Got Lucky In Detention – Part 2

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“Aah, Sid, fuck, I think I should double your detention periods. Hmmm, I guess two times a week will be better,” came such moans from Swati miss cabin.

Swati was in her blouse, and petticoat lifted to her waist. Swati grabbed the edges of the table as Sid pumped his dick in her pussy from behind. Standing half-naked with her saree on the floor, Swati looked like a Perfect Bitch. Sid was wearing his t-shirt, and his pants were down on his shoes.

Swati was thinking, “Fuck, this boy is great. I am not going to lose this guy. My husband leaves me thirsty. And this boy OMG! Aah, he gives me the happiness that I deserve. Fuck, only if I could take him home.

Sid: Aah ma’am, if I keep getting detentions, other teachers will think I am just like other students. It will affect my ranks.

Swati: True, then let’s make some other way to meet, dear.

Sid takes his wet, juicy dick out and hits it on Swati’s ass cheeks. Swati turns around and gets on her knees. She holds his big dick with both her hands and sucks his dickhead. Yeah, his dick was huge enough that even after both hands over it, the dickhead came out.

Swati kept her eyes on Sid’s face. Sid watched his busty teacher on the knees, sucking his huge dick. She sat on her knees with only a blouse and petticoat, saliva drooling down her lips. She takes the cock off her mouth and spits on it, making saliva strings from her lips to his dickhead.

Sid holds her head and pushes his dick inside her mouth, and starts fucking her face. Swati holds Sid’s ass cheeks as she gags on his cock.

Swati thinks, “Oh, I need to take a selfie with this cock. I will have something to look at at night and finger or else make a video.”

Swati stops sucking Sid and crawls to the table, picking her phone up. She turns the video mode on in her phone and gives it to Sid. She holds his dick and looks at him.

Swati: Shoot a video of you cumming in my face.

Sid: But I am not feeling like cumming yet.

Swati jerks his dick harder, pulling his foreskin back and forth. Sid moves his head up in pleasure as he loves the dick massage. His eyes fell on the clock, and it was almost period time. He looks at Swati and says, “Ma’am, if you lick my ass, I can cum early. That is my weak spot.”

Swati nods her head, and Sid turns around. He leans a bit, and Swati pushes her face inside Sid’s ass and starts licking his asshole. Sid closes his eyes in pleasure. From between his thighs, Swati holds his dick and jerks it. Licking and jerking at the same time build up the force.

Sid turns around in a swift, and his heavy dick hits Swati’s face like a slap. She holds his dick without any anger and opens her mouth. He starts shooting and gives a loud moan, shooting all the cum in Swati’s mouth. Swati keeps her mouth open and looks at the camera like a porn actress.

Swati says, “Oh Sid, you nerdy topper and a damn horny fucker. These detentions are the best.” This gets captured in the video.

The cum filled her mouth, and a few drops fell from the side lips. After the session, both get dressed up, and Swati watches the video. She sees the fresh cum filling her mouth.

Swati thinks, “He comes to the college and then cums in my mouth. Man’s first jerk of the day produces a lot of cum, and that fresh cum is worth swallowing.”

Swati caresses her throat and looks at Sid. Sid gives her a smile and leaves for the class. Swati picks her phone up. She looks at her saree and then walks out of the cabin. She walks to the canteen and meets her friend, Mamta.

Mamta was another dusky beauty of this college. A South Indian woman who was amongst the teaching faculty of the college. A perfect figure like Pooja Hegde (actress from the south, Google her). Many kids loved her not only for the figure she maintained but also for the South Indian accent.

Both the beauties meet and settle on a table. There isn’t much crowd around in the canteen. Just a bunch of boys sat in a corner watching both the teachers talk.

One of the boys’ comments, “Fuck, one is white as milk, and the other is black as coffee, waah. The only dream is to have a threesome with these two beauties.”

The other friend of his says, “I have heard that this Swati and that nerd Sid are spending a lot of time together under the name of detention.” The same boy looks at his friends and hits him on the head, “That nerd, if he gets to fuck this Swati busty before me, I will leave this college.”

