Love Made To My Favorite School Teacher

Hi all, this is Prakash (name changed). I am 41 now. I always had a fantasy about older men, especially a favorite school teacher. They are experienced ones in the art of love after their marriages and know how to make love. Even to tender ones.

Coming to my story. When I was in 12th grade, one man joined the school as a physical education trainer. He was not bulky, but the average size. Had a good physique and muscles and was looking hot. He had a mustache, and he looked like an army officer. Army officers are always fit and have a healthy body.

I got attracted to him a lot. Whenever I got a chance, I would shake hands with him, smell his hands, and talk with him. He would make me really horny. With my 5’ inch dick, I would then go to the washroom and imagine getting into bed with him and having fucked by him.

When I graduated and was working, I got to meet him again. I exchanged numbers with him and was in touch with him. But I would never dare to express my love to him. I was afraid of what he would think. He was already married and had 4 children.

Many years later, when I was 35, I was coming back home. I was late from work, and when I got off the train, it started raining. I had forgotten my umbrella, so I was just getting drenched while making my way home.

I noticed that the man I loved was standing on the side of the road. He had kept his bike on the sideways. Seems he took forgot to get his things to escape the rain. I greeted him and asked him what he was doing. He was going home, but as it started raining, he had to wait.

He said that his family had gone to native and he had some work. He will be going to native in the next 2 days. I thought this was the chance for me. I said that my house is nearby and he can stay there till the rain stopped. He agreed. We got on his bike and head to my home, still getting wet from the rain.

Once we reached home, I invited him and asked him to make himself comfortable. I took out my clothes, except my underwear, and put them in the washing machine to spin dry. I asked him to take off his clothes. He was taken aback. I said that I will get his clothes dried in the machine.

He hesitated and then agreed as he did not have any choice. He removed all his clothes except underwear. He was wearing a trunk, and I got to see his package. It was big. I could see from the curves that his cock was thick and his balls were big. Looking at them made me a lot horny.

I asked him to take out his underwear also as they are wet. I gave him a bath towel, which he put on and removed the underwear. I took out my underwear in front of him so he could see my package. And put both underwears to get dried. I then put on a towel.

Later I made tea for him and myself. I gave him the tea. I could not take my eyes off his body. He was hairy, and his nipples were very nice and big. He had strong muscles. I kept staring while giving tea, and he noticed me. I took my eyes off. I sat on a chair while he was sitting on the sofa.

I was getting hornier and was going crazy. The spinner stopped. I took out the clothes and put them to get dried under the fan. I came and sat in front of him. We started to discuss family and friends and things like that.

He asked me why I did not get married. I told him that I am looking for a bride and hopefully getting married by next. All this while I was checking him out from top to bottom. His wife is a lucky woman to have such a man in her life.

He stopped and asked me what was it that I was looking at. I said nothing. He asked me to sit beside him. I did. I could smell his body odor, and it was intoxicating and made me feel hornier. I said that I liked his body the way he has maintained it.

He thanked me and asked me why I got naked in front of him. I said just to make him comfortable that we are the only 2 men in the room. He said I got a beautiful body too. I could not control it anymore. I said that I wanted to make love to him as it was my dream fantasy and he could make it come true.

I have liked him for the last 20 years and always wanted this to happen. He smiled. He said he was also bisexual but never had the opportunity with another guy. This was the chance he was looking forward to. Saying this, we kissed each other on the lips. We kept on kissing, and he hugged me.

Slowly he touched my nipples and started making circles on them. I liked it a lot. I got bolder and touched his nipples. Slowly I made my way to his towel and started pressing from the top. Once I was sure, I removed his towel, took his cock in hand, and pressed them. He liked that.

I took out my towel. Now both of us were completely naked. I kissed him on his neck. Slowly moved to nipples and kept sucking the nipples one by one. I moved down a little to the navel, kissing the belly button, and started to suck his cock. It was long and big I could not take completely in my mouth.

I tried to gag myself with his cock. I kept on sucking it. I looked into his eyes and smiled, and went to my sucking. I told him I want to drink his cum. He agreed. I kept on sucking his cock and his balls in between. It was 10 minutes, and he said he is going to cum.

I was ready for this and took cock in my mouth. He cum loads and loads. It was so much that while I tried to drink it, some of them came out of my mouth on to his cock. I drank as much as I can and later licked his cock completely. He said it was 2 months since he had sex.

I was lucky to get so much cum to drink. His balls had a lot more. He kissed my lips and made me sit on his lap. He was kissing me and pinching my nipples. I wanted to get fucked by him.

After 10 minutes, I asked if he needed a condom to fuck me. He did not want it. He said he will do raw. I laid on my back. He came on top of me and lubricated my ass. He lubricated his cock and slowly started to insert it into my ass. I said I never got fucked, and this is the first time.

He was happy that he got a virgin ass to fuck. It was like our first night of marriage. He slowly pushed inside and continued fucking me. I was in pain, and my ass began to get red. I enjoyed him a lot inside me. He kissed my lips, nipples, boobs and kept fucking me.

He was giving me love bites, and I was enjoying it. After some time, he made me sit on his cock. I started going up and down, riding his cock like a cowgirl. He enjoyed it very much. He kept on kissing me and telling me he liked me and loved me.

My ass was so much in pain, and his thick cock in my ass. Slowly he was about to cum. I was too getting to my orgasm. I cummed on his belly while he cummed in my ass. We were both out of our breath and sweating heavily.

We laid in that position for some time. Later he started fucking me in the doggy style, in the shower till midnight. We slept naked together in each other’s arms.

In the morning, when he woke up, he gave me a good morning kiss on my lips. We had another round of sex in the bed , and then again some steamy sex in the shower. After that, he left.

We are still in love with each other and make love at his place or mine, whenever we are free.

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