Erotic Encounter With Preeti Maam

Hi! I’m Raaj with a story of an erotic encounter. I am a young Electronics Design Engineer in a reputed company based in Navi Mumbai. I was presenting a design improvement proposal for one of the upcoming projects. I had some proposals that would improve the design and solve the hindering factors in the project.

The presentation was mind-blowing, and everyone was impressed by me. The managing director and all the senior managers praised my work. It was decided that I’ll be working on this project closely with Preeti Mam.

Preeti mam was in her mid-30s and looked extremely fit for her age. She was fair, and the rimless spectacles on her beautiful eyes looked elegant. Her dressing sense was also astonishing, like a typical Maharashtrian woman. She mostly wore salwar-kameez or kurti with leggings.

Glass bangles on her wrist made tingling sounds whenever she moved. A fine golden diamond nose ring added to her beauty. The red lipstick on her puffy lips looked like a cherry on top of the cake.

Soon we started working together. Most of the time, I used to be with Preeti mam in her cabin, discussing the project. Sometimes we had to stay a little extra time at the office to complete critical deadlines.

Gradually we became good friends working together. Our discussions started to continue outside office hours. We started discussing unofficial and personal things. It was a healthy bond like colleagues have.

After a few months of hard work, our functional prototype was ready. It was time to test it. The testing facility was in Nashik, a neighboring city of Mumbai. Management decided that we both would go together to the testing facility. It was an important affair, and nothing could go wrong.

And D-Day arrived. We reported to the office. I was making sure whether all the documents were up to date. Suddenly Preeti Mam came from behind and pulled my cheeks and said, “Don’t worry, young man. Everything will be fine. I’m confident in your design.”

These words gave me support, and I smiled back at her. We left for Nashik in the company cab.

At the Testing Facility, we handed over the prototype to the authorities and started the endless formalities. It took almost 3 hours for the formalities. Finally, after lunch, our prototype was taken inside the testing room.  After 3 hours of tests, the operator came out of the room with a report file.

He smiled and pointed towards a Big Green stamp on the first page of the file, which said ‘PASSED.’ I jumped with joy and looked at Preeti Mam. We both were so excited that we hugged each other, and tears rolled out of our eyes.

We separated quickly, realizing that we were standing in a professional organization and we were colleagues. We informed about the test result the Managing Director and everybody in the office. They all congratulated us. It was a wonderful feeling.

On the way back to the hotel where we were staying, we both were quiet. There was an awkward silence in the cab. I was in flashback when we hugged in excitement. I was reimagining the experience of Preeti mam’s boobs crushing on my chest.

I could feel her hard-pointed nipples on my chest even now while I imagined it. My penis started to get erect, imagining all this stuff and my pants took the shape of the tent. Preeti mam was seeing it from the corner of her eyes. I noticed it and immediately placed my bag on my lap to hide the tent.

I was embarrassed. I could not look towards her. Finally, she broke the ice and started to talk about the plan of the project to divert the awkward situation. We reached the hotel and checked into our respective rooms. I took a bath after a long hectic day.

My mind was continuously going through the same thoughts. Now I started sexually imagining her. How would it feel to kiss her? How will she react If I suck her milky boobs? In what tone will she moan if I lick her juicy pussy like a dog?

OMG! Imagining all those things made my monster completely hard. My dick was so hard that it was peeping out of the underwear hole (used to pee). I laid down on the bed and put my hands inside the pants. At that very second, my phone rang and brought me back to my senses. It was Preeti Mam.

“Don’t you want to have dinner? I’m damn hungry. Come down to the restaurant. I’m waiting for you.” I changed into shorts and a T-shirt, applied some cologne and went downstairs. Now I was conscious of my boner as I did not want any awkward situation again.

I went down to the restaurant and looked for her. She waved from a corner table to grab my attention. I could not recognize her at first glance. She was wearing a loose pink V-neck T-shirt and comfortable pajamas. I’ve never seen her like this before. I sat in front of her.

As soon as I opened the menu card to order, a steward came with a chilled bottle of red wine and food. I gave a puzzled look at Preeti Mam. She had a big smile on her face and said, “Let’s celebrate your very first success. Come on, don’t stare like this. Pop the bottle and serve us the wine.”

I opened the wine and poured some into the glasses. She raised her glass and signaled me to do the same and said, “Cheers!”

“Cheers,” I said, and we enjoyed the drink and food.

Now our discussion became light and informal. Gradually the wine started to show its effect, and we talked like friends. We talked about many things like our personal life, religion, politics, spirituality and whatnot. It was a great evening. Now our topic has taken an interesting turn.

She asked me about my college crushes. I asked her the same questions in revert. I don’t know whether it was wine magic or something. We started touching each other’s hands while talking. Then we talked while I was holding her hand as creasing her till the forearms.

