Lust For My Office Friend

Hi, Nikhil here, and I will share one of my stories about sex with my office friend.

So coming to the story, this relates to my office best friend, Neha. Neha is very hot with figures 32-28-30. She has a fair complexion and is 5.2 ft in height. She has been my best friend from the office for the last four years.

Coming back to our relationship, although we are best friends, we are more than that. I mean, we usually share double-meaning jokes. In the office, I used to press her and rub my hands against her boobs, and so on. But whenever I told her that I want to fuck her, she would say no.

She was dating someone at that time. I was jealous and angry because I was not able to fuck her. I was not getting a chance to fuck her. So, I made a devilish plan. Her birthday was coming near.

This time I said, I want to travel with her. I want to surprise her. She thought we would travel for one day and come back. So she did not take any dresses. And I let her believe that. But, I did purchase dresses for her. And a beautiful bikini too. I had purchased condoms, sleeping pills and whiskey, beer, and red wine.

Also, I had booked a hotel in Konkan with a sea view. That hotel was the only property within a 2 km radius. I had a cab ready, and I told her that we would start our journey at night. I had chocolates ready as well. So, the cab arrived at my location, and the journey started.

I was excited at the thought of fucking her. I picked her up. The travel was all late at night, and the road was local and with no light. I utilized this to full. As I said earlier, we were more than friends. So I started teasing Neha, sometimes holding hands, sometimes holding her waist.

The road was dark, and hence I started my move. I put my hand on her waist. Then slowly, I started to move up. I cupped her boobs from behind. Since she was wearing a loose top, it was very easy to slide my hand in. Then, I pulled her bra down and held her boobs.

I know she was excited, but I don’t understand why she would not let me fuck and made me do all this. I started to pinch her nipples and press her harder. I also unhooked the bra. I kept on doing this the whole night till we reached the beach.

On reaching the beach, there was a washroom, where she went to adjust her open bra and fix her hair. Since we reached the early morning, we traveled, explored some places. She was so happy to see the view, the early sunrise. The check-in time was 11 am, so we were a bit early.

I asked the hotel manager to give the room early if available, and he gave it to us. When we came to our room, she was just shocked to see the view. We had a private beach with a terrace balcony, giving a perfect view. She explored the property.

We ordered some food, ate, and had a bath. Since I did not let her sleep the whole night, we cuddled and slept. We woke up in the evening, had our tea, I took my camera, and we went out to explore nearby. After coming back to the hotel is when my plan was supposed to take place.

But before putting my plan in place, I again asked Neha. I told her that I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to sleep with her, but she said no. We came to the room. Then she asked me for my shirt as she did not bring any clothes. So I gave her one of my t-shirt and a boxer.

She changed into that and came to sit on the balcony. I asked the manager to send beer and snacks as we were not in the mood to eat. Although Neha does not drink, I forced her. She obliged to this because I did emotional blackmail. So we were sipping beer along with snacks while enjoying the view.

We talked, I gave her a quick kiss. She did kiss me back. So phase one is complete. Now next, I made a mix of beer, whiskey, and wine. And with that, I added some sleeping pills to that mix. I made two glasses of the same. I gave Neha the mix, and I had whiskey for myself.

Neha was unaware of what was in that. She resisted at first, but I made a teary face and asked her to drink it. I told her, take it slow, enjoy and drink. My plan was almost in place. There was one more thing that I wanted to do. But for now, we were enjoying the respective drink.

She liked the drink, though, and drank whole. She asked if I could make one more, and I said why not. I gave one more of that drink with sleeping pills in it. I noticed that she was now dizzy. My phase two was complete. I asked her if she wanted to sleep, and she said yes. She felt tired.

So, I supported her to bed, damn holder her in my arms felt great. No wonder her bf was so happy. ‘Langoor got angoor.’ But today is my day. I will have it my way. I made her sleep on the bed.

Now was the time for phase three. I quickly checked her, and she was awake but not in full control though. So, I took out my camera, adjusted the angle, and placed it on the location. The bed view was perfect. I closed the balcony gate. Now I was desperate to pounce on my friend. My lust for her knew no bounds.

