Sex With Pallavi On Office Tour

Hello everyone, I am Raj from Mumbai. I am going to share my real experience with you on an office tour. This is a surprise sex incident with my office colleague. Her name is Pallavi, and she is 30 years old and not married.

To my surprise, she didn’t have a boyfriend yet. I am married. Being a friend to each other, we share good bonds and share everything.

So this happened on our office tour, where we both traveled to Banglore. We had a few others with us and had got a hotel booked by the office. We all had separate rooms. Pallavi and I had room side by side. We reached Banglore on Saturday and had our office meetings on Monday.

After I got fresh, I called Pallavi and asked her to come to my room to prepare for the Monday meeting. Pallavi was there in 10 minutes. She was wearing a t-shirt and hot pants, loose wet hair, and light pink lipstick. I had seen her like this for the first time and kept staring at her until she calls my name.

I was back to my senses, and we sat and started discussing the preparation. While doing so, we touched each other many times. However, we used to it as that use to happen in the office also. I stood up and went to take some juice for us from the fridge.

When I returned with juice glasses, Pallavi was bending in front of the laptop. I was getting a clear view of her boobs covered in black bra. I again kept staring, and she caught me and sat properly, giving me a smile. We were done with the preparations, and it was almost 10 pm.

We then ordered the food and had it in my room. Then Pallavi started leaving, saying that she was sleepy. While she was walking towards the door, I just kept staring at her round and perfect ass. Before she could open the door and leave, I called her and said that she is looking too beautiful today.

She just smiled and said thank you and left. I could not forget the view of her beauty, her boobs, her ass. I never had such thoughts about her, but that day was different. I got hard on thinking about her. I masturbated that night thinking about Pallavi.

The next day evening we had to get together at a formal party. I wore my office suit. Pallavi dressed in her business casual shirt and trouser. Pallavi and I had danced together. I held Pallavi in my arms and hugged her tight. She didn’t stop me. Instead, she hugged me back. It was a great feeling.

After dancing for a while, we had our dinner and headed towards our room. It was almost 11 pm. I asked Pallavi if she wanted to spend some time with me in my room. She agreed, and we entered my room.

Pallavi went to the washroom to get fresh. I relaxed from my suit and was in a shirt and trousers. While Pallavi was back, she was also looking relaxed. Her tuck-in shirt was out, button from the top of her shirt was open, making her cleavage visible.

We then talk about the party and the people. I told Pallavi that I did not notice much as my eyes were only on her. She just smiled and said, “You are lying.” I said, “I am serious. I could not take my eyes off you as you were the most beautiful girl at the party.”

She said thank you and smile. I kept my hand on her hand and pressed it hard. She did not resist. I called her name. Pallavi looked at me, and I planted a kiss on her lips. Pallavi did not resist. She started replying as if even she wanted this. We took a pause.

Then I kissed her cheeks, neck, gave a bite on her neck and ears. I whispered in her ears that I like her and that she is so sexy and beautiful. Pallavi did not say anything and was just moaning and rolling her hand in my hair. We again kissed each other on the lips.

Soon it was so passionate that we were at each other’s lips and rolling our tongue with each other. I then made Pallavi lie on the bed. I lay beside her with my hand under my head and looked at her. On the other hand, I was exploring her body. I touched her boobs over her clothes and then started kissing her.

While kissing, I took off her shirt buttons one by one. The shirt was still on her body, and I put my hand inside and felt her stomach. She was shivering. I then moved my hands up and reached her bra strap below her boobs. I moved my hand up and placed it on her left boobs, and started pressing it slowly.

I pinched her nipples over her bra. Pallavi’s eyes were closed, and she was moaning softly. I then turned her around a bit and removed her shirt completely by taking it off her shoulder one by one. She was lying there in her grey bra and trouser. I took my shirt off and went on top of her.

I kissed her bare body from the top. Kissed and bite her neck. I gave a hard bite on her upper part of her boobs, which turned red into a love bite. She was enjoying every kiss and bite of mine. I then went on top and kissed her.

I then slowly went down, kissing her boobs, stomach, navel. I unhooked her trouser button and unzipped it. I just slid her trouser as much as I can and pulled her panty down, and kissed her. She started jumping and shivering and moaning loudly.

While doing that, I pulled her trouser down her hips and guided her to raise her ass. She did, and so I pulled her trousers down and took them off completely. Pallavi was looking so sexy and beautiful in her grey bra and panty. I took my pants off and again went on top of her.

