A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 35 (Radha’s First Confession)

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After Deepika finished her first confession story, the whole sorority froze. Kalyani, who thought Deepika was some boring orthodox housewife, was dazzled by her adventure in America. The only person who was not shocked was Ayesha, as she already knew the whole story.

Kalyani inferred that Deepika wasn’t so loyal to her husband. Just like their husbands, both Ayesha and Deepika have cheated their husbands whenever they found the chance. After a long story, it was just Kalyani who didn’t get any truth or dare.

Devi dressed up as the time for her dare was over. Then Devi spun the bottle, and the bottle stopped towards Radha again. She chose dare for Devi. Devi asked her to remove her nighty for 10 minutes. Radha did as she told.

But Radha has already thrown her panty away. So she was sitting bottomless with just her bra. She bent her knees and sat on her heel more like ‘vajrasana.’ Radha wasn’t much worried about being bottomless. Kalyani was staring at her dusky brown ass and was attracted to it.

Then Radha chose truth for Deepika. Deepika asked her to tell her the name of her first lesbian partner. Radha didn’t reply, but she just stared at them all. Deepika insisted on her, and Radha replied, “Kasturi.” Everyone was shocked. Deepika asked her again, “You mean our Kasturi, the landlady Kasturi?”

Radha replied, “Yes,” and giggled. It shocked everyone present there. She also appealed to them not to disclose this to Mahima. Then she chose dare for Ayesha. Ayesha told her to narrate her first lesbian experience with Kasturi.

Radha gave out a deep breath and started her story. It happened when she was trying to pass the mathematics arrear. As Kasturi was a maths teacher, Radha approached her for tuition. Radha used to wear traditional silk pavada Chatta (long skirt and a blouse made of silk), and so did the other girls in the tuition.

Kasturi used to be so strict when it comes to studies. She was tutoring only girls. Radha was an adult then. She often got punished during the tuition. And the tuition happened in this colony in the free space in the center of the colony on the ground. She used to teach them with a blackboard.

The colony was a primary school then. Radha and 10 other girls of the same age were studying under Kasturi. Kasturi mostly makes the girls kneel for punishment. When no one was around, she would make the girls lift their skirts and pinch their hips.

During those times, the girls didn’t know Kasturi was molesting the girls. All the girls in the class were adults. But they were more childish when compared to the same-aged girls nowadays. Radha wore a double schoolgirl braid, and she was one of the homely beauties in the class.

Though she was dusky, her assets were always highlighted on her pavada chatta. She looked more like actress Aishwarya Rajesh. All the girls used to sit on the concrete floor. Radha’s blouse was a little low cut, and whenever she bent down to write or study, she clearly showed her cleavage.

Kasturi always selected the beautiful girls to sit in the front row. She enjoyed the cleavages of the girls who sat in the front. Sometimes she punished the girls by making them stand and beating them with a wooden scale on their butt. Even worse, when there wasn’t a scale, she spanks them with her bare hands.

It was a day before Diwali, and most of the girls were absent the evening. Except for Radha and one of her friends. Kasturi conducted a class test. She, on the spot, corrected them and gave out results. Radha’s friend’s performance was good, so she was allowed to go home.

Radha was all alone in the class, and her eyes were welling with tears. Kasturi asked her to turn around. Radha thought she was going to spank her. But Kasturi grabbed her ass cheek over her long skirt and squeezed them hard, and said, “What should I do to make you study, you fool?”

Radha felt more pleasure than pain. She bit her lips and closed her eyes. Kasturi then told her to redo some sums. Radha sat on the floor, and she was keenly working out the sums. While doing so, she showed more cleavage. Kasturi was sitting in front of her holding her necklace in her hand.

She was looking straight at Radha’s cleavage. After Radha finished doing the sums, Kasturi was correcting the mistakes. While doing, she saw Radha was wearing a locket chain. She asked Radha to come closer, and she touched the chain, and she looked at it.

But actually, she was looking into her boobs. Kasturi’s hands caressed Radha’s breasts. Radha was innocent, and she didn’t even know what a lesbian is. Then Kasturi ran her fingers over her boobs. Radha felt those tickles, and she felt something happening within her body that gave her pleasure.

