A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 28 (Toilet Encounter And Confession)

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Kalyani wore the pink saree with a matching blouse, and she went to Manjima’s college. She reached the main gate, but the watchman restricted her from entering. She told him that she was there to apply for a job and showed him her certificates. After seeing her certificates, he let her in.

She successfully got in, and now she looked at the time. It was 12:30 pm, just half an hour more for Manjima to show up. She went to the woman’s restroom, and she was washing her face.

She heard mild giggling and laughing from one of the toilets. She ignored it and kept on doing her own thing. Suddenly she heard a moan. It was mild but can be heard within the restroom. She dried her face with the kerchief. She went inside the restroom to see if anything kinky stuff happening in the toilet row.

She slowly opened every door of the row. The middle one was occupied. She kept her ears to the door without making a sound. She tried to hear what was going on inside. She heard a soft moaning sound and some giggling sound.

Kalyani felt kinky while hearing the sound. She slowly locked the door from the outside. She took her mobile phone, and she slowly switched on the cam and peeked the cam through the top open of the door. She held the cam for a minute, and then she took it back to see what was happening.

She was shocked to see a girl was sucking another girl’s nipples and one was topless, and another was bottomless. The girl whose nipples were getting sucked was holding a camera and filming their act. Kalyani then heard them zipping the pant and few dress-wearing sounds.

She opened the lock outside, and without making a sound, she went to the washbasin. A few seconds later, the girl who got her nipples sucked came to the handwashing area. She adjusted herself in the mirror. She looked at Kalyani and gave a friendly smile, and went away.

A few seconds later came the other girl, and she rinsed her mouth. Kalyani wanted to tease her a little. So she removed her pallu and held it in a hand while she used the other hand to rub off something from her midriff area.

The girl peeked at Kalyani’s exposure and checked out her blouse-covered breasts. Kalyani’s cleavage was also visible through the top of the blouse. The girl was enjoying Kalyani’s navel and hot body. The girl was washing her face and for a long time. She used it as a cue for checking out Kalyani’s hot body.

Kalyani kept murmuring something as if she got some unremovable stain on her body. The girl was wearing a white shirt and jeans pant. Her hair was short and loose. She also looked so hot. The girl asked Kalyani if she could help Kalyani with anything as Kalyani kept rubbing for a prolonged time.

Kalyani replied that she was feeling itchy, like an allergic reaction. The girl asked if she felt any biting sensation in her body. Kalyani replied yes, and she told her she felt something in her back shoulder region. The girl asked her if she can help her look into it.

Kalyani hesitantly told her that she felt the bite inside her blouse. The girl told her, “Then better check the blouse before it could bite you again.” Kalyani realized her intentions and wanted to tease her more. So she fake panicked when the girl told her that it might bite again.

She removed her saree completely and placed it on the hanger near the wall and also her bag. And she asked the girl to see if there is any bite mark behind her as she was going to remove her blouse. The girl bit her lips when Kalyani said it.

The girl replied, “Yeah, I’ll help you.” Let us get into one of the lavatories and examine it.” Kalyani agreed. Both got inside the same lavatory the two girls were sucking before and locked it from inside.

The space was good enough for two people. Kalyani started removing her blouse. The girl was looking close up into her breasts. She was anxious to see her strip her blouse. After removing the blouse completely, the girl grabbed it and examined the blouse for any insects.

Then she hung it over the door and saw Kalyani standing up close in just her bra with her mangalsutra hanging near her breast. Then Kalyani turned around and asked her to check if she has any bite marks. The girl placed her hands over her bareback, and she felt the softness of her back.

She caressed it slowly, and Kalyani enjoyed her soft touch. Then the girl lifted her bra straps and looked for marks, and said, “Nothing.” Then Kalyani told her she felt itchy in the back and asked the girl to rub her back to relieve it. The girl was waiting for the opportunity.

She placed both her palms and rubbed her back slowly. Her hands went low and rubbed the lower hips. Kalyani felt goosebumps when she touched her hips. Then Kalyani told her to unhook the bra and rub it all over the back. The girl, without hesitation, removed it, and she rubbed her palms all over her bareback.

