A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 34 (Deepika’s Journey Of MMF Ends)

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Deepika came back home late at night. She was relieved when she found Nisha was not home yet. She came in, and no one was in the house. She sat on the sofa and remembered all the adventure she went through the evening. She was thrilled by the thought.

She imagined how those three old bastards sucked her boobs and played with them. She then removed all her clothes and sat naked on the sofa. She thought about the evening and started fingering on the sofa. She fingered for about 10 minutes, and she finally released her cum.

She wiped them off and just slept on the sofa naked. She thought that Nisha would call her before she gets home. To her surprise, Nisha didn’t call her, but she straight away came to the house. She wasn’t alone. She was there with Karen and the two adult teen boys.

They were twins of the same age. They are young black Americans. They looked a little younger for their age. Nisha was shocked to see Deepika naked on the sofa. Then came Karen and the boys. They saw her naked, and they drooled over her naked body.

All the four stood motionless for a second and stared at her naked body. Then Nisha woke her up. Deepika woke up and saw the boys staring at her boobs. She covered them with her hands and ran to her room naked. Deepika felt embarrassed by the act. She cursed herself for falling asleep naked.

But she looked at the bright side that the two younglings have just seen award-winning boobs. Then Nisha came to Deepika, and she was smiling at her and asked her, “What’s with you and exhibition? You are bolder than I remembered.”

Nisha then told her that Karen had lost the keys to her house. Her husband is out of town. Only he has the spare key, so she had to wait till the morning for his return. So Karen and her family will be staying in Nisha’s house for the night.

Deepika wore pajamas without her underwear. The pajama was a pink flower-designed shirt and a pant. The pajama tried hard to hold her big boobs. It was a little tight around her breasts. Then Nisha told her to have some dinner. Deepika came to the dining table and sat on the chair.

Karen and the boys giggled, watching her. Deepika blushed a lot. Deepika was asking about Karen. How long has she been there in the neighborhood, and what does she do for a living. Karen replied that she was married to Johnson just 2 years ago.

Deepika was shocked to hear how she could give birth to these old sons. She replied that she was their stepmother, and the two were Johnson’s first wife’s sons. Deepika then realized why she looks so young. They chatted for some time, and then they all went to bed.

Nisha slept in her room, the boys and Karen slept in the extra bedroom while Deepika slept in her room. While sleeping, she couldn’t breathe properly as the pajama was so tight. So she unbuttoned her pajama, the top two buttons. One more button will make her boobs fall out.

But it showed a lot of the breasts now except her nipples. She didn’t have much sleep. She woke up in the middle and went to the kitchen to get some water. When she returned, she saw someone lurking silently in the hallway. She saw it was Karen, and she was ass naked.

She slowly opened the doors of Nisha’s bedroom, and Deepika followed her. The door was a little open, and Deepika slightly opened them and was shocked to see Nisha and Karen were in 69 position licking each other’s pussy. Deepika’s heart pounded for a minute.

She went back to her room and realized Nisha had changed a lot. Deepika kept rolling on the bed as she couldn’t get proper sleep. Then she suddenly felt the door open. One of the boys entered the room in half sleep and called Deepika ‘Karen’. He fell on her bed and fell asleep near her.

Deepika thought that he must have mistaken her as Karen. The poor boy wants to sleep with a companion. Deepika felt pity for him, and she let him sleep. She patted his shoulders, and he slept with his hands placed over her shoulders, hugging her. Deepika felt he was so childish and let him keep his hands.

He then overlapped his legs over her waist. Now she felt his little cock thrusting her side navel. She didn’t much care for it and slept. Minutes passed by, and now she opened her eyes and saw another person hugging her from the other side. She found it was the other son.

He also hugged her tightly. Both of them placed their hands over her pajama-covered belly. They are almost near her boobs. Deepika was breathing faster, but she noticed both are just sleeping. She then closed her eyes to sleep. Then she felt her left boob is getting tickled by a finger over her pajama.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw the guy to her left is playing with her tits while sleeping. She ignored him as if he did them unintentionally. Then she felt her other nipples are also getting tickled. She liked them so much, so she didn’t disturb them and let them do it.

They slowly unbuttoned the pajama to its full, and now Deepika knew they are doing it well planned. Both of them slowly removed the pajama over her boobs and let her big boobs free. They slowly massaged her boobs. Deepika pretended to be in a deep sleep. Then they circled her nipples with the fingertip.

