Hot Indian Single Mother Drilled At Swimming Pool

I hope you all are safe and happy. Thanks for flooding my inbox with feedback for my previous experiences shared here. Last week, I was relaxing myself in the swimming pool in our apartment. It was around 5 pm and it was raining heavily in Bangalore.

Enjoying rain in the swimming pool is one of the best experiences you can have. I was doing the same. To make my day even more beautiful, I saw Ayesha coming with her swimwear to the pool. She was wearing one-piece from top to bottom, covering her boobs and pussy with a V-shaped dress. Her thighs were fully shaved and it was milky white.

To give an intro about Ayesha, she is a single mother of a 4-year-old kid. She loves dogs and she brings her dog for walking everyday evening. She has a sexy ass and she doesn’t look like her mother at all. Her boobs are around 34B and has a big ass of 38 size. She has a cute face that demands a deep kiss and deepthroat to fuck her lips and mouth.

I was watching her stepping inside the pool and as she was short, she was almost covered till neck with water. I thought she must be a good swimmer but to my surprise, she was just doing some movements by holding the sidewall of the pool.

I swam inside the water by watching her sexy thighs with my water coolers and her pussy inside the water. She didn’t realize I was near to her as it was raining and I was swimming without making any sounds.

I went close to her and touched her thighs! She was shocked and I came out of the water and apologized to her as if I did that by mistake.

She said, “It’s okay.”

I was topless at that time, showing off my gym-built chest.

Rahul (me): Why are you standing here and not swimming?
Ayesha: Actually, I came to enjoy the rain in the pool. But I don’t know how to swim. You are swimming so nicely.

Rahul: Thanks, I learned it in my childhood. It is easy, you can learn too.
Ayesha: Oh, really? I would love to learn it and swim here every week.

Rahul: That’s good, I can teach you to swim if you wish to learn from me.
Ayesha: Oh, you can teach how to swim? How much do you charge? (she asked seriously.)

Rahul: Come on, I don’t charge anything to teach beautiful ladies like you. So, it is free for you.
Ayesha: Are you sure? But I am very scared to leave this wall side.

I went close to her and pulled her hands from the wall and just showed her how to move her hands. I said, “I can hold you. trust me, I won’t put you inside.”

She came closer. I held her hip and asked her to bend and start moving her hands and legs.

The moment I left her hands down and held her hip, she got so scared and shouted and jumped, pulling my head and shoulder! She rubbed my chest with her boobs without realizing it. I was feeling so hot even under that water.

I calmed her and helped her swim. I was moving my hands over her navel under the water and teaching her swim. She didn’t bother much about my moves on her sexy body. I was rubbing her sexy ass and pulled her panty-type swimwear to access her pussy. All this I did while she was learning swimming.

The rain was helping me a lot as no one came there and the pool was fully covered with greenery.

She said, “I am tired, Rahul. Please wait for some time.”

She went near the wall and was watching me. I went closer to her and whispered in her ears, “I am so lucky to have you here under rain and at the pool.”

She asked, “Why so?”

I said, “You are so hot and it makes me feel hot even in this rain.”

The hot lady laughed and said, “You too look so hot and handsome in the bare body.”

I went closer to her and held her neck and pulled her face toward me. She tried to pull out but I didn’t leave her and started sucking her lower lips along with the rainwater drops which were on her lips.

My hands automatically went under the water and started sliding under her swimwear and started rubbing her clit. The single mom pushed me away. “Rahul, not here! Someone might come and see us. What are you doing?!”

I turned her toward the wall, took my dick, rubbed it between her ass crack while holding her boobs.

My dick was not fully erect by then. So I climbed on the pool wall and sat on the corner. I pulled Ayesha’s head toward my dick. She pulled my inners down and started sucking my dick!

The hot lady was so good at sucking my dick. She pulled my foreskin back and started licking around my dick head with her sexy wet tongue. She moved her hands so passionately on my dick up and down and at times, she looked into my eyes with so much lust.

Then I pulled her up, lifted her from the pool. I made her hold the corner of the swimming pool wall while I stood inside the pool and started fucking her.

The standing-fuck was so erotic that I was banging the single Indian mother hard in a public place and that too under the rain. Even in my wildest dream had I dreamt of doing something like this. Ayesha’s sexy body and the situation drove me crazy and started fucking her harder now.

Ayesha: Rahullll..Ahhhh..It is hurting me. This is not comfortable. Eat my pussy, please..

I immediately obliged and made her sit on the corner of the swimming pool wall. I went down and slid her swimwear. She was fully shaved and her clit was shining with all water and rain falling on it.

I kept my hungry mouth on the Muslim lady’s pussy lips and started sucking her clit. I was vibrating my tongue inside her pussy lips and she was moaning a bit. Soon, I added my fingers inside her pussy while I was licking her clit so hard and chewing it with my tongue and lips. I gave bites every now and then while my finger was fucking her at full speed.

Ayesha’s pussy was tight as she haven’t had sex for a long time.

Soon, the hot single mom Ayesha cummed heavily and I drank her juices which were dripping from her pussy. I licked and sucked it from there.

After coming back to her senses, Ayesha suddenly pulled me away and said, “Rahul, this is enough for now.”

I said, “Hey, please help me cum too, Ayesha.”

She said, “You come to my house for more fun.”

I was happy with her invitation. I slapped her ass cheeks gently and said, “Ok. I will be coming there soon.”

Ayesha thanked me and started moving out of the pool. I was looking at her back and enjoying her big sexy ass jumping while she was walking. I pressed my dick inside the water.

Later, we had very erotic sex at her house. Guess my dick size and ping me. I will share what happened at the sexy single mom’s home if you come to my chat. Ping me on [email protected] Love to know your feedback.

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