Hot Married Neighbor Seduces Into An Affair

Hello to lovely ISS readers. This is Kumar (part of my name) writing from Bangalore and I am 30 years old. Now I am going to share an interesting incident with you all. Feel free to share your comments or feedback after reading completely.

The lead character of this story is Shreya who is married and mother to a young kid. She is a little older than me but looks quite young. She has a seducing body of 36-28-38 and those stats I got to know later. Her husband is traveling often due to his work and her son studies in a boarding school.

Let us move on to the story, my hot neighbor used to be alone at her house many days and she would visit our place to spend some time talking with my mother.

The way she dresses also was sometimes seducing as she used to wear a backless and sleeveless blouse. It was also easy to see a bit of her cleavage along with exposing her navel which used to give me instant hard-ons.

It was a few months ago, that her husband had left again on an office trip and my family members also went out of town for attending a function. Shreya came to my apartment and invited me to have lunch in her place as I was alone at home.

After I went to her apartment, my hot married neighbor was in the kitchen preparing food. She was looking damn hot in her saree but I somehow controlled my feelings and started reading the newspaper to distract myself.

After s few minutes, she called me to the kitchen and I was able to get a good view of her cleavage by standing in sideway near her. She asked me if I want any specific dish to be prepared for lunch.

I flirted with her intentionally and told her that I was happy to eat anything prepared by her. She looked at me with a naughty smile after hearing that.

To my shock, she told me that she can directly serve from her lips! Shreya then came so close to me that her breasts were rubbing against my chest. We looked into each other’s eyes and I kissed her juicy lips.

We started moving to the bedroom while still being occupied in kissing. The warmth of my married neighbor’s body and the kissing were arousing more and more. After breaking the kiss, she confessed to me that she was sex-starved as her husband did not satisfy her sexual needs.

To not waste time anymore, we were cuddling each other along with undressing each other. I pushed Shreya to the bed, pounced upon her and started to kiss her neck and ears. Then I moved down to my sexy neighbor bhabhi’s 36 size breasts and sucked both of them like a hungry baby.

Then I slid down to her navel which was smelling pleasant and her sexy moaning was adding a lot of flavor to the romance. I gave her navel all the attention by licking it nicely and proceeded down to the gateway of heaven – Shreya’s clitoris. It was nicely trimmed and looking fully pink with an attractive smell.

When I pressed my tongue over my hot married neighbor’s clitoris, she held my head tightly and told me to get inside without teasing her. That did not make me hurry up and I continued to lick over her clitoris and she was shaking non-stop like a fish taken out of water.

I wanted her to be nicely lubricated down there so when I enter my dick in her pussy, there won’t be much pain.

Then I was ready to put my dick into her pussy. She had tears in her eyes when I started to enter my dick into pussy and told me that she waited for a long time to get such a dick and her wait ended now.

I wiped her tears and bent down to engage in a lip lock so that she does not make a loud noise. Also, I held both of her hands and gave a nice yet powerful for my dick into her pussy.

I started to fuck my married neighbor slowly as Shreya was having sex after several months and she took time to adjust. A few seconds into it, she broke the kiss and yelled at me to do it faster. I came inside her after a few minutes and Shreya also had her orgasm after a few seconds with my dick still inside her pussy.

Shreya asked me if I like blowjobs and I told her it is one of my pleasurable favorites during sex. She winked at me and took my dick into her mouth. Her juicy lips gave a nice pleasure and it was one of the best blow jobs ever and Shreya was such a pro at it.

We then positioned ourselves in doggy style. This was the time for Shreya but she enjoyed it nevertheless. I kept ramming her from behind as well as pinching her buttocks sideways and she used to abuse me every time I pinched her butt.

The feeling that I was finally fucking the neighbor of my dreams was giving more excitement that I kept fucking her for long this time.

After some time, I shot my juices into her and there was nothing to worry as the condoms were used every time I entered her pussy with my dick. Shreya was also satisfied as we both hit our climaxes together this time.

The whole sexual intercourse went on for good three hours as we took some breaks in between for my married neighbor to get adjusted. We took the shower together and we gave nice massage all over the body with soap as well as helping each other to clean ourselves.

It was the beginning of a marathon of sex over the next few days until my family members came back to town. We did get a few other opportunities and we don’t miss even one of those chances to make love and satisfy each other. Shreya wasn’t feeling lonely anymore as she was getting all the love and action that she needed the most.

That’s the story to share with the readers today. Thank you for reading. If I made you feel excited or made your pussy wet. Then let me know in my email. I am reachable by email or hangouts on [email protected]

About me, I am based in Bangalore and feel free to share your secrets with me. I am willing to share good times with the readers and also maintain complete trust and confidentiality.

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