Kinky Fantasy Comes True

Hi all, I am Rohit from Kolkata. I am married and 36 years old. My wife’s name is Neha. She is a beautiful and hot lady of 35 years. But she looks like 27 years. Her stat is 32-26-34. She was very fair and 5’4” tall. We are very active in sex. We enjoyed our sex life very well. We enjoyed our sex in every way.

One day after a tremendous fucking session we both were lying naked on our bed. My hand was on her boobs and her hand was fondling my balls very lightly and slowly. We were cuddling each other bodies very softly full of love.

Suddenly Neha directly looked into my eye and asked, “Rohit, do you have any hidden sexual fantasy which I still don’t know?” I stopped for a moment and smiled at her but didn’t say a word. My wife again asked, “Please tell me, do you have any? If any then I will help you to fulfill your dream I promise.”

I waited for a moment. I looked into her eyes and said, “Neha are you serious? You will not be angry, and you will help me to fulfill my sex fantasy?”

Neha – Yes.

Me – Means if I tell you to fuck with strangers you will allow?

Neha slowly moved her head and kissed me and said, “I know you love me very much you can’t share me with anyone.” I smiled back and said, “It’s true. Ok listen I want to fuck your colleague Rani, and also want to do a threesome with Rani and you.” now it was too much. My wife Neha was shocked.

Then she naughtily smiled at me. She told, “I will help you, but it is not an easy task. Because she is a conservative and a very loyal woman. But one thing I know. She is not satisfied with her husband. Ok, let me try. But you will not interfere. I will tell you at the right time.”

I again positioned myself on her. We were now more excited. We were smooching each other with full of lust. Her boobs were pressing under my chest. I felt her erect nipples which were poking on my chest. I was rubbing the head of my penis on her vaginal lips. She was moaning.

I entered my extra strong dick in her glory hole in one go with full force. She bites my lips very hard. I shouted in pain but my shaft non-stop drilled her pussy. After 10 minutes of full speed fucking, we both reached our orgasm.

She patted my cheek and said, “Your intensity of fucking shows how much you lust for Rani. Don’t worry I promise you will soon fuck my colleague and also do a threesome with us.” I kissed her back and said, “Thank you, my love.”

Let me tell about Rani. She is a little older than my wife almost the same age as mine. So, Neha calls her Ranidi, and I also. But she is super-hot and spicy. Her bra size must be 34d. Fair color, height 5’1”, vital stat 34-28-36. She has a very cute face, with rosy lips. Her lips and her two juicy melons attract me more.

After a few days, I asked her, “Neha how is Rani? Any progress?”

“Not much but her size is 34d. I pressed her boobs over her blouse jokingly when we are alone,” Neha said, “Once I also pinched her nipple over the blouse. She gave me a naughty smile. Then I entered my hand inside her bra and pressed it once. But I couldn’t continue because we were in our office toilet.”

My shaft was standing still inside my boxer. I looked at her surprisingly. She again told, “Next Sunday your wish will be fulfilled. Now listen to me very carefully. I invited her to lunch. She will come alone and will return in the evening. Her husband is going for some official tour.”

“You will go out and wait for my call. When I call you then you come back but don’t make any noise. You slowly opened the main door and directly come to our bedroom door. And finally, when I call you then you come inside ok.” I lowered my head in affirmative.

Sunday came and I went outside. After around 1 hour my wife called me and said that Ranidi came and blah blah. I got the indication and headed towards my home. I slowly opened our main door and went close to my bedroom door and peeped inside.

My wife Neha and Ranidi both were seated on our sofa side by side. My wife was talking and moving her hand slowly on Ranidi’s hand. Ranidi was also talking and laughing.

Neha said, “Ranidi, you know you are looking very hot and sexy?

Ranidi blushed.

Neha – Ranidi what is your bra size?  (held her one boob above her bra and blouse.)

Rani- (laughs) 36d but may I know why you are pressing my boobs?

Neha – Ranidi can I feel your boobs once, please?

Rani – No.

Neha – Please, Ranidi.

Rani – No time. Rohit will come.