Deepika liked the sensation very much. She was anytime expecting them to suck her nipples. As she expected, they both started sucking her tits. It was so smooth and hot. They sucked her like baby-sucking mother’s tits. They sucked them deeper.

Deepika couldn’t control her pleasure. Her pussy went wet, and the sucking continued for more than an hour. They didn’t do anything to her except sucking her tits. She had a pleasure of a lifetime with the boys. After the night, she woke up in the morning.

She found her pajama shirt was wide open, and her tits are exposed. She got up, and she smiled and buttoned her shirt. The boys weren’t there. She thought they must’ve left for home. She then went to the kitchen and drank water. She then looked out for Nisha. But she couldn’t find her.

She went to her room and found it was still locked. She peeked through the keyhole and was stunned. She saw Nisha was getting double penetrated by the twin boys. She was enjoying the threesome. Deepika’s heart was pounding, and she searched for Karen, but she couldn’t find her.

Nisha was there fucking those twins. One was penetrating her ass and the other penetrating her pussy. Deepika kept peeking into the keyhole, and it continued for about 10 minutes straight. Then Deepika heard someone climbing the stairs, so she hid behind a wall to see who it was.

She saw Karen coming to Nisha’s room wearing a panty and a T-shirt. She knocked on the door. Then it opened, and she just went inside casually. Deepika was shocked to see it as Karen didn’t react much. Then Deepika again went near the keyhole and peeked inside it.

She almost died when seeing the two boys doing doggy style to Karen and Nisha. Deepika couldn’t believe her eyes that they are fucking the neighbor and the stepmother in a foursome. She couldn’t believe what Nisha has turned into. She went back to her room and was mentally disturbed by the scene.

She then slept again for few minutes. After that, Nisha came to her room and woke her up, and asked her to come for breakfast. She couldn’t look at Nisha just like she did before her perspective has changed. Deepika didn’t speak much with Nisha while having breakfast.

Nisha felt something was bothering Deepika. She asked her what it was. Deepika told her that she couldn’t get sleep because the twins were in her room the night. So she felt so tired. Nisha became shocked to hear it.

She asked Deepika, “Did they do anything to you?” Deepika was surprised by her reaction, and she told her, “Nothing, they were just kids, right?” Nisha laughed out loud and told Deepika something that froze her spine.

Nisha said, “Those aren’t kids. Deepika, they have grown men. They are both 35-year-old men.” Deepika was shocked and asked her, “Then how come they look so young? Karen told me she was their stepmother.”

Nisha laughed at her and said, “Karen told you what? They are not a normal family. They are porn actors acting like family.” She also said, “The two men are also porn actors who were affected by hypopituitarism disorder. They might look so young, but they are 35.”

Deepika asked her, “How do you know that?” Nisha replied, “At first, I thought they were family too. But I accidentally found them in a foursome action in a porn website.” Deepika was stunned to hear it. Deepika didn’t tell her that her boobs were sucked hard by those two little shits the previous night.

After breakfast, Nisha was about to go shopping. She went away. Deepika wore a bikini, and as planned, she went near the pool and sunbathed. She heard the doorbell and opened it. She was still in her bikini. It was Johnson on the door. He came in and asked her if he could join her.

Deepika said, “No problem.” He came in, and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. As soon as he entered the pool, he removed his t-shirt and showed his chiseled, muscular body. Then he dropped his shorts too, which Deepika never expected would happen. His big dick was hidden under the underwear he wore.

He applied the lotion and laid it on the pool chair. He occasionally looked over Deepika and checked her body out. He then called her name as, “Miss. Wet t-shirt, can I see those tits again?” Deepika was shocked, and she looked at him with a puzzled face.

He said, “I was there in that club yesterday.” Then he also added, “I wasn’t alone there.” Then from the inside of the house came Michael with his shorts and bare body to the poolside. He came and stood near Deepika. He smiled at her and said, “I would love to see those tits again.”

Deepika was angry. She got up and slapped Michael and told him, “How dare you, bastard!” But Johnson pulled his mobile out and showed her a video. The video of her getting boobs sucked by the judges the previous day. He told her that, “This is a nice movie to see with your husband.”

Deepika knew she was into some deep shit. She then came straight away to the point and asked, “What do you guys want? Money?” Johnson replied, “We aren’t short of money, my lady. We want you.” Deepika was shocked and told them that she knew a dirty secret that the two don’t.

