Young Boy Seduces Virgin Tuition Teacher

Hello friends, this is Aman. This is my first story, so please forgive for any mistake. I live in Dehradun. I am an average 22 years old 4th year engineering student. I spent a fair amount of time on the field playing a lot of sports so I have a well-maintained body. I am 5’10” with a tool of 6″.

I think I have wasted a lot of time on myself so I will jump straight into the story.

This incident took place 5 years ago when I was in higher secondary. I was a good student in 10th. I had scored 9.6 cgpa but in 12th, my grades were getting worse. My parents were worried about me so they started looking for someone to teach me.

They sent me to coaching classes which helped me in math and physics but I was weak in the chemistry part as the tuition teacher I went to was not that good. So my parents arranged a B.Sc student to give me private tuitions.

Her name was Swati. She was a simple Indian girl always wearing simple clothes. She was a cute girl with a fair complexion and 5’7″ height.

So, my tuition teacher used to come to my house for one hour from 7-8 in the evening to teach me. This went on and my marks started to improve overall.

Until then, I had no feelings for my chemistry tuition teacher sexually. After my half-yearly examination, the venue and timings of chemistry tuition exchanged. By then, I had become very good friends with Swati.

So, she told me her exams were arriving and she would like to save her time and instead of her traveling to my house, I come to her house. My tuition timings also changed to 6-7 in the morning.

On the first day, I went to her place, everything went normal. I studied as usual and came back home. It was winter and there were only two of us. So we studied sitting inside a blanket.

On the second day, I reached 10 minutes early. She was still asleep I think, her mother opened the door for me. She told me to sit and she went to call Swati. (Swati lived with her mother and her father worked in another city).

M tuition teacher arrived there half-asleep in shorts and some sort of bra, making a juda (ball of hair on top of head). She told me to open my book and notebook and revise the previous topics but I was busy exploring her curves and sexually scanning her! It was then I realized that her figure (32-26-32) was awesome. Swati looked amazing and that picture of her didn’t get off my mind.

My boner was up. I somehow handled it and adjusted it. That day, I could not concentrate on my studies. After coming home, I jerked off 3-4 times thinking of my tuition teacher.

From that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The morning shifts at her house became more and more sexual. Sometimes, she wandered after bathing only with a towel on and sometimes, she used to sit with me inside the blanket in just shorts.

It became hard for me to concentrate or not think sexually about my tuition teacher. I used to spend hours thinking about Swati and jerk off.

One day, Swati’s mom went to visit her father. Swati was all alone. Till then, I was well adjusted to her mother and she thought I was a nice kid. Her mother asked me to stay with her. I was overjoyed. But Swati had different plans. She somehow managed to decline the offer and said she wanted to stay alone.

I was very disappointed and at the same time, I was curious to know why the fuck did she wanted to stay alone.

At my home, I told that I would stay at my cousin’s house that day (my cousin was my best friend and my parents had no objection to me staying at my uncle’s house).

After dinner, uncle and aunt slept early. So I went out of the house telling my cousin that I would be in the morning and if something happened, he should take care.

I reached my tuition teacher’s house. I knew each and every corner of the house. So, I silently tiptoed through the property looking for any open window.

I peeped through the window in Swati’s room. She was alone watching something on her laptop very attentively. I stayed there and watched her for some time. She did nothing but was only watching what was on the screen and which was not visible to me.

After some time, she stood and checked the windows. I somehow managed to hide. She put the curtains on. To my dismay, I could see nothing and went back to my cousin’s place.

In the morning, I rushed to her house and knocked on the door. She said, “Go home, today is off. I am feeling tired”. I got the hint that she was up all night. But I wanted to know what was she watching.

I told her that I came barefoot and my father would come after an hour to pick me up, so I will sit inside and study on my own to which she agreed.

After some time, I went to her. My tuition teacher was sleeping soundly. I asked her if I can take her laptop because I was feeling bored. She was asleep and in her unconscious state, she said yes. She would have thought I would watch movies, etc. But I searched recently used files and sites and found porn material!

I was horny. I played the porn, jerked off and shut the laptop and left as I didn’t have any courage to approach my sleeping tuition teacher and seduce her.

I knew her mother wouldn’t come for another 2 days. I knew if I wanted to fuck my tuition teacher, I need some courage to get close to her.

That evening, I went to her house to clear my doubts and in the meantime, I opened one of her house’s main windows and adjusted in such a way that it looked closed as I knew that she would repeat the ‘solo action’ that night as well.

I followed the same plan as of yesterday and to my luck, I was able to enter into the house through that big window and closed it quietly. Then I peeped into her room. My dear Swati was watching porn. After some time, she checked the windows and curtains and took out a dildo! I was shocked and excited at the same time.

Now she was striping right before my eyes. I realized that my simple looking my tuition teacher was such a slut. I couldn’t believe my luck. Swati stripped in a very professional manner. My hand automatically reached my boner and I was already shaking it.

She then jumped into the bed, put her fingers inside her mouth moving back and forth. (I jerked very hard then and fell off). Then she rubbed her pussy with the same fingers having saliva on it. She was moaning at the same time. I had my second boner by then.

My tuition teacher then held the dildo in one hand and slowly started inserting it into her pussy making loud moans (I thought she might be a virgin which was true by the way), moving dildo to and fro slowly. I was about to cum the second time.

Her dildo-fucking got faster and moans became louder. I sat there exhausted and she ended with a squirt. Then she headed off to the bathroom.

I escaped her eyes and went to the room to check what exactly she was watching. It was very sensual porn. I got my third boner for the day. I sat there and started masturbating.

I forgot about Swati and she arrived and opened the door to find me. She was shocked and tried to hide in a blanket. She was mad at me and asked me how I got in and what I was doing there?

I suddenly stood, went close to her to explain everything. But instead, I ended up kissing her. She resisted at once but as she was in a sexual mood, she couldn’t resist for long.

I quickly took off my clothes and threw my tuition teacher on the bed. I kissed her boobs, licked them and pressed them. Swati was enjoying every bit of it.

I being a rookie was licking her each and every part. Then I felt the hardest boner I ever had. I placed my dick at my tuition teacher’s pussy and pushed it. It didn’t go in easily. So I used my hand and guided it all the way to the glory hole. She screamed! I got scared and pulled out.

After a minute, I again pushed my dick inside my tuition teacher’s vagina and she screamed loudly. This time, I didn’t back off, I kept pushing to and fro. After a few minutes, Swati started moaning. I pressed her boobs and kept the momentum going.

Soon, Swati was moaning like hell. I kissed her while fucking and she bit my lip at that time. I got angry. I held her both hands tightly and started stroking heavily. She moaned loudly and in the end, we came together and I fell over her.

After some time, we went and sat in the bathtub. She was sitting over me and we were kissing each other. We slept there nude.

Swati and I woke up together. She prepared breakfast. Later, I collected all my clothes and went home.

After that, we had lots of fun. Stay tuned for that.

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