I have already started my HD cam. All the scenes were recording.

Neha – Nobody will come. Please, Ranidi let me feel your melons at least once, please.

Rani – (hesitantly) Ok but don’t open my blouse.

Neha put her hand inside Ranidi blouse, then under her bra. She was now fondling her one breast. After 1 or 2 minutes she took out her one boobs and start sucking her nipple. She was not protesting but closed her eyes and enjoying the moment.

I put my HD cam on a stand and entered the room slowly. I went near them and sat by her side. Before she could understand anything, Neha held her head and started eating her juicy lips. Ranidi wanted to stop but she could not. They were now looking into each other’s eyes and smiling.

Rani gave a small peck on her cheek. My wife Neha didn’t utter a single word. She moved forward and gave a small kiss on her lips. Rani didn’t object but smilingly told, “Hey what is in your mind? Why are you behaving like this?”

Neha: Nothing.

And she hugged Rani with a lot of passion and affection. I was hiding behind the door and looking through the curtain. Handy cam was running and recording all their activities.

Now let me tell about Ranidi. She is in her mid-40s but a real voluptuous woman. She looks like mid-30, a real sex goddess and milf. She is not fair like Neha but her little dusky complexion. It makes her more appealing and sexier. I can’t say that she is bulky.

But I can say that she has the proper fat in proper places.  She has big poking nipples of brown color. I am a big fan of her juicy buttery melons. You can say that I am loving them.

Now coming to the story. Neha held the loose end of her sari and moved it down from her shoulder. She was wearing a deep neck blouse of yellow color. Her cleavage was visible now. She was wearing a tight push-up bra. Her breast was juggling up from her blouse. I was stunned to see such beauty.

Neha moved her head down and kissed on her chest. She was now licking there. Ranidi came into the mood now. She held Neha’s hair and pulled her face near to her and planted a kiss. They both held each other heads and smooched. They were sucking and eating each other’s lips like two horny couples.

I always have seen lesbian acts in a porn movie but this was the first time I saw live. They advanced a little. They removed their sari and now became in their blouse and petticoat. The most desirable two women of my life were sitting in their blouse and petticoat.

Neha held her blouse hook and opened one by one. In a few seconds, she opened her blouse and now Ranidi was sitting in her white lacy bra. Her boobs were looking more attractive. Neha immediately grabs her melons and pressed above the bra. Ranidi was leaning her head back on the sofa and took the pleasure.

Neha removed her bra strap from her shoulder and finally took it out from her body. Oh my god, Ranidi was sitting when her upper body was completely naked. Her boobs were free now. They were bigger and juicier than I thought. Neha held her one boob and start sucking others. She was enjoying it.

Her boobs were very beautiful. Neha pressed them hard alternatively and also sucked them one by one. Her deep brown nipples became more prominent and harder. Neha took them in her mouth one by one and sucked them well. She gave a bite on her nipples. I heard the soft moaning sound of Ranidi.

Ranidi pressed her face on her boobs. She liked it. After some time Ranidi opened Neha’s blouse and bra. Now they both were nude from above. They were now pressing each other’s boobs and sucking each other nipples. I must tell you that the scene was very erotic.

Those sexy juicy pair of melons made my dick hard. It was paining under my pants. They were busy fondling and playing with each other boobs. They were becoming hornier. I could see the lust in their eyes. They were kissing and licking each other’s upper body and exchanged sexual pleasure.

Neha took forward step and opened Ranidi’s petticoat and panty in one go. Before Ranidi understood anything, she was completely nude. Her pussy hair was cleaned. She was a sex bomb. Pre-cum was oozing from my rod. I wanted to shag very badly. I controlled myself anyway.

Ranidi was blushing with shame. She closed her eyes and didn’t want to open. Neha held her hand and pulled her from the sofa and took it to our bedroom. I went behind them with my handy cam. Ranidi had still not opened her eyes. So she didn’t know that I was also present there and recording their lesbian act.

They both got into the bed. Ranidi took out Neha’s petticoat and panty. Now they both were nude on the cot. Both the sex goddess was sitting on my bed, totally nude. Ranidi’s boobs are not tender like Neha but that is not because of her age. That is because of the weight of her heavy boobs.

