My Gratitude To A Graceful Teacher

Hi, I’m Akash. I’m going to narrate the incident which turned my life. I was in my twelfth grade (class) just turned 19 (age) a typical city kid. As a teenager, my mind was full of dirty thoughts. Always thinking about sex. I wasn’t so good at studies as porn and unwanted sexual thoughts were conquering my study time.

Days passed by as usual (wake up>breakfast>class>home>dinner>porn>jerk off>sleep). It was our first mid-term test. My performance was poor. Got scoldings from most of the teachers. But one unique response was from our Maths mam, Swetha.

She didn’t even utter a word. She just asked me to meet her in the staff room. By the way, Swetha mam was one of the gorgeous teachers around. Often you might notice boys ogling around her. Her long hair tied into a tight round bun. Her elegant smile. Fair complexion and perfect sexy body.

Even beautiful at 39 years of age. She is a divorcee. Her husband left her as she was infertile (not able to give birth to a baby). She lives a lonely life. Returning to the story, I went to her cabin. She asked me to sit down.

Swetha mam: “So, Akash I have noticed that something is troubling you? Your scores are too low. What happened? What’s the matter with you?”

Me: “Nothing, mam.”

Swetha mam: “I remember that you were a topper once.”

Me: “Subjects are tougher now. I’m not able to grasp”

Swetha mam: “This seems to be the issue. Ok this means you need to spend extra time studying”

Me: “I’m trying mam. But I’m not able to focus! And no one will help me.”

Swetha mam: “Hmmm. I would like to offer you help with this. Why don’t you come to my home after college for tuition? I teach small kids. I will teach you too?”

Me: “I don’t want to disturb you.”

Swetha mam: “Oh my dear boy. You won’t be disturbing. I love teaching kids. Moreover, you are like my son. It would be my pleasure to help you.”

Me: “Then I will surely attend the tutions, mam.”

Swetha mam: “Ok then. Reach my home by 6 pm I hope you know my house?”

Me: “Yes, mam. Of course.”

As soon as I got back from college I informed my mom about the tuition. She was happy that someone was willing to help me. I reached Swetha mam’s home by 5:50 pm. Her house was an idle spot in the corner of the city. Surrounded by plantations and trees. There were no houses nearby for atleast 200 meters.

I rang the bell. Soon Swetha mam came and opened the door. Usually, she wears saree for college. But she has changed to salwar kameez (chudidar). Her hair was pony-tailed waving below her butt. She welcomed me in. There were a few small kids.

She asked me to sit on the sofa and wait as their tuition was about to get over. She came back and gave me a maths problem to solve. By 7:00 pm I solved it and the kids were gone by then. Now she sat on the sofa beside me.

Swetha mam: “So let’s see. What have you done? Oh pretty good the answer is correct.”

Me: “My mom told me to ask you about the fees.”

Swetha mam: “Akash, as I said its like a help. And you are like my son. No fees. I don’t tutor kids for money. I like kids and I love helping them.”

Me: “Hmmm. But mam…”

Swetha mam: “No buts, inform your mom. Your tuition timing will be from 6 pm to 9 pm daily except Sundays.”

Me: “Ok mam”

This followed for the next week. Daily college classes and then tuition and so on. It was Saturday evening. Today was test day. She gave me a few questions and asked me to write a test. I was distracted that day. I didn’t perform well in the test. By 8:30 pm she asked for my test paper. Within 5 minutes she corrected my paper and wasn’t satisfied with my performance.

Swetha mam: “Akash. What is troubling you? Why are your scores too low?”

Me: “Nothing mam. I’m trying.”

Swetha mam: “Try harder. It isn’t enough.”

Ting tong sounded the bell. It was at 9 o’clock. I was happy to get back home and watch porn as tomorrow was a holiday (Sunday).

Swetha mam: “Ok then. You can leave now. But you have to come tomorrow at 10 am.”

Me: “Mam but tomorrow is Sunday!”

Swetha mam: “No excuses. Bye!”

I was disheartened as my Sunday was ruined. All my plans of watching porn for the whole day was gone. But I had no choice. I went to her home the next morning. There was no one around except Swetha mam. She was wearing a green top with brown leggings.

A shawl (chunni) was passing through her bumpy breasts. Her hair was casually tied into a bun.

Swetha mam: “Come on, Akash.”

Me: “Where are other kids?”

Swetha mam: “Its holiday for them. It is only you and me for today”

Me: “Ok.”

As usual, I went to the sofa and took out my note.

