A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 36 (Radha’s First Lesbian Sex)

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Radha continued the story of her first lesbian sex. Radha closed her eyes and tried to sleep one-sided, facing the sofa’s backrest. Her back was facing the room. After some time, she felt Kasturi’s presence. She felt her movement behind her. Radha didn’t want to wake, and she continued to act like sleeping.

Kasturi saw Radha sleeping on the sofa. Radha’s back was facing out towards her and her face facing the backrest of the sofa. The blouse Radha wore had a low cut back. Kasturi was looking at her hot exposed shoulders and dusky back. Kasturi knelt near the sofa, and she touched Radha’s arms.

Radha felt that touch, and she still pretended to be asleep. Kasturi caressed her shoulders and arms like pacifying her to sleep. Then slowly, she ran her fingers over Radha’s bareback. Radha felt it, and it gave her goosebumps. Yet, she pretended to be asleep.

The blouse Radha wore had hooks in the back. So Kasturi slowly unhooked her blouse after making sure she had fallen asleep. Radha could feel herself getting undressed. But she was afraid and, at the same time, curious about the act. She bit her lips and braced herself for what was going to happen next.

Kasturi slowly unhooked her blouse then completely unhooked all the hooks. Radha was wearing a regular camisole inside it. Kasturi lifted her camisole from the back, and she tickled her spine. Now Kasturi understood that Radha was aware of her actions.

Kasturi daringly grabbed Radha’s hips and pressed them. Then the hand slowly went towards the front, and she put her finger inside her navel. Radha felt tickling, and she jumped up from the sofa. She saw Kasturi was all dressed up and kneeling near her.

Radha acted surprised, and she looked at Kasturi with a question on her face. Kasturi stammered a bit and told her she saw a small ant that went inside her blouse. Radha, who knew what happened, accepted her lame reason. Both of them had dinner.

Kasturi told her that there was only one bed, so they had to share it. Radha knew the night wasn’t going to be easy with the pervert Kasturi sleeping beside her. She had no other choice. Radha’s heart was curious at the same time panicking. Radha slept on the left side of the bed while Kasturi slept on the right side.

Radha had the same attire she was wearing. But Kasturi changed herself to a long nightie. Radha could surely say Kasturi isn’t wearing anything under the nightie. Radha could see her pointy nipples protruding in that nightie. Kasturi didn’t even button the nightie neck, as it showed more cleavage.

Whenever Kasturi bent down to take something, her free boobs would hang and show more cleavage through her neck exposure. Radha turned towards her left and slept with her left side down and facing away from Kasturi. Kasturi slept facing the ceiling.

Kasturi turned to see Radha’s back. Then Kasturi turned towards Radha and slept for some time. Radha was so excited as she expected Kasturi to act anytime soon. But Nothing happened for the next 30 minutes. Radha finally slept a little. Kasturi now came closer to Radha.

Slowly she slept closer to Radha as Radha could now feel Kasturi’s breath in her lower back neck. Radha didn’t react much as she wasn’t so conscious. Then Kasturi slowly came a little closer to Radha. Now Kasturi’s breasts were pressed against Radha’s back.

Kasturi’s pubic area was pressed with Radha’s beautiful ass. Radha could now sense that Kasturi was almost hugging her from behind. She could feel Kasturi’s nightie-covered breasts caress her bareback from the low-cut blouse she was wearing.

Also, she felt her ass was involuntarily getting pressed against Kasturi’s pubis. Now Kasturi placed her right hand over Radha’s Right hip where her waistband of the skirt and blouse meet. Radha’s body shivered by the touch. She felt the warm hands resting on her hip bone.

Then Kasturi hugged Radha from behind with her right hand. She scooped Radha’s waist and squeezed her tight, making her breasts more squeezed in the process. Radha’s heart was pounding heavily. Kasturi’s right hand then slowly caressed Radha’s silk blouse covered the midriff area with her index finger.

She moved her finger in a circle. It caused Radha’s nipples to go erect. Then Kasturi went straight to her right nipple. She placed her index finger over the erect nipple protruding over her blouse and tickled it. The tickling gave her body goosebumps, and her other nipple was now hard.