Kalyani was on cloud nine, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. Kalyani held the bra cups with her hands as the strap was unhooked. After about 2 minutes of back rubbing, Kalyani told her she is getting a little itchy and a little burning sensation in another area of her body.

The girl asked her, “Where?” Kalyani slowly turned around and dropped her bra and pointed her nipples, and said, “Here.” The girl was shocked as she saw Kalyani topless, and her pink nipples made her horny. Kalyani grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, and told her, “It’s burning in here.”

The girl saw her topless kneading the perfectly round breasts and stood transfixed. The girl then told her she knew a hand remedy for the burning sensation. Kalyani asked her what it was. The girl replied, “If you let me, I’ll do it right now.” Kalyani said, “Go on, do it.”

The girl removed Kalyani’s hands from the breasts, and she went down and grabbed her hips. And in seconds, she grabbed Kalyani’s nipples with her mouth and started licking them vigorously. Kalyani let out a big gasp, and she moaned long. The girl sucked her nipples harder and stopped for a second.

She asked Kalyani, “Is it working?” Kalyani replied, “Yes, don’t stop, keep going.” She pulled her head to suck her tits. The girl now boldly sucked the nipples, and her other hand was also kneading her breasts. Kalyani felt the wetness between her legs.

The girl was sucking Kalyani like a calf sucking a cow. Kalyani closed her eyes and felt the tongue play with her nipples. The girl sucked the boobs, and the sucking sound and pace have now increased. Kalyani bit her lips and controlled her moans.

The girl switched between the breasts and sucked her harder. Now the girl placed her hands behind the lower back of Kalyani and slowly lowered it to grab her petticoat-covered ass. Kalyani lifted her head and gave a big and strong french kiss to the girl.

The girl responded, and both of them, who are strangers, are now smooching in a college toilet. The girl started unbuttoning her shirt and then removed it completely. She now removed her bra and let out her breasts. They were as good as Kalyani’s.

Round breasts except her nipples were brown and erect. Kalyani sucked the girl’s tits and pressed them. Kalyani unzipped the girl’s pants and lowered them up to her thighs and also her panty. Then she quickly grabbed her pussy and fingered it hard with her two fingers.

The girl moaned like a dog and was moaning louder. Kalyani placed her palm over the girl’s mouth to control her moans and fingered her harder and faster. The girl is now squealing louder like those Japanese girls in porn movies. The sound was audible all over the restroom.

After about 5 minutes of fingering, she reached an orgasm. She felt restless and panting heavily. The girl was all sweaty, and Kalyani kissed the girl on her lips and licked the sweat on her cheeks. The girl smiled with satisfaction. Then Kalyani took her blouse and wore it.

Kalyani gave her bra to the girl as a souvenir. She smiled and bought the bra from her hands and smelled them. Then Kalyani came out of the toilet, and she walked towards the washbasin in her blouse and petticoat. Since she was also sweaty, the blouse revealed her breasts.

Her nipples are almost visible in a short distance. The girl stayed inside the lavatory as she was washing and catching her breath. Kalyani took her saree off the hanger, and she wore it. There was no other woman in the restroom. She then hid her revealing blouse with her pallu.

Her nipples felt the bare cloth’s rubbing on her nipples with no bra, which made them go pointy. Then she looked into the time, and it is almost 1:00 pm. She rushed towards the office. She waited near the office entrance for Manjima’s arrival.

The lunch break was on. The place started becoming so rushy as students and teachers took a break for lunch. Kalyani was keen on looking out for Manjima. She suddenly saw Manjima walking towards the office room from a distance. She was wearing a white sleeveless top with denim pants.

She was carrying a backpack. She was also wearing medium heels. She wore bangles, earrings and she had her hair loose. Kalyani hid behind a door and peeked out. Manjima was walking down the corridor.

As she came close, Kalyani, without making a noise, moved behind her. She grabbed her shoulders and whispered to her in the ears, “Surprise, Manjima.” Manjima turned around with a shock. She saw Kalyani and tried to get away. But Kalyani grabbed her wrists firmly.

