A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 27 (The Naked Time Alone)

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After some time, Devi and Ayesha left the flat. Kalyani was all alone, and she thought of having a bath. To spice it up, she thought of having it in the common bathroom on her floor. She thought it would be a pleasure to have a thrilling bath in the common bathroom during the daytime.

She undressed naked, and she wrapped a towel around herself. She didn’t care to take any clothes with her except her towel as she thought it would be a thrilling experience. She opened her door and looked across the corridor for movement.

She then stepped out of the door. She slowly started walking towards her floor’s common bathroom. She looked down on the opposite side, and even no one was there on the second floor. It made her go bold and walk casually.

She reached the common bathroom and entered inside. She walked towards the hall corner, where there was a shower. She checked for the water temperature with her hand. It was a little cold than normal. She then thought that she forgot to bring the shampoo and soap.

So she went back to her house in the same towel. After taking her belongings, she came back to the bathroom. She unwrapped herself from the towel. She hung the towel on the hanger while entering the bathroom. Now she is standing naked in the shower.

Her pink nipples are erect, and she felt the freedom of being alone naked in a public bathroom. She opened the shower, and the chill water from the shower gave her goosebumps. She rinsed her hair with water. Then she squeezed out some shampoo from the bottle, and she applied them to the hair.

She passionately cleansed her hair with shampoo. The shampoo lather dropped down through her breasts and her naked body. She loved the bath, and now she took the soap and applied it over her body. She massaged her breasts slowly and squeezed her tender breasts. She got horny.

She closed the shower and applied the soap lather all over her body. Now her whole body is covered with soap lather. She looked into the big mirror in the bathroom. She loved her nude self. She soaped her ass and massaged them very slowly and seductively, looking at the mirror.

She then spanked herself looking at the mirror. She then turned on the shower and washed away the lather in her body. She looked herself again in the mirror and admired her own naked body. She breathed slowly and seductively. She then started touching herself.

She grabbed both her boobs. She started massaging them clockwise and anti-clockwise. She closed her eyes and imagined her husband playing with her tits. Then slowly, one hand caressed her belly and then went straight down to the pussy. She started playing with her soft pubic area.

She inserted a finger inside her vagina. She gasped, and then she started moving her finger in and out slowly. She moaned hard, and she loved every second of it. She started masturbating very faster. Her breaths were faster and shorter according to the masturbating rhythm.

Her moans were short, and after 5 minutes of masturbating, she attained orgasm. She panted heavily. She opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror, and she was sweaty and tired. She again took a little post masturbation shower, and she took the towel and started drying herself with it.

Then she wrapped herself with the towel and came out of the shower. She found no one in the corridor and checked the other floors also. She was trying to dry her wet hair by fluffing it with her fingers. She then walked to her flat casually with the towel wrapped around her.

She was fluffing the hair all the way. She didn’t care, looking around as she walked towards the door. When she entered her house, she was shocked to see Mahima sitting on her sofa and watching the TV. She was wearing a T-shirt and black 3/4 leggings.

Mahima turned around and saw Kalyani standing near the door with just the towel. She was awestruck too. Both stared at each other for a minute. Then Kalyani remembered Mahima has already seen her naked having sex with her husband some days before.

She said, “Why are you so shocked? You’ve seen worse, Mahima.” And she walked past her and sat on the sofa near Mahima with just her bath towel. Mahima blushed and started to tell her why she was there.

Mahima: You wanted to meet my cousin Manjima. But it looks like she doesn’t want to meet you.

Kalyani: Why? What happened?

Mahima: She keeps telling me some lame reasons to avoid the meeting whenever I ask her. If there is something you are not telling me, please tell me.

Kalyani: Ok, I’ll tell you some. I think your cousin is the one who filmed me that day and she has also filmed the anniversary party.

Mahima: What?, Are you sure? Did she film the anniversary party too? OMG, I can’t believe what you are saying. I thought she was just a timid little girl.

Kalyani: It is just my guess. There are also some other things happening in our colony. I’ll tell you when the time is right.

Mahima: How are you going to meet her?

Kalyani: Just give me her address and phone number. I’ll take care of the rest.

Mahima: Ok, just keep it a secret between us. Even if she is the real culprit, just inform me before you can make any further decision.

Then Mahima left Kalyani’s flat after giving her Manjima’s address. Kalyani then dropped her towel and wandered naked inside her house. She prepared some food, and she ate it. Then she wore her green saree and her usual accessories and went out to find a phone booth.

She walked a few minutes from her colony and found an std booth near a little shop. There was a man in the little shop, and he was in charge of the phone booth. She asked him if the phone works. He nodded positively. She went inside the booth and dialed Manjima’s number. The phone rang on the other side.

Then someone picked the phone at the other end. Kalyani heard the voice say, “Hello!” It was a low tone voice. Kalyani said, “I need to speak to Ms. Manjima. I’m calling from her college regarding the reason for yesterday’s absence.”