Kasturi went circles around her nipple and occasionally squeezed them between her index finger and middle finger. She then switched to the other side playing with her left nipple. Radha became all wet down her panty. She was biting her lips to control the pleasure.

Then Kasturi took her hand away. Radha wondered why she did it. Radha wanted her fingers to play with her breasts as she liked it very much. A minute later, Kasturi started removing the hooks behind Radha’s blouse. She removed all of them.

Now she brought her hand to Radha’s front. She slowly inserted her hand inside the camisole and put her index finger inside Radha’s belly button. Radha felt like her complete lower body was weightless. Then Kasturi went circles with her index finger on Radha’s belly button ring.

Radha felt like peeing. Her pussy is now soaked wet. Then she slowly inserted her fingers up to her boobs, grabbed her right boob, and pressed them softly. She then groped the whole right boob of Radha and fondled it slowly and passionately.

Radha was on cloud nine. She bit her lips to control her moaning. Then Kasturi slowly circled her nipple with her index finger. It made Radha hornier, and she could barely control herself. Then Kasturi switched to the other breast and did the same thing.

Then with her hand groping Radha’s breast Kasturi slept away. And Radha also passed on to sleep. Both slept for an hour, and then Radha was woken by a horny sensation in her pussy. Radha woke up and saw that Kasturi’s right hand had now entered her skirt and panty.

Kasturi was massaging Radha’s pelvic region over the small hair. Radha couldn’t control herself. It was the first time someone other than herself touching her pussy. Then Kasturi started licking the right ear of Radha. Radha started moaning as Kasturi’s fingers were now inside Radha’s pussy.

The moan started to sound more as Kasturi knew how to pleasure a girl. The whole body of Radha shivered as Kasturi’s fingering pace increased. Radha was moaning louder. Radha turned, facing up, and looked at Kasturi’s face while she moaned.

Kasturi pressed her lips over Radha and gave a deep kiss. The kiss lessened the moan. After about 10 minutes of fingering, Radha gave out her orgasm. Radha was full of joy as she attempted her first orgasm under another person’s stimulation.

Radha was breathing heavily and smiled at Kasturi with her face full of satisfaction. Kasturi looking straight into her eyes, asked her, “Want some more?” Radha nodded with a grin. Kasturi got up and sat on the bed and removed her whole nightie with one swift move.

She was butt naked, and she was hot as hell. Radha also got up and removed her blouse. Then she removed the camisole, exposing her boobs and then her wet panty and skirt. The young, dusky, and tender body of Radha caught Kasturi’s eyes. Kasturi, for a second, feasted on her naked body with her lustful eyes.

She then jumped over Radha and pinned her wrists, and started kissing her. Then Kasturi started sucking her tender dark brown nipples, which gave Radha a deep pleasure. Kasturi licked the nipples faster and made her hornier.

Then Kasturi went for the pussy while her hands were pulling her nipples and pressing her boobs. She was twisting and pulling the nipples as she sucked the pussy. Kasturi’s tongue work was amazingly great. Radha was moaning louder and grabbed Kasturi’s hair and bit her teeth.

After 5 minutes of intense licking, she orgasmed again. Then Radha asked Kasturi to open her legs as she was going to lick Kasturi’s pussy. Radha started licking Kasturi’s pussy and made her moan louder. Radha’s hands were fondling Kasturi’s big boobs and occasionally pinched her nipples and circled them.

After 10 minutes, Kasturi orgasmed. Then she went inside a room and brought a strap-on dildo and showed it to Radha. Radha was shocked by the size of the dildo, and she badly wanted it inside her pussy. But Radha told Kasturi that she shouldn’t break her hymen for the sake of the monstrous dildo.

So Kasturi planned to get fucked by the dildo while Radha wears it. Radha agreed to it, and she wore it. Radha was now eager to strap fuck Kasturi. Kasturi bent on all her fours and opened her pussy, and waited for Radha to fuck her in the doggy style.

Radha sucked the dildo and lubricated it. Then slowly inserted in inside Kasturi’s pussy. Kasturi welcomed it with a big moan. The Radha moved her hips to fuck Kasturi. Kasturi was moaning louder and louder. Then after 10 mins of dildo fucking she orgasmed.

