Fucked My Colleague At A Party

Hi, all Roger here. I am new here in Pune, and I am a huge fan of Indian sex stories. After reading several stories, it motivated me to share mine. I hope you all enjoy it. Please share your love and feedback so that I can come back to you with my other adventures.

It is a real story that took place back in 2018. I was working in a big organization, an MNC. Everything was good money, colleagues, family stuff. However, my gf back then was way too possessive. She used to think that I was having affairs with girls in the office.

She couldn’t bear it if I talked to a single girl, although I was loyal to her. Sometimes I used to think I should have done this stuff, and listening from her will be better.

One day I met a girl named Saloni(name changed), a cute Bengali chick. She must be 5’1 but had lovely pair of 34c boobs. I am 5’6 athletic with 6 and a half inches tool but nice girth.

My team leader asked me to help her with the briefing as she is back from a long holiday. So I explained everything about the process changes. Suddenly we went off the topic and started talking about random stuff.

We became friends. Out of nowhere, I asked her if she was free in the evening. We can go to a horror movie ‘The possession of Hannah grace.’ We went to the movie it bored me to death. However, she was frightened and grabbed my arm. I was happy and loved it.

Later that evening, I dropped her at her PG. The next day Saloni asked me if I was available in the evening. She is going to a party with our office colleagues, and she would love it If I went with her. I instantly agreed.

I went to her place, picked her and reached the venue around 7 with her. She was in tight denim jeans and a black crop top. We sat together and started drinking. We were 10 people. At around 10:30 pm, 6 of them left and including us, 4 remained.

The other 2 were a couple, and it was their 1and half BHK apartment. We were boozing and smoking, and everyone was drunk. Suddenly the other girl went running to the washroom to puke, and Saloni went to assist her.

Akhil and I sat and waited for the girls. But the other girl was too drunk, and Saloni called out Akhil to assist her. Saloni came out. I had no idea that she was committed until she got a call from her bf. She explained that she was in her friend’s flat. It is a girls’ night out. She will be staying here.

I was happy and excited. As soon as Akhil came back with his girl, he asked us to have dinner. He will make his girl sleep and join us. We started and finished, but Akhil was not with us. So we washed our hands and went to Akhil’s room to call him.

But what we saw dropped our jaws. Her girl was riding Akhil like no tomorrow, and she had a gag on her mouth. We instantly closed the door and ran to the other small room. It was extremely awkward. So asked if she wanted to smoke a joint. To my surprise, she agreed.

I rolled one, and we started smoking and chatting. Akhil returned and said sorry, but his girl was completely out. “You guys sleep with us in the same room.” We agreed and joined them

However, they slept instantly because of booze. Akhil, his gf, me and Saloni were all sleeping on mattresses on the floor. After they slept, we kept talking. Suddenly Saloni touched my dick, which was hard. I was lying beside a Bengali hottie) and she said, “Roger, why is it hard?”

Me: I am drunk, and you are hot. It is natural.

Saloni: I see. Then how about this? (then she grabbed and kissed me)

Instantly I grabbed her and put her over me, and we started kissing like hell. I kept on feeling her waist, her boobs and kissing madly. Suddenly Akhil coughed, and we acted as nothing had happened. I got up and asked her to come to the other room.

As soon as we entered, the door was locked. We started eating each other within 5 minutes. Both of us were naked, and there it was, big 34c with a cute little ass. I sucked on them and kept on rubbing her pussy. She was not able to stand. She kept on pulling my hair and burying my face on her boobs.

Later I made her lie down kissed her whole body from top to bottom. When I reached her pussy she was shocked and asked what am I doing. I didn’t reply, just parted her legs and kissed her clit. She jumped in excitement.

I guess her bf never licked her. It was her first time getting oral. So I kept licking her pussy then started tongue fucking her. She kept on oozing juice. But her eyes opened wide. She started gasping when I started fingering her pussy while licking.

She instantly grabbed my hair, pushing me deep to lick. Suddenly I felt her pussy tightening around my fingers. I pushed 1 more finger inside and kept licking. She came within a minute. After catching her breath, she gave a naughty smile and came to ride me. But I pushed her for a blowjob.

She was hesitant but did it after 3 minutes. She wanted to ride me. The 6 and a half inches was too big for her small mouth. Saloni came on top of me and pushed my dick inside her. She started tying her hair while grinding my dick, getting adjusted to the size.

I started mauling her boobs while she was grinding me and tying her hair. After 15 minutes, we went to doggy style. I was banging her pussy madly like a hungry wolf. She got a call from her bf which she ignored, and asked me to spank her.

After getting spanked while dogging, I said, “I have a surprise for you. Ride me again.” She didn’t get it, so she started to take a position to ride me. As soon as she took my dick inside, I asked her to put her arms around me, and she did. I grabbed her from the waist and stood up.

She was hanging on me from the front, and I held her from her waist. I started pounding her. She went mad and asked to stop. I didn’t stop. I asked her to keep holding me from my neck. As she was small, it was easy to pick her up.

We continued fucking in that position for at least 10 minutes. She came heavily, and I made her lie down. She was panting and asking what the hell was that position? It was uncomfortable, but I was damn good. I said, “I would do it again for you.”

But we went to missionary and kept banging. After 20 minutes, I came inside her, and we slept. The next day, she woke me up with a kiss on the lips, and we had one more session.

But Akhil and her girl found out we both cheated on our bf and gf. But we did not care as we both were frustrated from our relationships. We kept it a secret from our gf and bf. From that day, we would fuck twice a week. Later she changed the company, and we lost contact. I hope we meet again.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you liked the story about crushing a Bengali pussy. Please give me your feedback at [email protected]

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