Pragati, My Friend’s Wife – Part 1

Hi ISS readers, this is my first story about my friend’s wife. This is a bit longer story, but I am sure it’s worth a read. I will be waiting for your feedback and comments on [email protected] Thank you.

I am Ram from Chennai, and I did mechanical engineering. I am 5.7ft in height and with a muscular body. I am an above-average-looking guy. My keen interest in boxing awards me a few scars now and then.

I am working in an IT company where I sit in between a couple, who were recently married. I was forced to sit in between as they were not focusing on their work. If you want me to describe the couple, they are meant for each other. She resembles Anaika Soti, and everyone drools seeing her, even our boss.

Every girl gets jealous of her until talking to her. Because she has an awesome talent to make everyone fond of themselves. The smile on her face welcomes everyone with joy. And her husband, if I have to tell about him, he is neither bad looking nor good looking.

Everyone, after knowing she is married, inquires who her husband is and starts to scan him. And after seeing him, everyone shuts up. So this couple revolves around the office as the ‘Pair of the Year’ award winners.

I had a completely different kind of reputation in the office. Everyone in the office could be categorized as a decent professional IT guy except me. I am a rugged man with a mechanical background who often does boxing accompanied by many fights.

In this process, I developed a lot of bruises. I keep a long beard without preening. I don’t talk much to anyone. I had no friends in the office, and I don’t even try to impress any girls in the office. So no one even considers spending a few secs to gossip about me.

It was a time I was heartbroken by my lover. She broke up with me when everything was going fine. I was forcing her to tell me the reason. But she said none and went away. I went into a psychotic state. From then on, I did not even utter a few words that I did before.

Our TL was a very good man. After knowing the situation of his team members, he forced me to sit in between that married romantic couple. I begged him like anything, but he never listened. That way, he thought he could solve my problem and make the romantic couple focus on their work.

I have seen this couple on the floor, but I never even smiled at them before. She smiled at least five times at me on different occasions, but I never smiled back. So now I was in a frozen state. When I sat there, she was drumming on the table in a specific rhythm.

All of a sudden, she stopped her drumming and started clearing her throat. “Ahem, ahem.” Knowing she was calling me, I didn’t look at her. I was looking at the screen. Suddenly she and Rahul burst into laughter. I got angry and stared at Rahul with upraised eyebrows.

He quit laughing and looking at that. She started to laugh even louder. Her voice reminded me of my lover. I got a little emotional pressing my forehead. A drop of tears missed my fingers and fell on the table. I tried to rub it off asap. But they noticed it.

Rahul asked me what a love failure, to which I replied no. But they found out that it is. Suddenly Pragati said sorry. I never uttered anything on that day. I went to my hometown that day and got with my buddies. They lifted my mood a bit.

So after five days, I returned to my office. They said they were worried about me. I said, “Sorry about that day. I was a bit grumpy.” He said that we understand. From that day on, we got so close. We do almost everything together – almost everything.

One day when they were at their home, she overheard that Rahul was speaking to someone in the office in a very adult way. Pragati was shocked. Later she tried to check his phone to see he keeps a record of nude pics of almost everyone in the office.

Seeing that, she got shocked but never uttered a word to him. On Sunday, she invited me to their home. I rang her doorbell. She opened her door with a grim face. I looked around to see Rahul was not there. Then the conversation goes.

Ram: Where is he?

Pragati: It seems he went to fuck someone.

My mouth opened, and my eyes were blinking.

Ram: What?

Pragati: Yeah, he said he is going to see his friend. But I heard him talking to some girl that he is going to have sex with.

Ram: (after standing there for 10 secs) Have you confronted him?

Pragati: No. What would he say? I’ve been loyal to him till now. You know how many men approached me, right from childhood. You know I have urges too, but I never once thought of cheating him.

That was the moment I noticed that she had a glass in her hand. It was not just any ordinary drink. It was whiskey. “What are you up to?” I asked.

Pragati: You know, after marriage, he lost interest in me. Even I try to force myself on him. But he won’t. So I decided to have fun too. Why should he have all the fun? Come on, Ram, fuck me!

I understood that was the whiskey talking. And she will be a totally different person tomorrow. She dropped the glass on the table, and she said it again, “Come on fuck me.” She dropped her pallu.