I removed my flip-flops and touched her bare feet. She was laughing and enjoying the thing. Then I gathered the courage and kissed her hands while our feet were playing. Our talking stopped, and our eyes were glued to each other. I was enjoying the fragrance of the moisturizer she applied to her arms.

It was simply amazing. It was closing time, and we had to leave. While going back to the room, I held her hand and leaned on my shoulder. Our rooms were adjacent to each other. We reached near the door and were looking at each other.

My mind was blank, and also, she was not saying anything. I could feel she wanted me to come to her room, but she was not saying it aloud. So I kissed her good night and went to my room. I was not in my senses. I lay on my bed thinking about all that was going on outside.

My phone rang, and again it was Preeti Mam. “Hello. Are you sleepy?”

“No’” I replied. “Then come to my room. Don’t ring the bell. The door is open.”

I locked my room and went to her room. As soon as I opened the door, a fresh floral fragrance burst hit me. It immediately gave a relaxing sensation. A mild instrumental old romantic song was playing on Mam’s phone. Lights were dim, and not everything was visible.

“Lock the door and come to me, baby.” I looked in the direction of her voice and what I saw was a treat to my eyes. My Preeti Mam was sitting on the bed, looking at me with a seductive smile. She was wearing only her pink briefs and white camisoles. I was lost in her sexy avatar.

She again signaled me to lock the door. I went back and locked the door. Looking at her in this avatar made my dick rock hard. It was visible from my loose shorts. She signaled me to come close to her using her index finger. I followed her instructions and sat near her.

I looked at her from top to bottom. Her wavy hair was open and was partially covering her beautiful face. I could see her pointed nipples poking the camisole from inside, begging to be chewed. Her pink briefs covered the groin area just enough. Most of her buttocks were exposed.

Her chubby thighs and lower legs were inviting me to dig in. The sexual tension was so high that we both were breathing heavily without even doing anything. We were looking into each other’s eyes deeply. I removed her spectacles and kept them on the side table.

She closed her eyes which was a clear signal for me to make the first move. I placed one hand on her thighs and one on her boobs. “Ahh!” she moaned with goosebumps on her body. I creased her bare thighs and fondled her boobs. Her nipple was rock hard to touch.

She was breathing heavily with soft moans adding to the sexy environment in the room. Only this act increased our body temperatures. I removed my T-shirt as I had already started to sweat. I made her lie down on the bed and came on top of her partially from one side, still creasing her thighs.

Slowly it went close to her, and our lips met. OMG! Her lips felt soft as rose petals. Her strawberry-flavored lip balm was simply amazing. Now, this gave me goosebumps, and I felt a sudden tightening of my nipples. Our kiss involved our tongue in no time. She was a very good kisser.

Preeti mam put her fingers in my hair and started kissing me like a wild lioness. Soon it was a sloppy kiss. We licked each other like mad. Even I started to moan with pleasure now. I started to explore her body along with the kiss. I put my hand inside her camisole and explored her bareback.

Even though she was digging her nails in my back, she pointed out her completely red tongue. I took it in my mouth, and I sucked it as deep as possible. I wanted to see how wild Preeti mam could get. So I started to massage her pussy over her pants.

To my surprise, her pussy was already oozing with precum. The moment I started massaging her, she started moaning even more. “Um, Raaj! Keep doing that.” She started to move her body, rubbing against my body. Her camisole also became wet due to sweat.

I asked her to raise both her hands and remove the camisole in one go. And then what I saw was just mind-blowing. I could not move my eyes from her firm round boobs. I must be not less than 38C. There were few curly hairs around the dark brown areolas.

Her nipples were around 1 inch pointing out. I cupped both boobs and gently pinched both rock-hard nipples. I spat on the nipples and massaged them for a while. I could not resist sucking those sexy pairs of tits. I slowly came down, kissing her neck, followed by her collar bones and her boobs.

I first kissed her big plump boobs around all areas except the nipples. I wanted to make her wild. “Raaj, suck my nipples, baby. Ah, chew them, bite them, do whatever you want. I’m yours today. Make me feel like a real woman.”

“Yes, ma’am, I won’t leave an inch of your sexy body,” I replied. And then I attacked her erect nipples. OMG, I can’t explain what the feeling was. I alternately sucked both the nipples one by one and pinched the other one gently.

Mam’s sexy moans were making me even hornier and encouraging me to treat her boobs even better. “Ah Raaj, yes baby, suck it like a baby. Chew them.” Preeti ma’am cries with pleasure. Her boobs were fully drenched with sweat and my saliva.

Now I moved down and started kissing and licking her chubby abs. She was not fat but had the right amount of flesh on her abdomen, making her a perfect milf. I was licking her belly button while both my hands were busy crushing her boobs.

