Fucked Sexy Intern Srishti Passionately In Office

I am a CA working in Delhi. I am 6″ and have a decent figure. I was 25 at the time of this incident, and she was 21. I don’t work out but have a good build, to pound a pussy when I have to.

My intern Srishti Thalwal is 5″3 and is slim and sexy. She has a skin complexion that is similar to Yami Gautam. It was the year 2017 when we were filing income tax returns for our clients.

It was the last day for filing the returns and the other intern was sick, so he didn’t come that day. Because of this and due to the volume of work, both of us were working late that night.

Our office was on the 12th floor, and it was mostly empty at that time of the night. The guard had already checked and was aware that we were working late at night.

I and my intern had lunch and were casually talking about our life. I was a close friend of her father’s, so I kind of knew her. For a while, we joked around and worked at the same time and then managed to finish all the returns in time.

I opened a bottle of cold drink as a celebration and gave the bottle to Srishti. She shook it and uncorked it as they do in movies when they open champagne bottles. But there was a splash and lots of the juice landed on my clothes. Laughing at first, my intern then hesitated and started rubbing my pants with a tissue in her hands.

I told her to stop, “It’s okay.”

But she told me, “I want to.. I want to feel you.” I didn’t know what to say! And before I could say anything, she pulled down my pants and grabbed my penis. She started stroking my tool and then sucked it like a whore.

For a few minutes, I could just hear her moans, when suddenly her phone rang. I told her to pick it up, but my horny intern was hesitant to leave my cock. I grabbed the phone and saw that it was her father calling. I took the call and told him that there was a lot of work pending.

I told him that Sirshti would be a little late, but not to worry as I will personally drop her home. I tried to maintain my calm and made sure her father didn’t hear her moans.

I came on her face. She then stood up and sat on my desk. She unzipped her pants and took off her shirt and told me, “Your turn daddy, I want you to feel me from every fucking inch.”

I locked the office from inside and started licking my sexy intern girl’s pussy. She was moaning and guiding my head with one hand and grabbed my hand with her other hand to press her boobs. She was wearing a pink bra and no panties.

I slapped her boob and got up to her navel and asked her, “Is this how professional you are? Not wearing panties in the office you should be punished you cunt.”

She smiled and said, “You can punish me any way you want daddy, but please don’t leave me alone again.” I grabbed her by the waist and turned her over.

I put some spit on my penis and inserted it in her vagina. She gasped and moaned out loud, but I thrust harder. She was moaning and chanting some verse, I couldn’t make sense of.

I came again, this time inside her and so did she.

We got dressed and washed our faces. We made out a little in the lift, and in parking then we got in the car. I started the car, but she pulled the key out and put it in my intern’s bra. She told me that I had to please her if I wanted my keys back.

I went down on her, licked her pussy with my tongue, and was moving vigorously. She was moaning, way too loudly. I was afraid of getting caught by one of the guards but this type of communication, I found very healthy at the time.

After 10 minutes or so, she came. We sat down and talked about what had happened. She told me she wanted to do this for a very long time and that she loved me. I didn’t know what to say because I knew I didn’t love her but saying that on her face would have destroyed her, so I told her that I love her too.

She smiled and kissed me hard. I told her to give me the keys, and we will continue this later on. She gave me the key and on our way, we stopped at the medical store to get contraceptive pills to avoid any by-product.

I dropped her home and asked her for a glass of water because my throat was dried out. I was waiting for her, but her dad came with a glass of water.

He thanked me for taking good care of his daughter. I said, “She is a very hard-working person, and should be treated rightfully.” He asked me about her future as she was not passing her exams.

I said, “If she keeps showing initiative as she did in the office, there is no position she can’t achieve.”

She was looking at us from her balcony and she was wearing her PJ’s.

I received a WhatsApp with multiple nude pictures of hers. I said my goodbyes to her father, before he could see the pictures and went home.

The next day, we talked and decided to keep it a secret until we could decide to take it to the next step. I remember we used to set secret Sunday work to fuck around my house and in the office all the time.

I used to send the second intern in the department, in the afternoon for some bullshit work, and meanwhile, I would fuck Srishti.

We have decided to marry each other. Her father was delighted and so was I, but my condition to her was simple. Both of us will work hard to keep our bodies in peak condition, so the sex wouldn’t stop and no more fucking around work.

Thank you everyone for reading my story. I am glad I could contribute to your entertainment with my life story. I have so many stories to share of our 2 years affair.

Let’s hope I get her permission to share it with you because she doesn’t want her family to know she is such a big slut.

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