Big Boobs Married Lady From Kolkata – Part 1

Hello friends! I am Chandan. I am actually from Chhattisgarh but currently living in Kolkata as my college is at Kolkata. I am in the final year of my graduate degree and 21 years of age, 6ft tall.

This is the story of my first sexual interaction way back in 2019. Actually, every Sunday I and my friends used to go out and enjoy the city. We, in general, spend time at some park, sometimes movies, etc. In our group, there were 3 boys and 2 girls.

On one such evening of Sunday, we were returning from MG Road to Kalighat via metro. Both the girls and a boy had got the seat. I and one another boy were standing near the gate.

At Esplanade metro station, a lady probably in her 30s boarded the metro. She was in a black salwar suit and had a netted black dupatta over her. She had a round red bindi on her head. This lady had a handbag along with her.

She had big round boobs like many of the Kolkata ladies. I don’t know what’s is the reason but ladies/girls from Calcutta have generally bigger boobs, at least as compared to those in my city.

Due to the enormous crowd, the married woman barely entered the metro and stood near the gate just beside me. Our arms were crushing against each other. At the next station, some people got down and many more people boarded. Due to this, she was now standing in front of me. She was crushing against me and me against the side armrest of the seats.

I was feeling her ass against me. It was very fleshy. I was enjoying her rub against me. Even her whole back was rubbing against my chest. I was getting excited.

The married Kolkata woman had tied her bun, the area near her neck was clearly visible. I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. I was also able to see some part of her cleavage due to my height and her netted dupatta.

All these things were making me excited and my dick started to rise. I started moving a little bit so that she don’t feel my semi-erect dick. But it was all in vain. Instead, due to all my movements, she just turned around to see my face. We had a little eye contact.

I stopped moving, but my dick didn’t. It was fully erect by the next minute. I was damn sure the married lady must be feeling my dick. I was a little afraid as all these things were new to me. I had never felt any lady with this closeness.

Again, at the next stop, some people boarded and some got down. She had a chance to move away from me but she didn’t move! I got a little confidence in myself.

I just slid my hands over her ass feeling her pajama and panty outline. She again looked towards my face with a little angry look. I just said “sorry” in a low tone.

Now I just was just feeling her ass and back over my body. And damn, her salwar zip at back was driving me crazy.

After 5 minutes of no movement from my side, I felt her moving her ass around my dick. It was crazy. Now my dick’s upper portion was resting at her ass crack. Suddenly, there was a slow down of the train due to the next stop. I utilized this moment and held her belly with one hand.

I waited for a moment when there was no reaction from the married woman’s side, I started feeling her belly button slowly. I was moving my fingers slowly over her belly button. She was going crazy with my movements. Just imagine being in the metro and feeling someone’s belly button who was totally unknown.

The train stopped, people moved but we stayed in the same position. As the train started moving, I again started moving my fingers along with my dick. I pretended like I was slow-fucking her. She just bent back and kept her head on my shoulder.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. It was one of the girls in our group. She just said in a low tone, “Next stop is ours, finish it soon.”

Now I kept my hand on the married woman’s boob and started feeling it lightly. As my fingers moved, I was able to predict where her nipples are! I slightly pinched it. She jumped a little.

Next, I kept my second hand over her pussy. I was able to feel hairs near her pussy.

Again, the train started slowing down, I knew it was my stop. I tried entering my fingers into her pussy. On this, she stopped my hand with hers. I then held her hand and quickly entered into her pants as well as panty. I was feeling her pussy hairs and entered my middle finger into her pussy. She moaned lightly.

I fingered one more time and the train stopped. I pulled my hands out of her pants. My fingers were wet in her pussy juices.

Then I moved and got down from the train feeling her ass for one last time that day. When I got down, I licked my fingers looking towards her. The married Kolkata woman just smiled and said same time same station. None of my friends were able to listen to this except that one girl who called me to tell me about the station. That girl’s name was Mansi.

On the way back to the college, I and Mansi were walking together, and the rest 3 were walking a little forward to us.

Mansi: Who was she?

Me: Who?

Mansi: Don’t pretend that you don’t know anything. I have seen you both. She was rubbing her butt against your that area.

Me: I actually don’t know her. Just an unknown lady.

Mansi: But she will call you tomorrow!

Me: Is it?

I said this in Sarcasm tone.

Mansi: Yeah.

She too replied in the same tone.

Mansi: Now tell me are you going?

Me: Yeah, of course, I will go. She is amazing.

Okay guys, this part ends here. In the next part, I will tell you what happened when I go there at the same time and same place. Have I got her or never found her? Stay tuned till then.

One more thing, any girls or women (especially from Kolkata) can contact me for a sexual relationship or chat at this mail by directly emailing me or through google chats. And rest all the people please give me feedback at this mail. This will keep me motivated to write the next part.

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