Wild Aggressive Sex With Our Hottest Teacher

Hi readers, my name is Ratnadeep. I am a well-built guy of 6 ft. My tool size is something I have never measured, but I guess it should be somewhat around 6-inch. I am 25 years old and from Assam. This is my first story, so please neglect the mistakes.

The story I am going to narrate happened to me when I was 19 years old and in class 12th. The heroine of the story is a lady teacher of our school. Her name was Sweetie (name changed – I have to change the name because this is a real incident that happened).

Sweetie was a craze among the boys of our school and girls were really jealous of her beauty. She was one of the hottest women I have ever met. Even the married teachers of our school used to stare at her.

Sweetie had a really attractive pair of boobs and busty ass that invited to bang her whenever she walked. She was having a figure of 32-30-35.

Now, let’s get into the story.

It was a residential school and had classes from five to twelfth. Ours was the most important class there as we used to organize every event and was the most responsible class. The time when this incident happened, I was one of the most liked boys in the school. I am not exaggerating but many junior girls a had crush on me.

I was also known as a good singer and that was what resulted in this incident.

The teachers day was approaching. We used to celebrate it in a grand way. All of us were getting ready to celebrate. The preparations had started before one week of the day.

We use to request our teachers to perform something on this occasion. Three days before the day, I was busy taking out and ordering the program list during a free period when a junior arrived and told me that Sweetie ma’am wanted to talk with me.

Now, let me tell you that for some reason, I use to hate her. She was our social science teacher and was always ready to cut my marks in my internal exams. So there was a frequent conflict between us.

Whenever she walked through the corridor passing our class, I use to insult her by making different sounds. So I thought I was betrayed by someone and she had called me either to warn me or to give an hour lasting lecture. I was scared.

I asked the junior if ma’am was in a good mood. He told me that she seemed a bit tensed. It made me more nervous.

Sending the junior away, I slowly approached the staff room. When I got there, there was no other teacher around. Only Sweetie ma’am was sitting there holding a piece of paper. I got nervous. Slowly, I approached her and said, “Ma’am, you asked for me?”

She turned back and casually said, “Oh Ratna, I was waiting for to you. Listen, this teachers day, I have decided to sing a song. You will have to help me with the male part and with the keyboard.”

It was not a request but an order. So I had to say okay. I asked which song and she said, “Janam Janam from Dilawale”. It was a popular track of the time. I nodded and came back.

That evening, another junior approached me and said that ma’am was expecting me at her quarters. I unwillingly set off.

At that time, I was not sexually that-knowledged. I had seen some porn till then and used to masturbate but never imagined a teacher having sex with me.

I reached her quarters and knocked on the door. Usually, I would have taken one my friends with me but I got there alone as it was playing time and all the boys were in the playground.

The teacher opened the door and seeing me, gave a friendly smile. I was still not impressed. I asked why she had called me.

“Only three days are remaining for teachers day. So I want to begin practicing immediately so that I can sing it well and then I can set you free to do other works for the occasion”.

I thought it was a good idea. Sweetie then gave me her phone and asked me to listen to the song. In our school, students were not allowed to use phones. So I was happy to grab it.

She then played the song and went off to prepare tea. While she was not in the room for around five minutes, I decided to browse the phone while listening to the song which was already in my mind.

While checking the recently open files, I saw there was an incompleted video in the video player. I had not seen any movie for long so I decided to check it out. When I saw it, I realized it was a porn movie! The guy was banging the girl in her ass while slapping on her tits hard simultaneously.

I got an instant hard-on watching that porn movie on my teacher’s phone. Luckily, the earphones were plugged in so madam didn’t know what I was watching. I watched it for a few more seconds and then moved back in fear of getting caught. But I got to know my school teacher’s lusty and horny side.

Sweetie was regarded as an innocent and good teacher in the school. So I never imagined that she used to watch porn.

I tried to hide my hard-on by keeping my one leg up on the other. When the teacher came back, I tried to act as normal as possible. Sweetie kept the tea on the table in front of me. While bending to place the tray, my teacher’s loose t-shirt revealed her deep cleavage!

My teacher was wearing a woman’s vest instead of a bra. So I got a clear view of her boobs but not her nipples. I was totally blown away by the erotic scene in front of me. I felt I would just burst out at the moment. But I somehow kept my cool and acted as nothing had happened.

That day, I talked to her about the song and how to perform and then came back to my hostel. That night, I shook my tool for the first time imagining my hot teacher Sweetie naked in front of me. I had a great ejaculation.

Then I made my mind to visit her again the next day and try to have a glimpse of my teacher’s great assets.

