Science Freak Fucked His Favorite Teacher

This a Sci-fi sex story about a genius student and his favorite teacher Sandhya.

There was a young boy named Ajay, his friends called him AJ. Ajay was tall, 6’2 height, brown complexion, with an athletic body and a dark brown 6.5-inch long dick. He was not like his classmates, he was very smart and genius, he was way ahead of everyone his age.

Ajay had one of the highest IQs of all time. He was a science freak. He spent his mornings in college sleeping and spent his nights in his garage working on crazy experiments. At that very young age, he already had many patents in his name for inventing many devices that changed the world.

But he had a problem. He was always horny, so horny that he masturbated in between his classes, in between while experimenting with his projects. He could masturbate at least 7-10 times a day, depending upon how horny he is. But even after all this, he was still a virgin.

Girls did not like him as he was not romantic, etc. He had a big thing for older and married women. He loved aunties and bhabhis and always desired to fuck them hardcore, lick their navel and belly, smell their armpits put his dick deep down their throat, suck their nipples, drink their milk, massage their tits.

He loved hot smokey thighs. As he was the last bencher, he watched his hot teachers and masturbated on them without anyone knowing.

One fine night while he was experimenting with his quantum field generator, he got a breakthrough. He was able to slow down time to such an extent that he could almost stop time.

He could slow-down time. One second would take one year to complete. That is, 1 second would be equal to 31,536,000 seconds, so everyone would freeze when he activated the device other than him up to a 1-mile radius, and only he could feel the time pass.

He was very delighted by his success. He just knew how to use the device for his benefit and to fulfill his fantasies.

Within few hours, Ajay built the working prototype and fitted it into his watch. He was very excited for the next day. He got ready, wore his prototype watch, and left for college. He bought few condoms on the way. He was so desperate to use his device and lose his virginity to hot women on his campus.

It was the first period, and luckily the first period was Ajay’s favorite teacher, Sandhya. She taught the English language for his class. She was one of the hottest women on his campus. She was 38, married, had a kid also. She was 5’7 tall, quite fair, had big eyes, had a figure of 35-30-35.

As she always wore a saree, her navel would always be visible. Ajay always fantasized about licking that hot milky navel and sucking her hot red lips.

This was Ajay’s chance. He waited for her to settle in the class and all other students to settle. He was waiting for a good position to freeze her. In an instance where she raised both her hands to tie her long silky hair, Ajay found this as a chance and activated his device.

Everyone froze other than him. Sandhya ma’am had worn a low-waist red saree that day, when her hands have risen in the air, her navel was exposed. Ajay went on to her and slowly removed her pallu. What a view, he saw something he always fantasized about!

Sandhya ma’am’s milky hot navel was in front of him. Her mouth was open as she was saying something, and he froze her in between. AJ was very confused. He didn’t know what to lick first, her navel or her lips. Without any further delay, he licked Sandhya’s navel as much as he could satisfy himself.

He then closed her mouth and sucked her red lips hard. He was very turned on, and he instantly got a hard-on. He could wait no longer to fuck the hell out of her while she is not conscious. He slowly went under Sandhya’s saree, between her legs, to suck and lick her vertical lips.

He saw that her pussy was dripping with juices through her panties. He did not know that, even though Sandhya had frozen, her body was still active. Her body was having all the pleasure which she didn’t feel. It made him really happy and aroused. He sucked out all her juices made her body feel more pleasure.

He could wait no longer. He came out of her saree and undressed her blouse. Her big boobs were waiting to pop out of that bra. Her nipples had become hard. He massaged her boobs with excitement and pleasure. He unpinned the bra, and those big boobs popped out. He sucked her nipples intensely.

Now Ajay’s dick was awaiting to explore a woman’s body for the first time. He lifted her saree, removed her wet dripping panties, and got himself ready to shove his dick into Sandhya’s pussy. Her pussy was waiting for a big fat dick inside.

He penetrated his hard dick inside her pussy. The pussy instantly wrapped his dick tightly. He moved his dick in and out, in and out with pleasure, with loud moans. This was the moment he lost his virginity to his hot teacher, who would never know what happened to her.

He moved his dick faster and faster. He enjoyed every time he shoved his dick into that tight pussy. He made her sit on the table and changed their position so that he could fuck her even harder and better. He made her leg wrap around him when he fucked her hard, which turned him on more and more.

He imagined Sandhya too moaning with pleasure and asking to fuck her even more and even harder. Her pussy was getting tighter and tighter with his every single stroke. Her pussy was telling AJ’s dick whatever Sandhya wanted to tell him. He was having the best experience of his life, making love to his favorite teacher.

Ajay was fucking her so hard that Sandhya’s body came to orgasm within 10 minutes. Ajay didn’t care. He fucked and fucked her till he was satisfied. A few minutes later, he too came to climax and left all his hot steaming sperms inside her pussy.

This was the best experience in his life. His semen was all dripping and leaking from her pussy. In all the heat, he forgot to wear a condom. He left all his semen when she was ovulating. Again, he did not care. All he cared about is, his fantasies coming true.

He thought of going for another round, but after this hardcore sex, he was all out and had no energy left in him.

He dressed Sandhya as was she was in the beginning. He put back that wet dripping panties. The leaking semen from her pussy, all rested on that panty. He made her stand in the same position as she was before, tying her hair. With satisfaction, he once again slowly and joyfully licked her navel again.

He went back to his seat, pretending nothing happened. He deactivated his device. Everyone unfroze as though nothing had happened. No one knew what happened in that classroom other than Ajay.

As soon as Sandhya unfroze, she felt very weird. Her dopamine hormone was running through her body as she had the best sex in her life even though she didn’t know about it. She felt as though she had had the best ever orgasm of her life.

She felt wet near her pussy and immediately went to the washroom to check out what’s happening with her body. She saw her panty all soaked in her juices and someone’s semen, but she would never know whose that sperms belonged to. All she knew was that she had the best sex, and that is all even she cared about.

Sandhya went back to her class with joy. Only she would know that she had some stranger’s sperm in her vagina. She continued her class, pretending nothing had happened, and Ajay did the same thing too. Ajay had had the best day in his life and kept that a secret.

He fucked Sandhya in the same way without her knowledge many times and released his seeds inside. Sometimes he fucked her twice or thrice a day. Those days would be the best for Sandhya too. Even though she didn’t know who was fucking her so good, she enjoyed that feeling of the best after-sex.

A few months later, Sandhya found out that she was pregnant. Sandhya always wanted a second child, but her husband did not agree that with her. Her husband was unhappy about it thinking he made a mistake without using a condom, and it was his child.

Only Sandhya knew that it wasn’t her husband’s child. It was someone else’s kid who fucked her brains out. That, someone, was Ajay which she would never learn about in her entire life. Again, all she cared about was her sex which was receiving from a stranger, and her child, which she was having in her late 30s.

Ajay went on misusing his greatest invention of all time to turning his romantic fantasies to reality with his favorite women and with whomever he found hot in public.

To be continued.

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