Hot Experience With Married Teacher – Part 1

Hi to all the readers this is my first experience which I wanted to share with you all.

To describe myself, my name is Cherry. I am an average looking guy. The story happened when I was 19 years old.

I was a bright student right from a young age itself. We had a new teacher for English. Her name was Varsha. She was 30 years old and married but looked very attractive who could just give boner with her looks.

Varsha teacher was traditional and always in sarees. She was so hot that all students in our class were addicted to her. I was one of them as well.

So whenever her class starts, I used to be on the first bench just to admire her beauty. I used to get glimpses of her lovely boobs which were just two amazing mangoes waiting to be tasted! My teacher’s navel was like a hole waiting to be drilled. Even she used to give that sexy look which would instantly give you a boner.

One day, Varsha teacher assigned us something to read. Everyone was immersed in the reading but I was just looking at her. That day she was wearing a sexy red saree.

She came to me and sat beside me. I was intoxicated by the fragrance of her body. Suddenly, my teacher softly placed her hand on my thigh and asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

To my luck, the bell rang at that moment and she went out.

I was afraid of whether she would complain this to the principal and I ignored her from then. To my fate, teachers’ day arrived. Varsha ma’am was the centre of attraction.

Varsha ma’am wore a white saree with sleeveless blouse. Her navel was just inviting to lick. Even her boobs were standing still, asking to taste them.

I was the main coordinator of the event. On seeing her itself, my dick got erect. (Thanks to my jeans which hid my boner).

The event started and everyone was involved in it. But I and Varsha ma’am were staring at each other. I realized she was conveying her message to rip her saree off, taste her mangoes, drink the best juice, and show her heaven! But I being a good boy, simply ignored her and left the place.

It was lunchtime. I was busy arranging lunch for all the teachers. Then I heard someone calling from behind. It was Varsha ma’am. She called me to our classroom. I said I will meet her after the program.

Everyone completed lunch. I was the only one left. When I sat for lunch, all had gone to the classroom except Varsha ma’am.

Me: Ma’am, aren’t you going back to the classroom.

Varsha: No, I am waiting to feed you.

Me: Ma’am, what are you saying?!

Varsha: I am here to serve you lunch.

Me: Ok, ma’am.

She then kept the food on my plate. Whenever she was bending, I was getting the glimpse of her sexy valley between two of those boob mountains.

I somehow started eating. Suddenly, the power went off. It was quite humid there and was sweating like hell. Then my teacher did something which blew me off. She unpinned her pallu and started waving it in front of me to direct some air. But I sweated more due to the view I had!

Her boobs were packed in a red blouse. I could see her red bra which was waiting to be opened. No words came from my mouth. But my big bro showed his presence.

She smiled and continued her show. Then she suddenly came forward and wiped my sweat with her pallu. I had my lunch right in front of my mouth. I could see sweat drops which were luckier than me to go inside her blouse and touch her boobs and come down to her navel!

I couldn’t concentrate on the food as I was concentrating on the ‘feast’ in front of me. The room was empty except for the two of us. As time was around 3 and the event completed, I heard the college bus leaving. It meant that only we were left in the corridor.

Varsha ma’am saw me not eating and she sat beside me. Her pallu was still out. I was staring at her boobs, waiting to taste them at any moment!

She asked, “Why stopped eating? Aren’t you hungry?”

I said, “I think the real feast in front of me and not in the plate.”

She smiled and said, “Let me feed you myself.”

Varsha ma’am took the food and started feeding some sweets into my mouth. I said that the sweet had less sugar. Hearing that, she put the sweet in her mouth and licked it with her sweetest lips and kept in my mouth. I said it was hot.

I said, “I am thirsty now.”

Varsha ma’am searched for water but there was no water left. She then said, “I couldn’t find water.”

I said, “Ma’am, I need something to drink. The food got stuck.”

She said, “Will you drink milk?”

I said, “Where will we get milk at this time?”

To my shock, my teacher took my head and pressed it between her two milk tanks. I wished I could stay there forever! They were the softest pillows I had ever slept.

I asked her, “How do I get milk from this?”

She opened her blouse followed by her bra and handed me her nipples. Believe me friends, I was awestruck to see her nipples protruding even at that age!

Without wasting time, I took my teacher’s nipple in my mouth. I was having the tastiest milk of my life. She was moaning like hell.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t control myself and put my finger on her navel.

She pushed my head deep. I heard her voice saying, “Did you like the taste? I have been saving it for you. It took you this much time to taste my milk.”

I said, “I never knew that milk would be so tasteful. I will never leave these milk tanks, these are always mine.”

She replied, “Those are yours anyway. Is it enough?”

I said, “Ma’am, I want the whole desert.”

She said, “We are in the college. So, not now. Complete your food and go home. I will call you later.”

She left from there. So friends, this is the first part and hope you all like it.

Anyone who wants to talk to me can mail me at [email protected] The remaining will continue in part two based on the replies I get.

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