Intern Girl Becomes My Girlfriend – Part 2

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Hi all, thank you for your response to my first story. After the story was published, I did get a few emails. I would love to chat with you guys and would like to know if the story indeed got you all worked up.

Let us now go to the remainder of the story.

We regained our composure, and Sarika moved swiftly to check on her sister. She came back, and everything seemed normal. We parted on that day and later promised each other a date night.

A couple of days passed by, and we came up with the idea of meeting at a mall. Sarika agreed. We came to the mall under the pretext of an office farewell party. I drove and picked her up from a place close to her home and drove to the mall’s parking lot.

Since it was a date, she wore a deep blue one-piece dress, open hair, and light makeup. I got ample time to see her, or should I say ogle at her. She was definitely dressed beautifully.

The mall’s car park was a multi-storied one. I had to drive up to the top floor for a vacant spot. It turned out to be in a corner, where the lights weren’t in order, and it had walls on both sides. I managed to park my SUV in that tight space.

We rushed to get some snacks and create some good memories by clicking selfies. I was stealing glances at Sarika’s cleavage while being in the mall. She was stealing glances at me. I was mesmerized by her fair legs since her one-piece dress was ending a bit above her knees.

We decided to see a movie. We bought tickets and got inside the theatre. Incidentally, we didn’t note the screen where the movie was being shown. Sarika and I entered the wrong screen. I felt the movie was ongoing and hence stopped in my tracks.

The screen entrance was a double door. One has to pass through a set of two doors to get inside and walk the ramp. We managed to cross the first one, and I stopped before going onto the second one. It was dark, and the blue candescent guide light was giving off a dull glimmer.

I grabbed Sarika’s hand and pulled her close to me. My boner immediately touched her. She was shocked for a second, then smiled and said in a soft voice, “What are you doing?”

I said. “Just wanted to hug you since the time I saw you today. This is the only place and opportunity I got.”

Before we could lean to kiss, I heard the door crack open from the outside. We stood apart just before the gatekeeper opened the door. He asked us to move out since we were on the wrong screen.

We then got into the correct screen. It wasn’t a corner seat, but that didn’t deter the two of us. I gently started feeling her thighs. I, at times, reached till her dress. She softly said to me in my ear, “My dress is riding all the way up. Please don’t do that.”

I pulled my hand out. Sarika then came to my ear and kissed me on my lobe. She tried to get a small bite of my ear lobe. I squirmed, my cock reached its peak. Sarika started feeling it over my jeans. This time she was more courageous than before. She rubbed her palm over my jeans and my cock.

After some time, I gathered courage and kissed Sarika on her cheeks. Her body vibrated at the touch of my lips. We kept teasing each other like this till the movie got over. Once out of the theatre, we were flushed. We ran straight to a hotel and ate something.

The romantic ambiance of the upscale hotel was working on Sarika. I could see a glint in her eyes. We quickly finished eating and started heading towards my car. Once we reached in, I started my car to run the AC to cool it. I was stuffed and wanted to hug Sarika one more time.

I adjusted my seat and reclined it down, and sat facing Sarika. She looked at me and said, “What happened? Aren’t we going to leave the mall?” I looked at her and said, “I want to hug you one more time. Can we please hug?”

She said yes and asked me how to adjust the seat. She reclined her side of the seat as well. Since the secluded corner was dark, I wasn’t too worried about people or security judging us or catching us. She sat facing me. We both were sitting by crisscrossing our legs.

Then it struck me that her one-piece dress was way past her thighs. I could see her black half-length leggings. She smiled. I leaned forward to hug her. It was a bit awkward since I was doing it in my car for the first time. To top it all, my boner took its full ballast size in one go.

We hugged a bit. While going back, I could see her deep cleavage. My dick was edging. While sitting back, Sarika now sat folding her legs, keeping her feet on the seat, instead of sitting crisscross. She happened to spread her legs a bit. I sat awkwardly, trying to cover my boner. But it couldn’t miss her gaze.

Her thighs were silky smooth. I was tempted to touch them. My mouth was going dry. I was trying to gather words while my heart pounded in my chest.
Before I could say something, Sarika said, “Can you please turn around?”

“Why?” I asked her with a puzzled look.

She said, “Just turn around. Don’t ask too many questions.”

I did as she asked for. I was curious. I said, “If you want something to eat or drink, we can go back in.”

She said, “I wanted to use the washroom before we came here, but never mind.”

I was puzzled at this line of hers. I wanted to turn back and ask her what she meant? But, all this while, I could hear the ruffling of clothes over the seat and the chain of her sling bag.

I looked up, and my mouth remained wide open. The side mirror was angled so I could see what was happening behind me. Further to add, a dull shimmer of light was making a clear reflection of what was going on behind me.

I could see Sarika removing her half-length leggings. I couldn’t see if she was wearing any panties or not. But I could see her butt cheek for a short second. I was thanking myself that my windows are slightly tinted. It was difficult for anyone to see from the outside without a flashlight.

I started sweating. After a couple of minutes, she asked me to turn around. This time she was closer to the edge than before. She said, “This isn’t comfy. Can we recline the back seats as well?”

I did as she asked for. Now both of us are in the back seat, all doors locked, and a very faint light was peering through my semi-tinted windows. I came closer to her and said, “Sarika, Thank you for an amazing time. I just wanted you to know how lucky you have made me.”

She kept her head on my chest and said, “I should be the one to say thank you. You made me feel special today and all the days that we have been together.”

She paused for a while and then said, “I was missing you after our first meeting at home. I just couldn’t sleep. I was restless. The handkerchief that was left behind and I found it later. I couldn’t resist smelling it. It smelled like you. It felt as if you were there with me. I missed you.”

