Bheem Singh And The Seductive Enchantresses

A battle waged at Haldighati near Udaipur between the armies of Maharana Pratap and the Mughal army. Badly injured Pratap, and a few of his loyal soldiers were absconding. Nobody knew even if Pratap had succumbed to his injuries or not.

The soldiers who were left were either given the option to battle for the Mughal or die. Most Rajputana soldiers, along with Bheem Singh, chose to die rather than join the Mughals. However, somehow, Bheem Singh managed to escape from the Mughal camp.

Bheem Singh escaped to the rocky hills of Aravali. He was closely chased by a few Mughal soldiers who saw him escaping. Bheem Singh was hiding behind a shrub when the group of Mughal soldiers got too close to him. Soon he was spotted.

Just when he was attacked, they were suddenly engulfed within a thick cloud of smoke. A lady crouching behind Bheem Singh tapped him on the shoulders and asked him to follow her. She directed him to an opening of a cave. The cave was a mouth of a tunnel.

Soon Bheem Singh and the lady crossed the tunnel and reached the other end of the hill. There was a rock-cut house at the end of the hill. It looked like a portion of the hill from the outside, but it had big luxurious rooms from inside.

The lady told Bheem Singh that she was Kamakshi, the enchantress. She lived with her sister Kamyakshika. She, too, was an enchantress. Enchantress is an antonym of witch.

Kamakshi was too beautiful for a witch. She was tall and reached a height of around 5.9 feet. Her face was oval and elongated. She wore kajal around her large beady eyes. She was dusky and dark.

There were two concaves above her waist, and below the breasts gave her the most perfect curves and figure. She wore a black cotton lehenga and choli like most Rajasthani females. It had embroidery with yellow and red threads.

Kamakshi, while dressing the wounds of Bheem Singh, said, “I know you are Bheem Singh. You are a soldier in the great Rana Pratap’s army. We won’t harm you. We only harm people with wicked minds. You need not fear. Please take a rest, I will get some food sent to you. I am going for Puja. ”

Surprisingly a few minutes later, Kamakshi returned with a plate full of fruits and milk with haldi. But she wore a different set of clothes. She placed the platter in front of Bheem Singh and smiled. That was Kamakshi’s identical twin sister, Kamyakshika.

This way, Kamakshi, and Kamyakshika took turns to look after Bheem Singh for 3 days. On the fourth day, Bheem Singh wanted to leave. Kamakshi said that the Mughal army was looking for Pratap as he was still alive and his absconding soldiers.

She will use magic to trace Pratap, after which then he could go. She said her magic was powerful on the no-moon nights. Later that night, when Bheem Singh was resting, Kamakshi entered the room. She was wearing red ghagra choli and jewelry.

She said, “Bheem, I am in love with you. Marry me and stay here.” Bheem Singh replied, “I owe you my life. But my motherland comes first. I have to rejoin Pratap.” Hearing this, she embraced Bheem Singh tightly and rested her head on his broad chest.

Bheem Singh was tall. He reached a height of 6.6 feet. He, too, was dusky complexioned. She looked upward, straight into his eyes. Bheem Singh looked back into her eyes. Bheem Singh said, “You are so beautiful. You deserve to marry a rich prince and not a soldier.”

Kamakshi replied, still keeping her head on his chest, “Are you talking about those princes and kings who sold their motherland to the Mughals?” Saying this, she planted a kiss on the lips of Bheem Singh. Bheem Singh was almost mesmerized by the kiss of Kamakshi’s soft lips and her looks.

He responded to her kiss. They were involved in kissing each other passionately. Kamakshi dropped her choli on the ground, exposing her deep cleavage between her boobs within her blouse’s enclosure. Half of her boobs were still visible.

Bheem Singh hugged Kamakshi tightly and ran his hand on her back. She was wearing a blouse, with laces knotted together to keep it tight. While running his hands on her back, he unknotted the strings of her blouse. He ran his fingers on her bareback and separated the two sides of her blouse.

Bheem Singh pulled her blouse from her body, exposing her boobs. She looked down, shy, and covered her boobs with her arms. She wasn’t wearing any strip of thin cloth underneath the blouse. Bheem Singh held her wrists and separated her arms to expose her boobs to him again.

Bheem Singh moved behind her back and hugged her from behind. He squeezed and played with her boobs with his hands while kissing her shoulders and neck. She swayed her head from right to left and back, in pleasure from the kissing and groping.

Bheem Singh pushed her on the bed face down and came on top of her pressing her under him from behind. His long hard dick pricked Kamakshi on her arse even though he was still wearing the cotton dhoti, and she was still wearing her ghagra.

Kamakshi’s ghagra was kept tight around her waist with a red cotton string. Bheem Singh pulled the string to loosen the ghagra. He pulled down the ghagra and removed it away completely. Kamakshi was lying stark naked on the bed with her face down. Bheem Singh kept kissing and licking her body.

