Near The River And Under The Bridge

Hi, I am Usha a primary school teacher. I have come once again with a story. I am a primary teacher working in a very small village. You already knew my figure. I am 6 feet in height. I am whitish and 30 years old. I am very slim. I always wore a sari and blouse.

My chest is 34 and the bottom is 36. And my ass is projected backward. I always make such a zigzag movement of my ass that young boys’ penises give me salute when they saw my ass. And the waist is 32 which is very slim.
I am working in a very small village Khopadi. I am divorced for 5 years.

I haven’t done sex for the last five years. I am living in the room on rent. There were no toilet facilities in the village so women went to the toilet in the open place. My school is small and two lady teachers were working there including me. There is a ladies’ toilet but not in good condition.

So we usually go behind the school for urination in an open place. Behind the school, there is a big farm. Many workers work on the farm in the monsoon. But this story happened in the summer when there were very hot days. There was a labor Bandu who was living in the farmhouse.

It is situated on the backside of the school. He was doing the watchman’s duty of the landlord. And I heard from my college teacher that this man observes the ladies when they do urine.

One day in April when my college was on leave I went to the backside of the school for urination. I saw a window of the farmhouse was open. And Bandu was sitting on the bed which was near the window. I saw him. He also saw me. But he didn’t move from the window neither he closed the window.

I got current in my body because I hadn’t shown my body to anybody since my divorce. Then I thought that was a good opportunity for me. I just went behind the wall. I made my face towards the wall and my background towards the Bandu. I lift my sari to my waist and pulled down my panty up to my knees.

This time I fully exposed my whitish ass to Bandu. And then I sat down. And began to urinate by making a sound so. I held my sari over the waist so that he could watch my white ass. After my urination completed I stand up and gave the live telecast of my big ass globes to the Bandu.

And then I wore the panty and drop down the sari. And then came to my classroom. Next time again I went for the urination. Bandu was still there. I show him the repeat telecast of my ass globes. But this time when I got up I saw that Bandu was standing behind me.

The zip of his was open and his very long about 10 inches erected penis was in his hand and he was showing it to me. He was a very strong and rough-looking man 6 feet in height big head, strong shoulders.

He said to me, “Madam I know you are divorcee. If you are interested in my penis come to the river at noon tomorrow. I will give you a rough fuck. I am waiting for you.” I heard his words didn’t say anything look down the ground and come to the classroom horribly.

That night I couldn’t sleep. His big penis was coming into my mind again and again. I was rubbing my pussy the whole night. I was changing my side again and again. My body was demanding that penis anyway.

The next day I took leave. I was thinking to go to the river. So I decided to go there by making the reason for the toilet. So I took a bottle of water and wore a sleeper and went towards the river for the latrine at time 11:50. Women used to go to the river for the toilet.

I was wearing a pink-colored sari, green-colored petticoat and white-colored underwear. I reached the river at right 12’clock. I searched Bandu here and there but no one was there. It was a very hot day. The temperature was about 48 degrees Celsius.

Then I uplift my sari and petticoat simultaneously. I dropped my underwear down to the knees and sat on the ground. I sat there near about 30 minutes but no one came. The temperature was growing high. As my ass was open towards the sun my ass was burning in the heat.

Then I groaned and farted loudly in anger for no one was coming. But after 5 minutes I felt that someone had hit a very forceful slap on my right buttock chick. The slap was very hard and painful that I began urinating on the spot. But I liked that pain I didn’t say anything I just looked behind. I saw no one.

Then I saw towards my right side of the buttock. I saw my buttock was sore in the shape of red-colored five fingerprints. I understood that Bandu was there anywhere. I remained silent. After one or two minutes I felt a very hard slap on my left buttock. This time stroke was in triple force and speed.

I felt dizzying and trees in front of my eyes were circulating and darkness came in front of my eyes. I saw stars on a hot afternoon. And my asshole began farting and shitting in thousands speed. I was doing latrine like loose motion at that moment.

I looked behind and I saw Bandu was standing behind me. He told me to sand up. I took the bottle of water to wash my buttocks. But he kicked my bottle and all water poured on the ground. I saw at him with dirty buttocks. He told me to stand up and he hit a big slap on my buttock.

I held my sari and petticoat in my hands up to the waist. My panty was in the knees. He told me to go to the river bank. I felt shy. But I walked towards the river bank by holding sari and petticoat up and wearing panty at knees and he was following me.

He was seeing both buttock cheeks and dirty asshole. And he was laughing loudly. When we reached the river bank he said to me to turn around and bend down. I made my buttocks towards the river and bent down. Then he took the water of the river in his right handful and washed roughly my dirty ass.

He took 4-5 handfuls and washed all shit particle on my ass. He washed my ass with his rough hand. I felt erotic with his actions. After that immediately inserted his middle finger in my anus. I jumped on the spot. But I didn’t stop him.

He was inserting his middle finger of his right hand deep and deep into my asshole. I was jumping 3-4 feet in pain and joy. After fingering my ass for 10 minutes he removed my panty from my legs. He put it in my mouth and lifted me on his shoulder and held my nude ass globes tightly in his tight arms.

And he walked towards the bridge. My ass my fully exposed into the air I held my sari up in my hands. I couldn’t move in the strong man’s arm. We came under the big bridge. I felt comfortable there because the climate was cool due to the river and the big shadow of the bridge.