Swetha mam: “Notes aside. I need to talk to you”

She brought a hot cup of coffee for us and started.

Swetha mam: “Something is troubling you. What is it? You can talk to me about anything”

Me: “Mam, it is complicated.”

Swetha mam: “Let us simplify it then. What’s the complication?”

Me: “I don’t know how to say it to you.”

Swetha mam: “Let it be anything. Tell me what is troubling you,” saying she sipped coffee from the mug.

Me: “Mam, I’m not able to control sexual thoughts. I’m not able to quit porn.”

I shouted. She spat the coffee and burst out laughing. I was embarrassed. Soon she controlled herself.

Swetha mam: “I’m sorry Akash. This is a common problem at this age. Don’t worry!”

Me: “Mam, I’m afraid I have become an addict. I don’t know the solution to this.”

Swetha mam: “Ohhh. Akash it is not that complex. You can solve it by masturbating. It’s a healthy practice to relieve yourself. I do believe you know to masturbate!”

Me: “Mam, I have tried masturbating. I masturbate twice a day. I’m afraid I cannot stop it”

Swetha mam was surprised, “Twice a day isn’t that healthy. Looks like you are in a serious issue. You were saying about sexual thoughts what kind of sexual thoughts do you get?”

Me: “Mam…”

Swetha mam: “I know it might be embarrassing. Don’t hesitate to just speak out your mind. Come on do not hesitate.”

I decided to speak out. So I honestly answered her question.

Me: “Mam it is like… whichever girl or woman I see I start to fantasize about them.”

Swetha mam: “What kind of fantasy?”

I was confused by her intention yet answered her question

Me: “It’s like I want to kiss them. Touch them all over their body. Tear off their clothes and fuck them brutally.”

Swetha mam: “I didn’t expect such a reply. (she was shocked) Have you fantasized about me too in such a cheap vision?”

Me: “I cannot control these thoughts. I know this is wrong but I really can’t.”

Swetha mam: “Why did you even get aroused by seeing me? What’s in me? I’m old. I’m like your mom.”

I was surprised by her question.

Me: “You are one hell of a beauty. I have been masturbating daily thinking about you.”

Swetha mam: “What the hell, Akash. I tried helping you and this is what I get in return?”

She was full of anger. She ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. I ran behind her asking for forgiveness

Me: “I’m sorry, mam. I shouldn’t have said this. Sorry, mam. Please forgive me.”

She came out and full of agony and slapped me hard on my cheek.

Swetha mam: “I didn’t expect this kind of behavior from you, Akash”

Me: “Sorry, mam. I’m helpless. I can’t even speak about this to anyone. You were the first one to hear my misery.”

Saying this I started crying. She felt pity for me. Tears started to roll out of her eyes too.

Swetha mam: “Oh my dear boy. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I shouldn’t have asked you such questions in the first place.”

Saying this she calmed me down and made me sit on the sofa. She stood up and walked here and there for some time thinking about something serious. After thinking for a while she came to me and asked

Swetha mam: “I can do anything to help you.”

Me: “What do you mean, mam?”

Swetha mam: “I know it sounds crazy. But if it is the only way I will do it to help you.”

I had no idea what she was talking about.

Me: “What are you talking about?”

Swetha mam: “Why don’t you realize your fantasy with me? If that could help you with your problem?” Saying this, tears rolled out of her eyes.

Me: “Mam it was just a fantasy. I have respect for you. How could I…”

Swetha mam: “My body is of no use. My husband left me due to my infertility. I’m a total useless creature. But if this body can help you fulfill your desire/ fantasy. I’m ready to make the sacrifice for you!”

Me: “No, mam. It is a sin. I’m wrong. Sorry.”

Swetha mam: “You are a human being and I understand your needs. It isn’t a sin. As I said its a sacrifice for my lovely kid. For releasing his pressure and tension and act freely”

Me: “I’m confused, mam.”

Swetha mam: “I’m offering you my whole body. You can do anything with me to fulfill your fantasy.”

I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly Swetha mam came near me. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the wall. She didn’t like it but she was ready to do anything. She walked like a dead woman. She took my right hand and placed it on her boobs and forced to press it.

On the other hand, she pressed my dick. While doing this tears never stopped bursting out of her eyes, yet she continued.

Swetha mam: “Looks like your thing(dick) is ready for action now get over and be done with it.”

I was aroused and confused at the same time. It was the moment I had to decide. I finally decided to fulfill my fantasy while bringing her back into a normal mood.

Me: “Swetha mam I want you to be happy as well. Don’t it for me.”