The girl on the other side told her, “Yeah, this is me. I am coming today to the college. I’ll write a letter regarding my absence.” Kalyani then said, “Ok, Manjima, make sure you visit the main office during your lunch break.” Then Kalyani hung the phone.

She is now 100 percent sure that Mahima will be coming to the college that day. She then turned around and saw the shop guy was staring right at her ass and navel. Kalyani saw him, but he didn’t bother to notice it as he was keen on looking at her assets. The guy was gulping and licking his lips.

Kalyani felt a little annoyed by his act. She adjusted her saree near the navel area, but her hourglass shape in that saree would make anyone jerk off. To make him come to his sense, she asked him for a milk sachet. The man was staring at her breasts.

He got back his sense and told her the milk has gone out of stock. Kalyani noticed his right hand is down and shaking. She couldn’t see him below his midriff. He only used his left hand to take any goods. Kalyani realized the man has been jerking off at her.

She slowly turned around and left the shop as soon as possible. But while she was walking away, the guy was constantly staring at her beautifully shaped saree-covered ass. The movement of her ass made him go mad. Now she can hear him fapping harder, and the sound was audible even at a distance.

She laughed out and just ran out of that place. After reaching her flat, she found it was 10:30 am. If Manjima is coming to the college, she will only come during the lunch break. So Kalyani thought it would be appropriate to reach the college just before the lunch break, which is 1:00 pm.

Since it will be a tiresome day, she thought of getting rest for some time. She lay on her bed. She recollected one of her memories from the days when she worked as a kindergarten teacher.

It was a fine day, and it was almost evening. The last period of the day came. Since Kalyani was a kindergarten teacher, she mostly does administrative assistance in the afternoon. She was working on a report file in the staff room. After finishing it, she wanted the principal’s signature for completing the work.

So she felt a little excited to visit her. Because whenever she visits the principal, Leela usually gropes her boobs or sometimes spanks her or pinches her hips or her ass. Kalyani went in front of the mirror and adjusted her pallu to expose more of her blouse and cleavage.

The pallu was just covering the one full blouse covered breast. The other was visible, and her blouse highlighted its shape. Since it was a light blouse, the bra strap inside it was visible. The blouse was also low cut. If she drops down to pick something in front of anyone, the person in front of her will be lucky.

She wore the saree low hip and showed almost every inch of her navel and sexy hip. She then took the file in her hand and started walking towards the principal room. She swayed her hips and butt while walking. Her very appearance will give anyone boner.

She didn’t care about crossing the classrooms. She walked along the corridor as they were just empty. She usually never knocks the door the principal’s door. She entered the room right away and saw something she never dreamt of.

The principal Leela was saree-less. Her blouse and bra were unbuttoned, and her breasts were in the air. Her petticoat was raised to her waist. A naked man was thrusting his hips (cock) between her legs as both her legs grabbed his hips with a knot. She was moaning and panting heavily.

His ass was facing Kalyani, and he grabbed Leela’s neck and was fucking her hard. The scene petrified Kalyani. She stood motionless and speechless. Then Leela opened her eyes and saw Kalyani standing there motionless. She smiled and kissed the man fucking her, and she panted heavily.

The man was kissing her all over her neck and face. Kalyani then felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around suddenly and saw Priyanka standing behind her. She was watching all this sitting on the bench just before the entrance. She looked at Kalyani and kissed her on her lips.

Then Kalyani came back to her sense. Kalyani asked her, “What is going on?” The man heard her voice. He stopped pumping Leela for a second, and he turned around. He smiled at Kalyani and Priyanka. Priyanka introduced him as Javed, and he is Priyanka’s driver.

The man had a mustache, and his body was manly with a lot of body hair and muscles with a little belly. He then carried on fucking Leela. Kalyani felt a little awkward finding a naked man in the room. She tried to excuse herself, but Priyanka grabbed her hand and made her sit on the bench.

She told Kalyani to enjoy the show. Kalyani couldn’t watch it as she was feeling awkward and she was sweating heavily. The moaning sound of Leela made her horny. Finally, Leela reached her orgasm, and she kissed him one last time. He then turned around and looked at the ladies.

Kalyani was shocked to see his cock was more than 6 inch and it resembled the porn actors. Kalyani’s eyes were fixed at his cock. He slowly came near Kalyani with his erect and wet cock. He stroked it on the way. Now he is just a foot away from Kalyani.

Priyanka was keenly looking at Kalyani as she got mesmerized by the cock. Kalyani then blushed, and she turned away, and she tried getting out. The man grabbed her hand and rolled her to hug her with his cock pressed against her saree ass.

Kalyani shook him, and she slapped the man hard. Both Priyanka and Leela were shocked by Kalyani’s act. Then she left the room, leaving the file on the principal’s table.

Kalyani giggled at her memory and then looked at the clock and found it was time for her to get ready to go to Manjima’s college.

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