My Internship Caretaker, Priya

Hi, guys and girls who love to read XIS to fulfill your sexual fantasies. My name is Chakravarty, age 29 years, 5’8” tall, average body build. Not too handsome but a good looking guy. My dick is 6” in length. I wanted to share one of my sexual encounters with my internship caretaker.

I got a placement for my internship program in an x company far from my hometown. I was 23 years old by then. So I needed to rent a room for the internship program for the next 6 months. The room that I rented was about 5 km from that company. So I have to travel by public bus daily.

On the 1st day of my internship, I was introduced to the HR manager Shobha. She was explaining about the company procedures etc. Then she introduced me to the HR staff who will be my person-in-charge in that company.

Priya was 25 years old. She got a pretty face, a height of 5’3″ tall, her hair was short up to her shoulders, fair skin texture, body stat was 32a-26-32. After the briefing, Priya took me for a short tour around the company.

As she was wearing a tight skirt, I can see the shape of her ass and the impression of her panty. Damn, what a sight was it. Then she showed me my cabin where I will be doing my internship.

After office hours, I was waiting for my bus to go back home. I saw a car stopping by the bus stop. It was Priya. She asked where am I staying, and I said not far from here and the location. She replied that it was located on the way to her home and offered me a lift. I generously accepted her offer.

We had a conversation in which she asked about my first day at work. Where I am from, and some of my personal details. Then we reached my rental room, and before she left, we exchanged our number. She said if I need any help, don’t hesitate to call her. I said thanks, and she left.

The next day, we greeted each other. Damn, she was wearing tight high waist cotton black pants and a formal pink shirt. I thought what a sight in the morning and resumed the day as normal. It was about lunch hours, I received a text. It was Priya.

Priya: Hi Chakra, where are you going for lunch today?

Me: Hi Priya, I am not sure as I am new to this place, I must look around for a restaurant.

Priya: In that case, come join me for lunch. Wait at the entrance. I will come and pick you up.

Me: That’s so nice of you. Thanks for the offer. See you during lunch.

Then I went and checked myself in the mirror. I adjusted everything so that I look good to her. It was our lunch break. I was waiting for her at the entrance, and her car arrived. As I was entering her car, and saw her shirt’s top 2 buttons were open.

I was dumbstruck when I was able to see her cleavage, plus her red sexy bra visible to my eyes. My cock instantly erected but thank god I brought my bag together with me. I was able to hide my erection. We were having a conversation in the car, but she was focusing on the road.

Meanwhile, I was focusing on her cleavage. We reached the restaurant, and she was sitting opposite the side of the table. The food was served, and our conversation continued.

Priya: So are you following me in the evening again? I can drop you daily if you don’t mind.

Me: That will be really great. I appreciate you, Priya.

Priya: Ah, never mind, I will need your favor in return.

Me: Anything for you, Priya.

Priya: Tell me about your girlfriend Chakra. Show me if you got her photo.

Me: Sorry, I don’t have a girlfriend. I am still single and looking for one

Priya: No way, are you kidding me? You look so handsome yet no girlfriend?

Me: Yes, I don’t have a gf but hey, thanks for the compliment. Where is your boyfriend working now?

Priya: I had one but broke up with him.

Me: Sorry for that question

Priya: It’s ok, he was a jerk. He was fucking with his colleague behind me. When I found out, he admitted casually. It seems he was not regretting his actions

Me: It sounds like he is really a jerk. But you moved on, right? (In my mind, I thought that she is really open-minded.)

Priya: Yeah. Hey, are you free tomorrow? Cause it’s the weekend, I am going to a movie. Want to join me?

Me: Ok, since I got no plans tomorrow, I can join you.

We went back to the office, and the sightseeing of her cleavage still goes on. Damn, that night, I masturbated twice, thinking of her cleavage. The next day, she came and fetched me at 7 pm. Once again, she made me freeze.

She was wearing denim shorts that cover up to her ass and a tight white tee which exposes her black bra. Involuntarily I came out with, “Wow, Priya, damn, you look sexy.” She replied with a naughty smile.

We went to cinemas and bought tickets for a horror movie. She said she loves horror movies. When we enter the cinema hall, we noticed there was less crowd. As the movie started, she complained that she forgot to bring her cardigan and she felt cold.

She took my hand, wrapped it around her neck, and said it was warm. She never let go of my arm after that. During the movie, she was playing with my fingers and slowly brought my palm towards her boobs. I felt the warmth of her boobs. She placed my palm on her boobs.