The next day, I went to her quarters. When I knocked at her door, she asked who it was and I replied saying it was me. She told me to come inside through the back door as the front door was locked.

I moved around the quarters and got inside through the back door. The moment I got inside, she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel which was barely enough to cover her from her chest to the ass. My teacher’s milky white thighs were exposed and it was the most amazing thing that I had seen till then.

Ma’am caught me staring at her thighs and felt ashamed. She asked me to go and sit in the drawing room and went to get dressed. When I noticed her feeling ashamed and shy, I felt like I won something.

I went and sat in a chair in the drawing room. My teacher was getting dressed in the other room and I was imagining her getting dressed! Soon I had a hard-on. Suddenly, I caught the fragrance of something and it was strong. I looked on the floor, something was lying there. The smell was odd and was like that of pee.

Later I came to know that it was the smell of female cum. I looked under the chair and under the bed which was close to the chair.

Under the bed, the smell was stronger and I saw something lying there. I pulled it out and discovered a pantie that was still wet. I automatically sniffed the pantie like I was lost in some kind of drugs. The smell turned me mad.

Then I heard the sound of the door opening. I quickly put the panty back under the bed. There was no doubt that my teacher was masturbating before I came and she had an orgasm after which she took the bath.

Sweetie came and sat on the bed and asked me to start singing while playing the keyboard. I started singing but I was missing my lines. She asked me if everything was ok. I said everything was fine and sang my lines correctly this time.

Then she started her part and I looked at her. She was looking at the mobile as the lyrics was shown there. And I took that opportunity to look at my teacher’s boobs. I noticed that her nipples were making pointed marks on her tee. Surely she was not wearing a bra.

I lost the rhythm and missed a note on the keyboard. She paused and looked at me. She caught me looking at her boobs but acted like nothing happened and asked if I was alright. I was losing myself so I decided to go and ejaculate and feel relaxed. So I said, “Ma’am, can I use the bathroom?”

She said, “Yes”.

I quickly went to the bathroom and locked the door. But, as I was in a hurry, the lock was not placed properly and I didn’t notice it either.

I pulled my tool out that was about to blast. Then I saw my teacher’s bra hanging on the bathroom hanger. I took it, wrapped it around my dick and started stroking and that’s when I suddenly heard a voice,

“What are you doing?!”

I felt like an atom bomb blasted right next to my ears. The biggest shock of my life! Honestly, I nearly had a heart attack kind of thing. It was my teacher. I slowly turned around with a guilty look. But she again asked but in a calm tone, “What are you doing?”

“Sorry, ma’am. Please don’t tell anyone! I just lost control, I am so sorry”, I said.

I slowly tried to put my dick back inside the pants. My dick was already shrinking because of the great shock. My teacher calmly asked, “You wanna have sex with me?”

I thought she was getting really angry so I said, pleading, “No ma’am…No..no..”

She was still calm. “Then what the fuck are you doing with my bra?”

I was about to put the bra inside my pants forgetting it was still wrapped in my cock! I felt like crying loudly. I was scared of the consequences. Seeing me making a cry baby face, my teacher came inside the bathroom and took the bra from my hand. After placing it on the hanger, she looked at me and then at my dick.

By then, I had put the dick inside and was standing with my head down.

“Pull your tool out”, my teacher said.

I was still in great shock and tears were about to roll down my cheeks. Seeing me not moving, my teacher did the most unimaginable thing to me. She pulled my pants down and took my dick in her hands!! I was not looking at her face still.

She then examined after seeing my dick, “Well, I would love to make you fuck me but I can’t let you fuck me with such a hairy dick”.

Of course, I never shaved my dick. I tried for the last time and said, “Ma’am I am really…”

I was unable to complete the sentence because ma’am locked my lips with hers. That was the first kiss of my life! I was speechless. I looked in her eyes. It was closed. Now I came to believe that it was really happening and my teacher was really onto me.

I tried to kiss her back despite my inexperience. Sweetie unlocked her lips and reached for the razors. After completely undressing me, my teacher began to shave my pubic hairs. If it was possible, then my eyes would have popped out that day.

I was staring at her, amazed, shocked, and speechless. I wanted to grab my teacher’s boobs so hard but I was afraid to do so.

She then looked at me and said, “Don’t you wanna grab my melons? Come on…Go on! I am your dirty whore today. Make my melons bleed.. Squeeze them, you motherfucker.. you sex slave.. bastard.”

My teacher then started abusing me with the dirtiest language and I was turned on. I tore her t-shirt in wild aggression and grabbed her melons so hard that a soft moan of pain came out of her mouth.

