Intern Girl Becomes My Girlfriend

Hi guys, my name is Vrajesh, age 30, I am the average bloke that you pass by every day.

I had been meaning to write about my encounters here for a long time. But couldn’t conjure the exact words for the same. Well, now that lockdown has happened; I finally got the time and the words to write this down.

The story begins in 2014, I had just switched jobs and was inducted as a Manager. The manager job was in the lucrative IT Industry. Since it was my first Managerial role; I was on top of my spirits to be a great manager.

The team (for a matter of fact anyone in the corporate) however did not see me as a mentor/friend, rather they saw me as a novice person in charge of them.

One such person who used to always pull my leg was Sarika. Speaking about her, her looks were not anything out of the ordinary, lean built and the same age as mine (in fact she was two months older than me, which I got to know later on).

Sarika always taunted me that she had a higher percentile than me, being from the same year of graduation, yet she was an intern and I was leading the team. To which I kept replying that it is a matter of one’s skills, we all have a purpose and that’s what we should focus on.

That silenced her for some time, but the taunt never really stopped, until December 2014. I applied for leave and took a small trip, upon my return; I saw a different glist in Sarika’s eyes.

December being the month of Christmas and New Year, the company organized secret Santa celebrations. It was a two-day celebration but due to my bad health, I called in sick on the first day.

On the second day when I came in, I was showered with gifts, most notably a wristwatch which I happened to deduce the second I picked up the box. Sarika was by my side and was tugging at me to see if I could guess what it was? and immediately said, “It’s a watch.”

She was surprised and asked “How are you so confident?”, and I replied, “I can feel it, it’s a watch, most probably black in color.

Sarika: Open it, let’s see if you have X-Ray vision, or was it mere guesswork.

The look on the office intern girl’s face confirmed all of my calculated guesses.

The day went well. But Sarika started talking to me a lot more. Shared lunch with me. She made sure I ate properly and on time. We got along very well and shared teacups as well.

It was a weekend wherein I visited a superbike rally/exhibition. It was late at night that she called me.

I answered the call and she asked.

Sarika: What are you doing?
Me: I am outside right now. Is it okay if we can talk tomorrow?

Sarika: Can we talk right now? Please?
Me: Ok. Tell me, what is it?

Sarika: Are you really smart or you act dumb?
Me (bit startled): What do you mean? I didn’t get you.

Sarika: Don’t act innocent, I know that you know it.
Me (still confused): I know what??

Sarika: I changed in many ways for you, and you barely even noticed.
Me: What changes? (I asked blatantly.)

She: I got a new hair cut and you didn’t even notice.
Me: Oh okay, but you look great every day.

She: Tum bhondu ho ya banne ki acting karte ho?
Me: Kya matlaab?
She: I love you stupid.

I was stunned and there was a short silence between the both of us.

I regained my senses. My intern was confessing her feelings to me. I didn’t know what to say.

I told my co-worker girl to think about it. Because this relationship was destined to fail. She agreed in false optimism.

After that call, I was on cloud nine. I had an intern who had hots for me and could see her from Monday to Friday on any pretext I wanted.

Slowly, we started going out. In between, we both quit our jobs. The day came when she asked me if I could get her papers for her. I happily agreed. And there, I was at her home with her documents only to find her alone with her sister.

I was given a warm welcome, we exchanged pleasantries and were seated in the living room. She asked me if it was easy to find her place. The spark in her eyes was unmatched.

Sarika looked at her sister and asked her to get me some tea.

Her sister stepped inside and Sarika came close to me and gave me a tight hug. That hug felt like forever.

My ex-co-worker cum girlfriend looked into my eyes and we kept coming closer. I gave a peck on the cheek and our hearts went racing. The room was super quiet. And she could hear my heart pounding through my chest.

My tool was getting harder by the second only to be restricted by my pants.

She came closer and rested her head on my shoulder, carefreely playing with my fingers.

I squirmed at her touch and my dick was feeling the rush of my blood. My dick slowly slid to the side of my undies and sprang out to grow furthermore. I think Sarika saw it too. Her voice had gotten sensuous, and she looked at me and said, “I am your lover. Can I please see your dick from over your clothes?” with a naughty smirk on her face.

Swallowing a lump, I nodded in agreement. She stared at me from below my waist.

I was wearing formal pants and the bulge was on the visible and she saw it and said, “Kitna bada hai yeh, wooww!”

“Kitna Bada hai yeh,” she repeated and I was elated.

Our eyes met. My lover was shy and excited. I came closer to her and hugged her. She hugged me tightly and her hands started going all around my back.

After quite some time, she let go of me and went to get tea for me.

Sarika came back with a smile, a glist in her eye, and served me tea. Sitting next to me, she was eagerly waiting for me to finish my tea.

My gf then took the cup back and sat beside me, running her fingers over my hands and shoulder, all the while stealing glances at my tool. After a while, I felt soft and warm on my elbow. A current ran through me and I understood that Sarika had removed her bra. She did this under the pretext of keeping the teacup back in its place.