Then Kasturi dropped on the bed to relax. Radha slept near her, and she was relaxing too. They both closed their eyes for a minute and slept. They passed out then. During the morning, Radha woke up and found herself naked on the bed, and Kasturi wasn’t near her.

She sat up and looked near the bed to see a man sitting on the chair with his legs wide open and naked. Kasturi is sucking his cock more passionately while she massages her hair. Radha crossed her hands to hide her nudity, and she panicked seeing a man in the room.

The man looked at naked Radha and told her, “Take it easy, I’m just Kasturi’s husband.” Kasturi, who was eating his cock turned around and saw Radha shocked by seeing him. Kasturi told Radha that he was her estranged husband. He occasionally visits her for a good old fuck.

Radha used the bedsheet to hide her nude body while hearing Kasturi’s introduction. He told her that his name was Kamlesh. Kasturi came near Radha and removed the bedsheet she was holding. Kasturi told her, “No need to hide, darling. He already saw you fully naked when we were having sex last night.”

Radha was shocked to hear that he sat over and watched her wife fucking another girl. Radha was trying to digest the situation. Kasturi asked Radha if she was interested in some threesome action. Radha denied that she couldn’t lose her virginity before the marriage.

Then Kasturi told her that he was seen them do lesbian. So it is nice to give him at least a blowjob for a tradition. Radha was so adamant, and she denied sucking his cock. But Kasturi forced her to try grabbing his cock at least.

While the two were arguing, Kamlesh slowly pulled his cock out. He walked towards Radha with his erect cock slowly. Radha saw his big cock and was shocked by the size. Kasturi brought Radha’s hand and made her grab the big cock of her husband and stroked it slowly.

After a few strokes, Radha was obsessed with the cock, so she told Kasturi, “Ok, just one time.” Kasturi was happy with her decision and made Radha kneel. She inserted his cock in her mouth. The auroma of the cock made Radha more hornier.

Kasturi asked Radha to move her head while she sucked the cock. Kamlesh grabbed Radha’s head and started to fuck her in the mouth. Radha was gagging, and she couldn’t keep up with speed. Then after 3 minutes of thrusting, he told Kasturi that he was about to cum.

Radha removed her mouth and coughed for a second while Kasturi took her place. Kamlesh gave out a load of hot cum inside Kasturi’s filthy mouth. Kasturi then kissed Radha, giving her some of the cum. Kasturi appreciated her for her leap of lust.

The day was Diwali, so Kasturi and Radha took a bath while the husband watched them naked in the shower. Radha went home after a wild night and wilder morning. It was Radha’s first time lesbian and a first-time blowjob. Radha felt bolder when she left the colony.

Hearing Radha’s lustful story, the girls were frozen. They never knew that such a conservative wife could have a lusty flashback and lusty secret. Deepika slapped the dusky ass of Radha and told her, “Naughty naughty.” The bare ass slap of Radha turned on Kalyani.

Then it was Kalyani’s turn. Radha chose dare for Kalyani. Kalyani badly wanted to ask her to suck her pussy, but she couldn’t do it in front of others. Kalyani told her to extend the time to stay bottomless for another ten minutes. Radha gave a big sigh.

Radha told her that she couldn’t stay like this as the mosquitoes were biting her ass off. Devi mocked her, saying, “Oh! The mosquitoes are so lucky to suck that beautiful ass,” and laughed. Radha pinched on Devi’s thighs, and she laughed.

Then Kalyani asked to mention any five persons she had sex with except Kasturi and her husband. The names should be strangers to one another.

Radha paused for a second to think, and she told her, “Number 1, my sister in law, Gowri. Number 2, one of my customers Vijaya. Number 3, my college teacher Vaishali. Number 4, my son’s English tutor Geeta. Number 5, a girl I met during pilgrimage named Dhushara.”

Kalyani was shocked to hear the name Geeta, the English tutor. Kalyani asked her to describe this Geetha. Radha gave her the description. It happens to be the same Geeta Kalyani knew from Pooja’s school. Kalyani realized it was a small world after all.

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