Without thinking, I grabbed her boobs and smooched her lips. Her moans and the smooching sound really aroused us well. She immediately grabbed my cock outside of my pants. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Someone is horny, it seems.”

Priya: I saw how you looked into my cleavage. It was a test, and you passed.

Me: Damn, those are really good mangoes. Wait, what test, and I passed, how?

Priya: Look, I have been horny for the past few days. I saw you and felt I wanted to be intimate with you. So I teased you by letting you enjoy the view of my cleavage.

Me: Damn, and I also felt to fuck you since the 1st time I saw you. But we can’t fuck here itself.

Priya: Yes, we can’t fuck here itself, but we can enjoy the presence of each other company.

She winked and grabbed my cock on top of my pants again. I just grabbed by her hair and continue to smooching her again. In between, she managed to take out my cock from my pants, and she was giving me a nice handjob. I slide my hand into her tee and bra.

I managed to grope her whole left boob with my left hand. I could feel her nipple was poking my palm and felt the hardness of her nipple. We were enjoying the handjobs from both of us. After the movie, we went to the car. She asked me whether I can drive or not, and I said yes.

She passed me the keys, said she got an unfinished job and sat on the passenger seat. Meanwhile, I was driving, she took out my cock from my pants. But this time, her mouth was doing its work, yes, a blowjob. Few cars were traveling on the road as it was late night already.

She was sucking my cock really hard. I could hear the slurping sound and could not concentrate on the road as I was on cloud 9. I stopped the car in a dark alley, went to the backseat, and dragged her too. We both were really horny. I tore off her white tee and took off her bra in one go.

I saw her boobs which were not too small, but her nipples were large. Her nipples were always poking outward, and her length is about 1/2 inch. I became a mad man as I started to suck her nipples really hard. She was moaning very loud.

My fingers went into her pants. They found her treasure hole. It was wet already, and my finger entered her pussy hole without any difficulties. I went near her ears and whispered, “Priya, you are really a fucking bitch!”

She replied, “Yes, I am your fucking bitch, fuck me, Chakra.” We took off all our clothes and were nude in the back seat of her car. She took my cock again into her mouth. I never let go of the chance to lick her pussy.

We were in 69 position. She was able to moan hard even though my cock was fucking her mouth. I could feel the amount of leakage in her pussy. Suddenly she clamped my head with her thighs tightly. Then I realize she had her orgasm.

I was still horny. I insert my fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her for almost 10 minutes. She came once again. She rested for a while. Meanwhile, I was sucking and biting her nipples. But she was continuously moaning because of my action.

Later, I took some of her pussy fluid spread it on my cock. I took my cock and place it on top of her pussy. I never insert it into her pussy but was teasing at the opening of her hole. She was whispering, “Chakra, don’t tease me anymore, please, just stuff it and fuck me.”

I ignored her request and was tapping my cock on her pussy. She started to beg me to fuck her. I forced my cock into her pussy, it felt tight a bit, and she was also screamed a little bit. I planted my cock into her pussy and rested for a while.

I took all my energy and started to fuck her really hard. I could feel that the car also shaking according to our fucking rhythm. I couldn’t shut her mouth as she was moaning really hard. Hearing this, I really couldn’t stop my humping on her.

I fucked her about 10 minutes before I shot my cum. Just before I cum, I felt her pussy was tightening. She came once again, but I never stop pushing myself until I felt buildup in my balls. I just took it out of her pussy and stuffed it into her mouth.

I pumped few times, and I released all of my cum into her mouth. She was playing with it before swallowing all of it. We take a rest for a while. Then she said she is staying alone in her apartment invited me to spend the rest of the weekend with her. I was excited and drove the car to her apartment.

She walked all the way to her apartment with her bra as I tore off her white tee. We entered and closed the door. I smooched her really hard and prepared for the second round. I made her bend down and fucked her in doggy style as she was holding onto a table.

Her apartment got only a room. But we were fucking in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. That night, she had her orgasm about another 3 times before I shot my cum once again in her mouth. We slept up to 12 pm the next day. She was happy and felt relieved to have good sex after so long.

We were roaming nakedly in the house, fucked every corner of the house. That evening, she sends me back to my rent room at 8 pm. Before I get down from the car, we had another wild smooch.

She offered me to come and stay with her every weekend to enjoy our life. Since then, every Friday night, I will go and stay with her to fulfill our small wishes.

I hope you liked the story about the fun I had with my colleague. If any girl is in this area, please do not hesitate to email me [email protected] so that we can have a joyful moment together.

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