I was blacked out. She was standing in front of me with her blouse and her navel visible. Her eyes were inviting me to have her.

I never properly introduced her. She is 5.5 ft tall. She looks like a +2 student with protruding assets. Her butt is perfect C-shaped. No one in the office would miss watching it. Her boobs start right from the neck bone. No matter how high the blouses are, one could easily see her boobs.

She sometimes wears net-like chudidar, which is transparent till the top of the boobs. That day was a party for the office comers. I bet everyone jerks off at home thinking of her.

Her lips – how could anyone miss them? Both her lips are bulgy, and if someone sees them, they definitely will try to sip the strawberry juice out of them. But I never looked at her in a sexy way because she was a good friend to me.

But the moment she opened her pallu, all this information flashed into my head in a split second. She was wearing a dark golden saree and a red blouse. That has net from hand till the top of her boobs. So she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her tits are visible through her blouse.

She doesn’t need a bra to lift her boobs as they were already fit in shape. Like honey on a stick, the edge of her navel is held by her saree on her waist from drooling further. She was standing there with her pallu on the one hand, and the other hand was bent backward, pulling her boobs forward.

A fan above her was wavering her saree on her thighs, and her hairs were gently gliding through the breeze. The room was warmly lit. She was standing there as a delicious cake took a right from the oven. If I had a chance to freeze the moment, I would gaze at that beauty for my entire lifetime.

I could see the mark of her thighs through the saree. I started to sense the bulge in my dick, and it was totally visible. She lowered her gaze from my eyes to my dick with a raised eyebrow. I went towards her step by step, and I stopped before her.

Slowly she moved forward and planted her feet on my feet raised herself to land a kiss on my neck. I was like – neck? Seriously. While she slowly raised, I noticed there wasn’t even a single mark or flaw on her face. Her lips were generally carved out like she does kissing 24/7.

The moment she came to kiss, her lips were so bulged that my dick started oozing out. Now she was just an inch from kissing me. But while kissing, her nipples grazed my nipples, and she exhaled in front of me. Though she was drunk, I could smell her amidst her strawberry scent.

I noticed she was wearing a necklace with a dollar tucked under her blouse. Suddenly she lost balance and try to fall. I caught her while partially grabbing her boobs and waist. I had a guilty feeling. I hesitated. She realized I was somehow troubled.

She asked, “What is the matter?” I said it doesn’t feel right. She asked, “What, do you think I am a bitch”

“No, you are the purest women I have ever seen.”

“Then what, do you think I am not sexy?”

“No, you are devilishly sexy. You are a sex goddess, directly sent by Lucifer.”

She blushed, widening her eyes, her lips were trembling in joy, and she hugged me. I hugged her for a bit feeling her soft body over me. It was like hugging the softest sponge on earth. My dick was so hard that it would almost rip off the pants. My dick could feel her thighs. I was grazing my dick on to her thighs.

After quite a while, I tried to remove her tight grip by pressing her navel and butt altogether and rubbing my tits against hers for one last time. I said, “You are drunk.”

“So what?” She asked.

“It’s like having sex with you while you’re asleep.”

She got turned off hearing that. I held her shoulder in one hand and draped the pallu onto her.

“We will talk tomorrow.”

When I reached my home, I looked at myself in the mirror and screamed like anything. I cursed myself with all the bad words I know. I then concluded that I have to play right the next time and should use any opportunity to have sex with her.

Still, I couldn’t control my urges, so I removed my pants. I removed my underwear to see my dick was still hard on. It was so much in pain as being caged inside for this long. I masturbated thinking of her 4 times that night.

The next morning I was working on my computer – strawberry scent. Someone was walking towards me and realized that it was her. She sat beside me and said, “Thank you.”

Ram: For what? (like nothing happened)

She blushed.

Ram: Where is Rahul?

Pragati: Hangover.

Ram: What? And not you? (I asked in a funny note.)

Pragati pinched me, and we both laughed. “Thank you, Ram. I was all down yesterday. I thank you for what you have done.”

Ram: Trust me, I am not happy about it as you do.

Pragati: What?

Ram: Just kidding…or am I?