I explore her entire body, her back, buttock cheeks, thighs, calves, feet, toes, everything. Describing everything in the story will not be possible. “Eat my pussy Raaj. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.” I asked her to raise her waist.

I took off her panties and threw them away in a corner. Her pussy was already dripping with the love juice. I started kissing her inner thighs. With every kiss, I moved a bit closer to the pussy. And with every reduced distance from her pussy, the intensity of her moans increased.

I teased her by going very close to the pussy but not licking it and again moving away. I did this a couple of times, testing her patience. Finally, she lost it and started cursing me. “Raaj, you madarchod. Don’t torture me like this. Eat my pussy.”

“Not that easy, you bitch,” I said. Again I did the same thing. Now she held my hair with both her hands and forcefully guided me towards the pussy. Finally gave up and kissed her pussy lips. “Ah, that’s what I want, baby, lick it, like a dog, you bastard.”

She screamed in pleasure. I licked her all over the area, over pussy and the area around. She was laying on her back, spreading her legs wide apart. I was laying on my stomach facing her pussy. I held her waist from the bottom and placed her legs over my shoulder.

Maam was enjoying it at her core, and her wild moans were proof of this. This continued for around 20 mins. After some time, she started to press my head with her legs and moaned like a real bitch. I realized that she was close to the climax.

My dick started to hurt as I had not masturbated for a few months. All the cum in my sack was waiting to burst out with multiple rounds of cumshot. It was giving jerks demanding some pleasure. I removed my underwear and laid down on my back.

Looking at my hard black dick, Maam said, “This looks like a delicious chocolate bar. I’m going to eat it.”

“Pull the foreskin down for a surprise,” I replied. Following my instructions, Maam held my dick firmly and pulled the foreskin down. It was easy because it was well lubricated with precum. And then she saw the pink top slightly bigger in diameter than the shaft.

“It looks like a choco bar with a scoop of strawberry ice cream on top. Yummy!” Ma’am exclaimed with a sparkle in her eyes. Ma’am quickly came on top of me in 69 position. She took that mighty monster into her warm mouth fully and wrapped her tongue around my dick.

Oh, man! What a feeling it was. My dick needed this after working this hard continuously for months. My eyes rolled up, and I almost lost my senses. “Oh fuck, ya! That feels magical, Maam. Don’t remove it out. Just keep doing it.”

I reacted with a burst of feel-good hormones in my mind. She sucked out all the air pockets in her mouth. All the surface area of my dick was in contact with her inner mouth. She slowly started to and fro motion. All the nerves on my dick were full of blood flow, and I could feel that.

Her teeth accidentally touched my dick head which gave me sweet pain. But I was enjoying it. Even I was sucked her pussy while enjoying my blowjob. We both were giving pleasure to each other and moaning like mad. Her blowjob skills were so awesome.

It reminded me of the famous Indo-American pornstar Priya Anjali Rai. She was sitting on my dick and making slurpy sounds which added to the mood. The entire room was echoing with our moans and her gags while she pushed my dick to her throat.

Ma’am was already towards her climax, and in no time even I was about to shoot my load in her mouth. I asked her to alter the speed accordingly to maintain the pleasure going. “Raaj! I want to taste your cum. Give it to me, baby.” She screamed like a bitch.

Even I was enjoying it and did not bother about anyone hearing us. “Maam, suck it, suck it. Ah, bitch. Your husband is such a damn lucky bastard. He gets to have you with all the rights,” I said.

“Yeah, he is. But he is not as good as you. He hardly likes to do oral. Fuck that madarchod. I’m about to cum. Lick my cunt,” she replied.

Now I could not hold it for long. I told her that I was cumming. She had already started having her climax, and she screamed like mad. She was rubbing her pussy vigorously over my mouth. The salty liquid started gushing out of her pussy.

I was this much close to my climax. “Baby, I’m cumming. Get ready for the cumshot,” I said.

“Yeah, baby. Give it to me, give it to me,” She begged.

“Here we go!” and I shoot my cum in her mouth. We kept lying like that for a while as we were exhausted. She drank every drop of cum like a slut. Even I enjoyed her juice. Since this was not a planned event, condoms were not there. We skipped the intercourse to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

We had a shower together and collapsed on the bed without even drying our bodies naked the whole night. We slept like husband and wife, cuddling each other.

The next day was Sunday, so we woke up late. In the morning, also we had a quick session during the bath together. We had breakfast and returned home in the company cab. We decided to keep it top secret and forget it once we returned to Mumbai.

We did not have any such encounters since she was a married woman and loved her husband a lot. She doesn’t want any complications in her family and work. Now we follow strict official protocols and make sure this won’t affect our professional career and personal life.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I got lucky with my hot and sexy colleague. Feel free to write to me at [email protected] and share your experience. Ping me on hangout on the same ID if anyone wants to chat with me. Thank you in advance. Enjoy your life, stay happy, stay safe.

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