Long Car Drive With Sexy, Married, Ex-colleague Priti

Hello, this Ron from Bangalore. I am 31 years old, decent looking, and a fun-loving guy. Like most people in Bangalore, I am working in a Fortune 500 IT company.

This is a story about how I seduced my ex-colleague. I am writing this story after getting consent from Priti. In fact, she encouraged me to write and put it up here. I hope you all enjoy it.

About me, I am single now after going through a tough divorce. This is a real story from a couple of years back when I had just gotten out of my divorce battle.

Priti (name changed), one of my ex-colleagues, used to report to me in the past and had now moved to a different company. We used to still be in touch, even after she left my company. I never had any wrong intentions towards her although she was lean and looked really hot. Her dressing made her look that much sexier.

Her size was 32-24-30 (which she told me at a much later stage). I never wanted to have any relationship in my office, and hence always tried to stay away from making any advances with colleagues.

Coming back to the story, one day I received a message from Priti. We used to catch up on WhatsApp once or twice a month. This time, I received a message around 8 pm. She had messaged me while in the office, and started off with her office talks, then got into general discussions.

We continued talking for hours. This was unusual as we used to mostly have short conversations. Priti was married and had a young daughter, we never talk late at night because she would be busy doing her house duties. But that day was different, we went on to chat till late at night.

Out of curiosity, I asked her how come she was talking so late that day. She mentioned that her husband was out of the country for work for a month, and will not be back for the next few months.

Well, that was an interesting situation, I had gotten myself into. I had strange thoughts now, but I did not want to make a move keeping in mind she was my (ex)colleague. I did not want to have a bad name in my office (although she had quit, she was still in touch with most of our colleague’s circle).

I continued to chat normally. It was a Friday evening. I asked her about her weekend plans. She was just going to be at home. I told her I was planning to go out with friends and have some drinks.

Priti said she missed doing those things, but I remembered Priti mostly used to skip office parties and even if she attended, she never used to drink any alcohol.

I asked her what was that she was missing as she never drank. She mentioned she used to go out on drives with her husband and they used to drink beers and stay overnight, she was missing those days.

Me: That’s surprising.

Priti: Haha, you don’t know anything about me.

Me: In fact, you seem to be a completely different person outside work. What else I don’t know about you?

Priti: There’s a lot!

Me: Ok, go ahead, I am all ears.

Priti: You ask, and I will answer.

My mind was working mischievously now. I still did not want to push it too much and embarrass myself.

Me: Haha, now that you told me about your drinking, I have a lot of questions.

Priti: Go ahead and ask anything. I’ll answer.

Me: How come drinking? When did you start this?

Priti: I was from a very conservative family, and never got a chance to go out for parties when in college. So, when I was married, my husband was kind enough to make me experience these things which I had missed out on.

Me: That’s great, how come you never drank with us in any of the office parties?

Priti: I did not want anyone to know, that’s why.

Me: I don’t believe you at all.

Priti: It’s up to you, to believe me or not.

Me: Well, in that case, drink with me one day, only then I’ll believe you.

Priti: You know that I can’t drink and go home, right?

Me: That’s your problem, you figure that out. I’ll not believe you unless you drink with me. You pick the place and time.

Priti: Haha, let’s see.

Me: What else?

Priti: It’s already late, let’s sleep.

Me: You are sleepy already!?

Priti: Not really. I thought it was late for you.

Me: No, not at all, you tell me more, I’ve been the one taking all this while.

Priti: Hhmmm, I’ve always wanted to ask this, don’t answer if you don’t have to.

I knew it was going to be about my marital troubles.

Me: Go ahead, no problem.

Priti: I know you’re going through some troubles in your married life. How are things, how are you holding up?

Me: It’s not easy, it gets difficult at times but I’m ok.

Priti: Well, it’s all for the good, don’t worry.

Me: Haha, yes, let’s talk about something else. I don’t want to go into that shell.

Priti: Ha-ha, ok, so tell me how is this newly found freedom for you?

Me: Oh it’s good, but you know you also miss a few things.

Priti: A few things, like?

Me: You know.. You’re married too.

I was worried after sending the message, wondering what she would think about me but her replied changed the way I was thinking. She was so casual about it. It definitely broke a barrier.