Kalyani told her, “If you tried to run, then I’ll bring the police with me to your home for stalking me and sex taping me.” Manjima didn’t move a muscle, and she stood still. Manjima told her that she has a lot to confess and she is not comfortable inside the campus.

Manjima had a scooter. So she told Kalyani that she will tell her what she needs but somewhere outside the campus. Manjima told her that they could use her scooter to go somewhere else. Kalyani agreed with her, and both left the college in Manjima’s scooter.

Manjima told her that they could go to the nearby coffee shop. But Kalyani refused as she doesn’t feel so safe anywhere. So she asked her to go back to the colony. Kalyani told Manjima that she could sneak her into her house, and her house is the only place that Kalyani finds safe.

Manjima agreed, and both reached Kalyani’s flat. Kalyani sat on the sofa, and she asked Manjima for an explanation. Manjima, after some minutes of silence she started narrating her story.

It all started when Manjima, just like Mahima, stayed with her grandmother Kasturi in the colony. Manjima wandered inside the colony with her phone during the evening and nights as she was always occupied in social media.

At that time, Kamala used to live with her mother in the colony. The time when Manjima never knew about Kamala’s sexual acts. Manjima used to speak with her friends during the night on the terrace. Kasturi never liked her having a conversation over the phone during the night.

So Manjima usually hides under the water tank room if she feels anyone coming to the terrace. One day Manjima was speaking over the phone. It was so dark in the evening. She was walking alone and speaking to her friend. At that time, she heard footsteps. She immediately ran over to the tank and hid under it.

She was anxiously waiting to see who it was? It was Kamala. She was wearing a nighty and was peeking out from the stair room. Manjima grew suspicious over her act. Then Kamala went back down and brought someone along with her. It was none other than the pervert plumber.

As soon as they entered the terrace, Kamala locked the stair room grill gate. He straight away started kissing her. Manjima’s heart was pounding, and she was short of breath. She couldn’t believe them kissing on the terrace. He pulled her nighty in one swing.

She was naked under the nighty. She whispered to him, “Be quick. I don’t have much time.” He then opened his pants and let out his cock. She started sucking the cock vigorously and lubricated it. He closed his eyes and felt the pleasure. She then turned around and was on her knees.

He came behind, and he kneeled and inserted his big cock inside her, and he started fucking her. Kamala was feeling him, and she closed her eyes. She gave out gentle moans. He spanked her ass cheeks. For which Kamala gave a loving moan. He then slowly increased his pace.

She started moaning a little louder now. He is now on fire, and he pumped her with more speed. Kamala couldn’t control the pleasure. The fapping sound was so loud, and she covered her mouth with her hand. She dropped her head on the ground in a declined position.

Her ass was upright and rammed by the plumber. After 10 minutes of continuous fuck he pulled out his cock and cummed over her ass and back. She then turned around and opened her legs for another round. He was panting heavily and said to her, “I’m tired, do the cowgirl.”

He then lay on the floor bottomless. Kamala slowly sat over his cock, and she started jumping. He closed his eyes, and both his hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. She was also moaning and bit her lips to control them. The fap sound was loud and clear.

Manjima, watching all these hidden under the room, started feeling horny. She slowly lowered the pajama bottom and the panty and started caressing her pussy. She didn’t finger them as she might not be able to control her moans.

After 5 minutes of riding, he told Kamala that he was going to cum. She got up and grabbed his cock in her hand, and stroked it faster. He cummed, and she licked all his fluids. Both panted heavily.

All of a sudden, Manjima’s mobile started ringing. She panicked and pulled her pants up, and silenced the mobile. But Kamala already heard it. The plumber rushed and put on his pants. He ran towards the stairs and went down. Kamala rushed to her nighty and wore it.

She went towards the tank room and asked, “Who is it?” Manjima came out of the room, and she stood before her with hesitance. Kamala told her not to tell anyone anything. Kamala even grabbed her legs and begged her.

Manjima told her that it was her last warning. She shouldn’t do it again, or else she’ll report it to her grandma. Kamala agreed and told her that she wouldn’t.

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