Swetha mam wiped her tears and looked into my eyes. All of a sudden she gave a tight french kiss. It was my first lip-lock with any woman ever in my life. I think she got in the mood. I too gained confidence and held her firmly. Our kiss continued for five minutes.

We both were furious. I didn’t hesitate. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and asked, “Mam, are you really ok with this?”

Swetha mam: “I’m all yours,” saying she gave a naughty smile.

It was my green signal. Right away I tore off her top. Now she was in just bra and leggings. She pushed me and tried running. I balanced and chased her and caught her right in the hallway and jumped on her. We fell to the ground. I fell on top of her. I climbed over her and spanked her ass hard.

She moaned, “You jerky little bastard. How dare you spank my ass?” I once again spanked and then tore her leggings up to her knees. She tried resisting yet of no use. Now her white ass cheeks were trying to jump out of her panties. Torn leggings were dangling down her legs.

She rolled over me and got on top. In return, she tore my t-shirt and track pant. I was just in my underwear. She grabbed my red hot dick through my underwear and slowly started stroking it. She made me erect. She grabbed my dick and pulled me to the bedroom.

I pushed her onto the bed. She fell on the bed on her belly. Now I again started spanking her ass while I removed her panty. I unhooked her bra. Her bra fell loose on the bed. Now the only clothing on her was her torn leggings below her knees. I ran my hand above her pussy it was wet and hot.

Now I removed the clip that was holding her hair bun. Loosening it. It fell below her butts like a river. I grabbed her hair and twisted it around my hand. I pulled it while rubbing my dick with underwear on her milky white chubby ass cheeks. She started to moan.

I started to kiss her neck and slowly kissed her spine finally reaching her ass cheeks. I buried my nose and smelled the aroma. I started tongue fucking her ass. Then slowly got close to her pussy and started licking it. I bit her pussy lips thrice for which she screamed in pain.

Swetha mam: “Oh, don’t bite my pussy lips!”

I stopped. Suddenly she got off me turned around and pushed me towards the wall. She removed the torn leggings. Now she was nude. I was sitting near the wall she got near me and then kneeled remove my underwear. Spreading my legs wide open, she started licking my balls.

Slowly she started to suck my dick gradually increasing her pace. I was about to cum in her mouth.

Me: “I’m gonna cum.”

She bit my foreskin for which I screamed in pain.

Swetha mam: “Not so soon, my dear. Good men need to last longer.”

She laid on her back on the bed and slowly guided my dick into her warm wet pussy. I was on top of her fucking her in missionary position.

Swetha mam: “Suck my nipples. Fuck me. Harder.

I followed her order. Suddenly she stopped and pushed me on the ground. She got on top of me in cowgirl position later switched to reverse cowgirl position. I was totally in cloud nine fucking my maths teacher. It was like a dream. She was humping up and down on my dick.

Her hair was forming waves and her boobs were making circles. Without letting my dick out she asked me to switch to doggy style. Soon we were in the doggy style. I again pulled her hair and started to fuck her brutally. Now I asked her to grip her legs around my waist and got hold of her hands.

I got up and lifted her in air and started fucking her in mid-air. She was screaming in pleasure. I stopped and got her down. I turned her around. She thought I was tired but I wasn’t. I immediately turned her around, lifted her and made her sit on my cock.

Again I pulled her hair while her legs were supported around my waist. I started to increase my pace. She started to jump up and down in pleasure. I wasn’t able to control the cum

Me: “Swetha, I’m about to come inside you.”

Swetha mam: “It doesn’t matter. I’m infertile I can’t get pregnant cum where ever you want.”

Saying I cummed in her pussy and dropped her on the bed. She was totally tired while cum was oozing out of her pussy.

Swetha mam: “Is your fantasy over, Akash?”

Me: “No. One thing is remaining”

Swetha mam: “What is it?”

I silently got down. I placed a finger over her clitoris and started rubbing her g-spot vigorously. On the other hand, I was pressing her boobs. She was screaming like hell. Within no time she squirted all over my face. We both were tired and sat beside each other.

Swetha mam: “It was a hell of fucking fantasy you dreamt of!”

Me: “When will be our next fantastic fantasy session, mam?”

Swetha mam: “It depends on the marks you score in the next exam. If you get top marks I would allow you to fulfill your fantasy”

Me: “Then I have to get learning.”

I learned and learned. Finally scored top marks in the next exam. We had an unforgettable experience again. She even let me fuck her asshole for me getting top marks in other subjects. Therefore my unforgettable experiences continued with the teacher’s graceful help.

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