Priti: Yeah yeah, I totally get it. Poor someone is all lonely.

Me: Haha, yes, “he” is.

Priti: Why is “he” not looking for company?

Me: Oh “he” is, but it is not easy to find someone.

Priti: LOL, I feel sorry.

Me: That someone’s day will come – one day!

Priti: I hope it’s sooner than later.

Me: LOL, thank you.

Priti: How was your sex life before things went bad?

Oh, that was bold and direct, caught me off guard for a second.

Me: It was fun and interesting, we did some crazy things.

Priti: Interesting, what’s the craziest thing you have done and where?

Me: On the beach. Lol.

Priti: Haha, really!

Me: Yes, and what about you?

Priti: Definitely not outdoors like you, but I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all possible things indoors.

Me: Wow, you seem very experienced.

Priti: You bet!

Me: How often did you do it?

Priti: We used to do it almost every other day.

Me: So, someone must be missing it too.

Priti: Well, a little bit of course.

Me: Haha.. What is your favourite thing you did?

Priti: Eating candy, never miss the opportunity.

Me: How many candies so far?

Priti: Just the one, but countless times.

Me: Nice, certainly not what I expected, another hidden thing about you.

Priti: Haha, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Me: I still can’t believe you drink, I need that drink with you/

Priti: Hahaha, let’s see. Never gonna go home drinking. But let see.

Me: Ok, I’ll be waiting.

A couple of days later, I got a message from my ex-colleague Priti. She mentioned getting off work early and wanting to meet. My mind started wandering. Lots of weird and naughty thoughts were running in my head.

I knew I had a chance with one of the beautiful girl which most men would desire to have, but I didn’t want to blow this off or make it an embarrassment.

We agreed to meet that evening. She usually worked during UK hours and she had taken half a day off. So, we planned to meet at around 6 pm. She had time till 10 pm before she had to go back home. I had a 4-hour window to make my move.

I got dressed. Jeans and shirt – she had mentioned during one of our chat that she likes to see guys in shirts. I’d my top button removed just to show some skin and hair hoping it turns her on. And it did work, she told me about it later.

As planned, I took my car and waited near her office. I waited for a while when she came and she quickly sat inside the car – as if she did not want anyone to see.

She was wearing a kurta (which showed a little bit of her back and neck), jeans, and a dupatta to cover her head. She was looking great, a dress that fit her body and showed her curves. She was well dressed as always and looking gorgeous.

We greeted each other and then left from there. We both decided to go on a long drive; hang out in some restaurants near the city outskirts for a while, then come back in time to drop her home.

We started our drive. It was a really cool, breezy evening with rain around the corner. It seemed like a perfect day for drinks. I asked her for that drink she had promised to have with me – she said, “No,” as she wanted to go back home and she can’t go home drunk.

I said, “Come on, I’m asking for just one drink and not to get her completely drunk,” she still said, “No alcohol,” and I respected her decision, and said, “Then let’s have coffee.” She agreed this time.

While we were driving, we continued our conversation from our chat of the other day. I asked her about her husband, family, and general stuff and we were having a good conversation every now and then jumping into the sexual discussion.

We were both teasing each other and I could feel the tension growing. But, at the same time, I was very careful not to make a rash move, cross the line and make it awkward.

After a decent drive, we stopped at a Coffee Day outlet and ordered a coffee. Our flirting continued and we both seemed to be enjoying it. I did not know where this was heading, but I was enjoying it.

We finished our coffee and left the place and the skies were dark and the rain was about to pour pretty quickly. We got into the car and started driving back towards the city and as expected the rain started pouring down heavily.

We continued our drive in this beautiful weather and I continued my flirting. I asked my ex-colleague more about herself and what she was missing now as her husband was not in town. She did not mind these questions and was happy to answer them in a humorous and sexy way. She never crossed the line or gave away any intimate detail at any time.

While she was talking about one of the incidents with her husband, she suddenly went silent. She had a sad look on her face. I asked her what had happened and if she was ok. She said she was fine, but her face said otherwise.

She asked if we can park the car for a while, and just sit in the car and enjoy the rain. It was a great idea as I was finding it really difficult to drive in the heavy pouring rain.