Swati and Mamta talk. Swati puts her phone down next to Mamta’s phone.

Mamta: Thanks for taking the detention duty on my behalf next week.

Swati: Come on. Don’t be so formal with me. I love punishing bad boys.

Mamta and Swati clap each other’s hands and laugh at Swati’s statement.

Mamta adds to it, “My husband is taking me to this new restaurant for our marriage anniversary celebration. Also, you know what happens when the mood is romantic. So I am taking a break. Thanks for covering up for me.”

Swati looks around and then looks at Mamta. She was going to talk something secretive.

Swati: Did the tablet work that I told you about last week?

Mamta: Yeah, it did. But you know a tablet fuck is no fun compared to a natural fuck.

Swati: I know (thinking about Sid’s dick) a natural fuck is always good. I have to go. We will meet after my lecture.

Mamta: Sure.

Swati, in a hurry, forgets her phone and leaves. Mamta, after a while, notices Swati’s phone, and curiosity takes over her. She looks around and unlocks Swati’s phone. As Swati had locked her phone on the video that Sid captured before leaving her cabin. Mamta sees the video.

Mamta says to herself, “Haa, these detentions I knew this Swati was doing something nasty in her cabin. Sid, the nerdy boy, had such a big tool. I didn’t know about this. Time for another detention, my boy. Thanks to Swati’s detention that I know there is a big dick in this college.”

Mamta walks to Sid’s classroom and requests the sir teaching to lend her Sid. She had to talk to him about his performance in her subject. Sid and Mamta walk to Mamta’s cabin.

Along the way, Sid keeps asking, “Is my performance weak, ma’am?” Mamta looks at Sid and says, “I have something to ask you. Once I do, you can attend your lectures.” They reach Mamta’s cabin, and Sid walks in.

Mamta looks outside in the corridor. No one was around. She locks the cabin door and turns the video on. She holds the phone with the video on in front of Sid’s face all of a sudden as she turns. He gets shocked watching the video. He steps back.

Mamta: How can you do this, Sid? Don’t you have any shame fucking your teacher?

Sid: I did not do anything. It was her. She told me to fuck her or else she would punish me.

Mamta keeps the phone aside and believes what Sid tells her. She looks at Sid’s innocent face. Also, she knew that Sid did not have the guts to fuck a lady on his own. “So, she made you do it?” asks Mamta.

Sid nods his head. “That means her husband also does not fuck her well,” Mamta thinks this and smiles.

Mamta: Sorry, Sid. But I will have to report it to the principal.

Sid: (joins his hands) Please, ma’am. Don’t tell the principal. I’ll be in so much trouble. My parents will kill me. I will be rusticated. I will do whatever you say.

She smirks as she gets Sid where she wants. Mamta points her finger at Sid’s crotch, saying, “I want to see it. Pull that dick out. Show me that hot dog.”

Sid looked at her with more shock, but he had no other way, “If you want me to pull it out. I will.”

Mamta watches Sid opening his zip and unbuckling his pants slowly. She walks to him and gets on her knees, slapping his hands away from his pants, “You are taking too long, nerd.”

Mamta pulls his pants down and watches the massive dick. Mamta’s eyes glow with lust-greed. Mamta thinks, “This tool is massive. I have never seen anything this big. Oh, it is heavy and thick too. My mouth waters watching it.”

Mamta grabs the dick, watching it constantly, “Mind if I taste it?”

“As long as you are keeping it a secret. I am ready to do….” Sid was about to finish his sentence. Mamta puts the whole dick inside her mouth. Sid closes his eyes, thinking, “Fuck, here we go again.”

Sid looks at Mamta’s face sucking his huge dick. Mamta looks at him with her eyes looking at Sid and her mouth moving over his dick. She takes the dick in her mouth, deep inside her throat, and then pulls it out. Sid watches the saliva over his dick and a drooling Mamta on her knees.

Sid: Mamta miss, you look incredible, and my dick just got hard instantly with your touch.