I came to bed, started kissing her on her lips. She was kissing me as well. She wasn’t fully awake, neither was she fully sleeping, so she could not make out who I was. She kissed me, thinking I was Saurabh, her bf. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started kissing me.

I kissed her neck, and she moaned. I kissed her some more while I pressed her boobs over the t-shirt that she wore. Damn, she is hot as hell, and in my boxer and t-shirt, she was looking like an angel straight out of heaven. While this was going on, I had already started the camera recorder.

I pulled Neha up and made her sit while I removed her t-shirt by pulling it over her neck. Damn, she was only in her bra now. Wow, she has such lovely breasts. A perfect pair of meat to suck and pounce on them. Those have been the softest boobs ever.

I went behind her, and I started to press those boobs from behind. Since she was in front, I made sure her boobs are getting captured in the camera. Now I again made her lie down. I started to suck on those titties. Damn, her nipple placement is so perfect. She would put even Alexandra Daddario on shame.

I sucked her real hard. I bit her nipples, and she was moaning like hell, thinking I am Saurabh. She kept on saying, “Suck me, Saurabh, harder.” I kept on sucking hard, and since her boobs are fair, they became red with all those hard sucks and nipple biting. She seemed to be in pain, but I just kept going.

Now I took out the chocolate and applied it to her boobs. I rubbed that chocolate all over her boobs and neck, and stomach. I started licking all those chocolate. It was a sight for sore eyes. Now, I pulled the boxer down. That was very easy to remove.

Her legs are beautiful, perfectly waxed legs. I started to lick her legs. She was moaning and was sweating very badly. I think that was the effect of sleeping pills too. It makes the body hotter. But I was enjoying it. Anyways, after sucking her legs, I removed her panty too.

Damn, those pink pussy. Perfectly clean-shaven pussy. She keeps it clean for her bf I think. Or maybe she cleaned it thinking she would plan a trip with bf and surprise him. But I tricked her. I first touched her pussy with my hands. Damn, so perfect it was.

I started to lick her pussy with my tongue. I licked her more and more with my tongue, and she was moaning like nothing. She kept on saying, oh yes, and pushed my head down on her pussy. She wanted me (thinking I am Saurabh) to go deep. And I did exactly that.

Now I wanted to feel her pussy, so I pushed in one finger. She was too wet. I pushed my finger so deep. I could feel that spot. I touched her G spot, and she moaned. She begged me to go more. I kept on fingering with one finger till she came again. I tasted that, and wow, it felt good.

Now I wanted to increase the pain level. I inserted two fingers while sucking her with my tongue too. This time, the fingering was so intense that she came really, very quickly. It was time to insert 3 fingers. Well, her pussy is tight, even after getting fucked with her bf.

She seems to be in pain but was not that conscious to know the difference. I inserted them, kept on fingering like hell, and she came again. Now, I went up to her mouth. I kept my penis on her lips. She immediately opened her mouth. Well, you know why? She thinks I am Saurabh.

I inserted it in her mouth. I made her suck me. My dick was already very hard by now. At one point, I pushed it so deep into her mouth that she gagged. Now I decided to go down. I tore one condom packet and applied it on my dick.

Slowly, I rubbed the dick on her pink pussy. I kept on teasing her. She was like, “Saurabh, please, do it.” When she was least expecting, I pushed my dick in her and with one full force. She felt the jerk and pain at that point. But, now I was in her. I started to move, stroke her.

At this point, I fetched the camera near the bed in my hand and recorded this fuck. I was fucking her slowly at first, recording her at the same time. Her face, her boobs, her body, her pussy filled with my dick. I increased my pace and kept on fucking her for some time.

When I was about to cum, I removed my dick, removed the condom, and came on Neha’s boobs and face. Later I made her suck my dick as well. Damn, I was so satisfied.

I recorded that face and boobs sprayed with cum all over. Although I closed this recording, I again fucked her two times more during the night in her sleep.

Finally, my lust for Neha was fulfilled. I fucked her. But, wait, hold on, there are so much more to say, what unfolded next two days. I tricked her, blackmailed her into staying in the resort for the next few days with me, and made her fuck me.

So story of a night of slow passionate fuck will be in the next part. Till then, stay tuned. And if any lady is interested in sex chat, can message me on [email protected]

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