A Night Of Slow Passionate Sex

Hi XIS readers, my name is Rahul with another story. I am 28. Single, being frank, not well-built or athletic but surely a good-hearted person. In this story, I will tell you how I had a slow passionate sex with my HOD in my college.

It was during my third year of Engineering in one of the Excellent colleges in Bangalore. I was quite famous among the lecturers as some of them used to seek my help in some subjects. I had 2 years of job experience before joining college and was also older than two or more lecturers in the department.

That year our HOD was quitting her job. She is the heroine of the story. Let’s call her Pallavi (name changed). I was her favorite student as I was more mature when compared to other students. I knew almost all South Indian languages, which also added to my reputation in college.

I was easy-going with almost everyone with their language. This was my plus point. It made me very close to Pallavi Mam. I even knew her husband as he used to visit college often.

It was during her last week in college. I was in her cabin for her to sign on my record. She informed me she was quitting the job and heading back to her hometown with her husband. They were married for 5 years and did not have a child. So they were called back to their hometown, which I came to know later.

I was very close to her and told her not to joke. She looked into my eyes and said she was serious. I was in tears but was controlling not to show. She was sitting in the chair, and I was standing next to her. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment.

I just leaned forward and hugged her and said, “This is not fair, Mam. I’ll miss you,” and kissed her forehead and left the place. She was stunned by my actions, and even I was. I don’t know where I got the courage and how I did it. It just happened in a fraction of seconds.

I was sad and left the college without even collecting the record. I had some drinks alone that evening without meeting my friends and went home. I was drunk and was lying on my bed thinking about what happened. I never imagined Pallavi Mam in a bad manner, but I could not understand why I did that.

Meanwhile, my mobile beeped with a text from Pallavi Mam. I was nervous to reply. I waited for some time and thought I’d reply with a sorry. Before that, she had sent more messages, and they read as follows.

Pallavi Mam: It’s ok with what happened today. I know you like me, but I didn’t expect this, don’t worry. Just be fine.

Me: I’m sorry, Mam. But I’m hurt that you are leaving.

Pallavi Mam: Don’t be. If not now, next year you have to leave the college after your graduation, before that I’m leaving. So don’t feel bad about it. I’ll be in touch.

Me: That’s true, Mam. But at least there was a year. But now-

Pallavi Mam: Don’t feel bad. I’ll be there for 10 days in the city. You come to college tomorrow. I’ll talk to you there. I need to go as my husband is leaving town early tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow in college.

Me: Ok, Mam. Good night.

I got ready and went to college in the morning and directly went to my department to meet Pallavi Mam. The whole department floor had 2 to 3 students. There was no faculty present. I checked her room. She was in her cabin wearing a beautiful peacock green color saree.

I knocked on the door and went in and enquired about the other faculties. She said there was an all-faculty meeting with the principal for the upcoming exam. As she was quitting the job this week, it was ok for her to skip the meeting. She was signing the records and was entering the final marks.

Our department was on the 6th floor of the building. A cold breeze was coming as it was raining outside. She asked me to come in and sit next to her in the chair and help her. I did the same, and we started talking. She asked what happened to me yesterday?

I was quiet and held her hand and said sorry. I explained that it just happened without my knowledge, but I’ll miss her. I started caressing her fingers. The heat was building up in me, and the weather made my dick rose with her touch. She stopped her work and looked deep into my eyes, and held my hand tightly.

I leaned forward and kissed her on her cheeks. She left out a sigh. I stood and went near her. I could feel her heartbeat and heavy breathing. We both were nervous and excited at the same time. I pulled her from the chair and hugged her. She closed her eyes and held me tight in her arms.

I could feel her breasts getting crushed on my chest. I kissed her neck and licked her neckline. She was caressing my hair. I was moving my hand over her back and pressed her ass over the saree. She was motivating me more with her moans. Suddenly her mobile rang, and we came back to sense.

It was her husband who called to tell her that he had reached. We were breathing heavily after her conversation with her husband. She asked me to leave and will talk to me later. I left her cabin with mixed feelings and went to my friend’s place.

