Got Lucky With My Hot And Sexy Office Colleague

Hi again, Akshay here from Chennai. This story is about my experience with one of my office colleagues. Her name is Deepika. She is originally from Bangalore. She has a chubby yet sexy figure. I’ve always ogled at her 34C boobs.

This incident happened last year when we were enjoying work from home. It was a Saturday evening. I was bored and was going through Instagram stories when I came across her story. She checked in at a pub near my place.

I replied to her immediately, asking her whether she was alone. But she told me she had company, so I just asked her to have fun and ended the conversation. Around 30 minutes later, I got a call from her asking if I could join her.

I got excited and went to the pub. She was waiting like a bombshell giving me an instant boner. As usual, her boobs caught my attention. She noticed it but didn’t say anything as I used to give her sexy compliments often.

I then inquired about her with whom she was hanging out. She told me she was there with a date, and things were going very well. But unfortunately, her guy had to leave because of some emergency work.

We both ordered LIT and were discussing her date and some other stuff. Soon the booze kicked into both of us. I looked at her and said the guy was so cold-hearted to leave a bombshell of a girl like this alone in the pub.

She came closer and whispered that they were making out in the restroom before the guy got a call and had to leave. Hearing this made my cock even harder. She noticed and gave me a cunning smile. I knew she wanted it, too. She was already horny after the half-make-out session.

So I asked her whether she would like to head back to my place. She agreed instantly. On our way to my house, she was squeezing those big boobs on me from behind while riding on the bike, teasing me more and more. After a tempting 15 minutes ride, we got to my place.

Immediately, I pinned her to the door and started sucking on her juicy lips. My hands went inside her crop top and grabbed her boobs. I could feel her nipples over her bra. I made her lie down on the sofa and moved her t-shirt up. Her big boobs were covered in a sexy red color bra.

I took her boobs out without removing her bra and started tasting her nipples. Her sexy moans were making me go crazy. I started biting her nipples more as she kept on moaning and asked me to go hard. I kept on biting and licking all over her boobs.

I removed her jeans. She was wearing matching red panties that were already dripping wet. I took a moment and started to undress her. Once she was nude, she gave me a seductive look showing all her assets. My dick was so hard, she unzipped my pants and took them out while I removed my shirt and got naked.

She said, “Your dick has been waiting for long to be tasted by me,” and started licking my long dick from my balls to the tip. She used her tongue all over the tip of my dick and gobbled it, giving me a sensational experience.

I closed my eyes in ecstasy, and I could hear the slurping sound she was making with my dick inside her mouth. She was incredibly good at giving a blowjob. I was already so hard, and she made me cum in about 10 minutes with her skills. She drank my cum completely.

I was resting my face on her boobs and circling her nipples with my tongue while I was fingering her clean, shaved pussy. She said, “Don’t rest, tiger. You’ve got work.” I knew what she wanted. I made her sit on the sofa and spread her legs so wide, got in between her legs.

This was the first time I saw her clean-shaven pussy. I was already fingering her with a steady pace. Now I spread her pussy lips and kissed her vertical lips. Her pussy was oozing hot precum. I started licking her from her inner thighs onto her pussy lips. I was exploring her pussy walls with my tongue.

She was moaning so hard and was caressing my hair with her fingers. It was almost like a head massage that was giving me goosebumps. Even though I was licking her pussy, she gave me immense pleasure and pushed me more towards her pussy.

I wanted to increase the pleasure. So I went to the kitchen and brought some Nutella. I spread the Nutella on her pussy and started to eat it. She was going crazy with this move and moaned louder. I, too, enjoyed it a lot and kept eating her pussy out simultaneously, pinching her nipples.

Her legs were shaking, and soon she started squirting on my face. I immediately got on top of her and started kissing her. She was licking the juices off my face that was mixed with Nutella. I was also enjoying the taste. So I took some more Nutella and spread it all over her lips and boobs, licked every ounce of it.

She whispered in my ears, “I’m not done yet, fuck me in the doggy style and make me your bitch.” I made her sit in a doggy position at once, and that was the first time I was admiring her ass. Although I was addicted to her boobs, she had a sexy ass which I failed to notice all this time.

I slapped her ass cheeks a couple of times and got ready to get inside her. I grabbed her boobs from behind and started inserting my dick inside her pussy. Since she was already so wet, my dick was going in smoothly. I slowly started to fuck her by holding her hips.

She was asking me to go deep inside her and fuck her faster. I started increasing my space and was able to fuck her nicely with that position. I kept fucking her hard while grabbing her boobs. I wanted to taste those boobs, so I switched her back and got on top of her.

I started fucking her in a missionary position while I was sucking on her boobs. I kept ramming her pussy for around 15 minutes before I wanted to cum. She asked me to unload in her mouth, to which I obliged happily.

She drank all my hot cum and gave me a sexy smile. I lay down next to her cuddling her and playing with her boobs for a while till my lust for my office friend was satisfied.

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