Saved My Cum For Chemistry Teacher Sudha

It was Sunday and I was already having a very bad morning. I was not in a very good mood, as I had heavy nightfall of semen discharge last night. It was 7.30 in the morning. My phone rang. It was Sudha ma’am, my chemistry teacher.

Me – Hello, Ma’am.

Sudha – Sanjay, are you coming today?

Me – Yes, ma’am. I am just getting ready.

Sudha – Ok, while coming, please pick up a packet of cigarettes on the way, as I have none left.

Me – Ok ma’am.

After the conversation was over, I went to take a shower. Sudha ma’am taught only on Sunday mornings because I was not a student of the college she taught in. So, I didn’t fit in the batches she usually takes. Being a good chemistry teacher in the neighborhood, my parents requested her to guide me with my chemistry.

After getting ready, I started for Sudha madam’s house. On the way, I bought a pack of cigarettes and reached her house. The door usually remains open for me, so I pushed the door open and got in. I climbed up the stairs and reached the room which we usually used to study in.

I saw ma’am sitting on the sofa. I went near and sat next to her, with a little gap between us. As my ‘morning mood’ continued, I was a bit sulky. Ma’am came close to me, reducing the gap to zero. She put her fingers in my hair, and asked me –

Sudha – What happened, dear?

My head was hanging down and her fingers were playing with my hair.

Me – I had nightfall last night.

Sudha – Oh, dear it’s nothing wrong. Why are you so upset sweetheart?

Me – Actually, ma’am I don’t masturbate the whole week to keep my balls full of cum for Sundays. So, having nightfall just before the tuition day made me upset.

My Chemistry teacher pulled my head on her lap with me facing her. She untied the top lace of her pink wrap-around nighty (which she generally wears on Sundays for me). It revealed my teacher’s braless 36D assets just enough so that I can have a nice view. Ma’am knew what I always want.

Sudha – Let me check your balls.

She pulled up my t-shirt to my belly button and untied the knot of my track pant. She slid her right hand in. Her fingers went through my pubic hair, past my semi-erect cock, and reached my balls. She made a cup with the palm of her hands around my balls, as a shiver ran through my spine.

My Chemistry teacher’s hand cupping around my balls and the scent from her body made my dick erect. After rubbing my balls for some time, she said –

Sudha – Sweetheart, you think too much. The size of your balls, reveals that you have enough cum left in them for me today.

She pulled her hand out of my track pant and sniffed her fingers, and emitted a very soft moan, which in turn got me so excited that I got up from her lap. I placed myself on the floor in front of the sofa that she was sitting on, and placed a kiss on her left knee. I looked straight into her eyes.

My Chemistry teacher understood my gesture, untied the lower lace of her nighty, and let it fall open revealing her full body. I placed both my hand on her knees, still maintaining eye contact with her.

Her lips opened with a sly smile and she spread her legs enough for me to see her hairy bush. Without wasting any time, I started kissing her inner thighs.

Ma’am Sudha was a bit on the thicker side, and so were her thighs, which gave me lots of space to play around with my lips. She was letting out soft moans and started breathing heavily.

Suddenly, she caught my hair, pulled my head, and pressed my head to her sweet spot, which was already dripping wet and most probably waiting for my lips to touch it.

My Chemistry teacher pushed herself to the edge of the sofa and leaned back, and spread her legs so wide that my head got ample room to move up and down and sideways to give her the Sunday pleasures which she waited for every week.

My cock was standing erect and ready to blast a splatter of hot white fluid anytime. She was holding me by my hair to make sure that I don’t move my tongue from her sweet spot to break up her pleasure. She was shivering and her whole body is shaking due to the earthquake in her body caused by the sensations of my tongue.

She let go of my hair and started pinching her milk pots. She was shaking and moaning heavily, and I knew that it was time. I spread her legs more, with my hands and buried my tongue right to the deepest end of her crack. She let out a loud moan and released all her love juice on my face.

I gagged for a moment, then recovered myself and sucked everything out of her hole. As I was licking her clean, suddenly she pulled me up by my hair and started kissing me wildly. I responded back with the same eagerness. She loved to taste her pussy juice from my lips. After we broke the kiss and got our breath back, she told me to stand up.

I stood up like a good boy. She pulled down my track pants and my cock sprang out in front of her face. Without wasting any time, my teacher started giving me head. After a few moments, I tried to stop her and said –

Me – Ma’am, please stop!

Sudha (with my dick in her mouth) – Why?

Me – So that I can spray the leftover cum in your mouth.

She took out my cock from her mouth and looked at me and smile. She lay on her back on the sofa and adjusted herself so that I can fit in her. I literally jumped on her, started kissing from her forehead all the way down to her navel. I made a stop and looked at her, with a smile on my face.

Then I adjusted myself and drilled my cock right in her hole. As she was habituated with taking my cock in her hole, I didn’t face any problem drilling it in. My cock slid in smoothly and I started pounding my Chemistry teacher with smooth strokes and kissing her. Suddenly, she said, “Do it faster!” and I started banging her faster.

Now we both were too excited, and we cummed together. After my last drop was inside her, I got up to bring something. She knew what I was looking for. She said,

Sudha – It is on the TV cabinet.

It was a small, oval-shaped mirror. I brought the mirror and placed it in between her legs. She raised her head and looked into the mirror.

My teacher loves to see my cum flowing out of her hole. She wiped the cum with her finger and licked it, with a smile. Then she said,

Sudha – Go to the bathroom and get fresh. We have to study.

I got fresh, came and sat on the sofa. I opened my Chemistry book and started studying. She went to the bathroom to get fresh.

We used to do it every Sunday morning. At first, we enjoy then we study. If we enjoy studying, I will not be able to concentrate on my subject.

Ma’am came out of the bathroom naked. We looked at each other and exchanged a smile. Ma’am got into her bedroom, got dressed, came out and hugged me from behind, and said,

Sudha – Hey sweetie, I have a surprise for you.

Me – What’s that, ma’am?

Sudha – You don’t have to store your cum for the whole week!

Me – I don’t understand, ma’am.

Sudha – What if I say come every Thursday evening and I will release your cum.

Me – Oh ma’am, you are great. I love you.

Sudha – Ok, now study.

The class ended. I reached home had my lunch and slept.

I started counting days. It’s Thursday today. I got a call.

Sudha – Hello, Sanjay.

To be continued in the next episode.

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