Virgin Sex With Beautiful Colleague Kavi

Hi friends, hope all is fine with you. I am a big fan of this ISS website and read all the stories posted here. This is my first story and I hope you like it.

My name is Srinivas. I am a simple guy living in Chennai. I have completed my degree and now working in a US-based company. In this story, I am going to tell you how I lost my virginity at my friend’s wedding.

Coming to the story, I worked the night shift. There are very limited girls available on our floor as most of the girls worked in the day shift.

A few days passed, and then I saw this girl Kavi (name changed). She was a gorgeous-looking girl with perfect body shape. Her stats, which I came to know later was 34-28-34. She was new to the night shift as she usually worked the day shift. To my luck, she was placed in my friend’s team.

From that day, I started to visit my friend’s desk frequently to get a view of her beauty.

With the help of my friend and his introduction, I and Kavi soon became friends. We exchanged our mobile numbers and started chatting and then soon we became best friends.

Days passed by, and one day one of our office friends got engaged and then her wedding was fixed. She invited all of us friends to her wedding at Coimbatore.

Since she was a very good friend and I had known her for a long time, I decided to go to her wedding. I asked her who all will come there, and she said most of the people.

I asked Kavi whether she was coming for the wedding so that I will book train tickets for both of us. She confirmed that she was coming. As it was night travel, I booked second-class AC tickets for both of us.

Finally, the journey day has arrived. I reached the Central station 40 minutes early and was waiting for Kavi. Finally, she arrived.

I was stunned to see her in a red tight t-shirt and shorts. Usually, she wore Punjabi dresses. I complimented her on her beauty.

Me: You are looking gorgeous, yaar.

Kavi: Thanks da. Come let’s get on the train.

Me: Ok. Did you bring any snacks, or should I buy something?

Kavi: No da. Let’s buy it in the train.

Me: Ok.

We entered the train and sat in our seats. Soon the train started, and we started watching a movie on my mobile. Most of the other passengers had slept.

I accidentally touched my colleague’s thigh and she gave me a serious glare. I said, “Sorry,” and we continued watching the movie.

After a few minutes, I intentionally kept my hand on her thigh. This time, she didn’t give me any angry looks, but I am still scared.

After a few minutes, I again put my hand on her thigh, and pressed her thigh softly. I checked if anyone was watching us. To my good luck, she gave me a naughty smile. I now got a green signal and I was excited. I tried to kiss my colleague, but she resisted and pushed me.

Me (in a low voice): Why?

Kavi: Not here.

Me: Then, where?

Kavi: Come with me.

I followed my sexy colleague and went near the passage. We checked whether anyone was coming. It was deserted as most of the travelers were fast asleep in their berths.

I started kissing her pink lips. Our kiss continued for 5 minutes. In the meantime, I started exploring her body with my hands. I started pressing my colleague’s left boob with my right hand and her butts with my left hand. She also started exploring my body with her hands.

I stopped pressing boobs and inserted my right hand into her shorts. Kavi then suddenly broke the kiss and pushed me away.

She said, “We will continue this once we reach Coimbatore. Now we will go and sleep,” and she went to her berth.

As my tool was fully erect, I went to the restroom and masturbated thinking of my colleague, and then came back and slept on my berth.

With some disappointment of not getting into my colleague’s shorts, we reached Coimbatore station.

I called my friend for the hotel address and then we both went to the hotel. The hotel staff handed over my room key card to me, and he gave another room key card to Kavi which was on the same floor.

We entered our rooms. Then I went for my bath and got ready. All along, I was eagerly waiting to fuck Kavi.

I started texting her asking, “May I come to your room?” and waited for her reply. After 10 minutes, I received a text message.

Kavi: Have you completed your bath?

Me: Yes. What about you?

Kavi: Yes. I am getting ready for the function.

Me: Can I come to your room?

Kavi: No.

Me: Why not?

Kavi: Come after 15 minutes. I am getting ready now.

Me: No, I am coming now.

I left my room and went to my co-worker’s room, and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and I was shocked. She was wearing only a red bra and had wrapped a towel to her hip.

I rushed into her room, closed the door and hugged her, and planted a kiss on her neck. She gave a low moan. While still hugging her, we slowly reached the bed.

I pushed her onto the bed and pulled her towel which covered her red panties and I started kissing her belly and moved down. I kissed her pussy over the panties. Kavi was enjoying all my actions.

After a few minutes, I removed her panties and started licking her vagina. She was moaning, “Aaahhhh Srini, eat my pussy..ahhhahhh.”

After a few minutes, we changed to 69 position. I started fingering my colleague. Kavi started giving me a blowjob which was my first experience. I enjoyed it a lot.

Meanwhile, I drank all the juices from her pussy and released all my sperms in her mouth which she drank. We then hugged each other and had some rest.

After 30 minutes, my tool was back in horizontal position and ready for action. I slowly inserted my tool in Kavi’s vagina. First, it was a little bit difficult as it was very tight. But, finally, I managed to insert my dick into her pussy, and slowly started fucking my colleague in missionary position. I was also kissing her.

After a few minutes, I was about to cum. I removed my tool and released my load on her breast. She cleaned my tool with her mouth and I fell on the bed.

Kavi got up and went to the washroom and started cleaning herself as we needed to attend the marriage function. After a few minutes, I went into the bathroom and hugged her.

My colleague then washed my body, and we completed our bath and got ready for the function, and left the room. Later during the function, I fucked her on the terrace of that marriage hall.

And then again, I fucked her in that hotel till we vacated the room. Now, I and my colleague are friends with benefits. We had many sexual experiences. Also, I fucked her in the parking lot of my flat which I will tell u in my next story.

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