Then Kasturi finished the correction. She told Radha that her mother just called and told her that she was caught up with tailoring, so Radha should spend the night with Kasturi. Radha agreed with her, and Kasturi welcomed her inside her house.

Kasturi was sexier during those times. She looked more like Dimple Kapadia in her 30s. Strong body and nice structure sexy eyes. Radha was sitting on the sofa and was watching the television. Kasturi was inside the kitchen, grinding using her grinder. She often looked at Radha and her boobs from the side view.

Kasturi was concentrating more on perversely looking at Radha’s assets. While looking at her, Kasturi accidentally hurt her finger. She gave out a sudden scream. Radha looked at her, and she came and saw her finger was hurt. She put Kasturi’s finger in her mouth and sucked them to relieve her of pain.

But she was making Kasturi hornier. Kasturi wet herself when she felt her tongue play with her finger. Since the colony was a nursery school then, nobody was in the colony except Kasturi. Kasturi looked at Radha with her eyes full of lust.

Radha was so innocent, and she couldn’t understand the meaning of her stare. Radha then carried on with her thing. Then Kasturi’s friends came to her house. They are none other than Devi’s mother-in-law and Kamala’s mother. Devi’s MIL’s name is Sridevi.

She looked like old South Indian actress Shobana in her 30s with a beautiful face and awesome and soft boobs and hot hips. She always wore a little transparent saree that exposed her navel.

Kamala’s mother’s name is Sujata. She looked more like an old actress Sarita in her late 20s with dusky skin. Well-built body and awesomely big boobs bigger ass. A perfect milf material. She was poorer than the rest of the women. She worked part-time in households, which resulted in a well-built body.

But both had little fat around their bellies, which even double their hotness. The belly folds whenever they bent. All of them were in their early 40s and were hot as hell. They both wore sarees. They didn’t see Radha in the room.

Sridevi sneaked up behind Kasturi and spanked her ass. Kasturi gave out a gasp. She turned around to see Sridevi and was overjoyed by her arrival. She kissed Sridevi on her cheek and wished her a happy Diwali. Sujata saw Radha was sitting on the sofa and watching TV and asked Kasturi who it was.

Kasturi introduced Radha to her friends. It seemed they had plans for the evening. Sridevi brought a card set. She sat in the middle of the hall and called out the rest of the girls. The other two joined her within a minute.

They sat around the cards. Sridevi was shuffling the card and asked them, “You girls ready for a strip poker?” Kasturi told her to be quiet as Radha was near. Then Sujata said, “We planned this already, Kasturi. We can’t ruin it for a young girl.”

Then Kasturi told them an idea to play the poker in the opposite portion of the ground floor. Sridevi liked the plan, and she agreed to it. Then Sujata paused for a second, and she also liked the idea.

Then Kasturi told Radha to stay inside the house and watch the TV. If she wants some snacks, she can take them from the kitchen. Radha felt her tone was so kind, and she had never felt it before. Radha carried on with her television. The three slowly sneaked out and entered the opposite flat.

At that time, it was a classroom for students. They moved all the benches, arranged three benches together like a table. They brought 3 chairs and sat around them. They started playing. The winner of every round can ask for a piece of cloth from the two losers.

If there were no clothes left, they should do a walk of shame. They should walk around the whole building naked and stay naked for 2 hours. They started playing. Sridevi was always the pro, and she was the winner of the first round. She asked the other two to remove their sarees.

Sujata and Kasturi did what she asked and sat on the chair in their blouse and petticoat. Kasturi always wore a push-up bra, which made her cleavage more attractive and showed more breasts compared to the others. While playing, Sujata kept looking at Kasturi’s upper breast cleavage. Kasturi enjoyed the feel.

Meanwhile, Radha was watching the TV, and suddenly the cable was out. The TV was full of dots, and she waited for 10 minutes to get it back. But the cable didn’t come. Then Radha switched off the TV and sat on the sofa. She thought of reading some magazines.

She found some magazines on the shelf. And she was reading them. She mostly watched the cinema news and gossips, a few hot cinema actresses’ photoshoots. She wondered why it is always the female showing glamour in magazines and males mostly didn’t. Then she finished looking at them and was bored again.