Noon after 2 PM, I got a call from her. She said she needed some help as they were shifting. I said ok, and she asked me to come to a shopping mall nearby as she was purchasing some essential things there. I went there in my scooter and met her there.

I told her that we’d go to some restaurant for lunch. She told me that she would take me home for lunch. I accepted the invitation. We both knew what the lunch would be. She was almost done with her shopping, and we headed to her place in my scooter. She wanted to ride, and I sat back.

On the way, I thought if I should make a move and hold her hips, but something was stopping me. She saw my confused face in the mirror and asked me to hold her for balance if I wanted. That was enough for me. I immediately held her hips. My cold hands gave her chills, and I could sense the heat.

I slowly moved my hands up to the upper part of her hips. The tips of my fingers were touching her left boob. I slowly started caressing her hips, and I was getting hard under my pants. As we were near her colony, she stopped and asked me to ride to her home.

We reached her home and went in. She asked me to wait in the hall and went in to change and get fresh. I waited for some time and stood to go inside the bedroom. Before that, the door opened, and she came out in shorts and a sleeveless top.

I was stunned by her dressing. She questioned me why I was standing. I said I wanted to use the washroom. She showed me the washroom and asked me to freshen up. Meanwhile, she will prepare something for lunch. I said we could order as it was already late to cook.

I went in and got freshened up and thought of jerking as I was hard from the morning. I pulled my dick out and started stroking. She came to the door to ask what I wanted to have as she was ordering it online. She heard me fapping and knocked on the door. She asked me to come out immediately in a harsh tone.

I got a little nervous. I got dressed properly and opened the door. She was standing right at the door, looking straight at my eyes. She asked what I was doing. I stood without saying anything. She came close to me and held my dick over my pants.

She said, “I’ll not allow you to waste a single drop today,” and pulled me to the bedroom, holding my dick. We went in and started kissing wildly. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and she was over me. My dick was at its peak, and it was rubbing her pussy while we were busy kissing.

She pushed me on the bed and came over to me. She removed my shirt and pants on the go. I was in my undies and rolled her over. I was on top and licked her neck. She was moaning and raised her hands above her head, showing me her clean armpits.

I was so horny by now and started licking her armpits vigorously. She was enjoying it completely. After some time of licking, I came down, removed her top. I pressed her beautiful pair of boobs hiding inside her bra. I was still on top of her and unpinned her bra, releasing her boobs free.

I threw her bra and started sucking her right nipple and pinching her left with my hands. She was in heaven and held my dick over my undies and was rubbing it wildly. I was getting restless and started to bite and pinch her nipples very hard.

After some time, I changed my position and started sucking her boob and was pinching and circling the other nipple. I shifted my hand from her boobs to her panty. I started rubbing her pussy over her panty and sucking and biting her boobs at the same time.

I slowly came down and started sucking her belly button. She was getting mad by now and was moving her body like a boat on the waves. Pallavi mam was too wet by now as I felt the wetness in her panty. It was drenched with her juices. With her knee, she was rubbing my hard dick.

My dick was out by the side of my undies near my thighs due to her rubbing. I came down to her pussy and was biting and licking over her panty. Slowly I removed her panty with my teeth till her mid-thighs. She was too shy to expose her heavenly hole to me.

So she covered it with her hands immediately after I pulled down her panties. I licked her hands. She exposed her sweet hole by removing her hand. I gave a small kiss to her pussy, and she gave a sudden jerk due to the kiss. She was a little hairy, and it drew me crazy.

I started licking her like there was no tomorrow. She was enjoying every second of my licking. I stretched the upper part of her pussy, and her clitoris was exposed. I sucked and licked it and gave circles with my tongue. Meanwhile, I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy and fingered her while licking.

After some time, I inserted two fingers and increased the speed. She was in heaven and squirted twice on my face while I was sucking. She was exhausted by now and was breathing heavily after climaxing for the third time. I stood up and cleaned all her juices. She squirted on my face and came back to bed.

