Will Riddhi Lose Bet And Get Anal Fucked By Ass-Man

Hello lovely readers and especially sexy ladies, let me tell you about ourselves. You can call me Ass Man. I have two best friends, they are Boobs Man and Pussy Man. As you can guess, we are a three man-team that loves to pleasure sexy ladies.

We live in Mumbai, and by day, we are highly paid professionals who work in MNCs. We went to the same college and developed a very good bond because of our activities which we continue till this day.

Now, let me tell you some things more about myself. I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, and I love what this posh city has to offer. I am 5 feet 9 and muscular. In fact, all three of us have six packs as we are very serious about our fitness levels.

Right from high-school when I started to have interest in girls, I knew only one thing – I would like to take every girl from her back-side – yeah let me say it straight, I like to fuck ass. In fact, during my first experience, I told the girl, “Look babe, maybe you don’t want to lose your virginity so please let me fuck you in the ass.”

The girl agreed and I produced a tub of Vaseline which I had made ready for this moment. And from the moment I inserted my Vaseline filled middle finger in her ass, I knew I was in heaven.

Over the years, I have developed a major expertise in taking girls from behind, and I am proud of it. But, more on this later.

Now, let me introduce the others. I met Boobs Man and Pussy Man at college as we rented the same house and lived in different rooms.

They are of a similar build to me, but Boobs Man has a small dick, just around 4 inches in length and about an inch in circumference so he is a little ashamed of it.

Pussy Man has a huge dong, he is 8 inches long and at 2.5 inches in circumference. I am in the middle with a 6-inch length penis and about 2 inches thick.

“So what made you form this team?” you may ask. Well let me tell you, as normal horny college guys, while living together, one day we started to talk about our sex lives and what we enjoyed.

I remember we were about to start watching an English Premier Football match, drinking beer and the conversation turned to sex.

Till then I had had sex with around 4 girls. “Man I love fingering and fucking girls up the ass, and love the sound they make because of the gentle pain there,” I said.

“What?” responded Pussy Man. “Chii, chii…that is so dirty. For me, I just love juicy pussies. The taste, the smell, everything.”

“What?” I replied. “You don’t like girls’ backsides? I don’t believe it! Your girlfriend has such a nice ass, man. You have never hit her there?” I asked in astonishment.

“Chii, chi… never, I would never do that. That’s disgusting dude,” was his reply. At that time, only Pussy Man had a girlfriend, and she was a fine girl by any standard.

Her name was Riddhi and she was about 5 feet six inches tall. She had small boobs but long, slender legs and a killer ass. In fact, her butt could challenge any porn star in the world.

I had always thought Pussy Man was so lucky to be able to hit that ass. But now he was telling me something totally unexpected!

“Well fuck me right now, if I had a girlfriend with that ass, I would totally kill, no murder it, and worship it at the same time,” I said.

“Yuck,” said Pussy Man. “I can puke right now.”

“You are absolutely missing out.” I cried. “Everyone stares at Riddhi’s ass in this college. But you don’t hit it?”

“Oh guys,” chimed in Boobs Man who had been quiet till now, drinking a beer. “I think people have different tastes. I love boobs more than pussy and ass. I could suck on girls’ nipples all day.”

“In fact, when I have sex, I make sure that I suck on the girl’s boobs for at least fifteen minutes before sex.”

“Yuck, Ass Man,” jibed Pussy Man at me.

“Well you then are just Pussy Man,” I retorted.

“And this guy must be Boobs Man.” We heard a familiar voice, a girl’s voice, suddenly from the main entrance of the house and it was filled with laughter.

All three of us jumped. It was Riddhi and she had heard our conversation. She had the keys to the house and must have come in as we were talking, to watch the football game about to begin.

I went red in my face because I had talked about her wondrous backside just moments before. Riddhi was very friendly with us and we had talked about sex casually but never at a personal level like this.

It was a hot day in Mumbai and Riddhi was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and short shorts, showing off her exquisite legs.

“What is it about my ass that guys like so much? Some or the other pervert is always trying to brush by it. So you could be one of those pervs, huh?” said Riddhi.

“Well I – I don’t look at my friend’s girlfriend that way.” I tried to defend myself. “But this loser doesn’t fuck that gorgeous beauty. I can’t believe it.”

“Well Pussy Man is kind of conservative in that way,” replied Riddhi.

“Why are you calling me conservative?” said Pussy Man in some surprise. “If you’d like to be fucked in your ass, which I think is totally disgusting, this Ass Man will do it for you. Maybe he will also finger your ass and taste your shit.”

“Haha” replied Riddhi. “Don’t get worked up. You are a wonderful boyfriend and our sex life is good.”

“Then why did you say I was conservative?” said Pussy Man still smarting a little.

“Oh, I just spoke without thinking too much because I happened to hear your dirty conversation,” said Riddhi but she seemed to look at me in a peculiar way.

“I can’t believe this guy could like anal. Especially since he dated seedhi-sadhi Saima. Now don’t tell me she liked to take it up the ass.”

Saima was my ex-girlfriend who appeared simple and straight forward in public, but I had trained her ass with my dildo collection that I stored in a briefcase and she loved it. “Well I make sure I pleasure all my girls back there.” I said bravely.

Now at that moment, there was a sudden loud noise from the TV. We were watching football, it was Arsenal vs Man City, and Man City was Boob Man’s and my favorite team while Pussy Man and Riddhi loved Arsenal.

In fact, it was their love for Arsenal that had brought the couple together. Now there was cheer in the TV because Arsenal had scored early.

“Up your Man City’s butt, Ass Man,” said Pussy Man.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time. We are the best team, just Pussy Man.” I said. By this time, because of the beer we were drinking, we were all feeling tipsy. “We will put it up your ass. We’ll trounce you by three goals.”

“Never,” said Riddhi. “I could bet my big fat ass, that will never happen.”

As she said this, a sudden electricity passed through me and through the room, all thinking about the possibility. Being a little drunk, I said “Well, I’ll take you on it.”

“If Man City wins by a margin of three or more goals, I’ll fuck your ass right in front of Mr. Pussy Man here.”
“And I’ll suck your tiny nipples dry at the same time and we’ll have a threesome right in front of Pussy Man” said Boobs Man.

“Hah,” said Pussy Man. “You are poor sex starved perverts just like your team who are not going to score. What will you do if you lose? Put a big fat dildo up both your asses in front of us?”

“Sure,” I said, “Let’s bet.”

“Agreed,” said Boobs Man. And there we made the bet that would change our lives.

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