Massage Lead To Sex

Hi, Pramod here.  I am here with a series which is my professional side. By profession, I am a massager at a local spa. But I do provide massage for females at their residence or hotel rooms. I charge reasonably outside the spa and many people come back to me for massage as well as sexual service.

Let me give a small introduction about myself. I am Pramod (name changed) 5′ 4″ tall average body, I have a 6.5-inch tool to satisfy a woman. Remember that satisfying a woman’s body is not in length of your penis. Even a guy with a 5-inch tool has made many women satisfied. I have seen it personally.

Let’s come to the incident. I am working in the spa since 2012 after I left my company. I was having 2-3 customers every day and at weekends it would be 5+. The pay is good.

I had a regular customer Avinash (name changed) who would turn up every 15 days. He was a rich man and would pay 500 to 1000 as tips after the massage. Everything was fine till one day he asked me how are the female massagers in the spa.

I said they also have good skills. But if you want service from them then you have to arrange it personally outside. He was not asking it for himself but for his sister. Avinash was a fair and average built guy with little fat in his tummy. He took one of the female massager’s numbers from the reception.

After a month, when he came back, I asked did he enjoy the massage. I was a bit friendly with him as I was the only one who gave a massage to him in the spa. He didn’t talk for some time during the massage. Later he asked me do you provide massage service outside the spa.

I said yes only with genuine customers. And then only massage and not like the girl whom you took for service at home. He said it was not for him but for his sister. Avinash was in his early 50s. I said ok and continued my massage. While going sir gave me a card and asked me to meet him when I am free.

I made myself free in 3 days and met him in a cafe near his office. He asked me, “Can you massage my sister?” First I thought I should reject as it is a female. I was having multiple thoughts.

I told him, “Sir, till today I have never massaged a female as our spa doesn’t allow that. Secondly, I won’t feel as comfortable as I know you very well. I feel somewhat awkward.”

So he told not to worry. “She is the youngest of all sisters and brothers in my family. Last time when I hired a girl from your spa for a massage it was for her. My sister didn’t like it.”

I was in confusion and asked for some time. He gave me his sister’s number and said to contact her if I can give service.  We had 2 coffees by then and sir left after paying the bill.

That day evening I got a message stating that “I will pay double the amount which your spa charges.” I was not knowing what to do and replied, “I shall discuss a few things with madam in one or two days.”

Then, after a few days, I got a message from Avinash sir stating, “Aren’t your 2 days over?” I replied, “I was not well and had to take leave from work.” In the evening I messaged Avinash’s sister. Her name is Manasa. I asked her to meet me in a cafe near her brother’s office.

I got a reply from her at night saying she can’t come to the cafe but insisted on some other place. I said ok and fixed the time. The next day I went in early as I didn’t want to spoil my image by being late. She came at the exact time. We greeted each other.

Let me tell you about Manasa. She is 5.7 feet height little fat around tummy and hips. She had fair skin as well as silky hairs. Her boobs were 34d. She was a hot lady with 34d-30-36. She was wearing a chiffon saree with a sleeveless blouse and had 3-inch heels.

She was 40 years old but was looking like a 30-year-old woman. Of course, they were rich and had the money to maintain their bodies.

I said, “Avinash sir told me regarding the massage. But I need to talk about a few things. Actually, in the spa, we ask our customers to remove their clothes except for inners if they are comfortable. So you being the sister of my close customer I need to ask you that if it is ok for you to be in just inners while having a massage.”

She replied, “It’s ok there’s nothing special about it. Last time someone had come and couldn’t massage properly. And my brother told you will do miracles with your massage.” She showed me a few photos in which she was in a bikini at a beach. Mostly a family vacation or trip.

“If you are comfortable I don’t have a problem with giving a massage.”

She winked at me and said, “I will be happy to have you soon.”

I didn’t know what she meant exactly by that.  “So if you give a date for me I can put leave for my work and come to your place.”

She said she will inform later by message. And after a firm handshake, she left. I came back home and the next day, as usual, I was in the spa. Avinash sir came and handed over 5000 rupees to me for the massage.

I said, “Sir my one day salary is 1200 and adding tips would be around 2500.” So sir replied, “I told you I would give double your pay. And here it is.” Sir told me, he and his family are going to some foreign tour and will be back after a month.

“Please be in touch with my sister as she and my daughter will be alone at home.”

I said not to worry. Then the next day madam sent me a message stating Monday my family is going on a trip and you come on Tuesday. I replied with a yes. Tuesday morning, I messaged madam asking for the address. She asked me to come to the Kemp fort on the airport road.

I reached there by bus and again texted her my arrival. She was waiting on an adjacent road. And asked me to come there. I reached there and found her in a car. She took me to her apartment. After we reached home her maidservant gave me a glass of water. Madam asked her to leave us alone. She left the place.

I was feeling a bit nervous. Then madam asked shall we wait for some time or can we start. I replied, give me a few minutes, to prepare the massage setup. She went into her room while I prepared the place for a massage. She came back in a bikini and asked me is this ok or shall I change to something else. I said that is enough.

Man, she was a hot bomb in that bikini. I was looking at her huge boobs and she cameltoes in her panty. She observed my looks and said, “You can stop massaging me with your eyes and start your work.”  I said sorry and asked her to lay on her back. She laid and I gave her a towel to cover her hair.

Then I asked her is she having any allergies for scented oils. Actually while giving massage in the spa we take details before giving appointments. But this was personal and I didn’t have any information. She said, “I am comfortable.” So I took the scented oil and mixed little portion of olive oil.