I totally forgot that she was my teacher and slapped hard on her right boob! Ma’am screamed in pain and slapped at my naked butt. Her boob got red and the mark of my palm was visible on her boob.

By then, she was done with shaving my pubic hairs and had started to stroke my dick passionately while still abusing using the dirtiest lingo.

“Oh come on… I am your whore, you idiot.. Aahhh..fuck me you nonsense… Motherfucker.. I will suck your cums till you faint and die…”

My teacher was really getting aggressive and dirty. Within a minute, a big explosion took place in my cock and I cummed over my teacher’s face and boobs.

But I felt sad because I thought it was over. I didn’t know that a man can have two rounds of sex, one after the other. But my ma’am was still stroking me and was rubbing my dick all over her soft body.

Sweetie spread my cum on her face and was enjoying it. My deepest fantasy was coming true.

I then dragged her to the bedroom and jumped over her. It was my first time.

We both were so horny. My teacher wanted me to eat her pussy. I didn’t know how. So, she moved to 69 position and started sucking my cock. I started sucking her pussy with my mouth.

My ma’am then got up and played a porn video on her mobile and told me to lick her pussy like that in the video. I was not ready but she forcefully pulled my head between her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy. She held me so tightly that I was gasping for air.

I got really angry and slapped in her butt with my strength. My teacher screamed in pain. My next slap landed on my teacher’s cheeks followed by the third and fourth on her boobs. The softness of my teacher’s body drove me crazy.

Although in pain, Sweetie again made me angry by scratching on my back with her sharp nails. She was trying to get spanked and enjoy the pain.

This time, an evil idea came to me and I slapped hard in her pussy lips. I think it was really hard because she instantly replied with a hard slap on my face that made me see yellow light!

“Motherfucker.. Do you wanna kill me? Just fuck me! I imagined you today I fingered myself. Come on.. Don’t disappoint your teacher.. Fuck me… Aaaaahhhh…Yeeahhh..”

The scene was like both were trying to rape each other! Her words had an effect on me. I was turned on and I got a hard-on again. I was ready to enter my teacher’s pussy.

I pulled her towards me, spread her legs and placed my dick in her pussy. I grabbed one of her boobs to control her. Then I gave a hard push and instead of going in, my cock actually slipped out! Yes, I missed the target. But I tried again. This time, my slutty teacher held my cock so that it doesn’t miss the target.

I gave a gentle push and a small portion of my fat cock went in. Ma’am felt it and reacted with a long and soft, “Aaaaaahhhhhhh”. Then I gave a sudden push which was well enough to tear her pussy. My cock went deep inside her. I felt a sharp pain too. My teacher literally cried like someone had stabbed her with a sharp knife.


I saw tears rolling down her eyes. Either it was her first time or she was taking a cock after a long break, I guessed. I didn’t give even a second for her pussy to relax. I was so horny because it was my first time having intercourse and that too with my hot-figure teacher.

I kept banging my teacher with all my strength ignoring that ma’am was crying and was begging me to stop fucking her. I kept fucking my teacher for almost five minutes. Sweetie wept all the while, but, after that, she was calm.

I was also sucking my teacher’s boobs like a crazy baby. I was so blown away that instead of her continuous reminder, I kept on slapping softly on her butts and boobs. Slowly, she started enjoying it too. At one point, she had an enormous orgasm. But I was not done and kept fucking my school ma’am.

When I was about to cum, Sweetie felt it too and with all her strength, she just pushed me off her body. She quickly came and took my cock inside her mouth. After a few more seconds, I had my second orgasm. I felt like all my energy had suddenly vanished. I collapsed beside my teacher and looked at her. She was lying like a dead log.

Her hairs were messy. Her back had a long mark due to my scratching. Her butt was still red due to my tight slaps. Her breasts were red like someone had colored them. Her energy was drained and so was mine.

I was so weak after the first sex of my life that by the time I got up, it was already 8 pm. I slowly wore my clothes and got her bra and pantie. I dressed her after placing a passionate kiss on my teacher’s boobs.

When I was about to leave she said, “Listen, this is the best thing ever happened to me. Will you come again someday?”

I said, “Of course, if you want.”

She then faintly said, “But next time, we will do it more passionately. You were really aggressive.”

I replied, “We will do it passionately but please don’t tell anyone about the sex.”

She replied with the prettiest smile and I left for my hostel.

The next day, my teacher took a leave.

We had more great pleasures later which I will write in the future. If you liked my real sex story, you can mail me at [email protected]

I hope you have a lusty night.

Ratnadeep signing off!

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