Bheem Singh turned her around and looked into her eyes to read her expressions while his hands groped her boobs. He lifted his torso and pulled the knots of his dhoti. He removed the dhoti away from his body. Now he too was lying naked beside Kamakshi.

Just then, the room of the chamber opened. Kamyakshika entered the room. She was also naked, but pieces of jewelry and ornaments covered her nipples and pussy.

Kamyakshika’s voice echoed inside the room while she entered, ” How could you be so selfish, Kamakshi? When both of us took care of Bheem, then the prize should be divided and shared?” Bheem Singh hurriedly got down from the bed and stood beside it.

Kamakshi protested, “But Didi, you hate men. We have always made love to each other.” She was looking less at Kamyakshika while she spoke and more at Bheem Singh, staring at his long, fat dick and pair of round testis hanging behind it.

By now, Kamyakshika’s had reached the bed. She ran her hands on Bheem Singh’s chest and continued to run her fingers around his nipples. Kamyakshika replied, “I used to hate men. But I am impressed by his valor and spirit for his motherland.” She further said that she, too, was in love with his body.

She couldn’t concentrate on anything else after she saw his muscular arms and broad chest. Kamyakshika sat down, kneeling on the floor, and took Bheem Singh’s dick in her hand. Holding his dick, Kamyakshika said, “Look at the big serpent between his thighs. I haven’t seen such a big thing before.”

She continued by keeping his testicles within the enclosure of her fingers, “Look at these fruits of love. I am extremely tempted to take the big python inside my cunt.”

Kamakshi got down from the bed and walked towards Bheem Singh and Kamyakshika. She proposed to share Bheem Singh with Kamyakshika. She, too, ran her hands on Bheem Singh’s cock and testicles, “The fruits of love would surely be juicy enough for both of us to quench our thirst?”

Kamakshi rubbed her boobs against Bheem Singh’s muscular biceps and ran her hand on his abs to insert her finger inside his pubic shrubs. Kamyakshika took his dick inside her mouth and began sucking. Bheem Singh went forward and started to unhooked Kamyakshika’s neckpieces one after the other.

After unhooking all, he removed them together from her body and kept them on the bed. Kamyakshika’s boobs were smaller than her sister’s boobs. But they were rounded and filled up. Kamyakshika was also dusky and had dark brown nipples.

Kamyakshika was so engrossed in sucking Bheem Singh’s tool that she didn’t see him lifting a glass full of milk. He poured it on her very slowly. Bheem Singh made her stand and planted a kiss on her nipples. He simultaneously squeezed and pulled her right boob to take it inside his mouth and then suck.

He licked and sucked the milk from her boobs. Meanwhile, Kamakshi knelt on the floor and began sucking his cock. She took his cock within the tight encircles of her finger and began moving it back and forth.

While kissing and sucking Kamyakshika’s boobs, Bheem Singh extended his hands around her waist. He unhooked the diamond belly chain she was wearing. An ensemble of diamonds together; formed a triangular shape that hung from the waist and covered her pussy.

Bheem Singh removed the ornament and placed it on a table. Bheem Singh ran his hand from her boobs to her abs. Then, after reaching her navel, he inserted his finger. He bent down and interesting the tip of his tongue into her navel.

Bheem Singh held Kamakshi by her shoulders and made her turn to the bed. He made her sit on the bed with her legs apart, exposing her pussy. He then made Kamyakshika kneel between Kamakshi’s parted legs.

Quickly assuming what Bheem Singh wanted, Kamyakshika bent over and started to suck and lick her sister’s pussy. Bheem Singh placed his hands on Kamyakshika’s waist and made her lift her arse upward, positioning her like a bitch licking Kamakshi’s cunt.

He parted Kamyakshika’s tender ass cheeks and positioned his dick between them. While Kamyakshika was sucking Kamakshi’s pussy, Bheem started to fuck Kamyakshika’s arse from behind. Kamyakshika gripped her sister’s thighs tightly to withstand the powerful thrusts of Bheem Singh from behind.

Her face got pressed on Kamakshi’s hairy pussy. Kamakshi was enjoying her sister’s tongue flickering inside her tight pussy, with her eyes closed. She soon opened her eyes, hearing loud moans of Kamyakshika. Bheem Singh turned Kamyakshika around and lifted her with his strong arms.

He threw her back on the soft bed. He climbed over the bed and came on top of Kamyakshika. He parted her legs and dug his dick deep inside her vagina. He placed his hands behind Kamyakshika’s bums. She gave her a push upward when he pushed himself forward. This way, his dick went deeper inside.