She told them that both their wives are cheating on them. Hearing it, both laughed. Michael showed her a video from his mobile. The video contained the threesome that happened between the stripper, Nisha, and Karen. And Michael told her that he knew everything.

He also showed her another video showing Deepika masturbating and peeking over the threesome. It was taken from a hidden camera. Michael told her that the whole house is rigged with spy cams. He also showed her the previous night’s video of Deepika getting boob sucked by the twins.

Deepika knew that she had no other way but to surrender to them. Then she cut them a deal to give all of her footage in exchange for sex. The two agree and said, “Only if you take us in threesome.” Deepika was so shocked and said that she had never done it before.

Johnson replied, “Trust me, woman, I’m a professional, and I’ll take care of it.” Deepika told them that she doesn’t trust the house as it could have spycam all-around. So she asked them to do it in the poolside. Deepika made up her mind, and she hardened her heart, saying, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Johnson Removed his underwear and exposed his big black cock. It was so long. Michael sat near and said he needs to see it first. Johnson went behind Deepika, and he grabbed her hips and rammed his cock over her ass. He then removed her lace from the bra.

He grabbed both her tits and slowly massaged them. Watching him massaging her tits made Michael remove his shorts, and he held his cock and stroked slowly. Deepika was trying to pass the time by thinking of it as a nightmare. Then Johnson pulled her panties and made her naked.

He asked her to suck his monster cock. She kneeled and grabbed his big cock. She saw his monster cock and was afraid a little bit of how her pussy is going to hold it. She spat on his cock and started stroking it. After a minute of stroking, she started sucking his big cock.

She was slowly sucking them and grabbed his balls and fondled them. Johnson complimented her, saying, “You’re a fine bitch,” and spanked her ass. Now Michael is ready to jump into action. He went near her ass and sucked them with his tongue. The tongue play in her butt rim was so nice.

Johnson started thrusting deep throat. Deepika couldn’t hold his full cock in her mouth. She was gagging with his cock in her mouth. Then Michael made her suck his dick. While Johnson started playing with her pussy and licking them nicely. Michael made her suck his balls too.

Then she was made to lie on the floor, and her legs were opened. Then Michael started fucking her in a missionary position. He was fucking her faster and harder. While she was getting nailed in her pussy Johnson asked her to suck his cock in the meantime.

She struggled between the two. Then she got switched. Now the big black cock got into her vagina. Her pussy hand never received a cock of that size to feel the pain in her vagina. As he started thrusting his BBC, the pain became a pleasure. She was moaning louder and louder.

Michael was squeezing and sucking her big boobs. It was sex in hell with the demons for Deepika. Then she was made to lie like a dog, and Michael fucked her mouth while Johnson was fucking her pussy in doggy style. After continuous thrusting, Deepika couldn’t breathe. So they paused.

Then Johnson sat on the pool chair and asked her to ride his cock. Deepika sat on his cock, and she rode his monstrous cock. Michael went behind her and asked her to relax the anus. Deepika never had anal sex. She told Michael that she never had one before.

Michael smiled and said, “There is a first time for everything.” He, without her will, inserted his cock into her anus. Deepika shouted in pain and asked him to take it off. But Michael slowly fucked her tight butt hole. After an hour of this threesome, they both made her sit between them.

They stroked their cock and released a load of cum on her face. Her face is full of white sticky cum. To honor the deal, they deleted all those videos. Now Deepika was relieved, and she also had the pleasure of her lifetime. She went to take a shower to wash off the cum.

She had confidence that she’ll forget what happened in America within 6 months. She dressed up and then came downstairs, and she got the shocker of a lifetime. She saw an orgy was happening in the living hall. Nisha was getting fucked by one of the twins and Johnson.

Michael was fucking Karen, and the other twin was sitting on the sofa and masturbating. They saw Deepika and asked her to join them. Deepika was disgusted by their acts. She ran upstairs and started packing her things.

Nisha wore a robe and went to Deepika’s room and told her that it was all a setup from the first. Nisha was a porn actress, and Michael was a producer and an actor. Michael saw Deepika’s photos, and he thought that she’d do a fine porn actress.

Deepika was stunned, and she slapped Nisha hard. She said, “So you brought me here to make me a porn actress? You lying bitch! I regret meeting you again.” And then she left her house.

The next day Ramesh joined her in Las Vegas, and both enjoyed the rest of the honeymoon. Deepika promised herself that she would never try to cheat her husband again.

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