Mamta: You have a mouth-filling dick. It is hard to fit this huge tool in a mouth.

Mamta gets up and walks to her table. She looks at Sid, taking her saree off, and says, “It is simple, Sid. As long as you fuck my pussy and give me the pleasure you gave Swati. I won’t tell anyone about your little adventure with the teacher. Is it a deal?” Sid smiles, looking at Mamta with thumbs up.

Mamta drops her saree and petticoat. She was just in blouse and invited Sid by turning around over the table. Sid spits on his dick, making it wet. Mamta twerks her ass without looking back, “Come on, put it in, Nerd. My pussy is soaking wet. Just push it in, stop stalling.”

Sid holds his dick and puts his dickhead inside her pussy, tearing it nicely. Mamta moans and also screams a bit. Sid holds her waist, saying, “Ma’am, I just pushed the dickhead inside, and you are screaming.”

Mamta, moaning, thinks, “Aah, my husband is no match to him. Sid is so deeper. The spots where my husband has never reached. Sid will reach today.”

Sid pushes it deep inside, making it vanish inside Mamta’s pussy. Mamta grabs the edge of the table, moaning, “Aah, your dick is so thick, it is filling me up.” Sid starts fucking her rough without stopping. The wetness of her pussy made his dick move smoothly in and out.

Mamta bit her lips as her thighs started to vibrate. She started cumming on Sid’s dick as he kept fucking her. Mamta exclaimed, “Aah, I am cumming.” Sid kept fucking her adding to it, “Yeah, miss, I can feel it. Yes, ma’am cum on my dick.”

Mamta cums so hard on Sid’s dick. That she closes her eyes and relaxes for a while. When she opens her eyes, she sees Sid’s face in front of her and that she is lying on her back over the desk.

Mamta: I must have blacked out with that fuck. What the hell? How am I in this position?

Sid: We are not done yet, miss.

Sid holds her leg wide in the air and pushes his dick inside her pussy hard. Mamta, with a smile on her face, takes the dick like a pro-bitch. “Yeah, give it to me, slide it deep, my favorite student,” says Mamta as she grabs the table’s edges hard.

Sid pushes her legs more down, spreading them enough to flex her pussy. “Wow, miss, you are flexible,” said Sid as he entered deep. “Yeah, dear. Yoga and gym. When I get dicks like this, I know what a man likes. Or I must say what a student likes.”

Mamta says it with another orgasm. She moans as she rubs her pussy and feels the heavy dick inside her. Sid held her thighs and increased his pace. Mamta understood that he was about to cum, but she was not taking any pills. She pushes Sid away and takes his dick out, jerking it.

With a loud moan as soon as the dick comes out from the pussy. Sid sprays his cum over her blouse and face. Both get dressed. Mamta sees some cum stains on her blouse.

She takes it on her finger and tastes it with a smile, saying, “You are a bull, Sid. I have never seen a man spray so much cum. That too after being jerked once by another miss of his. I have to take a lecture in 10 minutes, and I would have been pretty mad at you for cumming over my blouse. But I was never fucked so good in my entire life. It was amazing.”

Sid puts his huge dick inside his pants and pulls his zippers up.

Sid: So, is our deal still on?

Mamta: It is but only on one condition.

Sid: What is the condition?

Mamta: That you have to fuck me again when I call you.

Sid: Absolutely miss. Whenever you call me, I will do it. Just you know not when Swati ma’am calls.

Swati later walked to her cabin. Mamta meets her halfway and gives her the phone.

Mamta: You forgot your phone in the canteen. I waited till your lecture was over.

Swati: Oh, thank god. You gave it to me. Where would I have gone searching for it? I will reward you later about this. LOL.

Mamta: Oh, don’t worry. I already got the reward.

Mamta winks at her and walks away. Swati watches her leave but ignores what Mamta says, and she walks to her cabin.

This is how Sid got lucky again because of Detention. Fucking two exotic teachers passionately in the same college. Are there more coming? To find out in the next part. Stay tuned if you like the story. Do tell me down in the comments which part was the best.

Till next time, thank you and take care.

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