Pragati: Huh…

I gave a smirk seeing the computer. She blushed.

Ram: (After a while) Have you asked anything to Rahul?

Pragati: Not yet. I need your advice on that.

Ram: I hate to say it, but ‘Men will be Men.’ Don’t feel bad, but everyone will eventually lose sexual interest in their partner, even you, Pragati.

Pragati: How could you say that?

Ram: Sorry to say this, but it’s a fact.

She kept silent. “How you know that?”

Ram: I read books and hear a lot of stories.

Pragati: What stories?

Ram: Cheating stories. (with a smile)

She kept silent for a while. Rahul came in the afternoon. She wasn’t talking much to Rahul that day. He realized there was some problem. One day he brought his friend, who is a girl, to their apartment.

He told Pragati that she would stay there for a while as she hasn’t found any place to stay. Pragati realized why she was there. And she wanted to catch them in the act. So one day, Rahul said to Pragati that he is going along with his friend to help her attend an interview. Pragati nodded ok and went to the office.

In the afternoon, she went back to her apartment to see the door is unlocked. While unlocking the door, she saw his girlfriend’s saree was lying on the floor. And she could hear some moaning on the couch. She shouted, “Rahul.” Both heads rose out of the sofa. And they were standing there fully naked.

“What are you doing, Rahul? Am I not sexy for you?”

He replied, “How long one could fuck the same woman?” as if nothing happened. She got angry, and she wanted him to get jealous.

So on Saturday, my friend’s wife called me to their apartment to spend an evening. When I rang the bell, she opened the door. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a lower u-shaped neck and black tights.

She invited me in with a hug. I was horny because she never does that. I saw her things in one room. Rahul was in another room, and near to Rahul, there was another girl. I guessed what happened there. She prepared a feast for me. She asked me to sit at the dining table, which was in the hall.

I asked aren’t they joining us. “No, Rahul had that food,” pointing her, “Now it’s my turn. I am hungry, Ram.”

I knew she was trying to make him jealous. Rahul wasn’t looking at me. He was pretending to be busy with his gf. While Pragati and I were eating, she was laughing at all my jokes very loudly. After lunch, I sat on the couch.

“What are you doing? Come to my room.” She took my hands and kept them on her hip. We went towards her room, slightly peeping through his room. My tool was rock hard. I just wanted to pierce her right away, seeing her butt.

Then she pushed me into her room and locked me inside along with her with a sound laugh. After locking the door, she turned towards me and said, “Sorry, I was just messing with him.” Suddenly I got so ferocious and pulled her hip towards me so close that my dick is inside her camel toe through her tights.

She was trying to pull away from me, but she couldn’t as my grip was far tighter than hers. She clawed her hand on my chest and pressed her navel against mine. She moved back her shoulders so that her boobs will not touch my chest. Her eyebrows are all up, and her eyes are widened.

Her lips are thirsting for air. I was gazing at her lips, still holding her. Then I tilted my head a bit, looking at her eyes. Her eyes are enough for me to get a climax. With a small voice, she said, “Ram…”

I only saw one eye. Her hair covered the other one. I slowly raised my right hand towards her face and combed it away from her eyes. She suddenly gulped. Slowly I lowered my right hand towards the neck of her t-shirt near her shoulder.

Then I slowly railed my index finger through the edge towards the center. While I reached the top of her boobs, she was breathing heavily. She again uttered, “Ram!” Then I lowered my finger into the crack. Suddenly she stopped her breath. I continued to go deep and stopped there.

She wondered what I was doing. After a few seconds, I took out the dollar of the necklace under her t-shirt and held it in my hand to see what that was. After seeing it, I raised it, moved my head towards her lips, and kissed her necklace. It was a double-hearted gold necklace.

“Am I a pawn, Pragati?” I asked, and after three seconds, I left the grip. But she never moved away. She was frozen for a sec. Then she realized she was free, and her right hand is still clawing my chest. Slowly she removed her hand from my chest and saw the marks of her nails on my chest.

Suddenly she gazed at my eyes with a sorry look. I adjusted my shirt and unlocked the door, and took off in frustration in not having sex.

Next Part: Pragati, My Friend’s Wife – Part 2

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