I parked the car on the service road of the highway. I asked her what happened and why did she go silent? After some probing, she told me that she missed her husband. I told her not to worry, and things will be fine, and he will be back soon. I moved slightly from my driver’s seat and went closer to her and raised my arms offering a hug.

She came in my arms and was lying on my chest with her head down for a while. I was rubbing her hair and back gently. I did not want to disturb her. I just wanted her to relax.

My ex-colleague was in my arms for a good couple of minutes. I asked her how she was feeling? She just said, “Mmmm hmmm.”

I lifted her head up slightly, but she went back hiding her head in my chest. I lifted her head again and this time she was looking at me and was staring at me for a while, the tension was building and my brother down below was getting harder.

As she was looking into my eyes, I kissed her on her forehead. I did not get any response. I took that as a positive sign and kissed her again on the forehead.

Then I slowly gave a small peck on her cheeks, and I quickly went for her lips. She did not respond at first, but she started opening her lips ever so slowly and started responding to my kiss.

Oh my god, she was such a good kisser and her lips were so soft! I can still feel the taste of her lip-balm even today.

Our tongues were exploring all possible parts of our mouth, and we continued kissing. I was holding her by her waist as we continued kissing. I slowly moved my right hand up to her left boob and grabbed it. My ex-colleague instantly pushed my hands down but the kiss continued and there was no stopping it.

The heavy rains meant that there was no visibility from outside as well which was working perfectly for us. We continued kissing and I took my arm again to cup her left boob. I held it and massaged it for a short while before she again pushed my hand away and said she doesn’t want me to hold her breasts.

There was an awkward silence for a while, and I hugged her again. She was not resisting the hug. I pulled her head up and we kissed again for a while. She said, “Let’s go,” as she wanted to go home. I agreed and started my car. She said that she was tired and wanted to rest and asked me if she can lie on my lap while I drive.

I said, “Yes,” and I started driving. She was lying on my lap and her forehead was very close to my dick. I was pretty sure some part of her forehead was touching my rock-hard cock, but she did not move and was lying there.

My ex-colleague was not talking much and was lying on my lap with her eyes closed. I did not want to disturb her or wake her up, so I played some soft music.

I was driving while playing with her hair and massaging her head and forehead every now and then. She did not object to any of it and was lying there as if she was asleep, but I knew well, she was just pretending to be asleep.

My mind was functioning on overdrive thinking what my next move should be? I continued playing with her hair and face and slowly moved my hands towards her neck and shoulder as if I was trying it give a massage.

She was lying there with her eyes closed, and I was enjoying the warmth of her skin. I then slowly moved my hands from her neck inside her kurta towards her right shoulder. I moved down towards her right boob.

I felt her upper part of the boobs and kept my hand there for some time, to check if there were any reactions from her. There was none, and I moved my hand further in to feel her boob completely. I was holding her right boob and slowly started caressing it.

Oh, it was one of the best feelings you get. I think boobs are the softest and best creation of God. It was just heavenly. I could see her facial expressions change, and she seemed to be enjoying it as well.

I continued caressing her right boob and then moved to her left boob, all the while without any talking and just the soft sensuous music in the background. I slightly pinched her left nipple and I heard a soft moan! The first real sound from either of us in a long time.

I continued playing with her boobs while she moved her head further on my lap. My ex-colleague was lying with her cheeks on my cock and moving her face around every now and then trying to feel the hardness of my cock. My hard cock really wanted to come out of my pants, but we were nearing the city and it was almost time for Priti to go home.

She checked her watch and slightly hit on my hand signaling me to remove it from her kurta. I did as she asked. She was still lying on my cock though.

After a while, she asked where we reached and got up. We were pretty close to her place. She quickly adjusted her dress and showed me the way to her lane.

We reached and she just said, “Bye,” and got down from the car and left. She just left without saying anything. I was confused and started driving back wondering what happened. I did not know what it meant. Was she happy or angry? I had no idea.

She messaged later apologizing for leaving abruptly and said that she will talk to me later as she had work at home to do. I let out a sigh of relief.


That’s it for now. In the next story, I’ll write about why she was sad, and how we overcame the problem and went on to have sex.

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