She thought of checking on Kasturi and find out what she was doing. She got out, and she saw the opposite portion had the light on. She went near the room and peeked through the window, and was shocked. She found Kasturi sitting topless with just her petticoat. The other two were in their bra and petticoat.

She saw Kasturi from the back, and her bare back was sexy as hell. Radha’s heart was pounding hard. She ran back into the house, sat on the sofa, and tried to digest what she witnessed.  The hot topless Kasturi’s image was registered in her head. She couldn’t shake it off.

Then she went inside the kitchen for some sweets. While trying to take them from the shelf, she found another set of magazines near the shelf. They looked like English magazines. She took them, and the moment she saw the cover page, she understood it was an adult magazine like Playboy.

She was afraid, and she placed them back where she found them. She came back to the hall and was eating the snacks. Then her mind started to think dirty and became more curious to see what was inside the magazine. She watched out for the three and made sure no one is near.

She slowly went inside the kitchen and took one magazine from the bunch, and she started looking at them. The cover page contained a topless woman holding her breasts and hiding them with her hands. She was wearing a lace panty. Then she opened the pages.

Every page made her horny as they also contained few naked men. She saw the size of the penis and was disappointed. It was the first time she was seeing a grown man naked. The penis, in its relaxed state, disgusted her. She then saw some naked women grabbing each other.

They stood in the way to symbolize something. It was a naked art. Then she saw some more naked pics. She felt her body is feeling something that is a kind of pleasure. She felt goosebumps, and her vagina was itching, but it was a pleasure itch. She then placed it back and took another one.

It was a lesbian magazine. The cover itself showed two women hugging each other and looking at the camera. Their boobs were pressed against each other. She saw the word lesbian and didn’t understand what it was. She then kept turning the pages.

She found two women kissing each other. Radha felt as if her lips were getting kissed, and she blushed. She then found another pic where a woman was standing topless. A girl was squeezing her boobs from behind. Radha felt her boobs getting itchy.

Her nipples went hard, and she found that she was getting more aroused to see a woman than a man. Then suddenly she heard someone. She panicked, placed those magazines back where they were. She ran to the sofa and sat as if she was reading a newspaper.

Sridevi and Sujata came in and told her to stay inside. Her teacher is busy with correction work and was not to be disturbed for the next 2 hours. Sujata was giggling when Sridevi said that. Then the two left the colony. Radha was sitting and waiting for Kasturi to finish the work.

An hour passed, and the outside was already dark. She then lost her patience and went out to search for Kasturi. She looked at the opposite portion, but all she found was Kasturi’s dress on the table. She was shocked to see the table contained every bit of dress she wore, including panty and bra.

Radha went back into the room and remembered if Kasturi ever came and took any change of clothes to take a bath. The curiosity was killing Radha. She decided to find Kasturi. It was late evening and already 8 pm and dark. She looked at every floor and couldn’t find Kasturi.

The last place she looked was the terrace. She went to the terrace, and she peeked through the stair room. She saw a female shadow standing in the distance. It was a clear-cut shadow of a female without any clothes. And it was looking out on the streets facing her back towards Radha.

Since it was so dark, Radha couldn’t see anything. Radha was a little afraid to go near the person as she thought it could be a ghost. Since it was Diwali’s eve, the fireworks are about to start. In a matter of time, the first rocket flew with a sound as it reached the maximum. It blew up and lit the sky with color.

For a second, the whole place was filled with light. Radha felt happy while seeing it. Then the fireworks started everywhere. Radha was busy looking at the sky. For a second, she looked at the shadow. She was stunned. The fireworks flashed the light over the naked Kasturi.

She was standing near the ledge of the terrace and looking out on the streets. Her big beautiful ass was facing Radha. Radha stopped breathing. As the flashes kept coming, she saw her ass glow in the light of fireworks.

Kasturi was casually looking out as no one can see her standing naked due to the lack of light and the height of the building. Radha’s heart pounded. She ran downstairs, and she slept on the sofa. Her head couldn’t delete the image of naked Kasturi.

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