Kamyakshika’s moans got louder. After all, she was a witch. Many nocturnal creatures could feel her evil aura coming out in its full potential. Bheem Singh could hear the loud screeching of owls and howls of jackals from the Aravali Hills. He accelerated the speed and force of his thrusts.

Bheem Singh lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, keeping her thighs parallel to his body. Soon after a few powerful thrusts, Bheem Singh released his load inside Kamyakshika’s vagina. Kamakshi simply watched Bheema’s big penis splashing in and out of her sister’s pussy like a saw.

After releasing some sperms inside Kamyakshika’s cunt, he quickly took out his dick. He pushed it into Kamakshi’s mouth to give her a taste of his juices. Kamakshi gripped his penis with her hands and squeezed it to pull out as much sperm as possible.

After releasing the last drop of his sperms into Kamakshi’s mouth, Bheem Singh threw himself on the bed and lay on his back. Kamyakshika was trying to recover from the extreme pleasure that the hammering of Bheem Singh had produced. I lay beside Bheem Singh on the bed.

Kamakshi too came by their side and started fondling Bheem Singh’s dick and testicles. She rested her head on Bheem Singh’s dense shrub of public hair and sometimes bent his dick to suck and kiss occasionally. Soon she found the dick getting hard again.

She placed her head between Bheem Singh’s thighs and sucked his cock. His cock has the taste of his sister’s cum too. Bheem Singh’s sharp voice echoed inside the room, “Kamakshi, my queen! I will fuck you in a way you have never known about.”

Saying this, he carried Kamakshi in his arms to the terrace of the room. A swing cum queen size bed was kept outside the room on the terrace. Kamyakshika followed him. He placed Kamakshi on the bed. He pulled the lower half of Kamakshi’s body out of the swinging bed.

He lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, placing his dick straight in front of her pussy. Kamyakshika realized her role. She went behind Kamakshi and grabbed her boobs from behind. She began to swing Kamakshi by pulling her back by her boobs and pushed her forward by pushing her boobs.

Kamakshi swung forward, taking the lubricated dick of Bheem Singh inside her cunt. The swinging motion of Kamakshi with his dick going in deep with her push forward and only half of it cumming out from her going backward caused intoxicating pleasure. Even she began to moan loudly.

Bheem Singh grabbed her thighs and pulled her to him as much as possible. Bheem Singh lifted Kamakshi in the air holding her by the waist with his dick stabbed inside her cunt. Kamakshi held on to Bheem Singh by tightening the hold of her legs around his waist and putting her arms around his neck.

Bheem Singh began shaking her up and down with her boobs bouncing violently according to the motion. Soon Bheem Singh’s penis began to explore the deepest portion of her vagina and began kissing her on the g spot. Their pubic hairs embraced each other.

Kamakshi stretched her legs forward and arched her back, realizing that she was nearing an orgasm. Bheem Singh knew he could hold much longer. Soon Bheem Singh felt his dick getting engulfed within Kamakshi’s thick juices mixing with the precum that came out of his dick.

Kamyakshika knelt down on the floor in front of them. She began licking the juice that overflowed out of Kamakshi’s cunt and trickled down through her thighs. Bheem Singh pulled out his dick of Kamakshi’s cunt.

Bheem Singh put Kamakshi down on the floor and made her turn around. He made her kneel on the floor and made her rest the boobs and upper body on the swing like a mare that was about to jump. He asked Kamyakshika to get into the same position beside her sister.

Bheem Singh grabbed both the sisters’ braids and placed himself behind them like a warrior riding a chariot. He slashed his dick inside the Kamyakshika’s hole like a sword. He continued making repeated thrusts while holding her braid tightly.

His balls banged against Kamyakshika’s round ass cheeks like cannonballs smashing against the walls of a fort. After a while, he took out his dick from Kamyakshika’s hole and turned it towards Kamakshi’s ass hole like a canon. He pushed his waist forward.

His dick was inside Kamakshi’s ass like a snake entering inside a muddy ground by pushing itself against it. Once his dick was inside and position, he began firing his canon inside her, jerking her to the core. He took repeated turns to ass fuck both the sisters one at a time.

Both the sisters were moaning loud cries of pleasure when their turn was going on. After quite some time of ass fucking, Bheem Singh turned them around quickly and sprinkled his sperms into their mouth and boobs.

Kamakshi and Kamyakshika slept naked with Bheem Singh on the bed after the thirst in their cunt was quenched by Bheem Singh. Kamyakshika said, “Bheem! History is written about the kings. Our story will never be known to the world, but I promise that it will surely come out. ”

I dreamt of this story a few days back. Maybe, Kamyakshika chose me to tell this story to you guys. After having this dream, I fucked the hell out of my girlfriend like a bull thumping a deer. She never experienced such a powerful push of my dick.

If you too have liked the story and have experienced an itch between the legs, let me know at [email protected] You can read my other story here as well.

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