I turned towards her and looked at her, she looked like a person intoxicated with lust. Lips and fingers shivering. Eye moist and fixed in a state of trance.

I leaned toward my lusty girlfriend and gently kissed her cheek and swiftly kissed her earlobe. She moaned and in a mixed reaction, she first tried to push me away and then pulled me toward her. My hands ran over her back reassuring my guess of her removing her bra.

I caressed her from over her t-shirt and then gently ran my fingers over her waist. Her jeans was a bit loose enough to let my fingers and palm slide in and freely roam.

Sarika was holding me tightly. I went slowly on her and just kept rubbing my fingers over her waistline. She stood up in front of me cupping my face and kept saying, “I love you.”

All the while, her t-shirt showed me the beautiful mounds of my girlfriend’s breast with a tad hint of her caramel-brown nipples.

My dick by now has risen to its full stature and was paining. I let out a grunt due to the pain, and Sarika came back to her senses.

She saw my tool from over my pants, jutting out from my underwear and she with shaky hands tried to cup it and feel it. She could only say, “Wow” in a hoarse voice trying to contain her excitement of touching a guy for the first time.

I kept looking at her face, wondering if it would be a correct time to touch her breasts or give her a gentle rub on her lady lips.

But before I could even muster the courage of saying or thinking, my lover pulled my fly open. And my cock sprang out like a jack in the box, in its full size and girth.

Time froze for me and Sarika. She kept looking at it for the longest possible time before swallowing a big gulp and mustering the courage to touch my veiny throbbing cock! She then gently touched it, her hands were hot and cold at the same time and the cock twitched at her gentle touch of the fingertips.

My gf then tried holding it with her hand slowly using her other hand trying to hold the entire shaft by its length. I then asked her, “Kaisa laga?”

To which she smiled and said, “Isko andar lene mein bahut dard padega, but I will try. Isse mein chusna bhi chahungi.”

In her playfulness, she happened to pull back my foreskin and the tip of my precum-oozing dick’s mushroom head out.

A whiff spread in the room, this smell is well known to anyone who has had sex.

My girlfriend took a deep breath near the tip of my shining pink dick head and kept staring at it. I then slowly slid my hands under her t-shirt and rummaged through on her back. all the while she was holding my dick with both her hands. The rushing blood in my dick was making it vibrate and she could feel the rush.

I gently reached her lovely mounds and pressed them. They got firm with my touch owing to all the action, I could feel her hairless smooth skin. The nipples taunting up and making their presence seen from over the t-shirt. I kept fondling them till my heart’s content while Sarika kept holding on to my tool.

I then gradually moved to her waist and rubbed my hands on her butt, they were super soft and smooth.

Sarika stood up without leaving the hold on my dick and brought her face closer to my face. Both were having a smirk.

I pressed down on her butt and gently shifted my palms to her side and bringing them to the front. I kept them laying on her hips. My palms and fingers had gone sweaty.

Before I could say anything, Sarika came into action and let go of her one hand, and started to jerk me off. She was a bit rough since it was the first time she was handling a dick. Gradually, she caught pace with the jerking motion. My dick was squirming on every tug given by her.

That was when I realized she had undone the button of her jeans for me to easily get into her pants, and that was when it struck me, my lover wasn’t wearing any panties all the while.

My hands instinctively went to her navel and then descended downward, anticipating some hairs. To my sweet surprise, I found her hairless and smooth down there.

The moment my fingertips reached her pubic region, her grip got tighter and she jerked a bit. She looked up at me and was smiling.

I smiled at her and blinked as if asking for permission. She smirked in a shying manner and I got the courage to go down further. The moment my finger reached my girlfriend’s pussy lips, she let out a moan and jumped. She then knelt down, spreading her legs and pulling her jeans till her mid-thigh, exposing her beautiful shapely butt.

I wasted no second and started rubbing her pussy with three fingers. My middle finger occasionally would make it to her leaking love hole and I could feel her juices dripping drop by drop. I pressed her clit on the way while she rolled her eyes and head back enjoying my manly fingers on her warm moist pussy.

My dick was tightening by the millisecond, making her vice-like grip almost unbearable, despite her having petite and soft hands. She felt the tightness. Before we could think, I shot a jet of cum which straight landed on my gf’s face.

Sarika was having her orgasm for the first time and that too, an intense one. Her mouth was open and she was looking at me when my first cum spray was shot.

Not knowing what to do and trying to save her clothes and hair from my cum, she hovered over my dick trying to catch the long sticky noddle-like thread jutting out from my dick. She managed to take a few in her mouth.

When it was over and the feeling subsided she looked at me and said, “Wow, you are a human volcano.”

I asked her how she felt, and she said I want to have round two.

All the while, my slopping dick was in her hands and her boobs were out and pants down.

We tried gathering ourselves, while I noticed a shadow from the other end of the room’s corner. I understood my girlfriend’s elder sister must have seen us since we didn’t call her outside or make a noise for the past couple of hours.

That’s how I ended up being a helpful manager.

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