Trained By A Mature Teacher

Hello, this is Casanova, back again with one more story of my sex expeditions. I am thankful to all the women and girls for your feedback on my previous stories. For those girls and women who are new to XIS, I request all of you to read my previous stories as well and give your feedback.

Coming back to the story, this happened the last year, 2019, when I was working as a volunteer in an NGO. This NGO works on education for government school children. I was placed in Vizag for my internship and was under Mrs. Prameela, who was a mature teacher.

She was a dusky complexion chubby hot bomb with stats 38-34-40. I love to fuck chubby women and chubby girls. That moment I decided that I need to fuck her before I finish my internship.

The first week, I invested my time to understand this lady and then start trying my luck on her. She wears sarees to the school, and I always peep in to see her deep navel and deep cleavage. In a day, I understood that I need to impress her with my work and attitude as well.

I was very professional, and doing my work very efficiently for the next few days. I slowly gained her trust in me within a week, and she started becoming close to me. She asked about my family and gave a compliment that I look very handsome in formals.

I thanked her for the compliment. I gave a return compliment that she also looks beautiful in sarees, and she has a good choice for sarees. She was happy to hear that and started blushing.

The next day, I asked about her family. She was upset, saying that her husband is a busy guy and has no time for her and their daughter. I tapped her shoulders and tried to console her. I took her out for lunch to change her mood. We discussed mostly on general stuff, knowing each other.

She was happy that I was so sensible towards her when she was upset. She thanked me for lunch. She came in a pink saree the next day. She was just looking gorgeous, and I had my mouth wide open, looking at her. She came close to me and pinched my cheeks and said enough of staring at her.

Then I came back to my senses and was enjoying her beauty the whole day. She caught me many times gazing at her assets but didn’t say anything. I understood that she’s all mine. After the office hours before we leave, I called her to one corner where no one can see us and asked her to close her eyes.

She was surprised and closed her eyes. I pulled her close to me, holding her waist, and kissed her on her lips. She resisted for a few seconds but then dropped her bag, which she was holding in her hand. She hugged me tightly and responded back to my kiss.

We kissed for almost 10 minutes playing with our tongues. It was a deep kiss, and I was pressing her huge bums above the saree, smooching her deeply. We broke our kiss after 10 minutes. I could see that she enjoyed it after a long time. She was blushing and said, this is enough for the day.

I was happy that she’s gonna be mine very soon. Next few days, she came in her best sarees, and I was enjoying her beauty fully. Whenever and wherever I got a chance, I was trying to be a naughty romantic boy. I tried to kiss her or press her bums whenever we were alone. Prameela ma’am was also enjoying all my acts.

My 1-month internship was almost coming to an end. She was a little upset that I will go back to my place in the next few days. But I promised her that whenever she wants to meet me, she can message me. I will fly all the way to Vizag and come and meet her.

She was very happy listening to this, and she said I have a surprise for tomorrow. I asked if it was my farewell treat, and she replied, saying, “Kind of,” and winked at me.

The next day, she came in a red saree and was looking very hot and sexy. She said that she had applied for leave and booked tickets for a Hindi movie ‘Bazaar’ for both of us. I was very happy to watch a movie with her, and we both left the theater for the afternoon show.

I thought there will be a lot of crowds because Saif Ali Khan is the actor in that movie, and the movie also got some good reviews. But there were hardly any people in the theater. I asked Prameela ma’am why is it that there’s no crowd. She said that collections are already over and so there’s no much crowd.

That was the reason she booked for this movie so that we can have some privacy. We entered the theater. She had booked the couple seats at the extreme back. After settling down, I could see that there was no one around us. The movie started, and the lights were off.

We both started watching the movie, and she held my hands tightly. I slowly pulled her close to me and kissed her lips. She also responded, and we kissed for 5 minutes. She took her hands to my dick and was pressing my dick above my pants.