The green grass was everywhere and no one could see us there. He put me on the ground. I stand up on my feet I checked my sari and petticoat. The next moment, he jumped on me like a bull. And kissed me like a mad. He was spitting me and kissing me and biting my lips.

Then he held my tongue in his mouth and sucked my tongue like hungry. He was sucking all juice of my tongue in his mouth. Then he removed my blouse and bra and took the charge of my boobs he sucked my every boob for 15 minutes.

He was biting my nipples, and pulling my nipples in his two fingers and piercing harshly. Then he said to me to become bare. I bent on four legs like bare. Then he lifted my sari and petticoat and took the charge of my asses. He was licking and eating my ass. His rough tongue was moving on my ass.

He was biting my ass and he gave 4-5 hard slaps on each globe. He said by kissing my ass, “This is my earth.” His beard was itched my buttocks. Now he removed my sari from my body. Now I was only in petticoat. I was waiting for a real battle. He made me sleep on my back.

Then he uplifted my petticoat up to the waist now my golden treasure was in front of his eyes. White pussy was covered with black hair. I felt sorry for myself that I am a teacher and getting fucked like a whore under the river bridge. But the next moment he pulled my hairs of pussy, I screamed.

Then he removed his pants and underwear. And his big boss was ready to play. It was tight and erect. I sighed and looked at the river. But the next moment he came in between my legs and he put his penis on the door of my pussy. He picked my buttocks up by both his hands.

He pulled my buttocks down and gave a powerful helicopter shot and inserted it fully into my thirsty vagina. I screamed, “No.” But he didn’t stop. He gave me such 4-5 powerful helicopter shots. Now he put his hands on my boobs and stroked my pussy from below. I felt a double attack.

I tried to scream but he shut my mouth by his mouth and began to kiss me. I felt like I was in heaven. For five years I was hoping for such powerful sex and I got it eventually. I couldn’t sigh. I told him to stop. But he was fucking me nonstop. I was jumping in joy in sleeping pose.

He was fucking me like a bull. He was stroking me from below like a hungry tiger. I was feeling that the elephant was sleeping on my body and fucking my tight pussy. Now he removed his penis and said to me to turn around. I turned around. the next moment I felt his penis on my anus.

I was frightened and said no. But he pushed powerfully his deck into my anal. It was a very big penis. It was not going fully into my anus. It went half. And half remained outside. He was pushing inside. And I was screaming like mad. My position was like a bitch that got fucked from behind under the bridge.

I was confused – am I a teacher or street bitch? In this situation, he didn’t stop pushing inside. I couldn’t move in his grab. Blood was coming from my asshole. He stopped pushing for a moment. I felt relaxed. I started breathing. The next moment he hit helicopter shot inside my ass.

His dick, after tearing the boundaries of my asshole went deep into my asshole. I screamed and cried. I was crying helplessly so he put my panty in my mouth again. He was fucking my ass powerfully. He was giving me a stroke after stroke from behind. Then he threw me on the grass.

I couldn’t sit properly due to pains. He tore my petticoat completely during this ass attack. I saw his penis was still tight like a sword. He came between my legs. And I helplessly fell on the grass and demanded water from him. He lifted me in his arms and then brought me near the bank of the river.

He gave me 4-5 handfuls of water. I drank it and I felt relaxed. Then he said to me to sleep on the ground and again he came between my legs. He took my legs on his shoulder and put his penis on my pussy. I was waiting for the shot. In one second he pushed roughly into my pussy and began to fuck me like a bull.

He was touching every part of my pussy. His testis was attacking the hairs of my pussy. I was getting ground by a huge penis this time. I was giving responses. I was shouting, “Fuck me, and fuck me hard.” He was fucking with full force. At last, he increased his speed of fucking.

I knew he was coming. By giving one huge and powerful stoke deep inside my pussy he gave his cum to me. One full glass of cum he poured inside my pussy. And sleep on my breast. I felt relaxed I first time got fucked my powerful man in both holes. Then I wore clothes.

I put on a sari, petticoat, and panty and sat near him. Then he drew a lighter from his pocket and one iron ring stamp. I put this stamp on a lighter flame. I said what he was doing. He said he was giving a trademark to me. To all the women to whom he had fucked under the bridge, he gave a hot irons stamp on their buttock.

So he was heating an iron ring to give burning stamp on my right buttocks. I said no. I frightened to take this stamp on my buttock chick. Its ring was turning into the red due to heat. But he made me sleep on my stomach and he sat on my thighs from behind.

Then he lifted my sari and petticoat to the waist and dragged my panty down. and put this burning ring stamp in the middle of my right buttock chick. I felt my ass was burned I screamed. He pressed hot ring stamp for 1 minute there. I was feeling like my ass is burning. Then he got up from my thighs.

Then I stand up and ran away from him towards the home with the burning buttock. My neighbor asked me where you were from the last six hours. I said that I had gone to the latrine.

The next day I could not walk properly due to pains of burn behind. I went to school. My friend Sujata welcomed me. In the recess, we went behind the school for the urine. We both went together. My friend Sujata lifted her sari and petticoat and dragged panty down to knees and sat for urine.

I surprised by seeing the ring mark on her right buttock chick.

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