Losing Virginity To Married Neighbor Aunt

Hi, I am kindhearted from the IT city of Bangalore.

I am very much a Bangalorean, born and raised here. I would like to keep my name, age and profession discreet for the moment. I am a little horny by nature and have had numerous encounters with women elder and younger to me.

This happened a few years ago when my hormones were raging. It was the age when I wanted to explore the body of the opposite sex.

The heroine of the story is my neighbor aunt who was a mother of three children.

My neighbor aunt was an ordinary-looking Indian aunty with good boobs, huge ass, and fat around the waist. She was a mother of 3 children and was quite friendly with our family. She was a little hesitant to talk when her husband was around but otherwise she was very jovial.

It all started one day when my neighbor aunt asked me to buy movie tickets as she and her daughter wanted to watch a movie. She asked me if I too wanted to join them. I readily agreed and went to the movie hall, stood in the line, and bought 3 tickets.

I came back home and we went to the movie hall after lunch. Inside the movie hall, my neighbor aunty sat in between her daughter and me. Her intention was not to allow a young boy to sit next to her young daughter!

The movie started and it was an interesting movie. While adjusting the sitting posture, aunty had to hold the seat bar in between us for support to adjust herself. And every time she did that, she would hold my hand on the wrist.

During the movie interval, my married neighbor aunt gave me some money and asked me to get something to drink and eat. I went out and got three bottles of Pepsi and wafers.

The movie resumed and when picking up the wafers from the packet which was on aunty’s lap, my fingers started brushing her fingers. Sometimes my fingers even touched her tummy and once I got to touch her boobs also! It was an awesome feeling.

I saw no reaction from my neighbor aunt. So I became a little bold and the next time when taking the chips, I not only brushed my palm against her boobs but also gave a gentle push towards the boobs! I was able to feel the softness of my neighbor’s boobs. There was still no reaction and now I was confident that I could try my luck.

The next time when adjusting herself on the seat, not only did she press my hand hard but also adjusted herself in such a way that she was sitting very close to me and our shoulders were touching. I could not concentrate on the movie any longer even though I pretended to be deeply involved in it.

So I folded my hands and sat in such a way that my right-hand fingers were inches away from aunty’s right boob. My fingers were slowly inching towards her boob and at one moment, I could feel her blouse. And with a little more effort, I was able to feel the bra inside her blouse. It was again an amazing feeling.

Now I started moving my fingers to and fro and could sense the movement of her boobs due to her breathing!

I slowly opened my palms in such a way that I could hold her boobs in my hand but did not have the courage to do so. Once or twice my hand made contact with her boob, not at the side but the portion where her nipple was hidden under the bra and blouse.

As this was happening, I felt something touching my left leg. As I was wondering what it was, I realized it was my neighbor aunty’s right leg. She was gently pressing her leg on my leg!

I now knew that aunty was aware of what I was doing and she also wanted it. After all, she too was human and probably needed a break from the same life and same bed-partner, her husband.

Then the movie ended and we started moving towards the exit. Aunty was right behind me and so close that I could feel her boobs pressing on my back. We came out and her daughter suggested that we eat something.

There was a chat-shop nearby. We went and sat there. Aunty and her daughter were sitting across the table from me. While we were waiting for our order to be served, I again felt aunty’s leg pressing my leg. I could see a smile on her lips and could sense lust in her eyes. I did not reciprocate but just enjoyed the moment.

The day ended there with all the three reaching our homes. After a couple of days, I casually walked into their compound and aunty was standing at her window. Her compound was huge with a good 40 feet from the gate to the door. There was a huge window next to the door and she was standing there watching the main road.

When my neighbor aunt saw me, she smiled and asked if I wanted something. I said that I was bored and came to see what was happening.

She started asking me about my job and friends and even about my mom’s friends. (She had a doubt that I was humping one of my mom’s friends which she told me later. In fact, I had not entered any hole and hers was the first which I confirmed to her.)

As I was talking to her, I rested my hand on the window-railing and what happened next was unexpected. Aunty was standing inside leaning against the window and I was outside keeping my hand on the window-railing. My hand was now in direct contact with her left boob!

I could feel the softness of it and I pretended as though nothing was happening and was chatting with her but all the time, my hand was applying gentle pressure on her boobs.

This went on for some time and then she had to complete her cooking and so she went to the kitchen. I came back home.

After a couple of days, she had to go to her native with her children. She had a pet dog at home so while going, she asked me to feed the dog every day till they returned. I knew they would be away for a week and was anxious for her to return to take my adventure to the next level.

They returned after a week and the day they came, I went to her house. The children went out to meet their friends and I was sitting on the steps of their house next to her.

I don’t know where I got the courage from, I just kept my hand behind her, just inches away from her ass. Then I took some courage and held her right ass-cheek and gave a gentle squeeze. It was an awesome feeling.

My neighbor aunt did not utter a word but continued talking about her native and what they did there for a week. It was as if nothing was happening but I continued squeezing her big ass.

She then said that she would prepare coffee and got up and went inside. I also followed her inside but did not go into the kitchen but stayed back in the living room, browsing through the newspaper. My dick was already hard and the erection was evident.

