A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 1

Kalyani, fair skin (33-26-34) is a newly married woman of age 25. She was a lesbian before in her adolescent age and college time. She had a hourglass body but her waist and butt are a little more sexy compared to her breasts. She was married to Ravi, an accountant who was a very talented in his profession.

Kalyani was a teacher in a kinder garden and she always said no to marriage before seeing Ravi. After knowing his talents and knowing about him, she accepted her parent’s request and married him.

Ravi was a romantic person who kissed his wife to show his love. Kalyani thought her life as a lesbian was over and she found her husband gave her more satisfying sex life. Ravi had a few dreams of his life. Ravi and Kalyani agreed to have a baby only after 2-3 years.

One day Ravi came with a good news of getting a senior accountant post in a reputed company. But the job was in a suburban area about 100 km from his current address. So he and his wife planned on vacating to a new rental house near his company.

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Ravi found a three-storied building that had a vacant house which was perfect for couples. Each floor had two houses that had a hall, a kitchen and a bedroom with balcony and his apartment is in third floor. Ravi found it perfect and the couples moved into the new house the next week.

The area was a bit hotter since it was summer season and the surrounding area had a factory. Their room had no fan. As they moved in during the evening, they had no time to fix the ceiling fan.

Kalyani felt so sweaty and planned on spending the night in the terrace. She and Ravi went to the terrace and the slept for the night. The next day was Monday and the first day for Ravi to join his firm. So he got up at 6 am. He didn’t wake his wife as she had no other work to do other than the household chores.

Kalyani was sleeping in her green saree and a pink blouse. She was covered in a blanket. Her husband kissed his sleeping wife and went to his work.

It was around 7:30 am. Kalyani was still in the terrace sleeping. She opened her lazy eye and saw her husband had already gone to the office.

She realized she was in the terrace. All she could see was the water tank and a room below it. There were a few clothlines with clothes. She was still in half-sleep.

The water tank and the room blocked the sun rays from hitting her face. She felt a little sleepy and she couldn’t control it. She saw the time in her mobile. It was 7:30 am and again she lied down again for a little nap. But this time, she didn’t cover herself with the blanket.

Around 8:30 am, Kalyani felt the sun rays falling over her face as the sun was rising. She got up and sat down. She was shocked to see her blanket was about 5 feet away from her and her saree pallu was also out of its position! To her shock, her top blouse button was also removed and half of her boobs must have popped out while she was asleep.

Kalyani’s heart started pumping faster. She buttoned her blouse and wore her pallu. She noticed that the clothes on the clothes line were also missing. Kalyani was scared thinking whether she was abused in her sleep by any man in that residence.

Kalyani then came down to her house which was on the third floor and sat on her bedroom trying to figure out who will it be. She knew it was someone from the apartment.

Kalyani then had her breakfast and wore a yellow saree with orange blouse. She had a long braid and a rose on it. She was not properly introduced to her neighbours yet. She decided to introduce herself to the neighborhood and thought maybe she will get the clue about who abused her when she was asleep.

As the other house on her floor was also vacant, Kalyani went down to the second story. She rang the doorbell and in the next minute, saw an angelic beauty in a saree opening the door.

Kalyani took a glance at her neigbour. She was around 28 years of age. She had whitish skin and had a bindhi on her forehead.

She had a mangsalsutra on her neck and bangles jingling on her hands. She was wearing a brown silk saree with a darker blouse. She had small breasts but a flat tummy and a little bigger butt. She had a size of (32-24-35). Overall, she looked like a supermodel in saree.

Kalyani introduced herself as the new tenant. The woman welcomed Kalyani to come in and introduced herself as Devi. She lived with her mother-in-law. Her husband was abroad so she was taking care of her mother-in-law.

Kalyani gave her a glass of milk for her new arrival. Kalyani spoke a few words and left her house with the satisfaction that there was no men in Devi’s house. She went to the doorstep of the other house on that floor and knocked on it. A woman at her mid-thirties with a little voluptuous body of size (36-28-36) answered the door.

Kalyani introduced herself to that woman. She welcomed Kalyani to come in and she introduced herself as Mrs Deepika. She was living with her husband who was working as a pilot. And she had a daughter of age 15 named Pooja.

Kalyani thought Deepika’s husband could be that culprit and asked her if her husband was home. Deepika replied that he went to New York two days ago and he will be back only next Monday.

So Kalyani came to know that it was not Deepika’s husband. She gave Deepika a glass of milk and she went to the ground floor. There were two houses there – one belonged to the owner of that apartment who was an old retired teacher named Kasthuri. Kasthuri lived there alone with her grand daughter. Kalyani gave her a glass of milk.

Now Kalyani confirmed that the culprit must be there in the only house left.

Kalyani knocked at the door of that house. She found a medium-skinned woman at her late thirties opening the door. She was in her nighty. She was muscular with a well-built round boobs and big ass. She must have been an athlete in her college times.

Kalyani gave her introductions and the lady welcomed Kalyani and told her that her name was Ayesha and she was living with her husband Praveen. Kalyani thought she had found the name of the culprit.

Praveen was working as a station master in a junction about 50 km from their house. Kalyani asked Ayesha if her husband was home. She replied that he had night duty the day before. He left at 9 pm and he was having a little problem with the delayed arrival of a train. Ayesh also said that he will be back around 1 pm in the afternoon.

Kalyani left her house with a very confused mind. She went inside her house and laid on her bed thinking about this dilemma. There was no chance that any of the men from the apartment to abuse her.

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