Breaking Hymen Of Virgin Pune Girl Met In Train

Hi, my name is Mikel and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am here again to tell you about a story that one of my readers shared with me.

This story is the courtesy of my readers and if you want to contact him, his email address is [email protected]

Let’s begin the story from the perspective of my reader from now.

This is a story about how I fucked a coaching girl who had come to Kota for her preparation and coaching classes.

It was the month of October and my holiday had just begun and I was going to my home Kota from Pune and in front of me was this girl who was wearing a blue top and blue jeans which was hugging her figure quite well. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra as well and the Pune girl’s round breast can be seen quite well.

I wanted to talk to her but I was a little bit hesitant at first.

The train started moving and I gathered some courage and started a conversation with her.

Me: Why are you traveling to Kota?

She: I am going to Kota to prepare for MBBS.

Me: You know, my family owns a hostel and some other facilities in Kota. If you want, I could help you.

She: Oh! That’s nice to hear. I was a little bit worried about how to search for hostels and all that alone.

Me: I could help you get into classes as well.

Then we exchanged our numbers and she told me that she would text me when she needed my help.

Two or three days passed after I reached Kota and I got a message from an unknown number saying that the person needed some help. I knew who the person was. I went by the address she had mentioned. I helped her set up her hostel rooms and helped her with other stuff and that was when she was attracted to me.

After a few days, there was a fair for Dasara and she asked me to accompany her to the festival and I agreed to be the gentleman that I was.

The Pune girl was wearing a white salwar and a red kameez with the perfect eyeliner and a black bindi on her forehead.

We went to the fair and started exploring the place tasting the food items of stalls and we were enjoying ourselves and there were some moments that happened in the festival.

We were returning from the fair and that was when she told me that she liked me! I seized the opportunity and started kissing her and she responded as well.

It was a passionate kiss that lasted about five minutes. As it was a public place, I suggested that we go back to my place to which she agreed. Then we were headed toward my room. It was hard for me to control myself as I was so horny after the kiss!

The moment we reached my room, I locked my door and I lifted her and placed her on the table and started kissing her! Slowly, I started removing the horny girl’s clothes and I started kissing her neck and going down.

She wasn’t wearing a bra that day too and I started groping her boobs. I squeezed them together and she started moaning. Slowly, my lips went on her nipple and I took her nipples in my mouth while cupping her boobs. My other hand was slowly undressing her and I can’t tell you how milky thighs she had!

The coaching girl was wearing a black bra along with a black laced panty like the one you see the models wearing. She had an average figure but her boobs were perfect round, she had a slim waist and average ass too.

Then I took her down toward my dick and signaled her to take my dick in her mouth to which she responded very well. Guys, this young girl was a damn good sucker! I had never had this good blowjob before and trust me, I am saying it with experience.

At first, you would never figure out that this north Indian girl was a virgin by the way she gave me a blowjob. I was coming near to an orgasm so I stopped her and started fingering her. She had a tight pussy and I slowly applied lubrication and slowly entered two fingers.

I wanted to make sure that I could enter this virgin Pune girl so I was making her as wet as I could.

After applying proper lubrication, I slowly entered her. God, she was tight and her pussy walls were just squeezing my dick. I broke her hymen with one thrust. Her eyes were covered in pain and pleasure. The sheets were covered in blood. I gave her some time to recover and then I started thrusting her.

I started slowly as she was a virgin. I wanted to give her some good experience but after her first orgasm.

After some time, I was fucking the coaching girl roughly. I choked her and started going faster with every thrust. She was screaming in both pain and pleasure and giving me some curses and telling me to fuck her as hard as I could. It obviously turned me on and I started going even faster.

I pulled her in my lap and started fucking her again. She came again and I took my dick out and told her to suck it again. I came in her mouth which she swallowed.

We were all sweaty and messy but we didn’t care about any of those things. We fucked the entire night in every position that I had known and later in the morning, I dropped her in her room.

We still fuck like crazy whenever we get the chance. I will tell you more about the sessions I had with this Pune girl and how I made her my slut and how I even watched her getting fucked by five other people in the next story so stay tuned.

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