Sex With My Beautiful Colleague Inside A Car

Hi friends, my name is Atul. I am a 24-year-old male working and living in thane. This story is between me and my colleague named Heena.

Talking about Heena, she has a beautiful face with big round eyes, juicy lips and long straight hairs which make her face look more beautiful and fuller. My colleague has a beautiful pair of 36D boobs and a big round ass which swings sexily as she walks.

Coming to the story, Heena and I share adjacent desks at the office and we share a great bond. It was during an office picnic, we all were going by an Innova car and I was seated at last. Heena was sitting at the front but later shifted beside me as I was seating alone there.

So, the journey began and all were having a great time cracking jokes and singing songs. I never had any bad feelings towards her although we always flirted around each other.

As it began to get dark slowly, all started to doze off and so did Heena. While sleeping, my colleague put her head on my shoulder which I didn’t find awkward as we were that close and all was fine till then.

After some time, she just came closer to me and put her hand around me in such a way that her hand was near my crotch! Now, this thing brought out the devil in me. My colleague’s boobs were getting rubbed on my shoulder which was turning me on.

I looked around the car and saw that all were asleep. I looked at Heena, she was looking like a goddess. Her lips shining in the faint light coming from the road were inviting me to suck them hard!

I moved my hand around her and she came more closer to me. Slowly, I slid my hand down her shoulder and rested it there for some time to see her movement. But she didn’t move.

So I moved lower and was touching her upper boobs now. I could feel the softness of her boob and the rhythmic up and down motions. I started squeezing it lightly and to my surprise, my colleague shifted her hand and it was directly on my crotch now!

This action gave me courage that even if she gets up, she could understand that my hand was there in sleep as her hand was also there. And thinking about her boobs, my penis started to get fully erect inside my shorts.

I slowly moved up and took hold of her left boob. I slightly squeezed it and she moaned! First I thought she did it in sleep but then again, she did it as I pressed it the second time.

Now I understood she was not completely asleep. I again gave a squeeze and this time, Heena took hold of my penis over my shorts and a faint smile came across her face! I now understood that she was awake all this time.

I took my right hand and held her right boob as well and squeezed her both boobs hard. She was shocked and opened her eyes and looked at me. I gave her a wink to which she simply smiled.

Now my colleague also got in the mood and started playing with my penis over my shorts. She was doing it very beautifully, moving her hand through the whole length and occasionally squeezing my groin. These were really turning me on.

Then I moved my right hand down her tee and started squeezing her beautiful boobs over her bra. I could feel her erect nipple and was pinching them. Heena was controlling her loud moans.

Next, I moved down and positioned myself between my colleague’s legs and asked her to make her head low so that if the driver sees through the back mirror, he will think she was sleeping, keeping head low.

I then held her face and started sucking her lips hard. They were so full and so juicy. We were smooching each other like hungry dogs. I was playing with her tongue, biting her lower lip. Then I pushed her back and pulled her tee up and started to suck her boobs over her bra. I was sucking her right boob and squeezing her left.

Soon, I made her bra completely wet by my saliva and started biting her nipples.

Then I moved to her left boob and slowly slid my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. My co-worker’s boobs were completely free now. I just pulled her bra up and started sucking her boob like a hungry child. I sucked her both boobs leaving many bite marks on them.

As I was going through it, she asked me to change position now. So I came up and sat on the car seat. Heena came between my legs and started to kiss my penis over my shorts. She was teasing it like a pro.

Then my colleague slowly pulled my shorts down and kissed my penis. And with a wicked smile, she took my penis in her mouth in that moving car! Her warm breath around my penis simply made me feel like, I was in seventh heaven.

Heena sucked me so hard. Her tongue moving through my shaft so fast. After sucking for almost 8 minutes, I was about to come and she took all of it in.

It was exhausting but then it was my turn to exhaust her.

She adjusted her tee and moved up and as she was moving up, I pulled her track down and went down. I pulled her panty down and she was already smelling wet which was very erotic.

I pulled her legs apart and placed my face between them and started feasting on her clit. I sucked there hard and then inserted my tongue in and out. She got mad by it and was pushing my head in. I sucked her hard and also bit her. Soon, Heena too was all wet and I sucked her dry.

We both were exhausted by the time we reached our destination.

How I made up again with her the next morning in her shower will be shared in the next part. Hope you all liked the story. Do reply with your comments and feedback.

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