“I so wanted to hug you and kiss you, my human volcano. I was so full the last time I had a taste of your manly juice. I still remember that the smell. It was so musky.” Sarika said in a husky sensual voice.

I just kept looking at her with surprise, like something had gotten into her. I looked at her and said, “You alright? You do know this…” She put her finger on my lips before I could say anything. She placed her hand over my jeans and gave a sly smile.

I, for some reason, hadn’t worn underwear that day. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them, and my veiny cock sprang out. She grabbed it with confidence this time and played with it. The rush of my blood in my cock could be felt by both of us.

She then let go of my tool and laid back. I instinctively kissed her calves, knees, and thighs while she let out light moans. I pushed her dress up, and she removed it in a flash. I was just looking at her in the dull glimmer of light, with my jeans to my knees.

I removed my T-Shirt, and Sarika saw my bare, slightly hairy body for the first time. Lust had gotten over her. I was still gazing at her, kissing her navel, admiring her trimmed pussy. Wanting to lick her pussy lips. I knelt and held myself back.

Sarika wasn’t happy. She looked at me in a confused way. In a lusty begging tone, Sarika said, “Chad jao na mujhe pe aur apna andar daldo.” (Mount on me and put your tool inside me.)

I was shocked for a second. Before I could lean over her, she again added in the lusty voice, “Mere breast and nipples kadak ho gaye hai, aa jao na, chad mujh pe aur insert karo please.”(My breast and nipples have gone hard. Please come and mount me and insert your tool in me)

I went closer to her. I kissed and gently grabbed her breasts with my hands. My hands covered those petite breasts. I gently nudged on her nipples, “Ahh!” Sarika let out a moan.

She spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I gently rubbed the tip of my now swollen penis on her pussy lips. I knew she was a virgin. My pre-cum and her wetness smelled like sex, something that wasn’t smelt before. I could feel her pussy juice dripping down.

It was enough to make it slippery and trickle down to the car’s seat. I gently pressed the tip of my tool on her opening. Sarika’s eyes widened. “You okay?” I asked her. She nodded with her eyes closed while sucking in both her lips.

I then kissed her all over her nape and neck and gradually kissed her breasts. She let me suck on them while playing with my hair. I then looked at her from that position. Before she could think, I placed my dick back again on her love hole. This time it was wetter and slippery.

I gently pushed myself inside her. She let out a huge moan, almost on the verge of crying. I was able to feel something on the tip of my tool, confirming that my girlfriend is innocent up until now.

“Bohut dukh raha hai. Nikalo, please, itna bada nahi le paungi.” (It’s hurting a lot, please remove it. I won’t be able to take this big.), she said in a feeble voice.
I pulled myself out immediately. While entering her, I felt my skin pulling back as well. She was that tight despite being wet.

We both tried catching our breaths. She then smiled at me and said, “Ek baar firse try karo please.”(Can we try one more time, please?)

I nodded in agreement. I wasn’t in a state where I could refuse. I needed a release. I started entering her back again, this time. She clenched her thighs with her hands, her legs spread out, touching the roof of my car. She was clasping her jaw tightly to muffle her screams.

I was entering her slowly. I reached the point I had been the last time. Sarika was holding her breath for me. I made eye contact with her and gave a slight push. I felt something on my dick, like a rubber band snapping. “I love you, Vrajesh,” Sarika shouted out at the top of her voice, losing her composure.

Sarika was shivering and panting. I looked at her, and she looked back at me with a lovely smile. As if she had achieved what she wanted. I gradually began my thrusting. I gained speed in a few strokes.

With her shivering voice, Sarika started saying (rather I should say shouting) all sorts of things. “Wow, Vrajesh Karo mujhe aur karo.” (Oh, wow Vrajesh, do me more, do me more). I was thrusting all the way. Her pussy felt tighter. “Wow, this is amazing, so amazing,” Sarika kept moaning.

I was on cloud nine. Despite the AC on full blast, we both were sweating. Buck naked in my car, our sweating skin made squeaking sounds with the car’s leather seats.

I was so excited that I kept thrusting, almost on the verge of banging hard in a missionary position. Our bodies slapping each other was intense. Pretty sure the car was wobbling as well.

“Mujhe kuch ho raha hai, Vrajesh, mujhe kuch ho raha hai,” (Something is happening to me, Vrajesh) Sarika said in an ecstatic voice. I knew she was about to experience her first-ever orgasm. I continued my momentum.

“Don’t stop now, love,” said Sarika. In moments she arched her back and let out a scream, and she collapsed. I, too, cum together with her and let out a grunt. It was a sweet release. My cock kept throbbing inside her releasing my seed to douse the fire in her in huge spurts.

I fell on her, and we both just laid there. After a short while, I tried pulling out my cock. It was then I realized how wet we were. Not only the seats but even our pubes were wet, still dripping from the mix of juices. The smell was so intoxicating that we could have had another session then and there.

I pulled out my cock, and the wetness made Sarika let out a queef. She was embarrassed. I looked at her and said, “Don’t think too much. I hope you loved our lovemaking.” She kept looking down. That’s when I noticed the seat was sticky, shining, and covered in blood traces.

I brought Sarika closer, covered her first, and then pulled her face up by her chin and looked at her. “I thoroughly loved it. It’s like a dream come true,” she said with satisfaction.

We cleaned up and dressed up quickly, and then I dropped her home. I saw her limping a bit at first. She smiled at me gave me a flying kiss. From a distance, I was able to see a little shining line on both her legs. I pointed it to her, and she said, “That’s your cum dripping down.”

After that, we smiled, and I left for my home only to realize later that she had cleaned me with my handkerchief and took it along with her. At the same time, I had her leggings with me.

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