Olive oil gives a glow to the skin if applied in the right amount. I made her close eyes and started to apply oil on her shoulders first. She was wearing a bikini of satin material. I could see her nipple poking out through the fabric.

I finished applying the first round of oil on her face neck shoulders.

I asked her, “Should I apply fully around your breast or should I leave the area where the bra is there?”

She asked me which is better. “Your comfort is better for me,” I said. She said, “If you want I can remove.” I said ok. She put her hands to her back and pulled the string. It was barely holding that huge boobs.

The boobs shook a little while she removed her bra and I like her boobs even more now. For her age and size, she had small nipples and areola. I applied thoroughly on her boobs and surroundings. She was leaving soft and low moans when I was applying oil on her nipples and areola.

I made her turn and applied oil on her back till her waist. She was feeling relaxed. Then I made my way to her legs. They were silky. She had waxed her legs that morning. I applied oil till her inner thighs and asked her, “Shall I move your panty little to apply oil in your ass crack?”

She just nodded and I made her panty to one side and applied oil. I asked her to turn and she did it. Then I applied oil on the front side of her legs. When I reached her pussy area, there was a little patch of the wet spot. I thought the oil which I put in her ass crack might have gone there.

I didn’t apply oil on her pussy. So all this time she had closed her eyes. She was in a sleepy mood by then. I said, “Now I have applied oil its time to massage and relax your muscles.” She got up and saw her body full of oil and asked me, “It is complete or you missed some places.”

I said, “Some of the oil will get to the sheet spread under. While massaging I will again apply the required amount of oil.” She saw again and asked me is this all. I said yes. She told, “Last time that girl made me remove my panty as well.” I said, “She is a girl and I am a boy.”

Madam told, “I don’t get what’s the difference. I need to relax and I am ready to remove my panty also.” I said, “If you insist then you can go ahead.” She removed her panty. Her pussy was having small hairs. She laid down again. I applied oil on her pussy and my hands were shaking a little.

She asked about any problem. And I said, “You’re my regular customer’s sister and I feel bit tensed making you fully naked.”

“This is your profession and you should do everything required.”

I then went and sat behind her head. And started to massage her face muscles, then her neck then her shoulders. When I came to her boobs, this time I didn’t have any hesitation as she told me to be professional. I thoroughly massaged her boobs and made her turn.

I applied little pressure on her back as the backbones need that pressure while massaging. Then I massaged her legs and thighs. I was gentle with the ass. Then I made her turn and massaged her front part of her thighs. I massaged her pussy area and little of her pussy lips. She left a moan.

After a splendid 2 hour massage I said, “We are finished.” She had noticed me taking extra care of her pussy and my bulge in my pants. She asked, “After massage do you give a bath for your customers?” I said, “Not all but few want to get clean from the oil so they will ask us to give a bath.”

She took me to her room and asked me to bath her. I took the shower gel and applied to her body and gave her a bath. She was moaning a little while I touched her boobs and pussy areas. Then she wrapped a towel and asked me to take a bath if I want to. I said it’s ok. She insisted to take a bath.

After she went out I removed my clothes and started to take a bath. I had a huge erection seeing her naked and bathing her. I wanted to masturbate but thought it won’t be good if I get caught. She came near the door and asked me if I need anything. I asked for a towel.

She came in without informing me to give a towel and saw my dick hard. After I came out of the bathroom she smiled and asked me, “Is it your first time?” I said massaging a woman is the first time. She asked, “Seeing a woman naked?” I have seen many girls.

“If so why you have a boner seeing me naked?” All this time she had a towel around her. I said, “I’s a general behavior of the body, right?” She said, “Yes it is quite common. But I see a boner when I am wearing clothes also.”

“That is because you’re beautiful.”

She blushed. And removed her towel and asked do I look more beautiful now. I said you’re sexy now. She came near me and removed the towel. She asked how many girls I had sex with. I said, “I don’t know exactly.” She held my hand and took me to bed.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman of my age?”

I said no. She asked me” If you want I will.” She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I just saw her face once and went in between her legs. I positioned my dick on her pussy and little push it was in her pussy. She gasped a little.

“Be gentle as I had sex 10 years back.”

Her husband had left her to stay in her brother’s home as he worked abroad. She had a son who was studying and staying in a hostel. I took the massage oil and put it around her pussy lips. And started to fuck her. While I was ramming her pussy slowly she was lifting her hip to match the rhythm.

She was moaning and I was getting horny by her moans. I increased my speed and she also matched my speed. She pushed me after some time and made me lie on my back. She came on top of me and inserted my dick in her pussy. She started to hump like riding a horse. She was in heat.

She almost lost balance and fell on me when she had an orgasm. I lifted her and made her bend and inserted from the back into her pussy. She likes it the most. I started ramming her holding her waist and slapping her ass cheeks. She was screaming with pleasure and pain of my slapping.

I fucked for some time and said I am cumming. She told not to cum inside. I removed my dick and she came down on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. I shagged little and put all my cum in her mouth. She went to the bathroom and spit my cum and washed her mouth.

When she came back I was standing in shock. Avinash sir’s daughter was at the door half-naked fingering her pussy. Manasa saw her and said she is Avinash’s daughter and my bedmate. I didn’t understand what she said. Then they both hugged.

Manasa put her hand on that girl pussy and rubbed it little. “We are lesbians.”

How I fucked Avinash sir’s daughter I will write it in the next part. I hope everyone liked this narration. This part I have written is dedicated to Manasa. She wanted me to write this. I won’t write any professional incident without the customer’s permission.

Women girls can contact me for personal massage in their place. You can mail me your details. My mail id is in my profile. I keep all details secure and won’t harm your image in society.

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