She was lying and was ready by now and pulled me over the bed and climbed over me like a lion waiting for its prey. I was stunned by her sudden move. She did not give me time to react. Before I tried to get up, she held my hands and started to lick my nipples.

It was awkward, but it was fun at the same time. I didn’t try to stop her and was enjoying whatever she did. She bit my nipples and came down to my belly button, and licked it too. It was tickling me, and I tried to get up. She dominated me and made me lie down.

She further went down and bit my dick over my undies. My dick was dying to get out of the undies. But she made my dick suffer for a little more time. She bit licked over the undies. My undies were wet over the dick with her saliva.

At last, she freed my dick and released it out. It sprang out like a lion and hit her chins. I still feel my dick hitting her face while writing this. She licked the foreskin. I have a little thick foreskin, but she did not mind it and sucked it. I closed my eyes and was enjoying it.

While sucking, she suddenly stopped and immediately pulled the foreskin down. I felt a little pain, but she did not allow me to feel the pain. She immediately took the dick in and deep-throated me. The pink layer on the tip of my dick became red from her sucking and biting.

I was enjoying every bit of it. I, too, was hairy down. She did not mind it and licked my balls and bit each other. She rolled her tongue so nicely that it made me shoot my sperms. She licked every drop. Some of it leaked and was flowing near my ass crack. She did not waste that either. My dick lost its hardness.

I pulled her up and kissed her. I was pressing her right boobs and rubbing her pussy while kissing her. She was stroking my dick at the same time. She was now over me and was rubbing my whole body with her whole. With this action, my dick became semi-hard.

She stopped and gave me a blowjob to make my dick fully hard. It was hard in seconds. She sat over me and slowly guided my dick into her pussy, and started jumping, holding my hands. She rode me for more than 15 minutes. Her moans and the sound of her ass hitting my thighs were all around the room.

After 15 minutes, I could feel the tiredness in her face and changed position. Now she was under me. I did not insert my dick immediately after changing the position. I rubbed her pussy with my dick and my balls. She was not able to control it and wanted me to insert my dick.

Without her knowledge, I held my dick and inserted it in a single go. She liked it and gave a loud moan. I had to kiss her to reduce her moans. Slowly I started pumping and increased the speed gradually. She was enjoying every bit, and I was enjoying it too. I was about to climax and informed her.

She asked me to take out my dick. I did it, and she gave me a blowjob. I ejaculated deep in her mouth in a minute and fell on the bed. She came over to me and whispered in my ears that she climaxed twice while I was fucking her. If I had done for one more minute, she would have climaxed thrice.

This made me feel bad. I pulled her up and made her sit on my face, and licked and fingered. She turned herself and came to 69 position. We did it till she squirted a third time. She was happy and fell over me.

We slept for some time. Time was almost 7.30 PM by now. We both were not hungry till now and got up and went for a bath. We finished our bath, came out, and thought of making some Maggie.

She asked if I could stay at night as her husband won’t be home for 2 days. He was in their hometown and was making arrangements for their stay there. I readily accepted and informed my home that I’ll stay in my friend’s room.

After that, we made Maggie. Pallavi mam was in a towel while making it. I was nude behind her, hugging and rubbing my dick over her ass. Maggie was ready, and we ate it. While eating, she told me that they didn’t have a baby until now, which was why their family members called them back to their hometown.

I asked her if I could seed her, she did not want that. That’s why she did not allow me to eject inside her. She knew her husband was fine as they had consulted a doctor. There was some other reason. She told me that even she felt that she would miss me, and that’s why she made this decision.

I was sad and happy at the same time. I stayed there for 2 nights and did all the naughtiest things we could. After a week, she left, and I still miss her so badly. She is blessed with a baby, but we are not in touch now.

One of my senior girls had seen us making out in her cabin. She asked me about it, and it led to a session with her. In the next story, I’ll tell you how I quenched her thirst before she left college.

Feel free to respond to the story of hot sex with the professor. You can contact me at [email protected], same id for hangouts too. Thank you for reading. Stay safe, stay home but never stay horny, do quench your thirst. Get Satisfied or Satisfy yourself. Cheers.

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