Her nipples are bigger than Neha and dark brown. Big areola made her boobs more beautiful. I can suck those juicy melons for a whole day. Neha moved forward and rubbed her boobs with her. Two juicy melons were rubbed with each other. Ranidi held her head and pressed her lips on her.

They were now sucking and smooching each other lips and rubbing each other boobs. Now Neha slowly moved down her head and licking on her upper chest and shoulder. Ranidi was trying to stop her moan and bite her lips. Now she held her one boob and sucked others. She was sucking with full intensity.

She sucked one boob and pinched another nipple with her nails alternatively. Ranidi was scratching her back with her nails. But Neha didn’t stop. She was now sucking and licking her entire chest hungrily. Neha was in the mood. Ranidi held Neha in her lap as if she was feeding her baby.

I wish I was there instead of Neha. Ranidi put her one hand in Neha’s pussy and start messaging her clitoris. Neha got more enthusiasm and she sucked Ranidi huge boobs alternatively. Neha was biting her nipples and flesh of her boobs. Ranidi moaned in a sexy tone.

But her words were not matching with her activity. Ranidi already put her one finger in Neha’s cunt and finger fucked her. Her finger movement proves that she was a pro in this. Neha was shivering with Ranidi’s touch. Suddenly Ranidi held Neha and pushed her on the bed.

She came upon Neha. She pressed her lips on Neha’s lips and started biting her lips hungrily. Neha was moaning with pleasure. Two females were sucking and biting each other lips hungrily. A few minutes later Ranidi moved down and took Neha’s boobs in her hands. Pressed them hard. Slapped her boobs.

Neha is fair so her boobs became red. Ranidi took her inflated nipples in her mouth and sucked. Ranidi was pressing her one boobs and sucking others. She was doing that continuously. Like me, she was also in love with Neha’s boobs. Ranidi took a position on Neha and now she was riding in cowgirl position.

Due to that their pussy lips were rubbed against each other. Both Neha and Ranidi grunting and moaning with pleasure. The room filled with their moaning and grunting. Their body aroma and pussy juices made the atmosphere very toxic. I couldn’t control myself and took out my dick. It was hot and hard.

I just held them in my hand because I knew if I stroked immediately my juices will be released. Now Ranidi changed the position and came in 69 position. They reached their final part. Now they both were sucking and licking each other pussy. They were lost in their sex games.

Neha and Ranidi both sucking each other pussy with full intensity. I was watching the show live and stroking my shaft. Almost 15 minutes were gone. They both were shivering with pleasure. “Ranidi suck me dry. You are too good. Don’t stop, eat my juices?”

“Neha, you bitch don’t stop now. Eat all my juices.”

I zoomed my camera on Ranidi’s face. Now her face was visible, while she sucked Neha’s pussy. She was a pro. She was licking her pussy lips and clitoris alternatively and when Neha’s juices were liked she sucked and made it dry. What a slut she was. It was clear that Ranidi also enjoyed the session.

Her facial expressions said how much she liked it. Neha’s licking and sucking on her pussy made her crazy. Almost after 10 minutes they both granting and jerking their body rhythmically. I understood that they reached their climax. With a loud moan, they both reached the climax and released their love juices.

Neha and Ranidi now ate each other’s juices. They were now lying on the bedside by side and gasping for breath. Ranidi turned towards Neha and kissed on her lips. They were looking at each other and smiling. A few minutes later Neha got up from the bed and went to the washroom.

Ranidi was now lying alone on the bed nude. I zoomed my camera and took Ranidi’s nude video in every possible way. I also took out my mobile and clicked her nude pictures from various angles. But in every still, her face was visible. Neha came out from the washroom and Ranidi went to the washroom.

I immediately came and hugged Neha tightly. I kissed on her lips. Neha whispered, “You go from here.” I left the room, took my camera and went to the rooftop. I have again watched the show on my video camera. It was perfect. I wanted to release my juices immediately. I was waiting when Ranidi left.

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