My neighbor aunt came with two cups of coffee and handed me one. She asked me what I was looking in the paper and I said I was reading the astrology section. She came near and asked to check what was written about her sign.

I started reading and she came so close to read it too that her left boob was pressing against my right hand which was holding the paper. She started pressing her boob into my hand and it was like I was in heaven.

Then, as she was reading, I don’t know what came to her, suddenly, she grabbed my dick and started squeezing it! There was a sudden jolt and I did not know what to do. I kept the paper on the table and started squeezing her ass over the saree now. She was not looking at me. She was just staring ahead while her hand was mauling my dick.

I inserted my hand into my neighbor aunt’s saree and held her ass over the petticoat for a few seconds. Then I put the hand inside the petticoat. I was glad to touch her ass which was like rock-hard. But the sad thing was she had not worn a panty. (I am crazy about panties!) But who cares? At that moment, all I wanted was SEX!

But, unfortunately, we heard the children coming in at that moment and I immediately withdrew my hand and she withdrew hers.

After a few days, we were all on the terrace – her children and me. She was cooking in the kitchen. It was about 8 pm and we were just playing around.

I was a good 6 years elder to her eldest daughter. The other two were small. I told the kids I wanted to drink water and went to the kitchen. Our houses were such that there was a common staircase to the terrace from both the houses’ backyards.

I got down but instead of going to my house, I went to her house. The back-door opened into the kitchen so it was easy for me to get in.

I went and stood there and she just looked at me and raised her eyebrows. I just couldn’t control. I went and directly put my hand on my neighbour aunty’s boobs over the blouse and started squeezing them. All she said was “children” in Kannada and I said they won’t come.

I then inserted the hand inside the blouse and felt her bra. I love to feel the bra outline. I inserted the hand further into her bra and soon I was holding the treasure I had wanted for so long. Aunty’s nipples were erect and they were very thick and long. I started mauling the boobs and pinching the nipples. She was just biting her lips.

Then she said it was not safe at that time and told me she would fulfill my desire soon.

After some days, I was alone at my house and the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see my neighbour aunty at the door-step. She wanted to make a call as her landline was out of order.

I asked her to make the call and let her in. She dialed her friend’s number sitting down by the phone stand. She was wearing a cotton saree that looked nice on her.

I stood behind her and as she was sitting down, I could see her cleavage which tempted me.

I inserted my hand in her blouse and started pumping her boobs and pinching the nipples. Her nipples were standing erect like flag-poles. I played with her boobs until she spoke. Then she got up and hit me playfully saying that I have become very naughty. I just laughed and squeezed her ass once.

She then said someone was at home and left. But what she forgot was her footwear. She had left them outside and forgot to wear them in a hurry and rushed back to her house.

I took this opportunity and hid them inside my house. After 10 minutes, my neighbor aunty came back saying that she had left her footwear. I pretended as though I knew nothing about it but she knew I was playing a fool with her and persuaded me to give it back.

I asked her to look for them herself and once she came in, I closed the door and locked it. She was aghast. She said someone might come. I said that my parents would not come for the next few hours and asked her to relax.

Then I hugged her and started squeezing her huge ass. I then took her to the dining room. She followed me without hesitation and once inside, I again started mauling my neighbour aunt’s big ass.

I tried pulling her pallu down but it was pinned to her blouse. So I did not bother and instead, I started unhooking her blouse. I was done with 3 hooks when she stopped me and looked at my face in a horny way.

I kissed her lips and started pressing her boobs. She was wearing a black bra. I tried unhooking her bra but she stopped me. I took her left boob out of the bra and put my mouth on it. I started licking and biting her nipples and she was on cloud 9. She was moaning a lot and was massaging my dick over my pans.

Then I knelt down and started lifting her saree along with the petticoat. I was again disappointed to find no pantie. I looked at her face and she understood. She said she did not like wearing one.

I could see small hairs on aunty’s cunt. I put my mouth there and kissed it and gave a gentle lick. I then stood up and unzipped my pants. She looked at me and just nodded her head asking me not to do it but there was not strict resistance from her, whatsoever.

I held my dick in my hand and tried to insert but as it was my first time, I was not successful. My married neighbour aunty grabbed my dick and guided it into her hole. And when it was inside, she asked me to start moving it to and fro.

I started doing it and I could feel my foreskin going back. This was my first penetration and I was really enjoying it. I was mauling her boobs in one hand while the other was holding her ass.

Her hand was holding my dick and supporting it as it went in and out of the glory hole. I fucked her for about 6-7 minutes and then I was about to cum. She asked me to cum inside her pussy. I gave a loud grunt and started unloading my semen.

I had finally lost my virginity and she had her first dick apart from her husband’s. (But I always had a doubt about that and till today, I don’t believe that I was the only one other than her husband to have nailed her).

Then I pulled my dick out and pulled the foreskin back. I ran to the bathroom and as I was cleaning my dick, she came to the bathroom and told me that there were drops fallen on the floor and that I should clean it.

I gave her slippers back and she gave me a naughty smile and went back.

After this, we had many sessions at her house. It was a wonderful journey but now we are not in touch.

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