Erotic Night With My Hot Colleague

Hi, this is Rohit. I’m here to share my experience of having an erotic night full of sex with my office colleague (Neha). I’m a 26-year-old, 6 ft tall, athletic, handsome writer from Jammu but now staying in Gurgaon.

This is my encounter with one of my favorite colleagues. This incident took place close to 8 months back. To start off the story. One day I happened to be in my office cafeteria for some evening snacks.

I saw this girl, Neha – beautiful, Intense, and attractive. She was sitting alone. I was amazed to see how such a beautiful lady was alone at such a happening time and place. I wanted to ask her but felt reluctant and decided to leave from there after having my snacks.

The next day, I intentionally went to the same place at the same time. To my luck, she was already there, sitting alone again. So I decided to show some courage and asked her, “Can I take this seat (Seat next to her) if you don’t mind?” To which she replied, “Of course, you can.”

That’s when our initial greetings were done. I came to know she was new in the office and was currently under training. She will be joining our team soon, and I was so happy to know that. That’s how our meetings started to become a regular routine.

Soon we became friends, but I was very attracted to her because of her beauty. Soon after joining the team, we started to do regular chats. We even started to hang out on weekends.

One weekend, we decided to go clubbing. We had booze, dance, etc. But during that dance, we intentionally or unintentionally started to feel each other. That’s when I thought she might also be sexually interested in me.

I have an athletic physique. She sometimes used to compliment me for that whenever I used to upload a new picture on Instagram.

After that night, things started to change. We started to touch or feel each other more positively whenever we used to get a chance. We started to talk about fantasies and sex over the phone. I came to know she had this wildest fantasy to get fucked in a Boys Hostel.

Next weekend, I invited her to my PG for some party (There’s no restriction in my PG). My roommate wasn’t in the city. So, while we were high on weed and whiskey, we decided to have a slow and romantic dance. Little did we know that dance will soon turn into a wild session.

While dancing, we were touching and feeling each other’s body parts. We came very close. At some moment, our tongues met and were into each other. That’s when the real fun began. I pushed her to the wall and started to suck and bite her earlobes and neck very seductively and slowly.

Soon the kiss got deeper, and we were exchanging saliva. Now wrestling with her tongue. Both of us knew perfect French kissing. So we kissed for a long time while exploring each other’s flesh. She was rotating her hand near my crotch.

Soon I unzipped and released my 7-inch monster, which was struggling for a long time. She couldn’t stand any longer. She started to take off my clothes and bite and kiss my lips, neck, and chest. She didn’t leave an inch. She was moving her tongue perfectly. I was caressing her smooth back in the black backless top.

She turned her back to me, and I was just licking her back of the neck. I start licking them up. Holding her breast from the backside, I felt her ass, and she was feeling my hard-on on her ass. She grabbed my penis above my pants. I don’t want to miss the sensual moments and lady whom I desired for long.

I told her to hold back and let me be wild. We went to the balcony. I made her stand there itself. I lifted her skirt, kneeled on the ground, and start kissing her beautiful legs. I can feel her pleasure. Her nails were digging my back, and she was telling me to stop.

But I didn’t want to miss the nectar of her beautiful body. I was kissing her legs and licking them up. It was my close to one-month-old desire to do so. My hands were up towards her crotch. She just couldn’t stand it anymore. She sat over there only. I just picked her in my arms and took her to bed.

I switched ON the medium light and played the music. I went to hold her from her hair, kissed her lips, and started licking them. She wants to remove her clothes. But I told her to let me have the privilege. She nodded yes. I took off her top and could see the see V-shaped breast.

Both milky color boobs are coming out. I touched them from there, feeling the stiffness of her nipples. I kissed her on the bare breast. I started chewing her body. My tongue was working from breast to her neck and lips. I was enjoying the taste of juicy boobs of my hot team member.

She was shivering and asking me to unwrap her from clothes and wrap them in my hands. Slowly, I pushed her on the bed and opened the string of her skirt. I wanted to enjoy her. I took off my t-shirt and lay on her. My skin was rubbing on her skin, and I licked her closed eyes and ears vice versa.

She was so deep in the enjoyment I felt her breath, and her hands were deep in my back. I opened my belt and loosen my jeans. Meanwhile, I sucked her nipple above her bra. I slowly moved down, started to lick her from tip to toe. I took her panty off while moving up.

I kissed, licked her between her legs. I came down to her pussy lips and licked the salty nectar. She said she had already cum on the balcony when I was working my tongue on her legs.  I start working with my tongue. She parted her legs in the air and shouting, “Eat me!”

She bends her legs, and I had her full pussy on my platter. She told me now to stop watching them. “Eat it as hard you can.” She came after 5 minutes. She wrapped her legs on my neck. I was unable to breathe, and she came again. My hands were on her boobs, which were still resisting with a bra.

She was lying dead, and even I lay there, her legs were on my abdomen. My tool was still erect. Now it is her turn. She came to me and whispered that it’s her time now. She kissed me on my lips and tasted her taste, and said, “Not bad at all.”

She kissed my bare chest, chewed my nipples. She removed my underwear and started to rub her pussy on my dick. She went down and started to lick my tool like a lollipop. Only the top of my penis was in her mouth, and she was encircling her tongue. It was an unforgettable experience.

She took my whole dick inside. She was choking but didn’t want to stop. Her hands were on her boobs, pressing themselves. I told her to stop, or I will cum. She pushed my dick in her pussy and start jumping. The room was filled with just ‘pach pach’ sounds.

The music was ON. But our breath and sounds of fuck were more than that. I was enjoying and I opened her bra from the backside and started playing with her nipples.

Soon after that, suddenly, she pushed her left boob in my mouth. I could say off all the boobs I have tasted so far, hers was the best.  I pushed Neha down, came on top of her, and tried to tease her by rubbing my cock on her dripping pussy.

“C’mon  fuck me, don’t tease me and make me yours,” were her word. With one hard push, I entered inside her. It felt like I’ve entered some hot volcano. I started ramming her at full speed. She was continuously moaning, “Aahh, fuck me hard.”

When I told her I was about to cum, she bent on all fours. I again entered her from behind. Within 2-3 minutes this time, I cum deep inside her.

After that, we both laid naked, slept soon with the music. We woke up with a beautiful, satisfactory smile the next morning.

Thank you. That’s my sex story about wild sex with my office colleague in Gurgaon. Please provide your valuable feedback. Any girl or lady or aunty from Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, and nearby areas wants to enjoy can reach me at [email protected] I’ll definitely try to reply asap. Thank you.

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