed a pillow below her butt and positioned my cock at the entrance. She was in such a position that I could thrust deep into her.

My cock moved in effortlessly as it was well lubricated by wetness for her orgasm. As I began to increase my speed I could feel her hot pussy clamp around my cock. Then I began to take out completely and shove in hard and deep. Our movement was synchronized.

I asked her to raise and dig her hip so that the angle of penetration was varied and deep. We leaned in to kiss now and then. She began to breathe heavy and short signaling to me that she was about to climax. As she climaxed I withdrew and asked her to move to the center of the bed.

At the center of the bed, I asked her to rest her legs on my hips and placed a few pillows under her for support. I began my strokes, I was growing more impatient, but I tried to control. As I plunged into her warm wet pussy I was struggling to keep my checks.

She noticed this I guess and said, “It’s ok, I want you to cum in me.” As soon as she said this I increased my pace and came within a few strokes. I crashed next to her, with my cum still oozing out. She uttered, “I love the feeling of your hard cock in me.”

We gently drifted into sleep and woke up the next morning to a phone call. We did hang around for while after this incident and many other sexual encounters. But eventually, we drifted apart.

Deliberately, I have skipped a few things from the story. I want you to imagine yourself in my position or a woman position and write to me what more you would have done. Please drop your mails at [email protected] Thank you.

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