I kissed her all over her exposed body. While kissing her shoulder, I took off her bra strap from her shoulder and pulled it down. Her boobs popped out. I started sucking and licking her nipples. Pallavi was moaning loud. I rolled my tongue around her nipples and made her boobs completely wet with my saliva.

Pallavi was moaning loudly and was taking my name as well. I then went down and, without warning, reached her pussy. I spread her legs and went between them. She pressed my head with her thighs. I spread it again with my hands with a bit of force. I then started kissing and licking her pussy over her panty.

I made her panty completely wet with my saliva. I then slid her panty aside and saw her pink pussy, clean-shaved, not even a tiny hair. I started licking her pussy, and so Pallavi was jumping with every touch of my lips on her pussy.I then pulled her panty down and licked her pussy hard.

I spread her pussy and started tongue fucking her. In a soft tone, Pallavi told me to be gentle as she has never done this before. She is still a virgin, and it is hurting her. This made me crazier, but I was gentle as I wanted to make her first time special.

I locked, and tongue fucked her slowly for about 10 -15 minutes and then went on top. I looked at Pallavi and asked her if she is okay. She said that her pussy is hurting a bit, but she liked it. I then ask if she is ready for me to go ahead and fuck her and take her virginity. She nodded as yes.

I took off my boxers and was naked in front of Pallavi. She looked at my penis and said that it is big and may hurt her. I consoled her by saying that I will be gentle. If it pains a lot, and if she can’t take it, I will stop. She just nodded as yes.

I spread her legs again, placed a pillow below her hips, and raised her pussy for a good entry. I then locked her pussy again for 5 minutes. I left enough saliva to lubricate it. I then placed my hard dick on the opening of her pussy and gave a push.

Pallavi moved up and closed her eyes. I held her hips tight and gave another push. My penis head was in her pussy. Pallavi moved her head here and there as she was in pain. I asked Pallavi if she is okay. She said she is fine. She asked me to put my penis inside at once so that it hurts her once and for all.

I did as she said and gave a hard push, and my entire penis was inside her pussy. Pallavi screamed, and tears started rolling down her eyes. I calmed her down and kissed her, and ask if she is okay. She said that it is hurting and feeling warm inside.

While looking at her, I started going in and out slowly. Pallavi was screaming and then started moaning. Pallavi said that it is okay now. She started enjoying herself, her pain vanished, and she was enjoying the moves. I increased my pace and started fucking her fast.

Her boobs were waving with every push, and she was moaning loudly. I fucked her in this position for 10-15 minutes. Then I turned her to one side and slept behind her. I inserted my penis from the back and started fucking her. While doing so, I was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

Pallavi had her eyes closed and was moaning loud. After fucking her from the back for a while, we changed position. I asked her to keep her hand on the top of the bed and bend. I inserted from back in the doggy style. She could not hold the bed.

So I asked her to rest her elbow down on the bed and raise her hips high. She did as guided. I inserted from back deep inside her pussy. Pallavi again screamed, but before she could say anything, I started going in and out. Pallavi was loving it and was moaning loudly.

Pallavi was tired, and so I made her lay on her back and loved her in missionary position. I used a little force to do deep inside her pussy. Pallavi held my shoulders tight. I hugged her tight and moved a bit fast. Pallavi was scratching my back. I was in no mood to stop.

I was about to cum, and so I told Pallavi that I am going to cum. To my surprise, she asked me to cum inside her. I told her that she might get pregnant. She assured me that she will take care of that. So after few more strokes, I loaded all my cum inside her pussy.

Pallavi was relieved and tired, and so was I. I collapsed on her, and we both hugged each other tight and slept cuddling each other. After 30-45 minutes, Pallavi went to the washroom to take a shower. Once she was back, I went for a shower. I came back wearing only my boxers.

Pallavi was lying on the bed in a bathrobe. I then sat next to her and asked how she is. She said that she loved it a lot. As it was her first time, so it hurt her, but it was a great experience.

We both kissed and slept, cuddling each other. I took the blanket over us and slept, hugging Pallavi. I asked Pallavi to remove the bathrobe and sleep naked with me. She agreed, and so did I remove my boxer. We both slept naked.

We woke up in the morning at around 9 am and took a shower together. We got ready and left for our meeting. After the meeting, we stayed there for 2 more days and had a lot of fun and sex session.

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