Ex gives herself as birthday gift to her colleague

“Hi, what is this video? It seems to be three hours long,” I asked my ex- gf, Reema.

“Hey. Watch it, na. I’m sure you’ll love it,” she said, adding a winking smiley.

Even though we weren’t dating anymore because we lived in different cities, Reema and I shared a very transparent relationship. We used to meet once in a while, and she told me about her occasional sexcapades.

When I opened the video, I saw her colleague Rathik. He was holding the camera in front-facing mode. As he panned around the room, I saw another colleague of hers, Sanjay, walking across carrying a large cake.

Then I saw Reema sitting at a dining table. Finally, there was a third colleague Nimith, who was busy with a phone call.

I realized this was shot on Nimith’s birthday a week ago. Rathik took the camera and went near Reema. She was wearing a yellow knee-length dress that I had gifted her while we were dating. She was sitting cross-legged on the dining table.

Rathik asked her, “Hey, what gift have you planned for Nimith?”

She smiled a naughty smile and took one breast out, and held it out for the camera. “How about I feed him some cake on this? I think that’s good for starters, na?”

“Hmm, sounds delicious,” Rathik said, “but what about the main course?” She gently lifted her skirt to give him a sneak peek at her bushy pussy. “Oh, there’s more than enough down here,” she laughed.

That’s right. My ex was sitting on the table with a pretty dress, wearing nothing underneath. Sanjay placed the cake on the table beside Reema. He then called Nimith, who appeared to be having an intense conversation on the phone.

When the three of them finally settled in one place, Reema lit the candles, and they all wished Nimith as he blew the candles and cut the cake. Reema took a swipe at the cake, took her left breast out, and smeared the cream on her nipple.

She then held it out for the birthday boy to eat, which he did lovingly. He took her other breast out of her top and applied cake on both her nipples before taking turns to alternate and lick them.

Rathik gave the camera to Nimith to hold for a few moments. Rathik lifted Reema with Sanjay and placed her on a mattress. In a bit, her clothes were off. She spread herself naked on the bed, and Sanjay had placed a piece of the cake on top of her pussy.

Nimith handed the camera back to Rathik now and went down on her to enjoy his birthday cake. First, he licked the cream off her bush. Then slowly, he put his tongue inside her. Rathik moved the camera closer to her pussy.

When he zoomed out, I could see Reema was now holding one dick in each hand while Sanjay was rubbing some cream on her nipple. When Nimith finished licking, he went up to her, took his dick out, and put it inside her mouth. She was now handling three dicks at once.

Rathik now placed the camera at the top of the bed’s frame. I could see the three guys standing over my ex, having a pleasurable experience. Sounds of Nimith’s balls hitting her chin was all one could hear at that point.

As the birthday boy was ready, he slid back down to her pussy, spread her legs slightly, and licked her again. Then, he placed the tip of his cock on her pussy lip and gently teased her.

Rathik took the camera back in his hand and focused on Reema’s expressions. Suddenly, Nimith went all in, and she let out a loud moan. As he went in and out, her boobs did a little dance. Once in a while, one of them gave it a gentle slap as it jiggled.

Nimith rocked her for a while and decided to take a break. So he swapped places with Sanjay, who was a much aggressive lover. He started gently, but soon enough, the sound of his balls hitting her thighs cheeks just became louder.

When Sanjay slowed down for a second, Nimith put his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it like it was a juicy popsicle. A few minutes later, Nimith was back inside her. As he was the birthday boy, he got a bit of extra attention that day.

Rathik stepped aside to film them fucking, going in close as Nimith licked her armpits and kissed her neck. He zoomed in close as Sanjay rubbed his precum on her nipples. And when Rathik took over her love hole, Sanjay took over the camera.

Two hours into the video, they stopped for a break. Nimith ate her pussy as she drank some water and relaxed on the bed. And then, they flipped her around and continued.

She smiled when Nimith put his finger in her asshole as he fucked her again. When Rathik took over again, he did not last long. Four minutes into pounding her pussy and he shouted, “Ah Reema, I’m going to cum.”

She turned around and held her breasts together. Rathik dropped a lot of his jizz on them. Then, he used his t-shirt to clean it and flicked her nipple. Ten minutes later, Sanjay did the same. Jizzed all over her breasts and leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

Nimith was the last one. She curved her body when she bent, and he held her sides as his dick went in and out of her. When he told her that he was about to climax, she had a little surprise for him.

She sucked his cock for just a minute. She went back to her previous position. As he put his cock back in her, she asked him to cum inside her. The other two went, “Hey, that’s unfair. Why the special treatment for him?”

“Because it’s his birthday. Now Nimith, please fill me up.”

He was happy to do so. After a few minutes of going in and out of her moist pussy, he held her even tighter, bit her back, and dropped his entirety inside her. Trembling, they both fell sideways on the mattress.

Rathik, who now had the camera with him again, put it closer to her pussy. As Nimith pulled his dick out, his cum was oozing out of her, covering her pubes like snow on a forest. She rubbed her insides with her finger and then licked it and said, “Happy birthday Nimith. I hope you had the best birthday gift.”

He just smiled and nodded, too exhausted to say anything.

“Wow, Reema, that was some gift you gave those guys. You know, my birthday is coming soon. Need a similar gift,” I texted her after watching the video.

“Haha. Definitely. You know you’ll always have that access, whether it’s your birthday or not.”

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