I was kissing her deeply and was pressing her boobs above her blouse. She was slowly getting horny. After a few minutes, I broke the kiss and unzipped my pant and pulled out my hard dick. She was happy to see my thick young dick and started rubbing it.

I asked her to kneel and give me a blowjob. She immediately knelt and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. She blew me for almost 10 minutes, and slurping sound was heard clearly. But because of the DTS effects in the theater, it didn’t draw the crowd’s attention.

In another few minutes, I filled her mouth with all my cum. She swallowed it fully. I wanted to fuck her in the theater as it was my long-time fantasy. But she denied saying not here, and we left for the 5-star hotel where I was staying. The moment we entered the room, I pulled her, and we started kissing passionately.

She started unbuttoning my shirt. I also tried to remove her saree pin and strip her off in no time. I removed her saree and blouse. She was wearing a red lacy bra and panty. It just turned me on, and I pushed her on the bed and started kissing her again, pressing her huge melons.

She started moaning, “Fuck me. Make me all yours. My husband fucks me once in a month for 10 minutes and goes and sleeps. I want you to satisfy me completely today and fill my thirst. Fuck me deeper and harder.”

I unhooked her bra and pulled it out and gave freedom to those 38B melons. She has a huge areola, and her nipples were already erect like rockets. I started kissing her nipples one after the other and pinching and playing with the other. She started moaning and was brushing my hair.

I sucked her nipples for 10 minutes and removed her panty. I was still kissing her nipples and started rubbing her clitoris. She was rolling on the bed, calling out my name and begging me to fuck her now. But what’s hurry, I always want to make it a memorable experience for any woman or girl who has sex with me.

So, I was rubbing her clitoris faster. When she was about to cum, I was stopping it and was making her plead me more and more to fuck her. Now I kissed her navel and went down to her thighs. I kissed her thighs. She was rolling on the bed and asking me to just fuck her and fill her pussy with my sperm.

I blew some air on her pussy a couple of times. It was making her go mad, and she was asking me to fuck her. I started licking her clitoris, and now she started moaning loudly, pulling the bedsheets. I parted her pussy lips and was licking her deeper with my tongue. She was enjoying my act to the core.

After some time, I inserted 2 of my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. She started biting her own hands in pleasure and was rolling on the bed. I was licking her clit, and both my fingers were hitting her g-spot. At a point, I just gave a small bite on her clitoris.

She released all her load on my face with a loud moan, “Ah.” This time she looked deep into my eyes with lust and begged me to fuck her. I took my dick and inserted it in one go inside her pussy. She locked me with her legs and hugged me tightly, kissing my neck and ear lobes.

I was thrusting her deeper and harder, but at a slow pace. She was giving a loud moan ‘Ah’ for every hard thrust and was looking into my eyes with a sense of satisfaction. I wanted to see her boobs bouncing when I fuck her. So, I asked her to come on top of me and ride me.

She started banging my dick for 5 minutes, and she was tired. So, I asked her to lay down on the bed and pulled her to the corner of the bed. I started banging her deeper and harder in a butterfly posture. I was able to see her big boobs bouncing according to my pace.

She was moaning loudly along with my pace. I was going deeper and harder. I was going crazy looking at her tits bouncing. I fucked her in butterfly posture for 10 minutes, and both of us released our load with a loud moan ‘Ah.’

Both of us were tired and lay down on the bed, cuddling each other for an hour. She woke up at tea time and got ready to leave. She held my hands and said that I not only satisfied her on the bed but also showed her love. She is very happy about that.

She said that she has no regrets and looking forward to continuing our relationship. She gave me a deep kiss finally and left.

I hope all the women can understand and will accept how passionate it is to have sex with a mature MILF. I hope all of you had wetness in your panties by now and badly want to try it with me. So, ping me immediately.

Any girls or women can email me and give feedback on my story at [email protected] Any aunties/girls/widow/divorced from south India, please feel free to ping me. No doubt about it.

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